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Icy winds slow up travel, adding 2 weeks to the journey.


The Warriors decide to do a spot of fishing. Each Warrior rolls 1D6:

1 The Warriors efforts to catch even one fish is futile. The whole crew laughs and finds his inability an inexhaustible source of amusement. Add 2 dislike points.

2 The Warrior manages to catch one sick looking stubby rock fish. The crew chuckles at his uselessness. Add 1 dislike point.

3-4 The Warrior manages a decent week of fishing.

5 The Warrior catches a large fish, which he feasts on with the crew. Subtract 1 dislike point.

6 The Warrior skilfully catches a humungous, fat, two headed fish beast! The crew is very impressed and all help him devour the beast. -2 dislike points.


One of the crew approaches a random Warrior. The burly bearded man challenges him to an arm wrestle (If he refuses add 1 dislike point). He leads The Warrior to a crud wooden table in the eating level, and they are soon surrounded by cheering Norse, all chanting the burly mans name.

They both sit down and begin. Roll 1D6 for the Norse and add his strength of 4. Then roll 1D6 and add the Warriors Strength. If there is a draw roll again.

If the Norse has the greater number he wins. The Warrior takes 1D6 damage (no modifiers) but is patted on the back by the rest of the crew for having a go.

If the Warrior has the greater number he has won. There is a short silence then everybody is shouting his name and heartily shaking his hand. Subtract 2 dislike points.

# If the Captain of the ship is Steg Olafson then it will be him who is challenging the Warrior. If the Warrior wins then Steg is impressed. Subtract 1 dislike point.


There is a sighting off the starboard bow of vultures circling something large floating in the water. Roll 1D6:

1-3 The Captain decides not to investigate and continue with the journey.

4-6 The Captain is overcome with curiosity.

# Captains Olas, and Condra will always investigate.

It is soon discovered that a ship has recently been plundered and blown apart. The vultures are swooping down and pecking on the (1D4):

1 Human

2 Orc

3 Skaven

4 Dwarf

bodies strewn on the larger fragments.

The Captain states that the ship that did this must still be in the area. Roll 1D4 next week On a 1 or 2 treat the week as normal, on a 3 or 4 go straight to Event 25.


A random Warrior wins a salt water drinking competition. He walks away 1D6x10 Gold richer, but 1D6 wounds sicker!


If there is a wizard aboard continue reading, otherwise this is an Uneventful Week. He feels a strange presence from one of the crew passing by him. He grabs the Norse by the shoulder, whirling him around to face him. Roll 1D6:

1 The Norse suddenly metamorphoses into a Skaven Warlock and attacks, cursing the Wizards discovery.

2 The Norse suddenly metamorphoses into an Orc Shaman and attacks.

3 The Norse suddenly metamorphoses into a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer, who attacks the Wizard.

4 The Norse suddenly metamorphoses into an Orc Shaman and three other Norse also change into Orcs and attack.

5 The Norse suddenly metamorphoses into a Skaven Warlock and three other Norse also change into Skaven Clanrats and attack.

6 The Norse suddenly metamorphoses into a Chaos Dwarf Sorcerer and four other Norse change into Dwarf Blunderbusses and attack.

The Monsters will always attack the Wizard. Place a normal dungeon room to signify a small portion of the deck. The Wizard begins the battle alone. All other characters roll 1D4 for how many turns it takes to reach the battle. Once they arrive randomly choose characters they attack, but the discovered Sorcerer will always attack the Wizard. If the Warriors win each person in the battle receives -2 dislike points and Treasure as normal.


At night the crew engages in a hearty sing along. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior:

1-2 Knowing that his singing isn't ground breaking the Warrior stays at the back meekly humming out a few tunes. His failure to join in is frowned upon by the Norse - add 1 dislike point.

3-5 The Warrior sings with the crew just as loud and swaps many stories of old. Subtract 1 dislike point.

6 Realising this may be his big break, the Warrior leaps on top of the nearest table, letting out a great bellow and grabbing everyone's attention. The Warrior starts up a mighty ballad of dragons and men. Everyone starts clapping and singing along, banging their tables in mutual admiration of such talent. Subtract -2 dislike points.


The boredom is getting to much for the Warriors, roll a D6 for each one:

1 The Warrior decides to while away his hours throwing a spare knife at a cabin door. Suddenly the door swings open and an unsuspecting crewman is hit by the dagger. Roll a D6. On a 6 it hit the Captain!. The knife doesn't inflict any serious injury but the crew is concerned wether it was an accident or not. If the knife hit a crew member, add +2 dislike points, if it hit the Captain, add +4 dislike points.

2-4 The Warrior decides its time for a little "R and R". He relaxes in some thick furs and dreams of home, wenches, and ale.

5 The Warrior is so bored he sorts the entire ships rations out into easy manageable groups for the crew. The Captain is impressed with his initiative. Subtract -1 dislike point.

6 The Warrior decides to use his time constructively studying the navigational maps and plotting alternate courses. He discovers a flaw in the current course, and by telling the Captain, manage to make the voyage 2 weeks shorter. The Captain is happy with the Warriors efforts. Subtract -2 dislike points.


