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The Warriors discover a small cave leading into the earth. If they investigate, roll 1D6:

1 As the Warriors descend, the tunnel collapses on to them. Roll 5D6 Wounds for every Warrior. The Warriors drag themselves to safety.

2 The room is a Minotaur's lair. Set up a battlefield using a dungeon room section, and decide who the minotaur fights by drawing a dungeon counter as usual. The Warriors can not leave until the beast is destroyed.

3 2D6 Giant Rats assault the party. See 2 for how to handle this combat.

4 The tunnel empties into an alcove too small for any Warriors to fit through. They can not get into the cavern beyond.

5 The tunnel ends in a large cavern, with small piles of treasure everywhere. Each Warrior gains 1D6*10 Gold pieces.

6 On a pedestal at the end of the tunnel is a magic item. Roll once on the Magic Item List.


While journeying through the forests, goblin spider riders ambush the party by their hundreds. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior:

1 The Warrior is attacked from behind by a rider and has 2D6*100 Gold taken from him.

2 The Warrior is attacked from behind by a rider and has 2D6*10 Gold taken from him.

3 The Warrior is knocked unconscious by many blows. His Wounds are now 0, and the Warriors must carry him to safety (Unless owning a cart), adding an extra week travel. He can be healed as normal by potions, magic, etc.

4 The Warrior manages to fend of the many blows and escapes unscathed from the ambush.

5 The Warrior takes down many goblins, and scoops up 2D6*10 Gold before fleeing to safety.

6 The Warrior dispatches with many goblin scum and earns 2D6*100 Gold in the process of escaping.


An earthquake has left this area forsaken and desecrated, providing a perfect breeding ground for monsters. The Warriors can either add 1 week of travel to avoid this place, or travel through. On travelling through, roll 1D6. A 1 or 2 means the Warriors are set upon by hungry Giants. Each Warrior takes 2D6 Wounds, and have also been chased a long way from their original direction, adding 2 weeks of travel.


As the Warriors wade through marsh waters, swamp tentacles make a grab for a Warrior's leg. (Draw a character counter). Roll 1D6. A 1 means a tentacle managed to hold the Warrior, squeezing 1D6 Wounds from him before being hacked off. The Warriors then escape from the infestation without further trouble.


The Warriors intercept a group of Caravans, who happen to be travelling to the same destination as the Warriors. Roll 1D6:

1 For some reason, the Caravan owners do not want to be seen with the Warriors. They threaten them to take a different route, or face the consequences. The Warriors must add 1 week to the journey.

2 The Caravans ignore the Warriors.

3 Smiling politely, the leader offers the party a ride. (Which they can accept if they don't have any horses, mules, or carts.) The ride takes 2 weeks off travel time.

4 The Caravans are merchant caravans, selling armour, weapons, and general goods. All items of Stock with a number higher than 6 are not available, but all available goods are 20 Gold cheaper. If any Warrior is accused of Time Wasting, see the result for 1.

5 If a Wizard is in the party, he can sense dark magic coming from a caravan. Upon sliding open the curtain, a Chaos Sorcerer sits. The Warriors have uncovered a sinister plot of dark sorcery. The Caravans make a break for it, but not before the Chaos Sorcerer is slain, and his possessions are taken. Roll on the Magic Item Table once, or take a card. If no Warriors are Wizards, treat this as 2.

6 The leader informs the Warriors that the daughter of a wealthy Baron is in the caravan. He offers each Warrior 500 Gold if they will be her bodyguards until they reach their destination. If they accept, the first event that harms a Warrior, does no damage, but kills the Baron's daughter instead. Of course, this means that no Gold is forthcoming....


The weather is surprisingly warm for this time of year. The Warriors can deduct 1 week from their travel plans, due to making good time.


A locust swarm engulfs the Warriors as they progress onwards. Roll 1D6. That many Warriors take that many Wounds. If a number is rolled that is greater than the members in the party, then the locusts do no serious damage health wise.


The party has stumbled into a orc battle camp. Thousands upon thousands of camp fires can be seen in the valley below. Roll 1D6. A 1 means a scouting party of orcs notices the Warriors, alerting the whole army. Roll another 1D6. Another 1 means the party is forced to give up all their Gold, and magic items, or be killed. Each Warrior can make up his own decision. What ever happens, the orcs soon forget about the Warriors as a call to battle goes up.


Lying by the side of the road is a wounded Dwarf prospector. He gingerly hands the Warriors a large key, which he groans is the key to the Portcullis. If the Warriors already have the key, then he gets up, says, "Oh, sorry about that.", and wanders off into the woods, healthy as can be. One doesn't wonder if there is a whole tribe of dying dwarf prospectors out there.......



The Warriors encounter a patch of strange herbs. The Elf recognises them as special healing herbs, and manages to collect 1D6 flowers before an irate farmer chases everyone away complaining about trespassing or something. Each herb heals 3 Wounds. If no Warrior is an Elf, then the herbs mean nothing to them, and they leave them alone.


The Wizard senses chaos magic just as a sheet of black lightning covers the sky. Roll 1D6:

1 All the Warriors are turned into chickens for a short period of time. When they transform back, one magic treasure has been stolen by a farmer, wondering why his chickens had it. Determine this randomly.

2 One Warrior (Random) is plucked from the ground and flown miles away amongst the black lightning. The lightning finally drops him, and he is 1D6 weeks away from his chosen destination, alone. This means he may be closer, or farther away from it. When rolling for hazards, roll separately for the Warrior alone. He has also lost 1D6*10 Gold from his pockets.

3 The lightning deposits a large fireball amongst the Warriors, frying them all for 3D6 Wounds. Toughness and Armour can be taken into account.

4 As the lightning passes, a random Warrior realises his weapon is glowing. The next successful hit causes double damage. (Double damage before adding strength and other bonuses.) The power of the weapon then fades.

