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Location: Norsca

Battle-Level: 3-10

Objective Room:
Any & Great Hall

About five months ago from today, Norscan Standard time, the infamous animal trapper and Thrall trader, Muldoon, a powerful warrior from Naggaroth, finally made his first mistake. For years, this Half Norse, Half Dark Elf bastard child had applied his trade in the frozen wastes of Norsca, hunting, trapping and killing all sorts of animals and monsters that lived in the area. Norse authorities, while not caring too hoots about the rapid wild life depletion, were troubled by the other occupation which Muldoon took part in. Slave trading. Normally, the Norse welcome slaves as part of every say life, but when Muldoon began capturing Norse women and children right out from under the noses of the Norse chieftains, instead of using Thralls (other races which have been captured in Norse raids), it was time to take notice. Muldoon even had the audacity to return to the very same Norse villages that he stole the slaves from and then, claiming not to know what they were talking about, attempted to sell the slaves back to the Norse he stolen them from. This not only made the chieftains look foolish, but was an open insult to all the Norse of the villages.

Muldoon was a bear of a man. He had the strength and vigour of a Norse warrior, and the swift speed and agility of a Dark Elf. These combined abilities saved him from certain death many times at the hands of the Norse. Eventually, when things became too hot for Muldoon, he would pack up his business and move to another village, where he would trap their herds and steal their women and children, and the process would begin again.

Finally, after years of this, the villages, usually separate and often warring with each other, decided to take more drastic action. War bands of Valkyries were sent to kill the half breed, but they failed too even locate the elusive trapper. The services of Ogre war mercenaries were requested, but all the Ogres came back even more confused than the Valkyries. On occasion, when the tribes of the White Minotaurs were threatened, they would send out some of their own warriors to join forces with the Norse and locate Muldoon. But because of Muldoon's training as a child, and his abilities to live for weeks out in the deepest snowy waste lands with no food and drink to speak of, all searches were for naught. Sometimes, months would go by with no sign of Muldoon, and then suddenly he would reappear, once all the searches had ceased, and begin applying his trade once again.

Then, progress was made. Buck Frobisher, an old Norse Hunter from a previously targeted village, took up bow and sword and, saying goodbye to his only family he lad left, an adopted son named Bento Frascarl, left the village. The last person to see him alive was Muldoon, as he plunged ivory dagger into Frobisher's gut, letting him bleed to death in the middle of a frozen over lake. The hunt has been going well. Frobisher had tracked Muldoon for weeks, many times almost catching him, only to lose him temporarily, giving the trapper time to escape. Finally, in the middle of a large icy lake, which was covered with thick ice, Muldoon's strength gave out and he collapsed onto the ice. A few minutes later, Frobisher, relentlessly pursuing his enemy, arrived and stood over the body of Muldoon. "I'm taking you down." He calmly pronounced. Sword was drawn, but he was too late to notice Muldoon's arm fling up, holding a dagger, and plunge deep into Frobisher's stomach. The last thing Frobisher heard was Muldoon's evil laughter, and as his vision misted over, he died. Muldoon escaped into the frosty night.

Frobisher's son, Bento, was also a Norse Hunter, and had learned much from his father. When word of his father's death reached the village, he vowed that he would hunt Muldoon down to the ends of the Earth and see his head on a stake. Killing Frobisher's father was the mistake that Muldoon shouldn't have made. Buck's death happened about 5 months ago. 1 month after this, Bento learned of his father's death and began his search for Muldoon. Today, it has been 4 months since anyone has heard from Bento. Then, all rugged up and shivering in the cold, the Warriors enter the very village that Bento and his father lived at. The Norse Chieftain of the village comes out to greet the Warriors. After much dancing and wenching at the local tavern, the Warriors learn of a quest that needs undertaking. The Norse of this village are friendly enough, and say they will pay the Warriors 2000 gold pieces each if they can find Muldoon and bring his head back on a silver platter for all to see. Well, the Warriors can do this if they wish, or they can simply decapitate the trapper and place his head in a bag. Whichever is easier for the Warriors to manage. Also, a young Norse Hunter, about 24 winters old, has been lost in the wilderness for many months. If the Warriors can locate him as well, the reward will increase up to 2500 gold pieces each. This is a very rich village indeed!