11 BEAST #

One of the Norse crewmen calls out from the port side of the ship yelling for help. The Warriors turn to see him pulled over the side by a huge black tentacle. They run over to the side to see a massive black blobby sea anenome type beast pulling its way up the side of the boat. The Warriors have to attack the beast for they are the closest. They instantly subtract -1 dislike point, and each rolls 1D6:

1 The brave Warrior sticks his head over the side and yells a raucous battle cry, only to be replied with by a huge fountain of black sticky tar like substance. It hits the Warrior right in the face while he is yelling. He stumbles back clutching his face which is burning from the acidic substance. Take 1D10 Wounds without modifiers, and spend the rest of the week recovering.

2 The Warrior mightily heaves up the monstrous anchor, and drops it over the side. It hits the beast which is knocked off and falls into the ice water. The Warrior turns to his fellow adventurers slapping his hands and starts making wise remarks about how easily the manoeuvre was, completely oblivious to the rapidly diminishing chain which his leg is entangled with. Suddenly the Warrior, with a quick jolt, flies over the edge feet first, in mid sentence. A few minutes later the Warrior's fellow adventurers manage to heave up the anchor, finding the freezing hero clinging to the chain chilled to the bone. He flops over the side shivering. He has caught pneumonia and is at -1 Str for the next 2 battles.

3-5 The Warrior throws a nearby spear at the beast which hit it in the side, 2 more should knock it from the hull.

6 The Warrior hurls a nearby spear right into the climbing beast hitting vital organs and killing it. The Captain is impressed with his ability with the spear and reward him with an amulet of destruction which allows him to double damage for one turn.

If the beast is still around when everyone has rolled it pulls itself aboard causing heavy damage to the ship before the crew and the Warriors defeat it. The damage slows up the voyage another 1D6 weeks.

# If the Captain is Captain Silver, no roll is needed. He runs over leaps up on the side of the ship pulling out two pistols firing a shot off at each of the tentacles which are hanging on to the boat. They both hit shearing through the tentacles, causing the beast to fall to the ocean.


A random Warrior steps on a floorboard which hasn't been secured properly. He steps on one end causing the other to spring up and hit him in the face. Apart from looking like an idiot, he loses 1D6+4 dam.


One of the Norse crew has been harassing a random Warrior about his (1D6):

1 Hair

2 Clothes

3 Name

4 Eating Habits

5 Sailing Ability

6 Fighting Ability

and the Warrior has had just about enough. He sneaks into the crews sleeping quarters to the undesirable Norse and carefully rummages through his belongings. Roll 1D6:

1 The Norse awakes to find the Warrior looking through his goods. He awakens the others and they beat you up (2D6 dam unmodified) and throw him out of the sleeping quarters. +3 dislike points.

2-3 The Warrior finds 1D6*50 Gold, and is undetected.

4-5 The Warrior finds 1D6*100 Gold, and is undetected.

6 The Warrior finds treasure. Take a Treasure Card.


Unfortunately the Captain has misjudged the food required for the voyage. Unless there is a spell caster with a food or healing spell, the Warriors must fish for their food.

Every week remaining you must roll 2D6 for each Warrior (representing the damage taken from starvation), then roll another 2D6 (representing the weeks fishing). Take the second number from the first. The number left is the hit points taken from the Warrior.

# The Captains Silver, Condra, and Eric will always have enough food available. Ignore this event.


The Norse vessel comes in contact with another Norse ship coming in the opposite direction. They bring information about a whirlpool a couple of weeks travel in the way the Warriors are heading. Roll 1D6 for the Captain's decision:

1-3 The Captain decides to go on, and take the risk of encountering the whirlpool. Roll a D6, on a 1,2,3 go to event 57 next event roll. On a 4,5,6 roll on the event table as normal.

4-6 The Captain doesn't like his chances against the whirlpool and decides to skirt the area adding two weeks to the travel.

# The Captains Blog-de-Blog, and Eric will always go around the Whirl pool (The 4-6 result). Captain Vorak will always take the risk. (The 1-3 result.)


The Warrior and crew spot a large screaming dragon flying far above the boat, roll 1D6:

1 The dragon swoops at the Norse ship, screeching shrilly. It lets out a blast of fire from its huge mouth engulfing the ship. The ship takes heavy damage and slows travel down by 3 weeks. The Warriors also receive 3D6 dam each not modified for armour.

2-4 The dragon swoops and breathes fire over the ship. All Warriors receive 2D6 dam not modified for armour.

5-6 The dragon passes over without incident.


One of the Norse demands a random Warrior trade an item with him. If he refuses he receives +1 dislike points. If the Warrior trades a item, he discards it and receives a new one.


A random Warrior falls madly in love with one of the other passengers of the opposite sex. While on the ship with her, his to hit rolls are at -1, because his mind is on other things. If their is a "ship battle" roll 1D6 at the end of every turn, on a 1,2 she dies. If she dies the Warrior adds 2 to his "ship battle rolls" for he is overcome with rage. If she is still alive at the end of the voyage, they realise they must part ways. The Warrior is given a Golden locket worth 200 Gold, he will only sell it if you roll a 6 in a settlement.


