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Tecthin the Wood Elf Scout leapt over the rock in his way and almost lost his footing.

There were many large rocks in the wilderness of Norsca, and it was getting increasingly difficult to navigate through them, especially in this freezing weather. It had been raining here for weeks, and had snowed continuously for the last few days. It was so cold that most of the snow had now turned to ice and Tecthin kept losing his footing.

He came to a small wooden hut around the side of a large boulder. Cautiously he approached, crouching low. Through the fogged up windows he could see what appeared to be two figures seated at a table. They were talking, but Tecthin could not make out the words, all he could hear were muffled sounds.

He crept closer to the window and cleared a small spot of fog away in the corner with his gloves.

He could now see the two figures much more clearly. He recognised one as the Captain of the Norse army that was in battle a few miles away with the evil forces of the Undead. He tried to figure out who the other figure was, but was not able to recognise him.

Suddenly the other figure smiled - a sinister smile, revealing two long fangs!

Tecthin suddenly realised that the figure was a Vampire. He had not recognised him before, but now… those fangs… He must be the leader of the Undead army, but what was he doing so far away, and with the Captain of the Norse Army?

He crept around to the front of the cabin and put his ear near the small crack underneath the door, hoping to hear what was occurring.

What he heard shocked him.

"So it is settled then." The Vampire spoke. "You will lead your men around the side of the mountain. I will have a number of Wraiths waiting for them. Before they realise their mistake, it will be too late. They will all be converted to the Undead." He finished the sentence laughing cruelly.

The Norse Captain slowly stood, followed by the Vampire. "All right then. And in return, you will grant me the gift of eternal life."

The Vampire nodded slightly, an unseen sly grin on his face, and turned to leave.

Tecthin quickly retreated nearby into some bushes and waited. He could not let either the Vampire or the Captain return to their armies. If he did then all those men would be dying just to fulfil a desire of the Captain.

He reached to his back and grasped a large Elf Bow. Inside his pack he found a handful of fire arrows which he had found the last time he had gone adventuring with his fellow warriors. He nocked one onto his bow, lined up his shot and waited.

The Vampire was the first to exit the hut - Tecthin fired.

The arrow struck the Vampire directly in the chest and burst on fire. Screaming, the Vampire grasped the arrow and pulled it from his body, but it was too late. The fire had spread to his cape, his clothes and now to his body. Within moments he was engulfed in flame and before long there was nothing left but a pile of ash which quickly blew away on the chilly wind.

The Captain heard all the commotion and came outside to investigate. His eyes opened wide when he saw the remains of the Vampire, and he started to make a run for it when he saw Tecthin sprinting from the forest.

Tecthin fired again.

The arrow had just about reached the Captain when it split into four other arrows. They all impaled the Captain - one in each of his legs, and one in each of his arms. The remaining arrow struck the Captain straight in the head. He screamed, and collapsed to the ground, dead.

Satisfied with a job well done, Tecthin packed the remaining arrows back into his pack, stood, and turned…

Staring straight at him, less than one foot away was a huge white furred beast about the size of a large Minotaur - A Yeti!

And Tecthin’s day had been going so well..


Wood Elf Scout story by Andrew Brockhouse.