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In the Ice Caverns of Norsca, some Monsters bear Magic Weapons, Magic Armour, and Magic Items just like the magic items that the Warriors possess. In the Monsters' case though, these items are cursed and will destroy any Warrior who tries to use them.

If the Monster's entry indicates that it carries a magic item roll 1D20 on the appropriate table to determine what it is. A group of the same type of Monsters have the same magic item, so you should roll for the group as a whole.


1 Ice Blade

A cool energy flows over this blade giving the Monster +1D3 attacks every second turn, starting with the first turn the Monster is in play.

2 Mace of Vengeance

Every time a Monster attacks with this weapon, on a 5-6+ the damage is doubled. The weapon also gives off the effect of Tomb Rot 1D3.

3 Staff of Resurrection

As well a being used as a normal weapon this staff has the magical properties of resurrection. Whenever a Monster is killed up to two squares away in any direction from the holder of this staff roll a D6. On a roll of 5,6 the fallen Monster is resurrected into play with 1D6 wounds. A resurrected Monster may act as normal next Monsters phase.

4 Long Sword of Freezing

When ever this weapon hits, roll a D6. On a roll of 5-6 its target is frozen, and can do nothing for 1 turn. While in this state the victim has a WS of 1.

5 Frozen Axe

This weapon ignores all magical armour, and 1 point of Toughness.

6 Blade of Blood Draining

Every time this weapon gets a 6 To Hit, 1D3 permanent wounds are drained from its target, and given to the user of the weapon, even if this takes the Monster above his starting Wounds.

7 Cutlass of Sure Striking

This cutlass gives the wearer +1 to all to hit rolls.

8 Mace of Destruction

The wielder of this mace may add +1 damage dice on a natural 5 or 6 to hit.

9 Freeze Bombs

This Monster has a bag of freeze bombs. Every turn after the Monster has made his normal attacks, a bomb is thrown at a random warrior, requiring a Ballistic roll. The target must roll 1D6. If the number is below the warriors base toughness then the bomb has no effect. If this test is failed the warrior is frozen for 1 turn and can be hit on a 1+. The bombs can be thrown squares equal to the strength of the holder. This is treated as an extra attack.

10 Blade of Flight

This blade gives the Monster the power of flight. He now has the Fly ability.

11 Flail of Force

When a Monster uses this weapon he has only 1 attack but any extra attacks leftover are converted to damage dice. Eg. If a Monster has 3 Attacks, he now has 1 Attack, with an extra 2 damage dice.

12 Spiked glove of Retribution

This gives the wearer +1 Attack with -1 to hit.

13 Mace of the Giant

The mace has been enchanted giving the Monster + 4 Strength.

14 Spear of Piercing

This Spear has a range of two squares (Fight in Ranks) and ignores 3 points of armour.

15 Striking Dagger

This dagger never misses giving its user an extra attack which he must use after all his normal attacks, and giving anyone hit by it 1D4 unmodified damage.

16 Axe of Killing

All damage done by this axe is fatal damage.

17 Flail of Destruction

When a 6 is rolled to hit, this weapon destroys a random piece of Treasure from the Warrior.

18 The Spiders Blade

At the start of the Monsters phase roll 1D6.

1-2 Nothing happens.

3-5 1D6 giant spiders are summoned.

6 1 Gigantic spider is summoned.

The Spiders should be placed as close as possible around the Monster that summoned them.

19 Sabre of Dragon Flame

A billow of flame spews forth from this weapon 3 squares by 3 squares in front of it's user. This flame causes 2D6 dam, and hits automatically. All Warriors in the area of effect are hit. This replaces the Monsters first attack each turn.

20 Hammer of Ice Golem

This hammer is slammed to the ground summoning a huge Ice Golem from the slabs of ice throughout the floor. At the start of every turn roll 1D6. On a 5 or 6 a Golem is summoned, and is placed as close to the user as possible. It will pick any Warrior as normal but as soon as the caster is attacked it will attack his attacker. The Golem only stays in play for 1D4 turns before the magic is lost and he melts back into the ground..

Ice Golem





Weapon Skill


Ballistic Skill












Damage Dice




All damage from ice magic or any spells related to ice etc. is halved. All damage from fire related spells/items is doubled.