5 A large patch of the ground has been turned to Gold. If the Wizard casts Ogre Strength on someone, or the Dwarf has a set of lock picks, the ground can be broken, and each Warrior gets 3D6*10 worth of Gold fragments.

6 The Wizard feels a surge of power inside his mind. For the next 1D6 spells he casts, he does not need to spend any power at all, though he must still roll in the Power Phase. This does mean that he could cast 6 Casting Level 12 spells in a single turn without the slightest bit of strain.


The Warriors arrive at an uncharted village. They may enter now and finish their journey. Or continue through the village, adding 1 week to the travel time.


Somehow, the Warriors have become lost. They find themselves back at the dungeon entrance they came from. The Warriors must choose a destination again, and reroll for hazard rolls as usual.


Shifty eyed traders approach the Warriors, saying that they have a weapon of great power for sale, in this box. A Warrior may buy the box and its contents for 500 Gold, and roll on the table below:

1 The box contains a dead rat which stinks so badly, it causes him to lose 1 Wound due to suffocation.

2 The box is empty.

3-6 The box contains, as the traders said, a great weapon. Roll on the Magic Weapons and Armour Table, but keep rolling until a weapon is found. Reroll any armour rolls. Then roll a number of D6 equal to the number you got for this roll. If a 1 is rolled, the weapon is useless, and can not be used. The traders have sold a false item. Of course, the shop owners don't know this. The Warrior can try to sell the item for its value, but roll 1D6. A 1-2 means the owner saw through the Warrior's scam and threw him out, taking the item, and 1D6*10 Gold for compensation.


The Warriors come across an empty thatched cottage. It is a perfect place for healing Wounds and resting. For every week added to the journey, the Warriors may heal 1D6 Wounds.


A large totem of Gold, obviously a statue to some chaos god, stands before the Warriors. If any warrior has a rope, or the Wizard has the Levitate spell, then the jewel eyes of the statue can be taken. Roll 1D6 + STR for the Warrior trying to get the gems. If the total is over 7, both gemstone eyes are plucked from their sockets. Each one is worth 500 Gold, and can be traded into a shop keeper for 500 Gold pieces worth of goods. (Or 1000 is both are traded) A character on a rope takes one from his roll to pluck the eyes. Only one attempt can be made, as a group of worshipers can be seen over the hill, charging frantically toward the Warriors, who leave in a hurry, with gems or no.


A thin path is discovered hidden by undergrowth in the forest. If the Warriors take it, roll 1D6:

1-3 The path takes you around in a circle, back to the dungeon entrance you started from. The Warriors must start their journey again.

4-6 The path is, gratefully, a shortcut to the Warrior's destination. The Warrior's travels are over. No more rolls on the Hazard table are necessary.


At the top of this hill, the Warriors gasp to see a mighty city below in the valley, glistening with newness. The Warriors must have an old map, as this majestic city was not on it. If the Warriors wish, they can stop here, or continue, adding 1 week to the travel time. The city is a major new development here, and thus all items are in stock, albeit 50 Gold more expensive. (Including bandages and the like)


The toxic fumes from the swamp the Warriors are currently travelling in are too much for one random Warrior. He immediately takes 1D6 Wounds, and must pay 100 Gold at the next settlement in order to be cured from the nausea.



A gathering of royal soldiers are in the area. One addresses the Warriors, saying this area is too dangerous, what with a Greater Daemon on the loose, somewhere in the forests. The Warriors can ignore the warning and continue in their direction, or about face and take the long way round, adding 2 weeks to travel time. If they continue, roll 1D6. A 1 means the soldiers were correct. A Greater Daemon of Tzeentch, a Lord of Change descends upon the Terrified Warriors. Fight a battle with it, using a dungeon room board as the battle field. Since Daemons aren't used to bright sun light. He only has 3 attacks, and his hit rolls are at -1. Should be easy pickings........ Well, the Warriors were the ones foolish enough to continue.


A random Warrior trips on a tree truck, spraining his ankle. The other Warriors must carry him, adding 1 week to travel time, or put him in a cart. Healing magic has no effect on re-knitting bones. Only the trained doctors at settlements have the skill. Pay 50 Gold once the Warriors reach the settlement. If somehow they don't get there, the Warrior is at -1 to hit, and -1 to his Attacks. If this means he has no attacks, then so be it.


The Warriors come across a small chapel in the clearing. Any Warrior who pays 20 Gold can pray to their gods. Roll 1D6:

1 The Gods are angered. Lose 1 Permanent Wound.

2-5 The Gods do not listen today.

6 The Gods are pleased. Gain 1 Permanent Wound.


The Warriors discover a triangular talisman lying on the roadside, covered in mud. If anyone wishes to take it roll 1D6:

1-2 The Warrior begins to transform before the other's very eyes. Make a roll on the Monster Chart one lower than the Battle Level that the Warrior is currently on (min Battle Level 1). The Warrior is now that monster for the duration of the next quest. He has all the statistics of that monster, including wounds. Therefore any special abilities which relate to the Warrior are ignored.

3-4 There is an inscription on the back saying 'Only with the Talisman can you enter the Valley of Fire....'

5-6 The Warrior begins to transform before the other's very eyes. Make a roll on the Monster Table one higher than the Battle Level that the Warrior is currently on (max Battle Level 10).

The Warrior is now that monster for the duration of the next quest. He has all the statistics of that monster, including wounds. Therefore any special abilities which relate to the Warrior are ignored. If a Warrior is turned into a beast of some kind, he may not visit any Special Locations, not even the Alehouse or Gambling House. But he can, if he wishes, visit any shop as normal. Except if he is a giant rat, or similar beast. Use common sense in these situations. Also, the talisman, after transforming the Warrior, disintegrates, leaving no sign of it. Only if a 3-4 is rolled, can a Warrior keep the talisman.