Throughout the last week, the Warriors have proved themselves to the crew and the Captain of being useful and an asset to the ship. Reduce all dislike points to 0. Don't bring minus numbers up to 0.



The Captain finds poison in his food and suspects a random Warrior of attempting to take his life. They decide to use an old Norse justice system. The Warrior in question must survive being dragged armourless, behind the boat by a rope hands bound, for 1 week, nonstop. If he survives he is thought of as innocent. Roll a D6 for every day in the week:

1 As the Warrior is being pulled along he sees a large dark shadow pass below him. Within a few moments a giant fin rises from the water behind the dangling bait. The shark bites him from behind causing 2D6+2 dam. (No armour) The shark then swims off repulsed at the taste.

2-3 The Warrior is harshly smashed onto the waves again and again. The Warrior takes 1D6+2 Wounds. (No armour)

4-5 The Warrior is jostled around in the water but suffer no injury.

6 The Warrior is feeling like he could take on the world today. Summoning an inner strength the Warrior pulls himself up onto his feet and spends the day foot-skiing behind the boat, as the crew looks on bewildered!


23 FIRE!

One night one of the lanterns is knocked and smashed on some furs and a fire starts. Roll 1D6:

1 The Warriors finally get the fire under control, but each Warrior loses 1 item in the blaze.

2-4 The Warriors douse the flames after a short while, and no real damage is done.

5-6 The Warriors pounce on the flames, dousing them quickly and efficiently. The crew find your speed to react quite admirable. -2 dislike points.


The crews cooking roster comes around to the Warriors this week. They try to decline but are met with angry faces. So they decide to do their so called duties to hopefully keep the peace. Roll 1D6:

1-2 The Warriors cook up a pitiful mass of grey, sloppy slush to eat, reducing a perfect weeks worth of rations to something barely edible. The crew gets sick. Add 2 dislike points.

3-4 The Warriors copy the crude recipes around the kitchen and manage to serve up a decent meal.

5 The Warriors copy the recipes around the kitchen but they decide to add a little personal flare, making the meal actually taste good. The Warriors subtract -1 dislike point each.

6 The Warriors decide it's time to let loose with their hidden talents of fine food preparation, making a splendid meal fit for a king (or a nobleman). They have gained the crews admiration. The Warriors can subtract -3 dislike points.

25-29 SEA BATTLE #

The speck on the horizon grows larger and larger until a vessel of hostile intent is in view.

First roll for the lookout to see if he can determine the race of the oncoming craft from the flag. Roll 1D6:

1 Goblins

2 Skaven

3 Orcs

4 Undead

5 Chaos Dwarfs

6 Monsters

Roll 4D6+40 for how many Norse are aboard. Keep track of this number. Now roll 5D6+30 for how many are aboard the enemy craft. If Ogres are the crew, they gain an additional 1D6 for boarding combat and when rolling for Warrior damage.

The great ships move into cannon range. Roll 4D6+40 for each craft. Record this number. This is the damage the hull of the ships can withstand before they are destroyed.

Now roll 1D4 for each ship for how many volleys of cannon fire can be fired before a boarding action occurs.

Roll 1D6 for each cannon attack:

1 The crew manning the cannons have critically misjudged the firing angle. All the cannons have missed!

2 Some of the cannon balls impact into the side of the enemy ship, while others fall uselessly into the ocean. Take 2D6 from the hull of the enemy craft.

3 Most of the cannon fire connects with the enemy vessel. Take 3D6 from the hull of the enemy craft.

4 Most of the cannon balls crash into the upper side of the enemy war ship. The hull takes 3D6 damage and the cannonballs also take out 1D6 crew.

5 A crunching sound is heard combined with yells of pain from the crew. The hull takes 4D6 damage, and the bodies of 2D6 crew wash overboard.

6 The cannons are aimed true, puncturing holes through the ship. Explosions are seen on the deck as crewmen fly from the ship, some in more than one part. The hull takes 5D6 damage and 3D6 crew fall overboard.

Enemy ship destroyed:

If the ships hull you are firing at reaches zero the craft has taken too much damage and sinks into the ocean its crew splashing around, calling out at your craft. Record the crew number and the hull number. Go to damage restrictions, then you continue your voyage victorious.

Damage restrictions:

For every ten points of hull lost another week of travel is added for repairs. For every 20 crew lost add 1 week to travel.

Norse ship destroyed:

If the Norse crafts hull reaches zero or less the ship sinks and the Warriors are forced to abandon ship. The Warriors must halve their hits. The enemy vessel picks up the Warriors for slaves. Go to the "Captured!" section.

Boarding Combat

After the cannons have been spent and the gap is closed by the two ships calls of battle rise up from the remaining crew. The two ships crash together as bodies upon bodies leap from ship to ship. Through the haze of smoke, flame and bloodshed the brave Warriors battle for their lives and for freedom.