1 Black Chainmail

The wearer of this armour receives +1 Toughness, and Magic Resistance 5+.

2 Plate of Dark Venom

Covering this platemail armour are many vicious snakes which strike at anybody that come near. Any Warrior standing adjacent to the wearer at the end of the turn suffers 1D3 fatal damage, with no modifiers.

3 Chainmail of Stench

The stench that comes from this armour is almost unbearable. Any Warrior standing adjacent to the Monster wearing this armour suffers -1 Attack. The Warriors attacks cannot go below 1.

4 Armour of Frost

Any Monster up to two squares, away from the wearer of this armour receives +1 Toughness. This includes the wearer.

5 Armour of Spell Evasion

The wearer of this armour receives Magic Resistance 4+, and Magic Dispel 5+

6 Armour of Might

This armour gives the wearer +1D6 Strength, and +10 Starting Wounds.

7 Scales of the Frost Serpent

This armour is made from the scales of the frost serpent. Every time the wearer is hit roll 1D6. On a 6 the damage is absorbed from that hit.

8 Armour of Hebel-Rict

This golden armour gives the wearer +1 Attacks but -1 to hit.

9 Arm Bands of Power

The wear of these bands can cast 1 Chaos Magic spell a turn.

10 Breast Plate of Regeneration

At the end of the turn roll 1D6. On a 6 the wearer regenerates 3D6 Wounds. This can exceed their starting Wounds.

11 Armour of Shattering

When the wearer of this armour is killed the armour explodes, shattering shards of ice around him. Every model in an adjacent square is hit for 2D6 damage.

12 Armour of Pain

Whenever the wearer of this armour is hit a shock of electricity shoots through the weapon which hit him. The Warrior who hit the Monster takes 1D3 unmodified wounds.

13 Helmet of Shadows

When the wearer of this helmet is reduced to zero wounds roll 1D6. On 5 or 6 he sinks back into the shadows and disappears. He does not return to play but no gold is received from his defeat.

14 Chaos Armour

This armour gives the wearer -1 to any hit roll made against him by magical weapons. He is also Immune to all Axe Runes, and Tattoo effects.

15 Plate of the Dead

When the wearer of this armour dies he instantly rises again as a Zombie. Place a zombie miniature on the space where he died. Once the Zombie is killed, he is finally dead, but only the original Monsters Gold is found.

16 Magical Black Helm

This helm doubles all spell effects. Eg. If a Warrior took 2D6 unmodified damage, he would now take 4D6 unmodified damage. If a Warrior lost 2 Toughness, he would now lose 4 Toughness.

17 Breast Plate of Hatred

When a Monster is placed wearing this armour, choose a random Warrior. The Monster has a "hatred" for this Warrior and will try to attack him at all costs giving him a Pinning of 6+. Against this Warrior he also gets +1 to hit.

18 Shield of Hypnotism

At the start of every turn, pick a random Warrior who is in line of sight. On a 5 or 6 the Warrior is Hypnotised by the swirling void of the shield and loses 1D4 attacks for the turn. It also gives the wearer +1 Toughness.

19 Chainmail of Morphing

Roll 1D6 at the start of every Monsters phase. When a 6 is rolled, the wearer is transformed into a Monster on the next Dungeon Level for 1D4 turns. If more than one Monster is on the same roll, then choose the most powerful. While in this state do not roll for morphing. The Monster which has been morphed into has no magical items, armour or weapons and can not cast any spells, apart from what he originally had.

20 Plate of Golden Shield

This armour glows with a golden aura, shielding its wearer. Roll 2D6 whenever he is hit. If a 6 is rolled then all damage from the blow is ignored. This also gives the wearer Magic Resistance 6+.


1 Ice Helm of Restoration

This helm was forged deep within the caverns of Norsca, and gives its wearer a Regenerate 1.

2 Arm Bands of Chill

These bands have been fused with the essence of many ethereal beings. They give the wearer and an additional attack with Chill 1 as the damage.

3 Throwing Knives of Malice

These knives give the wearer an extra missile attack. He will always throw at a random warrior who is out of reach of hand to hand combat if he can. Otherwise, if no Warrior is out of range he will attack a random Warrior adjacent to him. He may still use the knives even if he is pinned. They inflict 1D6+Strength damage.