A huge maddened berserker charges from over the hill towards the Warriors. Roll 1D6. A roll of 1 means the berserker has frightened the Warriors, and he charges into their ranks causing havoc. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. Any other number, and the berserker is easily dispatched, earning each Warrior 20 Gold.


Hidden deep amongst the trees, is a small hut. Inside, a dark, little old lady resides. The Warriors find she is selling potions. Each potion costs 1D6*10 Gold pieces. Any Warriors who wishes can purchase a potion and roll on the following table: Note that the Warriors can buy as many potions as they can afford, and keep them for a later use if they want.

1 Feeling sickened, the Warrior groans in agony, and falls to the ground. When he awakens, he is at -1 Toughness for the next quest.

2 The potion causes motion sickness. For the next quest, the warrior is at -1 Attacks. The minimum is 1 attack, though.

3 The Warrior goes berserk, slashing all adjacent Warriors and Monsters for 1D6 Wounds each. The effect then wears off.

4 Suddenly, the Warrior feels very amorous towards the old lady, and gives her a huge kiss on the cheek. Smiling embarrassingly, the old lady giggles and runs away. No Warriors may by any more potions this visit.

5 The Warriors muscles begin to bulge. For the next adventure,( Or for the rest of this one, if currently on one) his Strength is at +1.

6 The Warrior feels extremely bold, and feels as if he could take on a whole hoard of demons. For the next adventure, his Strength, Toughness and Luck are increased by 1 point each.


The Warriors have come across an ogre feeding ground. Fortunately, no ogres are here at the moment. Warriors can search for treasure here. Roll on the table below: (Only 1 roll is required for all the Warriors)

1 Ogres return home for the evening, and smash the Warriors with mighty clubs. Each Warrior takes 3D6 Wounds before charging frantically out.

2 The Warriors hear Ogres returning home, and make a wild dash into the forests nearby. Unfortunately, this is in the opposite direction to their destination, and they must add 1 week to travel time.

3 Nothing is found in the remains of the animals the ogres have been eating.

4 A random Warrior finds a cache of 1D6*20 Gold on a corpse.

5 Each Warrior is lucky enough to collect 2D6*20 Gold for themselves.

6 A random Warrior locates an item of treasure on a dark elf corpse. Draw 1 treasure card, but do not roll on any tables.


Standing before the Warriors are two huge pillars, each engraved with a huge serpent. A mystical aura seems to emanate from them. The Serpent Pillars seem to be the remains of a long lost civilisation. The Warriors can pass through the Pillars if they like, or avoid them, in which case nothing else happens. Roll 1D6:

1 The Warriors find themselves back at the Dungeon entrance they have travelled from. They must begin the journey again.

2-5 The Warriors haven't seem to have gone anywhere. Perhaps that is all they were in the first place. Pillars.

6 The Warriors emerge from the two pillars in a huge city. The journey is over.


An elf runner greets the Warriors. He is puffed out, and warns the Warriors of an impending attack from Chaos hoards. The Warriors must take this message to their next destination. If they are involved in a battle (of any kind) before they reach the next city, the message is forgotten. Upon their arrival, roll 1D6. A roll of 1 or 2 means the Chaos creatures have destroyed the settlement, and the Warriors must go straight into their next quest. (It's probably safer inside than out in the Wilderness with vicious hoards of demons.) If no battle ensues, the Warriors take the warning to their destination. On arrival, each Warrior is granted 400 Gold pieces, for warning the city of the attack. The elf then salutes and runs into the forest, taking his message to other cities.


Further passage onwards is blocked by a raging fire that spews from the trees. If the Wizard has Freeze as a spell, he can put out enough fires to earn him a reward of 1D6*100 Gold, and the Warriors can travel through. Otherwise, they must make a detour of 3 weeks. (It's a large forest!)



As the Warriors reach the outskirts of a small settlement, they are set upon by bandits demanding Gold. While they outnumber the Warriors, they are extremely wary of their superior arms and armour. Each Warrior can pay 1D6*20 Gold to the bandits or fight them. If fighting is the option, roll 1D6 for each Warrior in the battle (Who didn't pay the bandits) and add them together. This is the total number of bandits that the Warriors manage to kill. Now roll 4D6 and add the scores. This is the amount of bandits originally standing. If this score is higher, then any remaining bandits each take 1D6*10 Gold from each Warrior in the fight and run away. If the number is lower, then obviously all bandits have been killed, and each Warrior in the battle earns 1D6*20 Gold for themselves.


In the darkness of the night, many yellow eyes watch from dark holes in the forest. Roll 1D6:

1 Giant Bats flutter out from the undergrowth and swoop towards the Warriors. Each Warrior must take 1D6 Wounds because of the fury of the Attack. If any Warrior is reduced to 0 or less, the Bats begin feeding. By the time the Warriors have scarred them away, all that remains of the Warrior is a bloodied corpse, too far gone to be resurrected or saved. That Warrior is out of the game.

2 Night Goblin Archers launch a volley of arrows towards the Warriors. Each Warrior takes 1D6 Wounds. Each Warrior now rolls 1D6. On a score of 1, the arrow that hit him was poisoned, causing the Warrior to lose 1 point of Strength for the next quest. After that, the effects wear off.

3 The eyes turn out only to be owls, searching for rodent prey.

4 The eyes are actually lights of a nearby village in the trees. The Warriors can stop their journey here at the village if they desire, or continue.

5 The Elf identifies them as Fire Berries growing on trees. Each Warrior can take 1D6 worth of them. Each berry can be thrown in battle as an additional attack. They explode on contact with the ground, causing 1D6+1 damage to all Monsters and Warriors in a 2 by 2 squared area, taking armour and toughness into account. Each berry can be used once.