The Captains will not fire at each others ships when in close range believing that if they have to battle in hand to hand they might as well get some booty.

Now the ships are close enough for the crew to see the enemy Captain. Roll 1D4 on the appropriate table.


1 Goblin

2 Goblin Fanatic

3 Goblin Shaman: 1 attack spell

4 Goblin Shaman: 2 attack spells


1 Skaven Assassin

2 Skaven Grey Seer: 1 attack spell

3 Rat Golem

4 Rat Ogre


1 Savage Orc

2 Black Orc

3 Orc Big'un

4 Orc Shaman: 1 attack spell.


1 Wight

2 Tomb Guardian

3 Necromancer: 1 attack spell

4 Vampire: 2 attack spells

Chaos Dwarfs

1 Dwarf Blunderbuss

2 Dwarf Sorcerer: 1 attack spell

3 Dwarf Champion

4 Dwarf Sorcerer: 2 attack spells


1 Ogre

2 Minotaur

3 Troll (vomit 1)

4 Minotaur Champion

Now for the hand to hand battles. For each side divide the crew by ten (eg. a crew in its thirties would be divided to three.) the number you get is the number of D6's that side can roll each turn in its attack. The minumum result is 1.

Now check up on the crews Weapon Skill. For every Weapon Skill point above 3, add +1 damage dice. These are rolled at the same time to simulate simultaneous battle. This does not include the character!

Now roll for the Warriors. Roll each one separately. Roll 1D4 for every Weapon skill point the Warrior has. Wizards may roll an extra 1D4 for every attack spell in addition to their weapon skill.

# Special Captains are treated in the same manner as the Warriors.

Also roll this for the Captain of the enemy vessel.

These rolls refer to the amount of crew that are killed on the opposing ships, each turn.

Keep a tally of the kills.

After the crew attacks roll 1D6. On a 6 they have killed the Captain of the enemy ship. Repeat this after each Warrior attacks. Also use this procedure for the enemy crew. Special captains are never killed, they are just knocked overboard.

Now roll 1D6 for each ten enemy crewmen left. Add these results together for the damage caused to each Warrior. Each Warrior must roll separately.

Repeat this process for the enemy Captain.

Repeat this hand to hand phase until one or both sides are killed.

If the Warriors win:

Roll 1D6 after plundering the enemy ship:

1 1200 Gold

2 3000 Gold

3 3000 Gold + 1 Treasure Card

4 3000 Gold + 2 Treasure Cards

5 4000 Gold + 1 Objective Treasure Card

6 4000 Gold + 2 Objective Treasure Cards

If the Warriors lose:

This is only if there are fifteen or more enemy crew remaining, other wise the Warriors finish them off and are left there until another ship arrives. Go straight to "Ship pick ups". Treat this as "The Warriors win" and add another 200 Gold each for the extra corpses they raid.


The Warriors are taken prisoner and shackled to the rowing oars. All of their Gold, items, magic items and armour are taken, and they are whipped into rowing for their hated captors. From now on, when the ships arrive at a Settlement, roll on the "Slavery Escape Table", far below. Now roll 1D4 on the next table to see where they ship is heading:

1 The creatures hide-out.

2 The Lost Kingdoms

3 The Ice Realms

4 Back to the mainland.

Roll 1D6+3 for the weeks travelled. Every week a warrior is in slavery roll 2D4 for each warrior. This the whipping they receive. Remember the warriors have only their toughness to protect them. The captors want to keep their slaves alive but sometimes can't help but let them die. Whenever a Warrior is reduced to zero Wounds and nothing exists to heal him, roll 1D6. On a 1 or 2 the Warrior is left to die. He may now only be resurrected. Otherwise the Warrior is fed and is regains 7 wounds.

Slavery Escape:

When docked roll 1D4 for how many days the ship stays. Roll 1D6 for each day:

1 The Warriors fail to find an opportunity to escape.

2 The Warriors manage to rip out the shackles holding them but with all the guards around will have to flee the ship without any of their possesions. Of course the warriors may wait to find another opportunity to escape.

3 The Warriors manage to pick the locks on their shackles and have an opportunity to escape. The warriors only know where half their belongings are (determined randomly) and none of their gold. Of course, the Warriors may wait to find another opputunity to escape.

4 The Warriors manage to grab a of guard and club him to death. They then use his key to escape. The warriors know where all their belongings are but can only find half their gold.

5 The Warriors manage to break their shackles with a loose iron bar they have been hiding. They know where all of their belongings are and where all their gold is. They escape with everything.

6 The Warriors manage to break their shackles with a loose iron bar they have been hiding. They know where all of their belongings are and where all their gold is. They also manage to raid the treasure room on their way out, each warrior receives a treasure card. The warriors escape with more than they arrived with!

Ship Pickups:

The characters wait around for (1D6):

1 5 weeks. They are out of food and lose 2 permanent Wounds each. They are eventually spotted and picked up by an enemy vessel. Roll for the race and Captain and then go to the second part of "You Lose".