This quest is very important to a lot of different people for numerous reasons. Mainly because of the reward offered, but also because they want to see Muldoon dead. For this reason, the Warriors may be accompanied on their journey by other adventurers who seek to have a share in the profits. They may welcome this aid, or they may not, but whatever they want, the Chieftain insists that as many people as possible go on the mission to locate Muldoon and Bento, and that they should all work together. Each Warrior roll 1D2 times on the following table to see who accompanies the Warrior to assist the search.

1 No one can be bothered joining the Warrior. The Norse think he smells too bad. Make no more rolls on this table.

2 The Warrior is offered a very fine looking Hunting Hawk as an aid in the journey ahead. The hawk sits happily on the Warrior's shoulder, and does not take up a square. When tracking Muldoon or Bento, the Hawk may be released into the air to look for signs of life in this desolate, icy wasteland. This in effect allows the Warriors to re-roll a single event they do not wish to encounter once every month (every four weeks) while travelling in the wilderness. This is an event from the Hazard's table, not the additional table (see below). In combat, the Hawk attacks after the Warrior who owns him attacks. He hits on a roll of 4+ regardless of enemy Weapon Skill and does 1D6 + 1 Wounds. If ever the Hawk gets a 1 to hit, roll another D6. On a roll of 1, the Monster he was attacking slaps the annoying creature from the sky, killing it.

3 A young friend of Bento's, another Norse hunter, is going to join the Warriors on this quest. He has the same statics as that of a Thrall, except he is armed with a Sword, not a Sling.

4 Accompanying the Warrior is a very old and wrinkled Norse Oathbreaker, a Norse Warrior who has broken some sort of law and seeks to redeem himself by proving his mettle. This fellow seems very senile, but says he is a friend of Buck Frobisher, Bento's father and victim of Muldoon's evil. He has the statistics of a normal Norse Oathbreaker, except his Move, Wounds and Initiative is reduced by 1, and his Toughness and Weapon Skill is increased by 1.

5 A fine looking beauty approaches the Warriors and introduces herself as one of a large group of Valkyrie women who will give their lives to save Bento. The Warrior is too tongue-tied to refuse the offer, even if he had a choice. The Valkyrie has the same statistics as a normal Valkyrie, except that she may be a favourite to the Valkyrie Queen of her village. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, the Valkyrie is indeed a favourite, and has been through many battles and quests to prove her power to Odin and her Queen. She has been gifted with the Mantle of Wind, which is a magical set of wings which give her the power of flight. With these wings, she can ignore pinning and move an extra square, and can fly over chasms and pits. In addition, she will never fall into the Chasm of Despair and other similar places on a roll of 1.

6 Just when the Warrior thinks no one is going to join him, he turns around and smacks head first into the chest of a very powerful White Minotaur. The creature excuses himself, as if it is his fault and introduces himself, saying that his son was killed when he accidentally got caught in one of Muldoon's traps, and he wants to exact vengeance on the man. Gulping, the Warrior agrees to have the Minotaur along for the ride. The Minotaur has the same abilities as that of a normal Minotaur, except that it has no Fear value at all. A White Minotaur takes double damage from fire and half damage (rounded down) from cold based attacks.

If the Warriors are accompanied by any humanoid (roll 3 to 6, not the Hawk), be sure to place a counter in the cup to represent them. These people are to be treated in exactly the same way as other Warriors. They gain equal share of any treasure found, have monsters placed around them, etc. however, there is no need to record how much gold they gain on their travels. They may not use any equipment or magical items other than bandages and provisions which must be supplied by the other player Warriors. Make sure to adjust the correct number of Monsters that are encountered, depending on how many accompany the Warriors. The extra adventurers are controlled by the Warrior who rolls them, but they move in order of Initiative as normal.

