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As your Warrior is walking down the street, a loud commotion is heard coming from round the corner. As your Warrior is wondering what could be the matter, a large elephant comes hurtling around the corner, heading straight for your Warrior. Your Warrior can either let it pass by hiding down a side alley, or try to stop the enraged beast.

If your Warrior hides down an alley and lets it pass roll 1D6:

1-3 The elephant turns down the same alley as your Warrior. With a bellow, the elephant stomps right over your unfortunate Warrior, causing 1D6 Wounds.

4-6 The elephant rushes down the main street, people from the nearby circus chasing after it. Your Warrior is safe.

If your Warrior tries to stop the elephant, roll 1D6:

1-2 Your Warrior leaps out in front of the elephant, weapon drawn. The beast hesitates for a moment, then tramples Your Warrior into the ground. The villagers, in their eagerness to catch the escaped elephant stomp all over your Warrior and leave him lying on the ground, nursing 1D6 Wounds.

3-4 Your Warrior jumps out in front of the beast, a plan formulating in his mind, but before he can do anything, the elephant heads off in the other direction! After looking befuddled for a few moments, your Warrior shrugs and then goes on about his business.

5-6 Your Warrior draws his weapon and approaches the elephant. The beast stops for a second, wondering about this new obstacle in its path, but that is all Your Warrior needs. With a flourish, your Warrior slams the hilt of his weapon into the beasts skull, knocking it out cold. The crowd chasing it thank you kindly, and hand you a reward of 50 gold.


As your Warrior walks down the street whistling happily, a thug jumps out from a side street and bonks him on the head. When your Warrior wakes up he is minus (50 x your Warrior's Battle Level) gold. Fortunately he had hidden the rest of the gold in his boots.


Your Warrior is invited to perform in the local talent quest. If he accepts, roll 1D6 to see how well he performs:

1 Your Warrior begins a rendition of "Romity and Iggiette", a love poem about two Ogres who couldn't be together because of different coloured warts, written by Hefty GigBig, Ogre Entrepreneur.

The trapdoor, which was specifically designed for these type of occurrences, deposits Your Warrior in a dark pit full of less fortunate entertainer's bones. The fall and humiliation contribute to a loss of 1D6 Wounds. Your Warrior climbs out on top of all the bones.

2 Your Warrior bursts into his favourite chorus from the well known Alehouse jig, "The Goblin Hunter and his Squig.", by Uggy Brittlebot, well renown (for something anyway) Goblin Poet.

Squig, Squig, Squig, Squig
Everybody loves Squig.
Squig, Squig, Squig, Squig
Everybody loves Squig.
Stomp on them (ughh!)
Sit on them (eeggh!)
Everyone knows that Squig are best.
Squig, Squig, Squig, Squig
Everybody loves Squig.

The rotten tomatoes do 1 Wound damage(no modifiers).

3 As he is about to make his debut, Your Warrior is overcome with stage fright. He decides it would be in his best interests to change his mind and watch other entertainers make fools of themselves.

4 Your Warrior's tap dance routine raises a few laughs (which it wasn't supposed to do). As he leaves the stage, he collects 20 gold which was tossed at him.

5 Your Warrior sings a lovely tune about blue birds and golden dew drops in the morning sun. After the hardened barbarians and pirates have stopped gagging, the women in the audience gift Your Warrior with flowers, kisses, and a small gathering of 1D6 x 10 gold.

6 After performing a segment from the masterful production of Drachenfels by Detlef Sierck, master theatre writer and performer, Your Warrior receives a standing ovation for his soliloquy. He receives an offer from an interested contractor, asking if he would like to stay a week and perform for him. If Your Warrior wishes this, he must spend another seven days in town. During this time, he can't visit any Special Locations or a Trader. At the end, he receives a handsome fee of 1D6 x 100 gold for the use of his epic talent.


Your Warrior is surprised to see a large crowd gathering up ahead. Moving closer, he realises that they are all enthralled by "Waldo Foliky", a travelling medicine man. He is carrying on up on stage about his many potions and what they can all do. If your Warrior wishes to buy a potion roll 1D6 x 50 for the cost and then 1D6 on the following table:

1 The strange green potion which claims to be "The One True Elixir of Life" turns out to be a poison of some sort. From now on at the end of each turn, your Warrior loses 1 Wound until healed at either a town or a city for 300 gold.

2 The potion your Warrior has bought is a dud! It tastes more like urine than "Nectar of the Gods." Your Warrior spits it out in disgust and walks off. If this event ever comes up again, your Warrior will refuse to buy another potion.

3 The potion tastes pleasant but no noticeable effect can be observed by your Warrior.

4 The potion is a healing potion which cures 2 Wounds.

5 Your Warrior buys a bottle marked "Fyting Poshun". Unable to decipher it's strange meaning, your Warrior gulps it down in one go. Immediately he feels nauseous, but then the feeling passes and he feels like he could fight anything. For the next dungeon your Warrior gains +1 to his to hit rolls.

6 The Warrior asks for a strange green potion but the medicine man gives him the one next to it by mistake. Hesitantly, your Warrior takes a mouthful, then finding it refreshing drinks the whole lot. For the next dungeon if your Warrior rolls a natural 6 to hit he inflicts an extra 2 Wounds in battle.


While walking down the footpath your Warrior trips over and hits his nose. Cursing his clumsiness, he picks himself up and turns around. Sticking out from a side alley is a dead body. Your Warrior looks around, thinking that people might think he had killed the poor blighter, but no one has noticed. Your Warrior can either investigate or move along. If he investigates roll 1D6:

1 As your Warrior bends down to look at the body, it jumps up surprising your Warrior and tries to steal his gold. A struggle ensues. Roll 1D6 for the bandit and 1D6 for your Warrior. The highest number wins. If the bandit wins he manages to steal 200 gold before being smacked up by your Warrior and runs away. If your Warrior wins he gives the bandit a kick up the backside and continues on his way. Reroll both dice if they come up the same.

2 As your Warrior turns the body over, it's hand reaches up and clasps onto your Warrior's arm. It sits upright, and your Warrior realises it is a Dark Elf. Fight a battle with 1 Dark Elf Warrior (no crossbow) using a dungeon passageway as the combat zone. If your Warrior wins, do not take a Treasure Card.

3 A few villagers notice you searching the body. Unwilling to cause an incident you move away.

4 The body is only that of an old man. You find 1D6 x 5 gold.

5 The body is that of a well respected nobleman of the Settlement. You hurriedly search his body and find 1D6 x 100 gold.

6 A strange aura surrounds the body. Unperturbed, your Warrior searches the body and his eyes light up at what he finds. Take 1 Treasure Card.


A strange illness sweeps through the Settlement, ignoring no one. Your Warrior must spend 50 gold and 1 week in hospital recovering. If this means he requires a roll on the Catastrophic Events Table then so be it.


A scout reports a huge Goblin force not far from the Settlement. Your Warrior is conscripted into the army and is sent out to fight. The battle rages for many long days and nights, but the army finally wins through. Your Warrior realises that he is now far from the Settlement, the battle having travelled a long distance. He may wait for the other Warriors here for the next adventure, or travel for 1 week back to the Settlement.