2 5 weeks They run out of food and each Warrior loses 2 permanent Wounds.

3 4 weeks They run out of food and each Warrior loses 1 permanent Wound.

4 3 weeks. Their food runs out and they each lose 1D6 Wounds.

5 2 weeks, and nothing much happens.

6 1 week, and in that time a random Warrior has found some extra treasure floating past. Take a Treasure Card.

If anything but a '1' is rolled a friendly captain picks up the Warriors (if they are still alive). Roll again for captains, wipe clean any dislike points and join the new crew. Then continue on the journey for the remaining weeks.



A random Warrior finds a new friend aboard the ship. Unfortunately he develops a fixation for the Warrior, following him around everywhere and pestering him until he can take it no more and persuades the crewman to leave him alone with 1D6*50 Gold or a magic item.


The Warriors have all had a good night gambling with the crew. Each receives 1D6*100 Gold. Pick a random Warrior. Roll a D6. If a 1 or 2 are rolled the crew has found out he has been cheating! The crew grab all of his winnings and also take that amount again from his personal Gold.



When the crew are perusing the stocks in the lower decks they spin around at a shuffling sound to see a Gigantic Spider. The spider attacks with 1D10 giant spiders.

# The Captains Blog-de-Blog and Olas don't keep up with cleaning the lower levels much and like to just forget about them. Their ships will have 2 Gigantic spiders in them.


The Warriors have stumbled upon a cruel game being played by the more burly Norse. They have tied and blindfolded a smaller Norse and are spinning him around and around seeing how long it will take for him to throw up. The Warriors decide to intervene. Roll 1D6:

1 The Warriors try to stop this but are forced back and pushed to the ground. They are pinned by Norse and are forced to watch. Add +2 dislike points each.

2 The Warriors fail to make any impact on the situation, but their efforts are frowned upon by the Norse. Add +1 dislike point each.

3-5 The Warriors manage to stop this evil act, dispersing the crowd. The humiliated Norse thanks the Warriors and gives them 1D6*20 Gold each.

6 A random Warrior pick up a wooden bucket and walks up behind the leader of the motley pack. He taps the big Norse on the shoulder, and when he turns around, shoves the bucket on his head. He then puts all his strength into one almighty punch, straight into the front of the bucket. The Norse staggers around and the Warrior grabs him and spins him around so fast that soon moans are heard from the bucket then HHUURRRRGGHH. Vomit flows from under the bucket as the big Norse falls to the ground. The Warriors gives a sharp look at the others, who are staring at the event in disbelief and some fear. The Warrior turns his back and walks off. Later on the small Norse catches up with the Warrior and gives him some treasure for his help. Take a Treasure Card.


The ship meets up with another Norse vessel. They are over loaded and offer the captain of the Warrior's ship 3D6 extra crewmen. Record this.


The ship comes across a huge sea Giant who is travelling in the same direction. The Giant, after a short discussion, agrees to carry the ship with him all the way to the destination. No need to roll on this chart again.


A random Warrior has contracted a strange disease from a weird fish he caught and insisted upon eating. The Warrior is sick in bed all week. -1 permanent wound.

# Captain Condra has many antidotes on his ship and gives the appropriate one to the unlucky Warrior. He can disregard the effects above.


An axe throwing competition is taking place when an axe, accidentally, is thrown toward the Captain. A random Warrior leaps toward the Captain grabbing the axe before it has a chance of hitting him. The Captain believes that the Warrior saved his life and insists that he is given a full refund for the voyage. -2 dislike points.



The Warriors are talking while they stare into the water. Suddenly they see a flash of scales and hair darting under the waves. Then the creatures surface to reveal that they are mermaids. They look at the Warriors and smile, then dive back down into the water. The Warriors can add 1 non-permanent luck each for witnessing such a magical event.


The ship stops off at a Norse seaport for three days. The Warriors are free to do what they will for this time. If the Warriors find they have been detained at the seaport, the Captain and crew make the necessary arrangements to bring them back on board at the appropriate time.

If a sea battle was fought:

At the docks, crew is recruited back up to its starting level. The Ship is repaired back to it's starting level.


The Warriors come across an old man in the lower decks. He claims he knows many things. If the Warriors wish to listen to what he has to say they must pay 1D6*100 Gold each and roll on the table each.

1-2 The Warrior is almost bored to death by endless tales of old, and learns nothing of interest.

3-4 The Warrior is taught the "duck and dodge" skill from the old man.

5-6 The old man appears to be more than he seems and teaches the Warrior a new skill. Roll on the appropriate skill table.



When the boat is passing by a overhanging icy cliff, a white shape leaps down on to the boat amongst the Warriors. The creature is a Yeti and should be treated as a Minataur . The Yeti also gets an extra bite attack doing 1D6+8 dam (don't add str). The bite is on a random Warrior adjacent to him. Treat this as a normal battle.


The Captain warns the Warriors that they are passing the island of the sirens and should put ear plugs in, or risk going crazy by their song. If the Warriors wish to hear the song anyway roll a D6 each:

1 The Warrior runs around uncontrollably at the alluring song of the sirens. Gurgling sounds come from his frothing mouth and he staggers around like a crazy man. The madness has him - his adventuring days are over.