The following night, after introductions have been made and preparations for the long hard journey have been completed, the Warriors spend a restful night in a cosy tavern commons room. All of them are aware that it may be their last night in a warm bed for many months to come.

The Journey

In the morning the Warriors, their new allies, a highly trained Norse Hunter, 3D6 Thralls of various races carrying supplies, cooking utensils and bedding, and three large dog sleds laden with 3D6 provisions and 2D6 Bandages each set out into the blinding snow storm to begin their quest that may well take many many months……

The journey ahead will be a hard one, and the Warriors and their party will be lucky if they do not take any casualties. Begin rolling on the Norse Hazards table, and also 3D6 on the following table to see what else happens to the Warriors and their merry team. Do the events from the Hazard table before doing the events from the table below. Since the journey is of undefined length (keep rolling until you get 19 or over), any events which add to the journey time can be replaced with a subtraction penalty on the next roll. For example, if the Warriors come to an avalanche that makes them add +4 to the journey, the next roll on the table must have -4 to the dice roll. Events which subtract from journey time can be added to the dice roll instead.

If ever the Warriors should lose their Norse hunter, subtract 3 from any rolls on the table. If they should lose all their Thralls, the Warriors will have to drop many of their supplies behind. Because of spending bitter nights in the cold, unprotected, the Warriors begin the dungeon with 1D6 less Wounds which can not be healed until the end of the adventure (part 1 anyway). In addition, when an event calls for the losing of a Thrall, bandage or provision, a random Warrior must lose 1 Wound for each that can't be lost. So if the Warriors have only 4 Thralls left, and they lose 6 of them due to an avalanche, a random Warrior must lose 2 unmodified Wounds. The Warrior may use any of the provisions or bandages that they want to from the dog sleds, but when they are gone, beware the consequences. Obviously, if a dog sled is killed, all the provisions it was carrying are lost forever too. Any gold found while on the journey to locate Bento or Muldoon is immediately given to the Norse Hunter for payment of his services, unless he is dead. Any items found can be kept as normal. This does not mean treasure from battles, etc. Note that the dog sleds, Hunter and Thralls will remain outside any dungeons the Warriors have to explore.

3 The party moves ever so slowly onwards when one of the Thralls suddenly yells in sheer terror. The Warriors cringe as they move to the front of the party and see a terrible site. A group of Dark Lords lays waste to the Thralls, as they scatter about in maniacal despair. Not a single Thrall escapes the destruction of these great Undead Norse Warlords. The Warriors, plucking up their courage, rush to the aid of any Thralls which may have survived. The battle is long and hard, both sides being of equal battle prowess. Finally, the Dark Lords, snarling in surprise at their defeat, retreat and vanish into puffs of smoke. The Warriors stand among the slaughtered bodies of the Thralls. This is a sad day. There is a moan of terror from one mound of snow, and the Warriors pull out a terrified Thrall. It seems only 1 remains. If the Warriors have no more thralls, then the dog sleds are destroyed instead. If they are gone too, then the Norse hunter is killed. If he is also gone (going well there, guys….), the Warriors are soon overcome by the Dark Lords and are butchered easily.

4 A large war band, loyal to the renegade Chaos Demon Oragrom, stops the party in their tracks. They demand a tribute of 2D6 pieces of human cattle, or Thralls as some would call them, in order to be allowed to live. The war band is really large, and the Warriors would have no chance of defending the Thralls. As they are deciding on what to do, the war band attacks. Chaos Warriors and Marauders descend in droves into the pack of terrified Thrall. Once they have slaughtered 2D6 of them, they retreat up the path. The Warriors pay their respects to the dead Thrall, bury them, and continue onwards in silence.

5 A large snow storm causes the Warriors to call a stop. It is not long before they realise not everyone stopped. 1D6 of the Thralls can not be found anywhere. When the storm dies down, the chewed up bodies of the missing Thralls are found at the bottom of a steep ravine. Yeti teeth marks adorn their bodies.