6 The eyes are actually Willo-the-Wisps, taunting the Warriors to follow them into the forest. If they do, roll 1D6:

1-3 The wisps lose the Warriors in the forest, and they spend 2 weeks finding their way out again.

4-6 The wisps take them to a hidden High Elf city. The Warrior's journey is over.


The Warriors arrive at a large water hole, where strange beasts are feeding. Each Warrior can bathe in the pool and gain 2D6 Wounds. Each Warrior can only bathe once, before the animals become very territorial and scare the Warriors away.


Carefully, the Warriors peer over the top of the hill into the valley, wary of the hammering and squeaking going on. The Warriors have found a Skaven Doom Bell construction site. The Warriors can ignore the bell, and go about their journey, adding 1 week for the detour, or destroy the bell before it is completed. If they destroy the bell, each Warrior takes 3D6 Wounds due to Skaven attacks, but gains 1D6*100 Gold for their valiant deed.


The smell of incense assails the nostrils and from over the hill, a group of priestly Converters, in their tattered and blood smeared brown robes arrive. While uncommon in these parts, they are still deadly. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. A 1 means that the Warrior has been intrigued by the Priests, and goes off with them. For the rest of the journey, any Warriors that were charmed are not in the party. Whenever a Warrior firsts enters an Alehouse or Gambling House, roll 1D6 before doing anything else. An even means the Warriors that were waylaid are sitting at a table with a number of the Converters, having a good time. A battle of Wills can now take place, determining who the Warriors eventually travel with. Roll 1D6 for the Warrior who entered the room. Now roll another dice for each charmed Warrior at the table, adding the scores together. If the charmed Warriors score is higher, then they spit at their once friend and leave the building. If the Warriors score is higher, he has managed to talk the other(s) out of joining the priests, and all charmed Warriors are now back in the group. The Converters make a quick escape through the back door. Only 1 dice roll can be made per character, building, per settlement. If many of the Warriors are converted, a single Warrior may find it very hard to convince them all to come back to him. If this is the case, then no one would really notice if an extra dice was rolled on your side, now would they?

(Example: While travelling along the road, a group of Converters meet the party. Each Warrior rolls 1D6. The scores are 2, 4, 1 and 3. The Warrior who rolled the 1 happens to be the Elf, who seems to be enthralled by the Dark Priests. He ignores the Warriors pleas and joins the Converters. Heartbroken at the loss of their ally, they continue to town. The Barbarian decides to drown his sorrows at the Alehouse. He rolls 1D6, as instructed, and gets a 4, and even number. Looking up, he sees his old friend the Elf at a table drinking with his new 'friends'. The Barbarian confronts him, and pleads with him to rejoin the group. He rolls 1D6 and gets a score of 3. The Elf player rolls 1D6 also, and gets a 5. This means that the Elf has no wish to be seen with the Barbarian anymore, and leaves the Alehouse with the Converters. Disheartened, the Barbarian has lost a chance to get his friend back. He could then go to the Gambling House and see if he can have another go, if the Elf is there of course. Also, another Warrior may enter the Alehouse, and find that the Elf has returned.)


The Warriors enter what appears to be a monster graveyard. Many monsters and their skeletons litter the ground by their hundreds. Each player roll 1D6. A roll of 1 means a huge Emperor Dragon flies down to the sight to feed, scaring the Warriors off, and forcing them 2 weeks from their previous destination. If no 1 is rolled, a random Warrior locates treasure. Roll on the treasure Table as usual to discover what is found.


The Wizard stops the Warriors from going any further. He declares that this is a no Magic Zone, where so many Chaos spells have been cast, that all magical energy has been drained and can not be replaced. If the Warriors enter the area, the Wizard can not cast any spells until the beginning of the next adventure. He may not train or learn any spells, recharge his power or staff, or do any other thing requiring magic. The Warriors can enter happily if no Wizard is in the group. Otherwise, a detour of 1 week must be added.


A huge cliff prevents the Warriors from travelling further onwards. They can go to their next adventure, or add 1D6 weeks of travel to their plans.


The Warriors are stopped in their tracks by a stampede of wild animals charging towards them. A gnome, who is running also, warns of an epic dragon raid, of hundreds of dragons razing the country side. Roll 1D6. A roll of 1 means that a couple of dragons assail the Warriors, trying to burn them to cinders. Each Warrior must roll 1D6 + Initiative and get over 7, or he suffers 6D6 Wounds. A Wizard could cast Chain Lightning if he has it to prevent any damage from occurring, and thus scaring the dragons away.


A lone traveller greets the Warriors. Roll 1D6 to determine his actions:

1 His sword is suddenly in his hand, darting left and right with furious intention. Each Warrior takes 2D6 Wounds before he vanishes into the forest.

2 He spits at a random Warrior's feet, smacking him across the face for 1D6 Wounds. He then wanders off.

3 The traveller demands a toll fee of 50 Gold pieces per Warrior to pass.. Each can pay, or lose 1D6 Wounds as he attacks Warriors who don't pay.

4 He waves good bye and wanders off down the road.

5 He offers directions to the Warriors, taking 1 week off their travel times.

6 He offers to sharpen a random Warrior's weapon. For the next adventure, it does an extra Wound damage.



The Warriors discover a hidden tunnel in the hillside. They can use it to go to the next adventure instantly if they wish. Since no monsters know they are coming, the first event card that states monsters attack can be ignored, as the monsters have had no time to prepare for the Warrior's coming.


As the Warriors walk down the forest path, roll 1D6 for each Warrior. The lowest score steps in a rope circle on the ground and activates a rope trap. The Warrior is hanging upside down as tiny arrows assail the Warriors. Chaos Sprites have sprung their trap! Each Warrior rolls 2D6 for the number of arrows fired at him. Then he rolls 2D6 for the number he has dodged. If he does not dodge them all, each arrow does 1 Wound. The Warrior hanging upside down only rolls 1D6 for dodging. The Elf Warrior adds 3 to the amount he dodges.