A strangely disgusting squelp sound reaches your Warrior's hearing. Looking down, he has stepped in a whopping pile of dog droppings. The next day, in any Special Location or Trader that is visited the owners may smell the vile odour. Roll 1D6. A roll of 1 or 2 indicates the owners of the shop instantly kick your Warrior out, instructing him to remove his boots. (Why he didn't do that in the first place is anyone's guess.) No other location may be visited that day.


Your Warrior's unruly behaviour is found to be disturbing with the local residents. They kick him out on his behind. Your Warrior must wait here for his companions until they are ready for the next adventure.



It seems that your Warrior has been mistaken for someone else. A burly gentleman demands that your Warrior pays him back the (1d6 x 100 x your Warrior's Battle Level) that you 'borrowed' off him many years earlier to pay for your Warrior's mother's operation. Roll 1D6:

1 The gentleman suddenly remembers that it was actually (amount x 2) gold that you had borrowed and demands it immediately.

2 No matter how hard your Warrior tries to convince the man of his error he refuses to give in. Roll again on this chart, adding +1 to the roll.

3 The man agrees to accept half (rounding up) of the money.

4 The man agrees to accept 100 gold as payment of your Warrior's debt to him..

5 After telling him that your Warrior cannot possibly pay him the money the man says that your Warrior does not have to pay him the money.....for now. If this event happens to your Warrior again do not roll. You must pay the man back his money, or if you do not have enough, Treasure Cards equalling it's value.

6 Your Warrior finally convinces the man that he has the wrong person. After apologising profusely he moves off down the street, and into the Alehouse.


While counting his gold, your Warrior suddenly realises that some of it is counterfeit. Discard (gold / 1D6) gold (rounding up). Roll again if a 1 is rolled.


A visiting trainer, renown for his expertise with the Hin Ching technique offers to teach your Warrior the move for (1D6 x your Warrior's Battle Level x 100). If your Warrior accepts, he spends 2 days in constant training, mastering the ancient technique. Your Warrior can now wield his weapon with the greatest of dexterity. (Your Warrior's Battle Level) times per adventure, your Warrior may use the skill. Regardless of how many attacks he has, your Warrior may keep on attacking any number of targets (without moving) until he misses. Each successive hit does an extra D6 Wound. eg. If your Battle Level 1 Warrior hits the 1st time, he does (1D6 + Strength) damage. If he hits the 2nd time, he does (2D6 + Strength), then (3D6 + Strength +2). No death blows may occur when the Hin Ching technique is in use.

15 MAP

Your Warrior, looking for something to do, decides to map the entire Settlement. For the remainder of your Warrior's stay here, when looking for Special Locations you do not need to roll to search for them as they are all marked on his map.


Your Warrior is mistakenly arrested for a crime he did not commit and thrown in jail. Each of your fellow Warriors must pay 1D6 x 10 gold to bail him out. If they cannot (or will not) your Warrior must spend the next 1D6 days in jail. He does not have to pay living expenses or roll on this table.


While going about his business, four young street urchins brush past your Warrior and bid him a good day. Smiling back at them, he suddenly realises that something has been stolen! Roll 1D6 to see what the cheeky urchins have taken:

1 All his gold

2 1 Treasure Card Weapon

3 1 Treasure Card (if have none other than Treasure Card Weapons, then 1 Treasure Card Weapon.)

4 Your starting item of equipment. (If lantern, may buy another at the General Store for 200 gold, stock 5.)

5 (1D6 x 200) gold

6 (1D6 x 100) gold


A leprous old beggar asks your Warrior for a gold coin. If your Warrior gives him one, roll 1D6:

1 The beggars hand touches yours. Yuck! Roll 1D6 to see if your Warrior has caught leprosy:

1 Your Warrior's adventuring days are over. He now has 1 Permanent Wound, Strength 1, Toughness 1, etc the worst of all abilities. If he still wants to adventure its up to him, but...

2-6 With a sigh of relief your Warrior realises that the beggars deadly disease has not inflicted him.

2-5 The beggar thanks your Warrior for his generosity. If he wishes to give the beggar another gold coin, roll again on this table, adding +1 to the dice roll, unless the number rolled is a 1.

6 The beggar is actually the King in disguise. For your Warrior's generous nature he offers to make him the King's Champion. From now on, every time your Warrior stays in any city, the King will have told the council about his arrival. He does not have to pay living expenses for the duration of his stay there. In addition, the King offers you a horse, saying that no Champion of his will be seen on foot.


The Settlement's doctors grimly announce the Settlement has contracted the deadly plague. In order to escape from it, your Warrior and his comrades must leave the town for the next adventure immediately.


Waking up the next morning, your Warrior is surprised to see that his surroundings have changed. This dark, dank room certainly isn't where your Warrior went to sleep. Looking around, he is surprised to see his adventuring buddies next to him, thinking the same. "Where are we?" all of them blurt out at the same time.

Where are they indeed? The Warriors have been captured overnight by (Roll on Monster Table), who first drugged them, and then travelled into the depths of a nearby cavern, their lair where they threw the Warriors into a cell. Use the Gaol Special Quest Room from White Dwarf 185 to represent the cell. The Warriors must escape from a randomly drawn 1D6 deck of dungeon cards. The Warriors have no equipment whatsoever, and therefore by fighting hand-to-hand combat roll 1D6 only. Toughness only is subtracted from any combat damage. Upon reaching the last dungeon section, the number of monsters rolled previously divided by two (round down) appear and challenge the Warriors. If killed, the Warriors search the dungeon and find all their stolen equipment, plus 1 Treasure Card each. The Warriors may now return to the Settlement (no time taken) and complete their stay (any special abilities or events for this Settlement only, still being in effect), or begin the next adventure.


Due to a drunken incident the previous night, your Warrior finds himself betrothed to a young lady of considerable weight. The wedding is arranged for tomorrow, so your Warrior must either leave the Settlement immediately, or get married.....



While watching a beautiful young woman walk by, your Warrior has the misfortune to bump into a rather beefy figure. Roll 1D6 to see what the outcome is:

1 It seems your Warrior has have encountered a visiting Ogre. He proceeds to give him a good bashing for 1d6+4 Wounds before tossing him out of his path.

2 Your Warrior has walked into one of the councillors of the city who proceeds to give him a lecture on manners. Just when your Warrior thinks it is all over, the councillor has the audacity to fine him 1D6 x 10 gold.

3 Your Warrior has bumped into an angry Halfling warrior who punches him in the face causing 1D3 wounds, with no deductions.

4 Your Warrior has ploughed straight into the local drunk, whom he knocks out of his way with ease.

5 Your Warrior has walked straight into the local merchant. After helping him collect his wares which have been strewn all over the ground, your Warrior helps dusts him down. The merchant walks away shaking his head in amazement. It is not until he has turned the corner that your Warrior notices 1D6 x 10 gold lying on the ground - it must have fallen out of the merchants overcrowded pockets. Your Warrior pockets the gold and walks off before the merchant has noticed he is missing any.

6 Your Warrior has knocked over a small gentleman who insists that it is all his fault. Bemused, your Warrior listens to the explanation given by the man and tries not to blurt out laughing. As compensation, he gives your Warrior 2D6 x 10 gold.


