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To make sure all the links on this page are current, I will leave it up to you to send me links.
If you would like me to link to your Warhammer Quest site, then please email me.

Games Workshop
GW made Warhammer Quest back in 1995. It has long been out of print and is no longer available.
The Warhammer Quest Museum
Great site! Contains many official rules from Warhammer Quest and from White Dwarf. Lots of new Monsters.
Le Monde du Reiksmarshall
Kurt Helborg
A French WQ site. Amongst many other fine resources, it also has many articles from our site translated into French! Also has scans of all the original board sections.
Garlic's Lair
Has some highly entertaining special locations and some great rules for going insane!
Skaggi's Inn
A Norwegian WQ web page. Contains some articles translated into Norwegian.
Cheesemeister Solutions
Has for download, a small program designed to help keep track of combats in Warhammer Quest. Very useful!