2-4 The Warrior's head spins and he has to fight hard to control his thoughts. He loses 1D6 Wounds, + 1-2 permanent Wounds.

5-6 The Warrior feels a surge of power and life force, roll on the following chart:

1 You gain 1-2 permanent Wounds

2 You gain 1 permanent toughness

3 You gain 1 permanent strength

4 You gain 1 permanent weapon skill.


A random Warrior has fallen over the side. The boat has to turn around to pick him up. Add +1 dislike point.


The Warriors begin to think that the crew is beginning to dislike them, so they decide to tell them of their different quests. roll a D6:

1-3 The Norse start off interested but soon they get up and leave saying that the stories are all false, and the Warriors are liars. Add +2 dislike points.

4-6 The Norse are fascinated by the Warriors stories and wait on your every word. Subtract -2 dislike points.

48 SMOKE #

Smoke is seen on the horizon, and it is obvious that a ship battle is going on there.

Roll 1D6:

1-3 The Captain decides to investigate. Go to event 25-29 next week.

4-6 The Captain decides to skirt the battle adding 1 week to travel.

# Captain Silver, Condra, Vorak and Steg will always investigate in case a Norse ship needs assistance.


There has been growing unrest over the last week about the Captain's orders and it seems this week half the crew have decided to mutiny. The Warriors must decide which side to take, then roll a D6 on the appropriate table.

Mutinying against the Captain:

1-3 The battle is lost and you are put into slavery on the ship. Now roll on the slavery chart.

4-6 The battle is won! The Captain is killed (if a special Captain, then knocked overboard) with his followers now slaves. The Norse thank the Warriors for their help and give them back the fare. A new Norse Captain is made. Continue on as normal.

On Captain's side:

1-3 The battle is lost and the Warriors are put into slavery on the ship. Now roll on the slavery chart.

4-6 The battle is won and the aggressors put into slavery. The Captain rewards the Warriors with treasure. The Warriors may receive 1 Treasure Card each, + 1D6*50 Gold. Continue on as normal.



Strong winds work in the ships favour. Subtract -1 weeks from travel.


The Warriors chance upon a feeding vampire, draining the blood of a crew-mate. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior.

1-2 The Warrior is injured during the encounter for 1D6+8 damage.

3-4 The Warrior parries the vampire's attack - a stand off is reached.

5 The Warrior manages to injure the vampire - a second attack of this nature will end in the vampire's defeat.

6 The Warrior kicks off a table leg, spins it in his hand and rams it through the back of the undead assailant, piercing his black heart. The creature is defeated.

After the vampire is vanquished the Warriors take care of the bitten crewman. The treasure found on the body of the Vampire is 1D6x100 Gold + 1 Treasure Card. This is to be divided between those who killed or injured the beast. Yay!


The Warriors have discovered that there is a Norse blacksmith on board. The blacksmith offers to sharpen the Warriors bladed weapons for 60 Gold per weapon. Sharpened weapons will give + 1 damage for the next quest.


A random Warrior has been feeling ill over the past few days, but demands that he is okay and has been spending time helping the navigator. On one of these days his sickness becomes too much for him and throws up over the navigators maps and charts, rendering them soggy and useless. This causes a setback in travel of two weeks. Add +2 dislike points.



The Norse vessel has come upon a drifting wooden raft with a motionless ragged man lying face down on the bound together logs. Roll 1D6:

1 A random Warrior leaps across to the raft and turns the old man over to discover he bares signs of the plague. The Warrior covers his nose and mouth and retreats back to the vessel. Roll 1D6 for that character:

1-3 The Warrior has contracted the plague and takes 1 permanent wound every week until healed at a settlement for 1D6x150 Gold. When the Warrior is healed he receives back half of the permanent Wounds that he lost. While he is aboard the vessel he can't take part in other character sea events (use common sense).

4-6 The Warrior has been lucky this day and has escaped contracting the deadly plague. But he must spend the next week away from the crew and therefore can not take part in this weeks sea events (use common sense).

2-3 The crew find the man has died of thirst and has nothing but rags for possessions. No booty today.

4 A random Warrior leaps to the raft and pulls the old man who is barely alive into his arms. He gives the Warrior a portcullis key. Then says with his dying breath "Beware of the..." and dies.

5 The Warriors find him to be alive and he gets up at their arrival. He is overjoyed to be found by humans and not monsters. He says that he is the only survivor of a recent sea battle. He slips the Warriors 25 Gold each for their quick assistance.

6 The man is found to be alive and states he is the sole survivor of a ocean battle. He comes aboard the Norse ship and says he grabbed some treasure before he jumped overboard. He decides to give the treasure to the random Warrior who helped him onto the ship. Take 1 Treasure Card.

# Captain Blog-de-Blog will grab all treasure on a 5-6 on a D6. Captain Silver and Vorak have the cure to the plague, which neutralises all effects. The man dies though.