6 Unfortunately, while preparing for the night's camp, the Warriors fail to see a small group of Thralls fighting with each other, having somehow managed to acquire short swords and daggers. When one of the Thralls is cut down by a vicious blow to the neck, the Warriors emerge from their tent to see what is going on. Before they can stop it, 1D3 Thralls have been cut down by this delirious Thrall. The Warriors grab the Thrall's sword arm, snap his wrist and toss him to the wolves. On a journey of this importance, there can be no room for madness.

7 A pack of hungry wolves takes an interest in the party. A large pack. Soon, the Warriors realise they are surrounded by at least three dozen blood thirsty wolves. Even in the misty snow storm, the Warriors can see red eyes of dire wolves, and the large backs or great wolves prowling around them. The Thralls are given clubs by the Warriors from the supplies just in case. Soon, the wolves attack. Roll 1D6 for the number of Dire Wolves that attack. Then spread these out amongst the Warriors as even as possible. For each Dire Wolf that attacks a Warrior, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the dire wolf takes a chunk of flesh out of the Warrior. He must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds. On a 4 to 6, he is safe and manages to fend the beast off. Now roll 1D6 for the number of Great Wolves that attack. Roll 1D6 for each of them. If any come up a 1, the Norse Hunter has fallen to their attacks. No matter what happens to the Hunter, the Warriors soon drive the Great Wolves away. This leaves the Thralls to defend themselves against the normal wolves. Roll 1D6 for each Norse Hunter that remains alive. Roll 2D6 for the number of wolves that attack. Then roll 1D6 for each wolf that attacks. If the number the Thralls roll is higher, they take no casualties, and manage to scare the wolves away. If the Wolves number is higher, subtract the Thralls number from this amount. This is how many Thralls are killed by the wolves before they are driven off.

8 The party is beginning to tire. The dogs pulling the sleds are starting to bark and becoming too hard to keep under control. The Norse Hunter is mumbling under his breath about this journey being a waste of time. Even the Warriors are starting to lose hope. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Norse Hunter suddenly throws up his arms in exasperation and runs off into the snow, never to be seen again. If this happens, roll another D6. On a roll of 1, 1D3 Dog Sleds also follow his example and flee into the snow, barking out in anger.

9 While slow going, the Hunter is making progress. He has picked up many tracks which might belong to either Muldoon or Bento. For the next roll on this table, add 1 to the dice roll.

10 A Thrall suddenly finds himself with his foot almost severed as he steps into a cleverly disguised bear trap. He can not be saved, as he bleeds to death before the Warriors. However, this trap is a sure sign of Muldoon's presence. The next roll on this table can have +2 added to the result.

11 After a while, the snow storms that have been plaguing the party for days die down, and the mood is lifted. The Warriors hear one of the Thralls begin to sing to himself. Then, slowly, others join in the song. One of the Warriors recognises the song as an popular Cathayan tune sung to alleviate the boredom of endless trudging when marching to war. Soon, all the Thralls are singing it boisterously for all to hear.

"For a long time we've been marching off to battle.
In a thundering herd, we feel a lot like cattle
Like the pounding beat, our aching feet aren't easy to ignore
Think of instead, a girl worth fighting for
That's what I said, a girl worth fighting - "

"That's enough!". The Norse Hunter has spoken. Apparently, he doesn't seem to like the fact that his Thralls are singing happily when they should be depressed all the time. After all, they are slaves. Never-the-less, the mood has lightened after that song. The next roll on this table can have +3 added to it.

12 One of the dog sleds has a minor accident as it slams into a tree head first. The dogs are killed outright, and all the food and bandages are flung up and over a steep cliff. If the Warriors have no dog sleds left, nothing happens. While cleaning up the mess and trying to give the dogs a decent burial, one of the Warriors locates a fresh set of prints. From descriptions given, they must be Muldoon's. Lose 1 dog sled, but +4 to the next two rolls on this table.

