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Location:The Old World

Battle-Level: 1-10

Objective Room: Any

The Warriors have been called to Middenheim by Lord Blackheart Zangeif on a matter of supreme urgency. A few nights ago, during a raging storm, the sky was filled with rocks from the depths of what the Astrologers call space. The council of Middenheim was in an uproar. A scout party was immediately sent out to gather samples of the space rock, but none returned. Reports from a spy situated in the area indicate that monsters from the dungeons and caves in the Middle Mountains have taken an interest in the space rocks and have begun to make dangerous magical weapons from them. If this is not stopped, the stalemate between Middenheim and the denizens of the Middle Mountains may be turned, with disastrous results.

The Warriors are to descend into the depths of the Middle Mountains and recover as much space rock as they can. If any of the monsters have made weapons with this rock, they must be destroyed.


Little does anyone realise that the rocks are infested with some sort of parasitic creature. They have now been awakened from their slumber by the experiments conducted on the rocks, and are breeding like rabbits. After only a few days, the dungeons are infested with the creatures, and some have even been popping up in the dark alleys of Middenheim. The council has nick named the tiny creatures Space Weevils.

A Space Weevil is about half a foot long slug creature, with a devilish face and two beady little red eyes. It has two rows of small, razor sharp teeth. So far, they have not proven to be that dangerous, but this may change any time soon.

Play a normal dungeon adventure, but with the following rules.

When rolling for power, roll an additional dice and consult the following table.

1 A random Warrior steps firmly on a Space Weevil, squashing it and tripping over in the process. The Warrior can do nothing this turn and Monsters are at +2 to Hit him.

2 The Warriors are overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of little tiny critters, tripping them up. The ground is too cluttered with them to move properly. All Warriors must subtract 1 from their move this turn.

3 The Space Weevils are infesting this room. They stream from the crevices in droves, and fall from the ceiling on top of the Warriors. The dungeon echoes with the sounds of hundreds of shrill screeches. A random Warrior must roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, a Space Weevil lands directly on the Warrior's head, taking a small chunk of flesh. The Warrior must lose 1 unmodified Wound.

4-6 Fortunately, the Warriors only see 1 or 2 Space Weevils popping their heads out of crevices.

Whenever a Warrior uses a bandage or provision, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, a baby Space Weevil rises from the item majestically, and flees into the corner or the room. The item is wasted.

Once the Warriors reach the Objective Room, 1D3 of the monsters in the room are all equipped with magical weapons. Determine this randomly. On a roll of 6 to hit, the monster gains an extra Damage Dice.

The reward is 1D6 * 100 gold pieces for each Warrior.


Just when the Warriors are about to leave Lord Blackheart's throne room, the man addresses them sheepishly. "Ah, just one more thing. I don't suppose you could try and find a way to get rid of these little things, could you…….?" The Warriors turn around to see the man suddenly covered in Space Weevils. That was quick! Smirking to themselves, the Warriors leave the throne room, amused by views of guards shaking critters out of their helmets and pockets. No doubt the Wizards of the Old World will find a way to kill them all off. If not, the Warhammer World might be in a bit of trouble…….


Space Weevils by Ben Head and Michael Brockhouse.