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The one known as Kurak the Unbending faced the blood stained doorway that lead from his Chaos chambers into the dreaded halls beyond and smiled. The adventurers would be coming through the door any minute now, but he was ready for them. His pulsating runeaxe glowed blood red in his sweaty grasp and he laughed, throwing his head back gleefully. It was then the door opened. Signalling his armed retinue of Blunderbuss troops with one hand, and a warband of Bull Centaurs with the other, he waited. "On my mark!" A pair of glowing eyes appeared around the doorway. "Fire!" The large hall was filled with the sounds of gun fire and bow strings as arrows thudded into the archway and vanished into the gloom beyond the open door. It was a good ten minutes before the barage deceased.

Silence. Then the shuffling of feet. Then.....croak! Bewildered, the Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer moved forward, and swung open the door fully. All he saw was a large bull frog sitting happily on the ground eating bugs. There was no sign of any enemies.

Suddenly, there was a small green blur, and a cry of childish delight. Shocked, the Chaos Dwarf reared back, but it was too late. A large hessian bag came crashing down over his head, engulfing his large helmet and tangling his beard. Struggling to regain his balance, the Sorcerer took a faltering step backwards.

And slipped sideways on a small collection of marbles that had somehow come to be there. His arms flailing, the Sorcerer toppled to the ground, his head slamming into the flagstones.

"Most amusing, if a bit ignomonious. I dare say you two greenskins will earn your share of the reward yet!" It was Tirone who spoke as he pranced into the room, stroking his fully formed black moustache in satisfaction. Following him was the silent and thoughtful Druid, Poliamus, his grey robes rustling silently.

Without saying a word, the Barbarian Ragnar brought his sword heavily into the side of the prone Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer, ending his life with a muffled cry. "Don't celebrate yet. We still have a whole room full of angry Chaos Dwarves."

The Chaos Dwarf Blunderbuss' lined up their shots and began to pull the triggers.

With a cry of shock, one of the Chaos Dwarves was yanked sideways, his arm holding the blunderbuss pulled sharply to the right. As his weapon swung outwards, the other's seemed to follow his misguided example. All the blunderbusses were yanked sideways, their shots going directly into the herd of surprised Chaos Bull Centaurs.

Hands on hips, the Imperial Noble was almost doubled over from his mirth. "The old Tie the Rope to the end of each Weapon and Yank Really Hard Trick. Gets them every time!"

The two Snotlings responsible for the prank were busy dancing, swinging each other around by the elbow. "Dem badies not so bad. We bagged dem well good, yes?"

Ragnar, Poliamus and Tirone smiled and nodded their heads. In the confusion that followed, Rangar charged forward, and, yelling his beserk battle cry, lashed into the Chaos Dwarves as they picked themselves off the ground.

Forgotten, the toad suddenly began to hiss and bubble......


Snotling Team story by Michael Brockhouse.