While checking out the wares at the local market, your Warrior spots Falzon Curtblade, someone known to him from his home town. Roll 1D6 to see what happens:

1 Your Warrior does not want Falzon to see him so, taking off the lid of a nearby basket, he hides inside. To your Warrior's horror he realises that slithering next to him is a Cobra. With a cry, he leaps out of the basket, but not before the Cobra bites him, doing 1D6 Wounds.

2 Falzon notices you and comes your Warrior's way. He claims to have acquired the legendary Swindle Bell, a bell with powers so immense that one ring can destroy even the toughest of enemies. He offers to sell it to your Warrior for 400 gold because he needs the money. If your Warrior buys the bell, roll 1D6:

1-5 The bell is useless. Your Warrior has been fooled.

6 The bell is actually the fabled Swindle Bell. Once per lifetime, your Warrior may ring the bell. It's tone is so piercing that it will destroy an entire dungeon board section of monsters immediately. Your Warrior and any other Warriors adjacent to him will be safe from the effects of the bell.

3 Falzon spots your Warrior and comes over to him. Grinning cheerfully, he shakes your Warrior's hand and the two of them head off to the Alehouse to reminisce about old times. After talking (and drinking) most of the night, your Warrior heads off to the inn, where he proceeds to sleep the entire next day. Your Warrior may visit no locations tomorrow and does not need to roll on this table. He must still pay living expenses however.

4 Falzon tells your Warrior that he is a member of a travelling circus which has made it's way to this Settlement. He is a famous juggler, his most amazing act is juggling five Squiggly beasts while singing "The Goblin Hunter and his Squig". He gives your Warrior a free ticket to the circus.

5 It seems that Falzon had heard your Warrior was in town and had travelled here to repay a debt of 1D3 x 100 gold pieces which he borrowed off your Warrior many years ago. Amazed that he would travel many miles to this Settlement just to repay him, your Warrior thanks him kindly.

6 Just after your Warrior left, Falzon started training as a healer. Upon seeing you, he offers to heal you of any Wounds for free.


At the local Alehouse, your Warrior meets an entrepreneur who is certain he can undergo successful trading negotiations with the Dwarven Settlement a few miles away. He offers your Warrior a partnership. If your Warrior pays 1D6 x 100 gold he receives a certificate of partnership. From now on, when your Warrior enters a Settlement he may visit the Merchant's Guild and enquire about the trading business. Roll 1D6:

1 The trading negotiations have fallen flat, and the Merchants inform your Warrior that he owes 1D6 x 50 gold for expenses. The Warrior's investment was a waste of money!

2-5 The trading is progressing nicely, with monthly wagonloads of ale being sold to the Dwarves. Your Warrior may collect 1D6 x 10 gold in profits.

6 Business is booming! Your Warrior may collect 1D6 x 50 gold in profits.


Short of funds, your Warrior throws on an old shirt and heads to the street corner to try his hand at begging. Roll 1D6:

1 On their routine patrol through the streets, the guards discover your Warrior illegally begging and throw him out of the Settlement.

2-6 Your Warrior gains 1D6 x 5 gold from begging.


While searching for the local gambling establishment, your Warrior realises that he suddenly does not know where he is. It takes him all of the next day to backtrack his route to the inn where he is staying. Tomorrow, he may not visit any locations in this Settlement while he tries to find his way home. If he has a map of the Settlement, he may ignore this event.


A headline in the local paper reads "<Your Warrior's name> in sex romp with respected Nobleman's daughter." For the remainder of his stay here, your Warrior will not be served in any location except for the Alehouse and Gambling House as the townsfolk are a very close community and the Nobleman's daughter is a friend to them all.


At a weapon evaluation session at the local Weaponsmith, your Warrior is informed that his beginning weapon is much older than expected and is only worth half of it's selling price. If your Warrior ever decides to sell his weapon, he will receive only one half of it's selling price in the Roleplay Book.


Your Warrior decides to visit a travelling circus which arrived here just the other day. If he has a ticket already, he may enter and roll 1D6. Otherwise it costs 1D6 x 5 gold for admission.

1 Due to someone leaving the lion's cage open, it escapes and comes after your Warrior. It deals 1d6+5 Wounds, with modifiers.

2 While performing a new juggling event, four Squigglies and a flaming torch, your Warrior's friend Falzon Curtblade accidentally sets fire to the Squigglies. Due to their sickening odour, the circus is immediately evacuated, but not before your Warrior loses 2 Wounds due to the revolting odour caused by burning Squigglies.

3 Your Warrior lets out an almighty sneeze in the middle of the tightrope walker's act. With an "AAAARRRRGGGGHHHH!, the unfortunate man loses his balance and falls to his death. Your Warrior is immediately escorted from the Settlement.

4 As the trapeze act is about to begin, your Warrior's sharp eyes notice that the rope has almost been cut right through. He shouts out a warning to the performers. They thank him for his timely intervention and give him a ticket to the circus if it ever passes this way again.

5 The acts are terrible, especially the comedy act from Nord. Thinking that he could probably do better, your Warrior leaps to his feet and makes his way to the centre of the ring, where he proceeds to cause riotous laughter from the audience at the story of his life. At the conclusion, the ringmaster gives him 1D6 x 20 gold for his performance.

6 A loud creaking sound from behind him causes the Warrior to turn around. A few seats over, an asleep overweight woman has broken her seat and is about to fall on top of someone. Your Warrior alerts the poor chap and he moves out of the way just in time as the fat woman overbalances and crashes down the seats, causing much destruction. The man whom your Warrior saved is very thankful, and offers 1D6 x 50 gold as a reward for saving his life.


A merchant runs out of a nearby shop, accusing your Warrior of underpaying him by 1D6 x 10 gold on a recent purchase. Although your Warrior does not have a clue as to what is going on, he agrees to pay the man just to get rid of him.


Due to a wart on his nose, your Warrior is accused of being a witch and is chased through the streets by an angry mob. Roll 1D6:

1-2 Your Warrior succeeds in escaping by clambering over the fence surrounding the Settlement where he must wait for the other Warriors.

2-4 Your Warrior manages to lose the insane crowd by leading them on a chase through the intertwining backstreets of the Settlement.

4-6 Your Warrior turns angrily to the mob and demands an explanation for their behaviour. Sheepishly they back away and give him 50 gold as compensation before returning to their houses.



The Inn which your Warrior is staying in has caught fire. Attempting to be a good citizen, your Warrior races through the building, knocking on peoples doors and trying to evacuate the building. Roll 1D6 to determine what he actually does:

1 It appears to have been a false alarm. When your Warrior returns to his room, he is angry to find that half of his gold has been stolen.

2 Thinking of old Mrs Pebbles downstairs, your Warrior leaps down the stairs three at a time. Unfortunately that happens to be more than he can handle and with a trip, your Warrior tumbles head over heels down the rickety stairs until he lands in an unconscious pile at the bottom. When he awakes, he realises that someone else has saved his life, and not a moment too soon either. Your unlucky Warrior has lost 4 Wounds due to smoke inhalation.

3 Your Warrior runs to the room opposite his and tries to wake a sleeping man. Unhappy at being woken, the man punches your Warrior full in the face, causing him to lose 2 Wounds, no modifiers.