The vessel suddenly come in contact with a raging whirlpool. It starts to pull the boat in as the ship lurches to one side. Roll 1D6.

On 1-3 the ship is pulled into the swirling torrent of death. Roll 1D6:

1-2 The size and force of the whirl pool are to great and before long the ship is ripped to pieces. Screaming crew fill the surrounding waters, as the Warriors cling to floating debris. Halve the Warriors hit points and -another 4 from the their totals. Roll 1D6.

1-2 The whirlpool continues to rage covering the Warriors as they gulp endless water. The Warriors are dead. If the Warriors have come in contact with "Mermaids" or helped the "Dolphins" they are saved and pulled to the surface away from the whirlpool on to a floating part of the ship. Go to Ship pickups at Sea Event 25-29.

3-6 The Warriors are flung away from the whirlpool by an exploding gunpowder barrel. They swim madly and only just manage to escape the whirlpools pull. The Warriors are now stranded on a smashed part of the ship. The Warriors must now roll on the Ship pickups chart in Sea event 25-29.

3-4 The crew rows hard and manage to pull clear of the whirlpool but not before it suffers some structural damage, slowing the ship down 1D4 weeks.

5-6 The crew row like never before and their straining pays off as the mighty galley ploughs its way out of the whirlpools grasp. The ship does receive some structural damage prolonging the voyage 1-2 weeks.

On a 4-6 the men manage to heave the oars strong enough to pull the ship free. Continue.


The lookout reports to the Captain about a group of drifting icebergs up ahead. The Captain thinks for a moment then says. (Roll 1D6):

1-3 "We have not the supplies or the time to go around this obstacle, well have to go right through." Go straight to Sea Event 85, next week.

4-6 "I will not risk the lives of my crew on this obstacle, well have to go around. Add one week to the travel.

# Captains Eric and Olas will always go around the icebergs. Captains Vorak and Blog-de-Blog will go through the ice for they are impatient


The ship has come across another Norse galley which is mysteriously deserted. Upon further investigation a huge amount of treasure is found. The crew divide the treasure and give the Warriors a small cut as well. Each Warrior receives 1D2 Treasure Cards + (1D6+2)*100. The ship is left there because there isn't enough crew to man both boats properly.


61 PUNCH UP # *

Just when you think another uneventful week is about to pass, one Norse insults the Warriors about their fighting ability. One thing leads to another and a punch up starts. Roll a D4 for how many rounds the fight lasts before the Captain breaks it up. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior each turn.

1 Punches come from everywhere knocking the Warrior to the floor where he is kicked, and bashed take 1D6+5 dam. Subtract -1 to the next roll on this table.

2 The Warrior cops a chair in the back which splinters over him. He takes 1D6+4 dam.

3 The Warrior blocks incoming punches all around him, lashing out now and then with his own.

4 The Warrior fights well, keeping on his feet and punching out any on comers.

5 The Warriors fists connect with many jaws as he pushes through the brutish Norse.

6 The Warrior is certainly no stranger to the arts of hand to hand combat. He punches, throws and kicks all those who oppose him. Add +1 to next roll on this table.

Amazingly after the fight the Norse slap the Warriors on the back and thank them for a good brawl. -2 dislike points each.

# If the Captain is Steg Olafson, he always loves a good fight and will join in heartily. Each Warrior may add +1 to their rolls on the above table each turn.


The Warriors are told of Sea Serpents, their weaknesses and strengths. If the Warriors ever battle a Sea Serpent the Warriors may add +2 to their roll.

63 DRUID #

The Warriors discover a Druid is aboard as a passenger. The Druid offers to heal the party back to full hit points for no cost. He says he can give an extra permanent wound also, for a small fee of 150 Gold.

# If the Captain of the ship is Steg Olafson he is convinced the druid is an enemy agent and throws him overboard. The Warriors now cannot be healed by him for the remainder of this journey. If this event comes up again treat it as an uneventful day.


A random Warrior has been relieved from some weighty Gold by a speedy pick pocket. The Warrior has lost 1D6*20 Gold.


The Warriors are standing with the Captain when an ice falcon swoops down and lands on the Captains shoulder. Taking the paper bound to the birds leg, the Captain reads the note and looks up at the Warriors. Roll 1D6:

1 The Captain frowns and informs the Warriors that his daughter has been kidnapped. He instantly changes course to rescue her from he creatures island hide out. It takes 1 week to get to the hideout. When the Warriors arrive, the Norse land the ship on a secluded part of the Island. They then split up into different search parties. The Warriors, being one search party, find the hideout first and decide to go in and get his daughter, and then head back to the ship. Play this as a normal adventure. You find the daughter tied up in the objective room. This is not classed as an ice cavern. When the Warriors return to the ship with the daughter, the Captain is so pleased he refunds the money for the voyage. They may also subtract - 4 dislike points each.

2-4 The message is smudged from rain and from rubbing against the falcons leg. The message is unreadable. The Captain throws it to the deck, shakes his head and walks off.

5 The Captain smiles saying he has a new son. He dances around the deck starting up a Norse sea shanty. He is so happy he halves the cost of the voyage for the Warriors, refunding them the value.