A rough training ground has been set up here in the wilderness. But only being operated by second rate trainers, only new skills may be learnt. For every 1000 Gold pieces a Warrior pays, he can roll on the Skill chart to learn a new skill. Battle Levels can not be increased here.


A group of rough and ready Rovers gallop up to the Warriors on horses. If the Warriors have any horse, mules, carts or warhorses, the Rovers will buy them off the Warriors for double the original price. Or the Warriors can buy horses, mules, and carts off the Rovers for half price.


A travelling minstrel offers to join the Warriors. Whatever they say, he joins them anyway. Upon reaching a settlement the minstrel decides to start playing:

1 His playing is awful! The guards seize him and your Warriors and throw them in the jail for 1D6 days. The Warriors are at the settlement now, but start off in prison, which means they do not have to pay living expenses or roll on the Settlements Event Table. Of course, a Warrior could always bribe a guard to let him free. Pay 1D6*50 Gold and roll 1D6. 1-3 and the guard takes the Gold and spits in the Warrior's face laughing. 4-6 and the Warrior is released. Only one attempt at bribing can be attempted per Warrior. If 1 Warrior gets out, the others do not, unless they pay also.

2 The Minstrel is kicked out of the city with the Warriors. They can then travel to the next quest, or to the next settlement, which means rerolling for hazards all over again.

3 Only one person claps in the distance. The rest are silent. Bowing his head in shame, the minstrel wanders off. The Warriors are free to enter the city.

4 A small round of applause is forthcoming. The crowd collect together a small offering of 2D6*10 Gold too share amongst the Warriors. (The minstrel does not seem to notice that he gets nothing)

5 The guards roar with applause, showering the Warriors with Gold. Each Warrior gains 1D6*50 Gold pieces.

6 Everyone is so impressed with the minstrel that they urge him to stay for ever to be their musician. The Warriors are soon forgotten. Oh well. Fame does that to people sometimes.


A recent flood has created a creek flowing through this part of the valley. Each player may take a water bottle full of water, which will heal 1D6 Wounds when drunken. Warriors can drink here to heal 1D6 Wounds also, but must add 1 week to the travel time for each dice rolled.


A tall temple stands erect before the Warriors. If the Warriors enter, roll 1D6:

1 The temple is home to a group of monsters. Roll on the Monster Table 1 Battle Level above the highest Warrior's own Level, and fight a battle using a dungeon room section. Treasure is as usual.

2 Dark Chaos Priests are chanting sorcery here. Upon noticing the Warriors, they turn their attention towards them. Each Warrior is forced to lose either 1D6 Wounds, 1 Strength or 1 Toughness, due to the chanting power.

3 A temple wall, weak from years of disuse, collapses onto the Warriors, each one taking 3D6 Wounds.

4 The temple is empty and long forgotten.

5 The Warriors each find 1D6*20 Gold pieces.

6 The temple's altar gifts each Warrior with 1 Permanent Wound.


Sitting in the middle of the road is a wrecked wagon. A wounded man calls the Warriors over and says that a bunch of (1-Goblins, 2-Skaven, 3-Orcs, 4-Dark Elves, 5-Chaos Warriors, 6-Beastmen) attacked his wagon and destroyed every one except him. A random Warrior takes some of the pain off of the man's shoulders and says he will vow to destroy any of that monster that he comes across. For now until the end of the next adventure, that Warrior Hates that type of beast, gaining an extra attack against them, but subtracting 1 from his To Hit rolls.


Waking during the middle of the night, the Warriors find that a fire is raging throughout the camp site, incinerating much forestry. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior:

1 Due to intense heat, the Warrior's Gold is melted into one huge nugget, making its value halve.

2-5 Luckily, the Warrior is not affected by the fire, other than minor burns as he runs from the heat.

6 While collecting possessions to leave, the Warrior discovers a cache of jewels in the ground worth 100 Gold. While collecting them, the fire singes him for 2 Wounds. Armour and Toughness do not protect him.


A travelling salesman spots the Warriors before they can get away. He capers from side to side, playing a tune on his flute happily. If the Warriors wish, they can buy objects from him. These are his wares:

  • Healing Potion (50 Gold): Heals 1D6 Wounds. One use.
  • Lucky Charm (50 Gold): The Charm allows the Warrior to reroll any dice roll once per adventure.
  • Bronze Wristbands (30 Gold): A Warrior wearing these can ignore 1 Wound, then they break.
  • Chalk (20 Gold): When escaping, the Warriors need not roll on the Escaping Table, as they have marked their way out with the chalk. One use.
  • Trinkets (20 Gold): A trinket can given to people demanding Gold while the Warriors are travelling in the wilderness, instead of paying the normal price. Roll 1D6. On a 1-3, the original Gold must be paid, on a 4-6, the trinket is accepted.

Each Warrior can buy one of each and up to six trinkets. For every item purchased, roll 1D6. A 1 means the item was shoddy and useless. The Warrior has been conned and must discard it.



A tornado crashes down upon the unsuspecting Warriors as they try to find cover from the storm. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior, the lowest having been caught up by the tornado's grasp. What ever the lowest number was, use the following table to determine what happens:

1 The Warrior is thrown up in the air, and is brought crashing to the ground. He has lost 1D6*100 Gold from his pockets and has broken both his legs. The other Warriors must carry him, or place him on a cart, which adds 1 week to their journey. As soon as the Warriors arrive at their destination, the wounded Warrior must pay 100 Gold to be healed. If he does not have this much left after losing it all in the tornado, then the healer will take all good he does have, plus an item of treasure. (The Warrior chooses)

2 The Warrior is tossed around like a rag doll, but manages to keep his grip on to the log he had grasped. All that happens is he gets a few lumps and scratches, and a whopping headache, totalling 2D6 Wounds.