4 Burning timbers falling around him, your Warrior ushers the inn patrons out into the street - just in time too, as the whole place collapses in a cloud of smoke and burning wood. Your Warrior is congratulated for his good timing and in a ceremony given by the council is given a good citizen award.

5 A burning beam has fallen in front of a door just around the corner from your Warrior's room, trapping the occupant inside. Acquiring the assistance of two other strong men. your Warrior helps move the beam enough for the trapped man to escape. Showering your Warrior with thanks, the rescued man gives him a reward of 1D6 x 30 gold.

6 While making sure all the rooms are evacuated, your Warrior notices a very interesting item in one of the rooms. Thinking that it won't hurt to borrow it for a while, your Warrior stows it in his pack and races outside. Take 1 Treasure Card.


Due to a very heroic incident, your Warrior has been bestowed a title. That title is (roll 1D6):

1 Champion

2 Saviour

3 Rescuer

4 Hero

5 Defender

6 Lord

of (roll 1D6):

1 the King's daughter

2 the Realm

3 the Empire

4 the nearby caves

5 those in need

6 Good


Thinking that it is about time he got his sword sharpened, your Warrior heads off to the local Weaponsmith and enquires about the price of sharpening a sword. The Weaponsmith happily informs him that the price is 50 gold. If your Warrior wishes to spend the money, his sword will be sharpened, and for the next adventure will do an extra +1 damage. If your Warrior does not have a sword then obviously this event is meaningless.


Your Warrior decides to take cooking lessons from Mother Harbord, the Dwarven cook who works in the Tavern. For 1D6 days, your Warrior toils at baking cakes, and other goodies, but at the end, it seems that your Warrior has a skill for making Stonebread. Once every adventure, your Warrior may attempt to bake some bread. If he decides to do so, roll 1D6. If a 1 is rolled, your Warrior has been unable to find the necessary ingredients. Otherwise, making bread takes 1 complete turn, and produces 1D3 loaves.


Feeling stressed from his recent adventure, your Warrior takes a walk through the nearby forest. It's tranquil atmosphere brings peace to your Warrior, who regains any lost Wounds.


Your Warrior is mistaken for Grendel, the famous Pit Fighter (who knows why) and spends the rest of the day signing autographs on various artefacts.


Your Warrior decides to seek employment. He may work as long as he wants, but must still pay living expenses, and roll on the Settlement Event Table. Roll 1D6 on the following job table:

1 Your Warrior finds gainful employment in the local abattoirs. Here, he slaughters beasts and prepares them for sale at the Settlement's butchers. For every day in employment. your Warrior earns 1D6 x 5 gold (roll only once to determine the amount your Warrior is paid each day), but must lose 1 Wound due to the terrible smell of rotting carcasses.

2 Pete, the local Weaponsmith employs your Warrior to help him forge weapons. Unfortunately, although your Warrior tries his best, their is just no demand for crooked swords these days. Pete gives your Warrior 1D6 x 10 gold for his willing, but useless help. Your Warrior may only work here for 1 day.

3 Your Warrior offers to help a wizened old crone tend to her garden. After much hard work, and weed pulling, your Warrior shows the old lady his effort. Pleased, she takes your Warrior's hand and places 1D6 gold coins into it, thanking him for a job well done. Disappointed at the low pay, your Warrior thinks he might look for other needy old crones and help them, and in doing so earn slightly more money.

4 Your Warrior helps out at the bakery, kneading and rolling bread, and baking it in the large oven. After the day has finished, your Warrior looks at his work proudly, but his most challenging task was baking the pastries. Your Warrior gains 1D6 x 10 gold for today's work.

5 Your Warrior helps a family of Gnomes move house. They explain that they are trying to escape this noisy Settlement as it ruins their concentration while building garden ornaments. Your Warrior spends 1D3 days carrying all their luggage to the next village, but earns 1D6 x 100 gold for his help.

6 A wizard has employed your Warrior as a test subject while he performs many new spells. After spending the day as a chicken, toad, turkey, and various other animals, your bemused Warrior leaves the wizard's tower confused, but 1 Treasure Card richer. As the wizard finally perfected his spells, he does not require your assistance again tomorrow.


A loud explosion not far off alerts your Warrior. Running to see what happened, your Warrior sees the Gunsmith's barn in flames, and notices two suspicious characters running from the scene. Thinking quickly, your Warrior leaps in front of the two criminals and apprehends them, just as the Settlement's guards arrive. Thanking your Warrior, they give you a reward of 1D6 x 50 while your Warrior proclaim that he was only doing his duty as a citizen.


The Weaponsmith is having his annual sale. For this day only, your Warrior may buy any item from the Weaponsmith's at half price. All the items are identified however, and the Weaponsmith will not buy them back from your Warrior however if he wishes to sell them at a later time.


While walking across the bridge over the river, your Warrior loses his footing and tumbles head first into the river. How embarrassing!



Your Warrior wakes in the middle of the night from his nightmares, perspiration running down his face. During his stay here, it looks as if the Warrior has been afflicted with some sort of disease. This disease will not harm him during the day, but at night... Unless your Warrior spends 1D6 x 100 gold at a Settlement to cure the disease, each night for the rest of his life roll 1D6 on the following table:

1-2 His dreams bring him great distress - he dreams he is in a fight with a Minotaur, and losing. When he awakes in the morning he finds that his Wounds have been reduced by 2.

3-6 Although tossing and turning throughout the night, your Warrior wakes to no ill effect.


Your Warrior gets in a fight with some rowdy adventurers at the Alehouse who insist that a name like <Warrior's name> must belong to a weak willed Squig dropping. Roll 1D6:

1 The adventurers easily overpower your Warrior and make off with half his gold.

2-5 Just as the fight is going your Warrior's way, the Barkeep breaks it up and insists that you all leave immediately.

6 Your Warrior easily teaches the adventures a lesson and demands half of their gold (which comes to 1d6 x 100) as compensation.


While walking down the street your Warrior is suddenly showered by all manner of refuse. Looking upwards, your Warrior sees an old woman shaking her fist at him, complaining about the young people of these times.


Your Warrior trips over a loose stone on the footpath. After picking himself up, he realises that the stone can be moved. Heaving it out of its position, he sees a cavity underneath, and judging by the shine, some treasure hidden inside. Your Warrior reaches in and pulls out (roll 1D6):

1 ...The stone slams down hard on your Warrior's hand, almost snapping it in two. For the next adventure, your Warrior's to Hit rolls will be at -1.

2 1D6 x 5 gold.

3 1D6 x 10 gold

4 1D6 x100 gold

5 1 Treasure Card

6 1 Objective Room Treasure Card


Your Warrior finds a little boy wandering the streets trying to find his mother. If your Warrior helps the boy, his mother will reward him with 1D6 x 5 gold.


Your very fortunate Warrior finds an old amulet in the bottom of his pockets. What it was doing there is anyone's guess. While holding this amulet in one hand, your Warrior has the following bonuses and penalties.