13 The Norse Hunter begins to feel week at the knees and suddenly collapses. It seems he was bitten by an Ice Serpent but did not tell anyone because of his pride. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 2, the Hunter dies in a fit of agonised screaming. If the result is a 3 to 6, the Norse Hunter pulls through with the used of 2D6 bandages and 2D6 + 6 provisions. If the party doesn't have this many supplies left, he dies anyway. Whatever the case, the Warriors are now more determined than ever to locate Muldoon and Bento. +5 to the next roll on this table.

14 The party is suddenly attacked by a very large group of Yeti, each with a bracelet around their upper arm indicating that they are the property of Muldoon. The party must be getting close to Muldoon's hideaway. The Warriors have no hope of fighting all of the Yeti, but something must be done soon. The Warriors can hand over 2D6 provisions and 2D6 bandages if they wish to make the Yeti go away. Or they can, being very cowardly fellows, stand behind the Norse Hunter and his Thralls and watch as the Yeti get tired slaughtering the Hunter and 2D6 Thralls. Or finally, if the Warriors have at least 1 White Minotaur in their party, they can roll 1D6 for each one they have. If any come up as a 4 to 6, the Minotaur lets loose a mighty war cry, summoning those of his clan to help in the battle ahead. The party stands aside as a vast war host of hundreds of White Minotaurs comes thundering over a nearby hill. It looks as if all the tribes have been united for this mighty battle. The fight is joined. Roll 4D6 for the Minotaurs and 2D6 for the Yeti. The highest number wins the battle and manages to kill or route all the enemy troops. If the Minotaurs win, the leaders of the regiments greet the Warriors and their Minotaur comrade and then leave the battle. If the Yeti win, they polish off 3D6 Thralls, 1D3 dog sleds, the Norse Hunter and 3D6 provisions. Whatever happens, the Warriors now know they are closer than ever to Muldoon's hideout. Add +4 to the next 1D3 rolls on this table.

15 An avalanche has occurred here recently, blocking off the plains ahead. If the party contains a Valkyrie with the Mantle of Wind, the Warriors insist they she carry each Thrall over to safety on the other side of the avalanche. She does so, and soon she comes back to carry the Norse Hunter and Warriors over. Getting the dog sleds through is another matter. Fortunately, the Thralls had taken the initiative and had begun to dig through the snow from the other side. It takes only a few hard hours to make a path through the snow for the sleds. If the party does not have a Valkyrie with the Mantle of Wind, the next roll on this table can have +2 to the result. If the party does have a Valkyrie, and they have dog sleds remaining, the next roll on this table can have +3 added to it. If the party does have a Valkyrie, and they have no dog sleds remaining, they make excellent time. The next 4 rolls on this table can have +4 added to them.

16 Muldoon is very close. In fact, there is a figure up ahead. Could it be? Roll 2D6. On a roll of 11 or 12, the figure is Muldoon, fleeing across the snow as he tries to escape the Warrior's relentless pursuit. The next 6 rolls on this table can have +5 added to them. Any other roll, and the figure is that of a tired fisherman, returning to his humble home for the night. Still, progress is being made. The next 3 rolls on this table can have +3 added to them. However, one of the Thralls catches a cold and has to be left behind to be cared for at the fisherman's home.

17 The Warriors supplies are running low. Half any remaining provisions and bandages. In addition, roll 1D6 for each dog sled remaining. On a roll of 1, the dogs have died of exhaustion. So close, yet so far. How much further can the party go on? Any further rolls on this table can have +3 added to them.

18 The Norse Hunter points out animal tracks alongside human tracks in the snow. Yelling to make himself heard over the roar of a nearby waterfall, the Hunter says Muldoon can't be too far away. "We should have his lair any minute now" Make no further Hazard rolls, but continue to roll on this table until told to stop. All rolls on this table may have +5 added to them. 1D6 Thralls suddenly develop some kind of rotting disease, and die horrible deaths during the dead of night.

19+ Muldoon is in sight! "There he is!" The Norse Hunter points out. Muldoon looks up from his trap setting, curses, and begins to flee. The Warriors, leaving the rest of the party behind, give chase. At last, the Warriors have found Muldoon. They give chase as he flees into the darkness of a nearby ice cavern. No more rolls on this table are required.