3-6 The Warrior manages to reach safety with the rest of his team.


Marching solemnly towards the Warriors is a procession of soldiers, with a chained criminal behind them. The Warriors can ignore the party, or try and help free the prisoner. Roll 1D6:

1-2 The soldiers drive the Warriors off, taking 1D6*10 Gold from each of them.

3-4 The Warriors manage to kill all the soldiers, but not before they slaughter the prisoner. Each Warrior does manage to find 1D6*10 Gold on the bodies of the fallen.

5-6 The Warriors defeat the soldiers, freeing the prisoner. He thanks them, and journeys with them to the next settlement, where he immediately pays each Warrior 100 Gold pieces.


The Warriors come across a small village trying to rebuild after damages done by the recent rain storm. If the Warriors stay, the villagers will pay each one 20 Gold pieces for each week they stay here. This means adding those extra weeks to the journey.


The Warriors come across a tiny hamlet in the grips of a deadly plague. If the Warriors decide to stay, they can offer their aid. For every healing potion given, and every healing spell cast, the Warriors are given 1D6*20 Gold to divide amongst themselves. After they have done all they can, roll 1D6 for each Warrior. A roll of 1-2 means they have got the plague. They are at -1 Toughness and -1 Strength for the next dungeon. The Warriors then wave goodbye, and continue their journey. If they don't stay and help the village, then they must add 4 weeks of travel time to avoid the range of the plague.


Suddenly, a spear shoots out from the trees, striking the Warrior with the lowest dice roll on a 1D6. The culprit sees he has hit his prey, and charges into the forest, laughing madly. The Warrior who was hit has been poisoned. From now on, his Toughness is at -2, until he is healed at a city for 500 Gold pieces. The poison can not be identified by anyone, and can not be healed by magic.


In the darkness of the night, a group of wandering monsters assault the Warriors. Roll for Monsters on the appropriate Table, and have a battle. Use a dungeon board as the battle site.


A large Golden statue stands before the Warriors, a monument to some Chaos god, no wonder. Roll 1D6:

1 The Statue animates, swiping its huge arms around in a circle. It causes any two random Warriors the loss of 4D6 Wounds. If more than 12 Wounds are caused, the Warriors arms have been smashed. He can no longer fight until he is healed by paying 100 to the local settlement healer.

2 From the mouth of the Statue emits a dark gas. Each Warrior is weakened and starts the next adventure with -1 to their To Hit rolls.

3 The Statue is deadly to the touch, causing a random Warrior 1D6 Wounds when he accidentally touched it.

4 The Statue is just that. A statue.

5 At the base of the Statue lies small offerings of Gold to a deity. The Gold comes to 300 Gold pieces, which is to be divided up amongst the Warriors.

6 The Statue is extremely light weight, and can be traded in to a shop for 2000 Gold pieces. A random Warrior gets this Gold if no one can decide who wants it.


A bandit dressed in bright coloured clothing leaps from the forest. He says he gives money to the needy, and takes from the rich and selfish. If each Warrior has less than 200 Gold pieces, the bandit hands over a bag full of 1D6*20 Gold pieces. If a Warrior has equal to or higher than this value, then the bandit grabs the Warrior's Gold pouch, takes 200 Gold pieces, gives him the pouch back, and runs into the forest. (After dealing with all the Warriors first, of course)


A group of slavers assault the Warriors, looking for healthy subjects to sell into slavery. Each Warrior rolls 1D6. A roll of 1 means that a dungeon counter must be drawn to see what Warrior has been subdued and captured. Once the first Warrior is slaved, the slavers move away, descending into the forest where the Warriors lose track of them.

A captured Warrior is thrown is a dungeon cell, with no equipment, Gold, or armour. Use the cell board section to represent the cell. Place a door in the opposite wall. Through the door, is a room with the Warriors equipment, which is guarded by (1-3 3 Orcs, 4-6 1 Dark Elf). Once the monsters are dead, the Warrior gets his equipment back. There is another door on the opposite wall. This leads to the Slaver's quarters. Roll 1D6 when the Warrior goes through this door.

1-2 The Slavers over power the Warrior, and throw him back in the cell. He must start the dungeon again.

3-4 In a fierce battle, the Warrior defeats the Slavers. He is severely wounded, though. His Wounds are now 3 only, until he can be healed. The Warrior then escapes the dungeon.

5-6 What a glorious victory! The Warrior takes down all Slavers with mighty blows of his weapon. He searches their bodies and finds an objective room treasure. Then he escapes to the surface.

Treat this as a normal mini dungeon. All the phases must be gone through as usual. Any 1's rolled in the Power Phase do not generate an Unexpected Event. This whole dungeon takes about 1 week to complete, unless thrown back again by the slavers.

The rest of the group has two options. They can wait for their companion in hope he will escape from the Slavers. For every week waited, roll an extra hazard. If the Warrior escapes from the dungeon, he will meet up with the other's, and they can continue their quest. The other option is this. They can continue their journey to the nearest settlement and ask for help. Pay 200 Gold pieces and roll 1D6. Any number other than a 1 means a search party is sent out for the missing Warrior. Roll 1D6 for the number of weeks the Warriors must wait in town for. This means rolling for events as usual, and catastrophic events while they wait. After this period of time, the search party returns with the Warrior. If this second option is what the Warriors do, then there is no need for the dungeon to be set up. The Warrior in jail can just wait until he is rescued. If a roll for a search party is 1, then their pleas go unheard, and they must spend another 200 Gold pieces to try again. One final note: If the Warriors decide option 1 is for them, and wait, then all they do is roll for extra hazards. This is done just before the Warrior is recaptured by the Slavers and put in jail again, or just before he escapes. This means he is not affected by the hazard. Please note that the Wizard can cast spells as normal. If he casts an Attack spell, he may add 1 to his dice roll when determining if he defeats the Slavers. If the party does not have enough Gold to pay for a search party, they must do option 1.