Strength +1

Toughness +1

Damage Dice +1

Initiative -2

to Hit -1


The sky suddenly darkens, and your Warrior looks up. A huge dragon flies overhead, blocking the sunlight. Roll 1D6:

1 The dragon picks this Settlement as his target, and flies closer. His mouth opens, and breathes fire over everything and everyone. Your Warrior is burned. Roll 1D6 to determine the extent of the damage with no modifiers for Toughness and Armour:

1 2D6 Wounds

2-5 1D6 Wounds

6 1D3 Wounds

2 The dragon flies lower and breathes fire over the Settlement. Roll 1D6 and add your Warrior's Initiative. If the result is greater than 7 then your Warrior ducks out of the way and escapes unharmed. Otherwise the fire inflicts 1D6 Wounds with no modifiers for Toughness and Armour.

3-4 Fortunately your Warrior has the Intelligence to duck out of the way, just in time as the dragon lets loose a stream of fire. Roll 1D6 and add your Warrior's Initiative. If the result is greater than 7 then the flame misses your Warrior and he escapes unharmed. Otherwise the fire inflicts 1D3 Wounds with no modifiers for Toughness and Armour.

5-6 The dragon flies past the Settlement, into the mountains. The Settlement has escaped unharmed.


The clouds are dark and black today. It looks like a storm approaching. Roll 1D6:

1-2 In a few hours, the storm has hit. Rain pelts down upon the Settlement and lightning flashes, lighting up the sky. Peals of thunder roll across the heavens. When your Warrior wakes in the morning, the storm has left the Settlement devastated. If your Warrior has plans of leaving the city today, he must wait another two days as he helps rebuild the city. During this time he may not visit any locations, special or otherwise, but must still roll on this table and pay living expenses.

3-4 The storm hits sooner than expected. The rain pours down, and in no time at all has flooded the city streets. As your Warrior tries to make it back to the inn, dogs and cats float past him. When he finally makes it, your Warrior finds that he has caught a cold. He must spend the next 1D3 days in bed, and therefore need not roll on this table for events, though he still must pay his living expenses.

5-6 The clouds float overhead, and just a trickle falls out of them. They move onwards.


Ouch! Your Warrior is bitten by a strange spider. The results of the spiders bite is quite different from anything ever experienced before. The next time your Warrior meets a member of the opposite sex of any race, he will fall madly in love with them. If this happens in a Settlement, then he will not be able to visit any more locations this stay, and if he stays here he must still roll on this table and pay living expenses. If this happens during combat, your Warrior must miss 1D3 complete Warrior's Phases until his comrades bring him back to his senses.


A visiting trainer is in town. He offers your Warrior training. The training will cost ((1D3 x 100) x your Warrior's Battle Level) and will take 1D6 days. When finished, your Warrior has gained an extra skill. Roll on the appropriate skill table for your Warrior. If your Warrior has other abilities than skills (eg, Blessings, Spells) then he gains another ability instead.



Your Warrior harbours a deep dark secret. Take a Dark Secret card immediately. See White Dwarf 190 for rules for the Dark Secret cards. It must be used in the next adventure as well as any others you may receive.


It is a very windy day. Suddenly something flies into your Warrior's face. Starting, your Warrior grabs hold of it and finds that it an old parchment. Judging by the symbols on it, it looks like a treasure map. Take the treasure map equipment card if it is not in play already, otherwise make a note of it on your adventure record sheet. See White Dwarf 189 for rules on treasure maps.


With a fanfare of trumpets, a handful of armed guards start to clear the streets of peasants. You look up and see the King sitting in his sedan chair being carried down the centre of the street. You push forward through the crowd in the hope of getting a better look. Roll 1D6:

1 Carelessly, you push over one of the guards. He arrests you in the name of the law and takes you to jail. Each of your fellow Warriors may pay 1D6 x 10 gold to bail him out. If they cannot (or will not) your Warrior must spend the next 1D6 days in jail. He does not have to pay living expenses or roll on this table.

2 In your rush to reach the front of the crowd, you barge into a respected nobleman. Grabbing you by the scruff of your neck, he demands payment for his embarrassment. Your Warrior must pay him 1D6 x 20 gold.

3 The crowd is plenty. Unfortunately your Warrior is unable to get a glimpse of the King.

4 The crowd is sparse. Fortunately your Warrior makes it to the front of the crowd and is able to see His Majesty.

5 The King (with his almighty generosity) is throwing out gold into the crowd. Your Warrior leaps into the air and catches 1D6 x 10 gold.

6 Out of the corner of his eye your Warrior spots a shifty looking character struggling to get through the crowd. In his hands he holds a pistol crossbow. Everyone else in their eagerness to see the King has not noticed this character. Your Warrior starts to move after him and jumps him just in time as he fires. Roll 1D6:

1 The crossbow bolt flies straight and true, piercing the King's heart. He dies instantly. Your Warrior was unable to save his hero. Subtract 1 from his Luck score for the next adventure.

2-6 Your Warrior has saved the King! As the guards escort the would be assassin away, the King approaches your Warrior and thanks him for his service to the Empire. He offers your Warrior a reward of 1 Objective Room Treasure Card, or 1D6 x 200 gold.


A twirling mass of gaseous vapours envelopes your Warrior. Roll 1D6:

1-2 Roll once on the Hazard Table.

3-4 Roll once on the Dungeon Event Table

5-6 Roll again on the Settlement Event Table.


Your Warrior is enveloped by a greenish purplish swirling mist. Coughing and spluttering, your Warrior tries to clear his way through. When finally he succeeds in dispersing the gas he does not recognise his surroundings. Your Warrior has been teleported to (Roll 1D6):

1-2 A Village

3-4 A Town

5-6 A City


In the local Alehouse, your Warrior overhears two Dwarfs talking about great treasure to be found in a nearby dungeon. At the end of the next dungeon, roll 1D6:

1 It was not this dungeon that they were talking about!

2-6 Your Warrior finds a treasure hoard. Take 1 Objective Room Treasure, on top of the one received from killing all Objective Room Monsters.


During the night, it seems that Vampires have attacked the Settlement in broad streets. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior staying here:

1 He has been the target of a Vampiric attack. At the beginning of each of his turns, roll 1D6. If a 1 is rolled, the Warrior attacks one of his comrades (chosen at random) who also becomes a vampire, and must roll each turn as well. While a Vampire, your Warrior must travel at night, either with or without his friends. To simulate this journey, after rolling for an event, if a dice roll is required subtract 3 from the result. In combat, your Warrior has an extra bite attack each turn, subtracting 1 from his To Hit roll. The attack does 1 Wound damage with no modifiers at all, but also turns the monster into a vampire, with an extra attack. If your Warrior kills a vampiric monster he gains an extra 20 gold. The curse on your Warrior can be cured by visiting a City Temple and donating 2D6 x 100 gold.

2 One of your Warrior's friends staying in the city have been bitten. Choose one at random. The result for number 1 now applies to them.

3 Fortunately, it seems, your Warrior was not amongst those bitten. He is safe...for now. If a roll is ever required on this table again, subtract one from the result.

4-6 Your Warrior, and his friends were fortunately not amongst those bitten. They help to bury the dead, and to slay the remaining vampires.


Your Warrior wakes with a heavy head. Obviously those New Year's Eve celebrations last night were successful, although your Warrior can't remember any of them. What he can remember however, is that he had 1D6 x 40 gold more than he does now.