Muldoon's Hide Out

Muldoon's hide out is nothing special. Other than all the beasts here being controlled by him through the use of magical bracelets purchased from some dark wizard no doubt. Play the dungeon as normal, with the following exceptions.

Muldoon will be in every room that the Warriors encounter. He will have one ambush attack when the Warriors enter the room, and then he will flee while he leaves the Warriors to deal with the room's contents. This attack is using a musket, doing 1D6 + 8 damage, and hitting on a roll of 5+.

Once in the Objective Room, fight a battle and gain treasure as normal. At the start of the battle, Muldoon laughs evilly, yelling out something like "Like father like son!", and fleeing through a secret door in the back of the Objective Room. The Warriors follow him after the battle is over.

Play another dungeon, but with only 6 cards, the Objective Room being in the last 3 cards somewhere. Once in the Objective Room (use the Great Hall, if possible, otherwise use any other), there will be only normal monsters, not Objective Room monsters. In the middle of the room, place Muldoon. He is trying to get his Dwarf Gyrocopter started. As the battle is joined, Muldoon pulls a lever near the space he is at, and a secret skylight in the ceiling opens up, revealing a gateway large enough for the gyrocopter to fit through. With a wave, he is gone, leaving the Warriors angered, annoyed and highly disappointed. Note that Muldoon does not join in the fight at all. Once the contents of the Room has been discovered, he will flee in the gyrocopter. There will be no time to target him at all. Once the Monsters in the room are dead, the Warriors can flee through another secret door in the back of the room, exiting onto a narrow crevice, with a huge deep drop thousands of feet deep below them.

The Crevice

Each Warrior rolls 2D6. On a roll on a double 1, the Warrior has fallen into the deep crevice to his doom. Otherwise, they make their way along the edge and are shocked to see someone coming towards them. Looking closely, they see it is Bento himself, a little worse for wear, but otherwise, quite healthy.

Bento Frascarl

At least the Warriors can say they found Bento, but alas, Muldoon has escaped their grasp. Frobisher's death will go unavenged one more day. While camping near the dungeon entrance, after making their way around the crevice and finding their way back to the rest of the party, Bento pulls out a compass that glows green and occasionally fluctuates to a bright white. "This compass was given to me by my great great grandfather. It has served him well when tracking down criminals, and it has helped me to find Muldoon. Unfortunately, I got lost in his damn caves that he had his Norse Thralls build for him. None-the-less, I'm free now, and its time we took the battle to Muldoon."

The Warriors are about to ask how they will find Muldoon now he is airborne when the compass glows bright blue. "Gods, he's leaving Norsca in his accursed gyrocopter! He must be scared." Bento picks himself up off the ground, dusts the snow off his bright red tiger fur that covers his body, places his strange hat on his head, and begins to head off in the direction of his Norse village. "Saddle all your travelling bags, we're bound to walk away these blues. We're heading due south!"

Back to the Village

The journey to the Settlement is fairly uneventful, since Bento knows the way like the back of his hand. There is no need to make further rolls on the Hazard's table. Once the Norse Chieftain sees Bento returning to the village, he is soooooo happy he declares the day a holy day. For the first day in the settlement (treated as a Town for Stock purposes, etc) no one may visit any locations at all. The reward for returning Bento to the fold is 500 gold pieces, as promised. Now go and find Muldoon, and the reward will be 2000 gold each.

It is up to the Warriors if they wish to continue this adventure now, which means leaving Norsca for a while and tracking Muldoon to the Old World, or if they wish to put the chase on hold and seek their fortune in Norsca for a while. Whatever the case, Bento thanks the Warriors for their help, and prepares for his own journey across the ocean to a new land. Any allies that accompanied the Warriors take their leave now. They will accompany Bento now he has returned.

Whenever the Warriors wish to take up the chase for Muldoon once again, they must travel 6 Weeks to reach the village. There they may begin part 2 of "Due South".


due South by Michael Brockhouse.