One of the group members awakes with a start from their deep slumber. Roll 1D6 to see why:

1 A huge Bull Centaur grins evilly down at the Warrior, bringing his axe downwards. Make a To Hit roll. If the roll hits, do damage accordingly. While the Warrior is still stunned, the Centaur makes a run for it into the trees. Don't forget, that if a Bull Centaur gets 5 or 6 on his To Hit roll, he causes 2D6 Damage Dice, instead of 1D6. It only gets 1 attack, not two.

2 The Warrior sits up to find a Snotling dragging his Gold pouch away. Roll 1D6 for the Warrior and add his Initiative, if the score is higher than 7, the snotling is crushed under the Warriors quick sword. Otherwise, the snotling is too fast, and drags the pouch to safety within the trees. Fortunately, his small sword ripped a hole in the pouch, and a quarter of the Warrior's fortune lies in a hole by the roadside.

3 A Giant Rat is rummaging through the Warrior's possessions. Roll 1D6. If the result is a 1-3, then the rat runs off with an item of equipment before the Warrior can stop it. Otherwise, the rat is killed easily.

4 A nest of spiders has made its home in the Warriors hair. Roll 1D6, and take that many Wounds, with no modifiers for Toughness or armour. The spiders are then easily disposed of.

5 There is nothing wrong. It must have been the Warrior's imagination.

6 While trying to steal the Warrior's possessions, a thief dropped his bag of goods. The bag contains 1D6*50 Gold, and 1 treasure card.



Swooping from the skies comes a band of harpies, intent of ripping the Warriors limb from limb. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. The Warrior with the highest score is ripped savagely, having 3D6 Wounds caused, taking armour and toughness into account. The next highest score is attacked for 2D6. The next is attacked for 1D6, and the lowest score is a miss. The harpies then make for the distant mountains.


A travelling magician hails the Warriors. He offers goods for sale from his magic bag. Each Warrior may take one treasure card and pay the price it is worth if they wish. Then the magician wanders off to find more business. If they do not pay, they must discard the treasure card.


A travelling circus attracts the Warrior's attention. Roll 1D6:

1 The circus turns out to be a slave trader with his slaves in disguise. The Warriors make a break for it, but not before one Warrior is brutally bashed over the head with a club for 1D6 Wounds, and has 1D6*10 Gold stolen

2 The circus is made up of amateurs and useless artisans. A very boring show! The Warriors are waylaid a week, and must add 1 to their travel plans.

3 The show is short and entertaining, well worth the 10 Gold that each hero must pay for popcorn.

4 The circus announces some very famous people who will be performing. Each Warrior gains 1D6 Wounds, thanks to a few hours well earned rest watching their favourite show biz stars.

5 The circus is actually a highly regarded noble of wealthy birth under cover with his retinue. The noble offers to take the Warriors to his destination, which is a city. If they accept, no more rolls on the Hazard table are necessary, and their journey ends here.

6 The ring master offers a position to the Warriors as clowns. If they accept, each Warrior gains 50*Weeks remaining of journey Gold, and arrive at their destination safely, with no more hazard rolls required. Time spent with the travelling circus was well worth it, especially since they were headed in the same direction as the Warriors.


A snow storm begins and lasts all week. Warriors can give up their journey and stop now at the closest village, or add 4 weeks travel to their total in order to push their way forward to their original destination. If the second option is chosen, roll 1D6. A roll of 1 means the Warriors become hopelessly lost and end up back at the entrance to the dungeon they just left, and they must start the journey again.


Over the hill, a huge and forbidding wizard's tower stand proud. Roll 1D6:

1-3 The tower belongs to an evil necromancer, who proceeds to blast the Warriors for coming within a hundred feet of the tower. Each Warrior takes 2D6 Wounds.

4-6 The tower belongs to a just and good warlock, who invites the Warriors in for a feast and a round of drinks. Each Warrior gains 2D6 Wounds.


A band of orcs and their leading shaman ambush the Warriors. Roll 1D6 for the number of orcs involved in the battle. Use a dungeon board for the battle site.


A temple devoted to Nurgle, sits like a huge wart in the country side, festering all plant life around its base. Each Warrior roll 1D6:

1 The temple radiates such evil that the Warrior is engulfed in a radius of pure disgust, emanating from the statue of Nurgle on top of the temple walls. He loses faith in his abilities for the next quest. This means that he may only attack creatures who attack him first. He may not chose an opponent. Therefore, if no one attacks him, he will not fight that turn.

2 The temple causes the Warrior to be sick. He is at -1 toughness for the next quest only.

3 The temple causes the Warrior to be weakened. He is at -1 strength for the next quest only.

4 The Warrior is disgusted with the monstrosity, but it does not effect him.

5 Searching, he finds a pouch of Gold worth 1D6*20 Gold pieces.

6 Searching, he finds a magical treasure lying amongst the diseased plant life at the base of the tower. Take a treasure card.


The night is bright and contains a full moon in the sky. Roll 1D6.

1-3 Nothing happens

4-6 A random Warrior begins to show signs of aggression. The next battle, at the beginning of his turn, roll 1D6. A 6 means that the magic of the full moon has angered him enough to attack his opponent with such vigour and malice, he gets an extra attack, +1 To Hit, and +2 to Damage. Keep rolling before every battle until the Warrior gets these bonuses. Only one roll is made per battle though.


The path ahead is treacherous and dangerous. Roll 1D6. A roll of 1 means that the party has fallen in a huge pile, losing 1D6*10 Gold pieces from their pouches, or one item of treasure. Any other roll, and the party manages to keep their footing.