The Settlement suddenly begins to shake, and suddenly vanishes before your Warrior's eyes. The Settlement was only a mirage. All purchases made by any Warriors staying here are only illusions. Fortunately, as no people in the Settlement were substantial, the Warriors find any Gold they may have spent lying on the ground. If any Warrior has been trained, the training still applies, but somehow, the money spent on training cannot be found. All Warriors staying here may journey to the next Settlement, or start their adventure straight away.


The Settlement has a policy that no (roll 1d6):

1 Humans

2 Dwarfs

3 Elves

4 Non-Humans

5 Men of God

6 one

may stay or enter the Settlement while this policy is in place.



The Settlement's Wizard has been robbed!. Skaven stole the local Wizard's supply of Magical Ingredients who was using them to cure a case of Vampiric Tendency (amongst other things). The Warriors may if they wish try to retrieve them. If they do, make a 1D6 dungeon card deck and play a dungeon, else treat this as an Uneventful Day. The first room that they come to has 2D6 Skaven Warriors. If the Warrior's successfully kill them, then they take the Ingredients back to the Wizard. He rewards your Warrior's with 1D3 Treasure cards.


While you Warrior is walking down the street, you get attacked by a 'Nobleman' which you talked to earlier. Fight a battle with an Assassin (No Treasure, GOLD 50) (M-5, WS-4, BS-3+, S-3, T-3, W-3, I-9, A-1, DAM-1) with a bag of throwing stars, which he may use if he is not pinned and a knife. The Assassin has Ambush, Magic A.


Your Warrior seems to have wandered into the Graveyard by mistake. Roll 1D6:

1 Your Warrior is attacked by 1d2 skeletons (with swords). Fight a battle as normal.

2 Your Warrior falls down a freshly dug grave. Unfortunately, whoever dug it is still here. Have a fight with one Ghoul.

3 Your Warrior, in his haste to find the exit, drops 1D6 x 20 gold.

4 Your Warrior manages to find his way out of the Graveyard in one piece

5 "Boo!" Your Warrior falls over in fright, cursing his fellow Warrior who has since run away. Standing up, your Warrior realises that he has landed in a small pile of 1D6 x 20 gold

6 Your Warrior decides to dig up the grave of the Nobleman's daughter (There seems to be a lot of them about). On her body he finds 1 item of treasure. Take 1 Treasure Card.


The Settlement is under renovation. For the remainder of their stay here, all visitors to any location, special or otherwise are required to pay a tax of 1D6 gold to help with the renovations.


Your Warrior has just been informed by a messenger of his (roll 1d6):

1 Father's

2 Mother's

3 Grandfather's

4 Grandmother's

5 Uncle's

6 Barber's

death. If this person is already dead roll again. If everyone is dead, treat this as an uneventful day. While in mourning, he may no longer visit any location for 1 Week, although he still must pay living expenses per day as usual.


Noticing a crowd gathering, your Warrior decides to investigate. For a piddly fee of 1D6 x 200, your Warrior can look upon the face of a true god who has visited the Old World in human form. Roll 1D6:

1 Your Warrior hands over his gold and takes a look into the enclosed tent. It seems the 'god' has gone for an ale break.

2 The 'god' is not in the tent. Apologising, the collector hands your Warrior his money back.

3 She's very pretty. Inspired, your Warrior gains an extra attack which he may use at any time during the next adventure.

4 She smiles politely at you, sending shivers up your Warrior's spine. For the next adventure, your Warrior gains an extra attack each combat, which he may use when he wishes.

5 The God is a mighty warlord from the unearthly plains. He mentally instructs your Warrior in the ways of the sword. Your Warrior may roll on the Imperial Noble's Sword Skill table twice, and pick one of those skills. When he leaves, he notices a shining sabre attached to his belt.

6 It's Sigmar himself, and he seems to be taking a very special interest in your Warrior. Roll 1D3. These points can be added to any attributes permanently, but not more than 1 per attribute.


Walking past a seemingly abandoned building, your Warrior is thrown off his feet by a tremendous explosion from within. After losing 4D6 Wounds, a strange little man runs from the building, apologising frantically. His experiment went wrong, apparently. After checking to see if your Warrior is not dead, he hands your Warrior 1D6 x 100 gold in compensation, he runs inside again.


Hearing a strange wheezing groaning sound, your Warrior turns around to see a strange blue box is suddenly standing when there was nothing beforehand. A small man with a cream coloured jacket, an umbrella, and a cream coloured fedora runs from the box into the crowd. Shrugging, your Warrior continues on his journey.


Your Warrior suddenly realises that he has lost one of his items of his equipment. Randomly choose an item, including items written down on his Adventure Record Sheet. At the beginning of each turn for the remainder of his stay in this Settlement, roll 1D6. On a roll of 5-6 your Warrior manages to find his equipment, otherwise he will have to make do without it.


Down a side street, your Warrior finds a piece of equipment. If any other Warrior has lost theirs in this Settlement from Event 75 then this belongs to them. Otherwise take 1 Treasure Card.



On the other side of the Settlement's walls, your Warrior spies an enormous lizard, approximately 6 feet high. With a gasp, your Warrior realises that this is the famous Zomoda Lizard, sought after by many a collector. If your Warrior decides to pursue, and hopefully capture the lizard roll 1D6:

1 The guards catch your Warrior scaling the walls (why he didn't walk through the gates is anyone's guess). They march him straight off to jail. Each of your fellow Warriors may pay 1D6 x 10 gold to bail him out. If they cannot (or will not) your Warrior must spend the next 1D6 days in jail. He does not have to pay living expenses or roll on this table.

2 Your Warrior manages to throw his arms around the lizard's neck and after a fierce struggle comes away with 1D6 +4 Wounds, but the lizard has sped away into the distance.

3 By the time your Warrior manages to reach the Settlement's Gates, the lizard is nowhere to be seen. He tells the Watch to be on the lookout for a giant green lizard. Their response : a fine of 50 Gold for creating falsehoods.

4 By the time your Warrior manages to reach the Settlement's Gates, the lizard is nowhere to be seen.

5 The lizard willingly follows your Warrior back through the gates of the Settlement, but gradually takes the lead. It leads your Warrior to a small oak door in the side of a building. After knocking, your Warrior enters. A Dwarf looks up at you exclaiming "My Wanda, you've found my Wanda", obviously talking about his lizard. He gives your Warrior a reward of 1D6 x 50 Gold for finding her, before leading her away to the stables.

6 Your Warrior manages to ensare the lizard with a craftily devised trap. The only trouble is that he won't fit through the gates. Leaving the lizard out of the Settlement, your Warrior visits the local Wizard's Guild and enquires about the cost of a Levitation Spell. After handing over 50 Gold, you Warrior returns to the Settlement's Gates. Using the spell, your Warrior manages to send the lizard over the walls of the Settlement and down the other side. Dragging it along the streets, your Warrior searches for the Rare Animal Handler. Roll the appropriate dice for finding a Special Location. The roll must be equal to 10 or over. If your Warrior manages to find the Animal Handler he is rewarded with a hefty reward of 4D6 x 50.


