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Location:The Old World

Battle-Level: 2-10

Objective Room: Any

The local Witch Hunters Guild has asked for the Warriors' assistance in capturing a woman accused of being a witch. Apparently she has escaped into a nearby dungeon after the accusation and no one has been able to locate her. The best Witch Hunters in town have journeyed into the dungeon repeatedly to try and locate her but to no avail.

The Warriors must attempt to locate the witch by searching the dungeon for her and bringing her back to the Witch Hunters Guild.


In each Dungeon Room the Warriors find they may attempt to search for some clues as to the whereabouts of the witch. Roll 1D6 in the Warrior's Phase. On a score of 6 they have managed to find something indicating the witch has been here. Otherwise they find nothing.

Once the Objective Room is reached, and after Objective Room Monsters have been determined, roll 1D6 and add the number of clues found by the Warriors. On a score of 6 or over the Warriors manage to locate a secret door in the back of the room leading to the witch's hideout. With a shrill scream, she leaps out into the Objective Room to confront the Warriors. To determine what sort of witch she is roll 1D6:

1-2 Chaos Sorceress of Slaanesh
3-4 Chaos Sorceress of Tzeentch
5 Chaos Sorceress of Nurgle
6 Dark Elf Sorceress

If the Warriors do not locate her hideout they may continue to try in each Warrior's Phase until all the Monsters are dead. After that, they leave the dungeon in frustration and return to the settlement without the witch.

If they succeed in reducing the Witch to zero Wounds they have not killed her, but instead knocked her unconscious and may take her back to the settlement.

Completing the Adventure

Once the Warriors return to the settlement, they hand the witch over to the local Witch Hunters Guild who burn her at the stake and reward the Warriors with a total of (500 x Dungeon Level) Gold.


Witch Hunt by Andrew Brockhouse.