A Skaven Night Runner bumps into the Warriors as he races to tell his master a message. The Warriors kill him now, and he can not tell his message. The next monster card drawn can be ignored.



Simply lying on the side of the road is a magic treasure. A lure? A trap? If the Warriors decide to take the treasure, roll 1D6:

1-3 It is indeed a trap. A group of monsters attack the Warriors, one level above their current Battle Level. Roll accordingly. Once dead, two treasure cards can be taken. One for the kill, and for the item on the road.

4-6 The item doesn't seem to belong to any one. Take a treasure card.


Waking in the middle of the night, a random Warrior cringes to find he is covered in small black leeches. Roll 2D6 for the leeches, and 2D6 for the Warrior. Subtract the lowest number from the highest number. This is the number of leeches killed, or the number of Wounds the Warrior receives. Now roll 2D6 again for the leeches. Subtract the number killed (if any). If the result is zero or less, all the leeches have been disposed of. If there are still some leeches, roll 2D6 for the Warrior. Again, subtract the lowest from the highest. Then begin the process again, until the Warrior has been drained dry, or all the leeches have been removed.


A drought strikes the land in which the Warriors walk. Unless each Warrior has a drinking source, then he loses 1D6 Wounds. Each warrior must discard their source after use.


A wave of magic passes over the Warriors, and everything in the immediate vicinity. The next time the Warriors fight a battle, they need to roll the opposite of all dice rolls.

(Example: If a Warrior needs a 4+ to hit, he now needs 3 or less to hit.)


Lucky find! A random Warrior finds a pouch of 1D6*100 Gold pieces.


A random Warrior's dreams cause him distress during the night. He awakes to find himself covered in perspiration, and with a great headache. For the reminder of his career, his nights are plagued by dreams of chaos creatures, as they feed on him. Unless he visits a doctor at a city, and pays 500 Gold pieces to be cured, he will be at -1 attacks for the rest of his life, even if this brings him to no attacks. He can cast spells freely.


Flittering out of the trees, comes a band of water dryads. In exchange for a magic item of treasure from each Warrior, the dryads will grant a boon to each of either 1 Permanent Wound, a magic item or to be healed back up to their starting quota. Whatever happens, the water dryads head back into the forest.


A volcano, thought to be extinct, releases a torrent of molten lava towards the party. Unless each Warrior can roll under there Initiative on 1D6, they must take 1D6 D6 Wound.


Shimmering in the valley below is a pool of bright blue water. If the Warriors investigate, roll 1D6:

1 The pool is poisoned, causing the Warriors to lose 1 Wound each, due to the noxious fumes.

2 In a fit of rage, the wizard character throws himself into the water, and pulls himself sorely out minus one randomly chosen spell..

3 Nothing happens.

4 The pool is clear and fresh, providing a good resting place for the Warriors. Each can gain 1D6 Wounds back immediately.

5 In a fit of rage, the wizard character throws himself into the water, and pulls himself sorely out, smiling as he has learnt another spell. (Of 1D6 level. GM, or player to his right chooses.)

6 A Golden hand rises from the lake, and presents a random Warrior with a magic item. Take a treasure card.


A Warrior slips and breaks his leg. Slowing down the journey, the Warriors must add 1 week to the total. Upon arriving at the destination, 100 Gold pieces must be paid to heal the leg, or the Warrior must miss out on the next adventure.



A band of wandering monsters attacks the party. Roll accordingly, and have a battle.


Somehow, the Warriors have made a wrong turn, and have ended up back at the dungeon entrance. They must start the journey again.


Heavy rains slow the Warriors down. They can either continue their journey, losing 1D6 Wounds each due to catching colds, or can settle at the nearest village.


While travelling along the road, a masked man in black leaps out, attempting to assassinate one of the Warriors. Select a Warrior randomly. Then roll 3D6. If a double is rolled, the total is the amount of wounds caused by his attack. If a triple of any sort is rolled, the Warrior is killed outright. A sad loss. The rest of the Warriors finish the assassin off before he escapes, and each takes a share of 1D6*50 Gold pieces, including the attacked one. (Unless killed, naturally).


The ruins of some forgotten castle lie here. If the Warriors wish, they may enter the castle to try and find loot and treasure. Roll 1D6 for the number of battles that must be fought. The battles must be fought one after the other. Once one battle is over, take a treasure card for the kill, and set up the next fight. Once all battles have been finished, roll another D6. Take this many extra treasure cards, and divide them up among the Warriors evenly.


The Warriors find 2 vials of Blade Venom hidden behind some bushes off to the side of the path. When coated on sharp weapons, the venom does an extra damage dice. Each dose lasts for one battle only, until all the monsters are dead.


A heatwave is occurring across the land. The Warriors must reach their destination in 4 turns, or they will all lose 4D6 wounds. (Toughness and Armour will not protect them!).


A roving band of monks offers to heal the Warriors for a small fee of 1 magic treasure. If a Warrior gives them a treasure, he receives all his Wounds back, plus an extra Permanent Wound. If any Warriors have any trinkets, they will take all of them in exchange for healing the whole party back to their starting quota, plus a Permanent Wound each.


A band of wandering monsters attacks the party, one level below their current level. Roll accordingly, and take a treasure card after the battle.


The Warriors come across a Phoenix Nest, containing rare eggs of the Fiery Bird. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. This is how many eggs he collects from the nest. Each egg is worth 200 Gold pieces and can be traded in at any shop for the correct amount of cash.



The Warriors are granted a visit from an apparition of Sigmar. For the next 1D6 hits, each Warrior can add an extra dice roll to his damage done. Also, as a gift for being such valiant adventurers, each Warrior is gifted with a magic item and 2D6*100 Gold pieces. Lucky Warriors!


Hazards by Michael Brockhouse.