Your Warrior is invited to place a wager on the outcome of a certain race between two Snotlings. If your Warrior decides to place a bet he may bet any amount of Gold up to a maximum of 1000 Gold. To simulate the race place 4 passageway sections lengthwise on the table, and place 2 Snotling miniatures at the beginning. Get 2 other players to control a Snotling each, and take it in turns to roll 1D6 for movement. The Snotling who wins is the first to reach the end of the passageways. If the Snotling your Warrior bet on wins he receives (his bet x 1D3) Gold. If his Snotling loses, he loses (his bet x 1D3) Gold. This event may only happen once per stay in a Settlement by each Warrior.


A nearby Volcano shows signs of erupting, threatening the Settlement. The Warriors may continue to stay here if they want/need to but at the start at each of their turns roll 1D6. If a 1 is rolled, the Volcano erupts, hot lava gushing through the city. Each Warrior must leave the Settlement immediately.


The ground beneath your Warrior's feet starts to shake, gradually building in intensity. Your Warrior is thrown to the ground. Huge cracks open in the ground, and buildings start to topple. Roll 2D6 for each Treasure Card item of equipment on the Warrior's person. On a roll of a double 1, the item is lost, as it tumbles down the small chasm.


A well built shortish man with a beard approaches your Warrior and introduces himself. "I am Godbold, Man of God" he proclaims. "I have just had a vision of your future, and thought it best to warn you." Thanking him, your Warrior heads off. Your Warrior now has 1 extra point of Luck which may be used at any time. Unlike normal luck, when this Luck point is used up, it will not be recovered.


A deep booming sound from the Settlement bell tower alerts your Warrior to the sudden desertion of the streets. Bewildered, he is the only person left on the streets when a dark magician character materialises in front of him. "I don't remember giving you permission to be out after curfew?" Roll 1D6:

1 The sorcerer blasts your Warrior for 3D6 Wounds of fire damage and chases him out of the Settlement, where he must wait for his fellow companions to join him.

2 With a flick of his wrist, the sorcerer summons a group of monsters to dispose of your Warrior. Roll once on the Dungeon-Level 1 level higher than your Warrior's Battle-Level. (Then divide the amount by four - The other Warriors don't get to fight this battle.) Once the monsters are dead, the Sorcerer vanishes. Take a Treasure Card for the battle as usual.

3 With a flurry of movement, the dark wizard teleports your Warrior away from the Settlement by 1D6 days. He must return to the same Settlement before the other Warriors are allowed their turns. Treat his journey as if it were from a dungeon to a Settlement as normal.

4 The magician seems hell bent on casting a malicious spell at your Warrior, but cursing, he teleports himself away instead.

5 Seeing how powerful and almighty your Warrior is, the apprentice gulps and runs away, dropping a pouch of 1D6 x 50 gold.

6 The trickster pulls a rabbit out of his hat with pride. "Do us a favour, will ya, guv?" He hands your Warrior a book. "Take this spell book to me master. He will reward you gents 'andsomly." Grasping the spell book, your Warrior realises it contains 1D3 new spells for the Wizard or Elf Ranger (you choose) which, when given to the appropriate character, can be taken randomly from the cards, or rolled from the tables.


Your Warrior follows a small white fox to an old abandoned building. Once inside, with a sound of flowing tapestries, the fox turns into a beautiful woman. Your Warrior immediately falls head over heels in love with her, and takes her into his arms. Suddenly your Warrior experiences an almighty whack on the head, and slumps to the ground unconscious. When he awakens, 1D3 days have passed and he has taken 1D6 Wounds damage.


Your Warrior takes part in the annual "Spelling Bee" of the community. This is a day where many people gather in the Settlement's Hall and try to spell various words. Prizes are awarded to those who spell words correctly. Roll 1D6 to determine what word your Warrior is required to spell:

1 Cat

2 Spell

3 Sword

4 Teleport

5 Settlement

6 Tzeentch

Now roll another 1D6 to determine how your Warrior spells the chosen word. For each point of Willpower your Warrior has, he may reroll the dice once.

1 C-A-T

2 S-P-E-L-L

3 S-W-O-R-D

4 T-E-L-E-P-O-R-T

5 S-E-T-T-L-M-E-N-T

6 T-Z-E-E-N-T-C-H

If your Warrior correctly spells his word, he receives a book entitled "Languages of the Old World". This book allows the Warrior to understand any language he may encounter in his adventures. Roll 1D6 and add your Warrior's Willpower. If the result is 7 or more then your Warrior has read the book correctly and can understand the language. Otherwise, the language remains shrouded in mystery...until his next turn...


Your Warrior spends the day on the ocean sailing, after hiring a boat for 10 Gold at the local Marina. Roll 1D6:

1 The sea is rough, and a storm breaks. The little boat capsizes, and your Warrior is forced to swim to land. Lose 1D6 Wounds, with no modifiers for Toughness or armour.

2 Pirates raid your ship, killing all on board and stealing the ships cargo. Your Warrior manages to escape, but not before losing 1D6 Wounds.

3 The boat has a leak. Your Warrior spends the rest of the trip using a bucket to empty water from the ship. Needless to say, when he finally makes it back to the mainland he is not impressed.

4 Your Warrior spends a nice day fishing in the ocean. He catches 1D3 fish. Each will heal a Warrior of 1 Wound.

5 Your Warrior comes back to land after a days fishing, having caught 1D6 Puffy Fish. Each one, when eaten, will heal a Warrior of 2 Wounds.

6 Your Warrior decides to pocket some of the ships cargo. Roll 1D6:

1 The Captain of the ship catches your Warrior with the stolen goods and arrests him. He is taken back to the mainland and thrown in jail. Each of your fellow Warriors may pay 1D6 x 10 gold to bail him out. If they cannot (or will not) your Warrior must spend the next 1D6 days in jail. He does not have to pay living expenses or roll on this table.

2-6 Take 1 Treasure Card.


Your Warrior, while tallyhooting around the Settlement last night must have caught a cold. Spend 1D6 days in bed recovering. Do not roll on this table while he is in bed, and do not pay living expenses as old Mrs Heggaty down the corridor is caring for your Warrior while he is sick.



The Settlement your Warrior is staying in has developed a new game. It consists of two teams pitted against each other on a field. At each end of the field, three swords are stabbed into the ground, with a dagger balanced on top. A player stands in front of the swords and tries to hit an apple thrown at him by a member of the other team. If the swords are hit, by a missed apple, and the dagger falls off, the batting team has lost. Your Warrior takes part in this new game. Roll 1D6:

1-2 Your Warrior's team loses. Unfortunately, a wager was placed, and your Warrior is required to spend 1D6 x 50 Gold.

3-4 The game is a tie. No team wins, and no team loses. Your Warrior goes home, disappointed that he could not show his skill.

5-6 Your Warrior's team wins the games. Fortunately a wager was placed, and your Warrior's share is 1D6 x 50 Gold.


Tomorrow is market day. All items (not in Special Locations) are half price. If any other Warriors visit shops tomorrow, they will also be able to purchase items at the special prices.


If your Warrior is not in a Village, then treat this as an Uneventful Day. While your Warrior is walking down the street, a Large Mercenary Raiding party charges through the gate. The Mercenaries slaughter everyone in the village and take all the treasure. Fortunately for your Warrior, he gets knocked unconscious by one mercenary, and the others thought he was dead. Your Warrior wakes up nursing 1D6+3 wounds (not modified for armour unless he is wearing a helmet.)


