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The battle had lasted almost three hours, but now, it was finally drawing to a close.

The Wardancer, Klishiel, his twin Swords of Orion flashing, launched into a horde of Skeletons about to fire their bows.

"Oh no you don't," cried Klishiel, cleaving through their bones as if they were chalk. He brought the last one of his group to the ground, and leaped over to help Edmund, his comrade.

Edmund, a Templar of Sigmar's Holy Temple had just turned eighteen not a week before. Upon receiving his robes and his holy symbol from the High Priests of the Temple, Edmund had immediately insisted upon journeying into the lands of the undead, determined to wipe these travesties from the face of the Old World.

Edmund heaved his two-handed sword up and sliced through the Mummy's arm. It fell to the floor amidst all the other bodies.

Klishiel approached from behind, lopping the Mummy's head off with his swords.

"Thanks for the help friend, it is much appreciated," exclaimed Edmund, as his hefty sword slew another Mummy in half.

The pair sheathed their weapons and looked around the room at the piles of bodies. The dungeon room looked more like a battlefield than a guard room. Edmunds head turned. "What was that?"

"What was what?" enquired Klishiel, his hands once more on his sword hilts.

"I thought I saw something move up near the ceiling."

Klishiel rose the lantern and shone it around. Its light bounced of the ceiling, causing shadows to pass through the room.

"It's probably just the lantern," breathed Klishiel, his voice sounding steady.

Suddenly, from the corner of the room leapt a dark figure. Klishiel shone the lantern ahead, but it made no difference. The figure was still dark. It's arm came down from its face, where it had been covering its face with a black cape, revealing blood red eyes and long fangs.

Both Edmund and Klishiel stepped back, aghast. They were facing a Vampire!

Klishiel put his hand on Edmund's arm. "Perhaps now would be a good idea to use that holy symbol of yours."

Edmund thoroughly agreed. Now, if only he hadn't left it protruding from the body of the Necromancer a few rooms before...


Templar story by Andrew Brockhouse.