4 Belt of Ice

This belt is made of magical ice. It gives the wearer +2 Toughness.

5 Teeth of the Yeti

These enchanted teeth have been bound into a necklace. They give the wearer +15 Starting Wounds.

6 Gauntlets of the Storm

At all times a small snow storm swirls around the wearer in all adjacent squares. Anybody in these squares, Monster or Warrior must suffer 1D3 damage every turn, with no modifiers.

7 Amulet of Yon

At the start of every Monster phase roll 1D6 to see how the amulet aids its wearer.

1-2 The amulet sparkles but nothing else happens.

3 The amulet gives the wearer +1 Toughness for the next turn.

4 The amulet gives the wearer +1 Strength for the remainder of the turn.

5 The amulet gives the wearer +1 attacks for the remainder of the turn.

6 The amulet gives the wearer +1 Strength and +1 attacks for the remainder of the turn.

8 Arm bands of Oragrom

The wearer of these arm bands gains some of the strength of the demon Oragrom. He has +1 damage dice.

9 Belt of Armageddon

At the start of every Monster phase roll 1D6.

1-4 The belt does nothing this turn.

5-6 A red streak of lighting fires out of the belt which strikes all Warriors in line of sight, inflicting 1D6+2 Wounds, unmodified.

10 Necklace of Life Draining

This bony necklace gives the wearer a chance to live again after death. When the Monster dies roll 1D6. On a 4-6 he rises from the dead. He can only do this if there is a Warrior or Monster adjacent to him. If there is he drains 2D6 unmodified Wounds from a random Warrior or Monster around him which is given to the wearer. If a Monster dies because of this the Warriors do not get the Gold. The Warriors do not get additional Gold for killing the Monster more than once!

11 Ring of Teleportation

The wearer chooses a new target every turn and teleports 1D6 squares towards him.

12 Amulet of Terror

This amulet gives off a powerful aura giving the Monster Terror 6.

13 Ring of Tragedy

No luck can be used on the same board section as the wearer of this ring.

14 Head Band of Strength Draining

Any warrior or Monster in an adjacent square to the wearer of this head band is at -1 Strength (minimum of 1). This point of Strength is given to the wearer of the headband.

15 Necklace of Doom

This necklace swirls dark magic around the user, making all to hit rolls made against him at -1. He also gets +1 attacks.

16 Amulet of Turmoil

All Warriors on the same board section as this item are sent into mental turmoil, and at the start of every turn they must roll 1D6. On a 1 or a 2 they are deeply affected by the struggle going on within their minds and must subtract -1 to all to hit rolls.

17 The Chalice of Chance

Before the combat starts the owner of this chalice will drink the magical water from it, to aid him. Roll 1D6.

1 The water does nothing.

2 The water strengthens him, giving him +1 Strength.

3 The water toughens him, giving him +1 Toughness.

4 The water quicken his thoughts and movements, giving him +1 attacks and +1 Initiative.

5 The water gives him +2D6 Starting Wounds.

6 The water is very magical and allows him to cast 1 Ice spell per turn.

18 Earthquake Boots

At the start of each Monsters phase roll 1D6 for the wearer of these boots. On a 5,6 he stamps on the ground causing the whole dungeon to crack and crumble. Then, for every Warrior, roll 1D6. If the number rolled is greater than their movement they are hit my falling rubble. Any hit warrior takes (Monsters Dungeon Level) x 1D6 Wounds, with normal modifiers.

19 Magic Stones of Norsca

The Monster has a sack of many of these stones. At the start of every Monsters phase roll 1D6. On a 5 or 6 the owner of the stones has thrown 1D4 of them down in front of him from his sack. Each stone cracks open and from it rises a Norse skeleton which is eager to do it's masters bidding. These creatures fight as normal skeletons and are placed as close to the creator as possible.

20 Duplication Cloak

At the start of every Monsters phase roll 1D6 for the wearer of this cloak. On a 5 or 6 he uses its power and duplicates himself into an adjacent square next to him, but only if one is unoccupied. The duplicate is an exact copy of the wearer at the time he was duplicated, apart from any magic items, weapons or armour. The duplicate will just fight as normal and will not cast any spells.

Norse Monster Magic Items by Ben Head.