A plague of frogs has struck the Settlement. There are frogs everywhere your Warrior goes. For the rest of his stay here, every time any Warrior visits any location at all, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the location has been closed down, as it has been overrun by frogs. On any other roll, the location is still open for business, with the odd 2 or 7 frogs hopping around everywhere.


An apprentice Wizard in the nearby Wizard's Tower is practising spell casting. Suddenly a wave of magic passes through the Settlement. Roll 1D6:

1 Your Warrior suddenly collapses in pain. It seems the spell had adverse effects. Lose 1D6 Wounds immediately, not modified by anything.

2 Your Warrior's bandages and provisions have mysteriously been swapped around. Any provisions your Warrior had are now bandages, and vice versa.

3 The boots your Warrior is wearing suddenly sprout wings and lift your Warrior up off the ground. For the next adventure, your Warrior's Move is increased by +2, and he may not be pinned.

4 Your Warrior's weapons have been sharpened, or improved. For the next adventure, any weapon your Warrior had on him at the time of the spell causes an extra +1 damage.

5 Your Warrior's beard suddenly develops a life of its own, waving about and grasping at the air. For the next adventure, once per turn, your Warrior may make an extra beard attack. He must be standing directly in front of the target, and the to hit roll is 6+. If the beard successfully hits, 1 Wound is caused, only modified by armour. If your Warrior has no beard, then ignore this event.

6 Your Warrior feels stronger all of a sudden. Increase his Wounds to their maximum, and for the next adventure, his Strength is increased by +2.


A bunch of mean looking Dwarves are up ahead, relaying the pavement of the streets. For the remainder of the stay in this Settlement, all Warriors must subtract four from their roll when they try to find a special location, due to the detours they are constantly having to make to avoid the road works.


A bunch of royal King's guard's apprehend your Warrior, claiming he broke a law. Roll 1D6 to find out which law he supposedly broke, and the penalty incurred:

1 Murder. Your Warrior must spend the rest of his adventuring career in prison, forfeit all his treasure and equipment, or hope that his fellow Warriors will pay the fine of 2D6 x 100 gold for his release, each.

2 Manslaughter. Your Warrior must spend 3D6 days in jail or have his fellow Warriors pay a fine of 1D6 x 100 gold each.

3 Breaking and Entering. You Warrior must pay a fine of 1D6 x 200 gold pieces or face 2D6 days in jail.

4 Burglary. Your Warrior is to spend 1D6 days in jail or have his fellow Warriors pay 1D6 x 20 gold for his release.

5 Insulting a superior officer. Your Warrior is given a quick beating and left lying in the road. Lose 1D6 Wounds, not modified for anything.

6 Walking on the grass. Your Warrior is warned to stay on the pavement and keep of the grass. Do not let it happen again!


Barrelling out from a closed door, sending wood shards into the air, a run away harpsichord slams head first into your Warrior, knocking him flat. When he awakes, he has spent 1D3 days in hospital, and is minus 10 gold hospital fee.


In the deserted streets, your Warrior sees two green emeralds surrounded in a magical glow float past him. A fat merchant in a turban is sweating and puffing as he chases after them. "Where are you going? I paid for you." If your Warrior decides not to ignore the strange procession, roll 1D6:

1 Easily outrunning the fat merchant, your Warrior greedily grabs the magical fleeing gems. The gems erupt in a shower of magical power and fragments, causing your Warrior to lose 3D6 Wounds.

2 Catching up to the gems, your Warrior does not notice the mysterious looking black clad thieves as they smack him over the head with an iron club. When he awakens, your Warrior has lost 1D6 x 100 gold pieces. The merchant, thieves or the emeralds are nowhere in sight.

3 The merchant sees he has competition and runs even faster, falling flat on his face. Bungling, your Warrior, in his fit of mirth, slams head first into a tree, losing sight of the gems and 3 Wounds, not modified for anything.

4 The merchant is too limber for your Warrior, who loses sight of the gems and merchant in the darkness of the night.

5 Pushing the merchant over as he makes a grab for the gems, your Warrior snatches them and hides them in his pouch. Each gem is worth 200 gold pieces. At the beginning of every turn that the magical gems remain in his possession, when he should have sold them by now, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, 2 or 3, the magical emeralds flee the Warrior's pouch and are lost in the crowds.

6 The gems have an entrancing effect on your Warrior, and he feels himself being pulled onwards. Out of the Settlement he runs, always just out of reach of the emeralds. After what seems like hours, the gems enter a cavern system, taking your Warrior, and the fat merchant, to a treasure filled cave. The gems, now happy to be home, embed themselves in the wall. Your Warrior can take 1 treasure card and 2D6 x 100 gold. Unfortunately, he is now so far from the Settlement, he must wait for his fellow Warriors outside.


Your Warrior meets up with a person whom he knew years ago. The two used to be best of friends, but one day, an argument broke out over the distribution of treasure from a quest. He thought he killed more Monsters than your Warrior did, but your Warrior thought he had felled the greater amount of foes. In the end, your Warrior took most of the treasure for himself, and his friend vowed to have his revenge. Now it seems that time has come. Fight a battle against an opponent of equal Battle Level, and abilities as your Warrior. He is armed with a +4 sword. The winner does not kill his opponent, he is on 1 Wound. If your Warrior wins, gain (50 x your Warrior's Battle Level) Gold. If your Warrior's foe wins, he takes 1 Treasure Card from your Warrior at random and vows to return.



There are screams of alarm from a pedlar on the streets, as he points to the eastern horizon in fear. Your Warrior looks to see a sheet of strange orange mist descending over the Settlement. Before his very eyes, people everywhere begin to yell in agony as they are mutated into beings of chaos and unrecognisable masses. No one escapes the mutating mists. Each Warrior roll 1D6 to see the effect of the mist:

1 In agony, your Warrior is transformed into a strange creature of limited strength and intelligence. Roll on Dungeon Level 1 to see which creature he has been turned into for the next adventure only. Use common sense when determining what type of equipment this creature can use. The effects of the mists last until the part has finished the next adventure.

2 In agony, your Warrior is transformed into a strange creature of power. Roll on Dungeon Level 3 to see which creature he has been turned into for the next adventure only. Use common sense when determining what type of equipment this creature can use. The effects of the mists last until the part has finished the next adventure.

3 The mists turn your Warrior's sword arm into a pile of jelly. For the next adventure, his WS is 1.

4 The mists turn your Warrior's arms into thick muscled bulging limbs. For the next adventure, your Warrior has +2 Strength and +1 WS.

5 Your Warrior mutates into a huge handsome barbarian. For the next adventure, your Warrior has the following bonuses: +3 WS, +2 BS, +2 Toughness, -1 Move, and he can not cast any spells at all, or use blessings.

6 In agony, your Warrior is transformed into a strange creature of unlimited strength and intelligence. Roll on Dungeon Level 8 to see which creature he has been turned into for the next adventure only. Use common sense when determining what type of equipment this creature can use. The effects of the mists last until the party has finished the next adventure.


Settlement Events by Andrew Brockhouse.