6 The message says that the Captains mother in law has just died. He looks at the ground and starts sobbing, but soon his fake sobs turn into bellowing laughter as he yells "I'm free, I'm free," The Captain is so happy he offers the Warriors a free piece of treasure from the treasure hold. Each Warrior can pick up one Treasure Card.



A hurricane is seen on the horizon. Roll 1D6:

1-2 Although the Captain tries to get out of the way of this torrent of death, it's direction change is so abrupt that the ship ends up going right through it! The ship is torn and ripped at, tearing the main sail and damaging the ship. The damage and the torn sail slows up travel by 1D6 weeks.

3-6 The Captain skilfully manoeuvres the ship to the side of the hurricane. A strong wind fills the vessels sail pushing it at an amazing speed. Subtract one week from travel.


A random Warrior is walking along the deck one day when he steps on a thick ale bottle. Roll 1D6:

1 The glass shatters, sending broken glass up into the Warriors foot. The Warrior takes 1D4 unmodified damage.

2-3 The bottle slips out from under him and the Warrior fall on his back. Take 1D6 damage.

4-5 The Warrior slips on the bottle causing it to rotate under him. He slips uncontrollably, sending him speeding down the deck, the bottle still turning under him. Before long Warrior smashes into a working Norse. The two bodies fly through the air together crashing to the ground. The Norse picks himself up, kicks the Warrior in the stomach and walks off. Add +1 dislike point.

6 The Warrior slips on the bottle causing it to rotate under him. He slips uncontrollably, sending him speeding down the deck, the bottle still turning under him. Before long Warrior smashes into the Captain. The two bodies fly through the air together crashing to the ground. The Captain picks himself up and shouts at the Warrior, calling him ignoramus and idiot. Add +2 dislike points.

# If a 6 is rolled, and the Warrior's Captain is Steg Olafson, he thinks it's a great hoot, and laughs till he falls over. The two of them adjourn to his quarters for a drinking session until the early hours of the morning. Subtract -1 dislike point.


The Captain is walking around the lower decks, when he bursts through a door. He is surprised to find a random Warrior engaging in a kinky love act! The Captain promptly shuts the door, shakes his head and walks off.



A large sea serpent has been circling the ship under the water the past few days, when suddenly it rears out of the water and starts striking at the ship. The Warriors jump to the vessels defence. All the Warriors roll 1D6 on the next chart once.

1 The Serpent dodges the Warriors blows and strikes back at him. The Serpents long razor teeth pierce the Warriors flesh. He takes 1D6+10 damage.

2 The Serpent recoils out of reach of the Warriors swing, and then strikes. The snake like beast then strikes, damaging the ship, causing 1 week extra travel.

3 The Warriors weapon smashes harmlessly against the serpents scales.

4 The Warriors weapon cuts into the serpents side causing it to hiss in pain.

5 The Warrior throws a nearby spear into the side of the serpents head. Another hit like this and the creature will be dead.

6 The Warrior leaps onto the side railing and drives his weapon deep into the serpents side, hitting the heart. The serpent shakes gurgles and crashes back into the water.

If the Serpent is still alive, the Norse spear it to death.


The Warriors discover a stowaway hiding in some old rags. The Warriors must decide whether to take the young boy directly to the Captain, or keep quiet about it.

Keep quiet:

The Warriors decide to keep a lid on things for the time being. The Warriors may add 1 non-permanent luck each.

Take directly to the Captain:

Roll 1D6:

1 The Captain smiles at the Warriors approach and grabs the boy into his arms. "I see you've met my son," he says. "He's probably tricked you with his stowaway act. Gets 'em every time" The Warriors look at each other, shrug, and walk off.

2 The Captain grabs the little one by the arm and shakes him harshly. "So what have we here," the Captain starts "A stowaway aboard my ship! Well this is what we do with stowaways!" The Captain throws the boy overboard casually and laughs while he walks away.

3 After hearing a sob story from the boy, the Captain agrees he can stay on for the rest of the voyage as long as he helps out mopping the decks.

4 "So there you are," the Captain says at the Warriors approach. "I've been looking for this boy every where!" he states as he grabs the stowaway and shoves his hand down the boys shirt. He pulls out a pigeon with a message attached. "I've been looking for this boy everywhere, I saw him grab this pigeon and run off." The Captain then points to two Norse who pick up the boy and start taking him down to oar to begin an early career in slavery. The Captain then give the Warriors 1D6*20 Gold each for their discovery.

5 The Captain looks at the boy and frowns. "I hate stowaways boy and you're no exception. You can either go over the side or go straight to rowing oars with the other slaves." The boy chooses the oars and is escorted to his destination by two Norse. The Captain smiles and says "Well I'm lucky to have such sharp eyed chaps like yourselves along, but don't expect any award. Subtract -2 dislike points each.

6 When the Captain sees the Warriors approach he yells, "Yes Yes" and grabs the boy as soon as he is close enough. He quickly bends the boy over and pulls down his pants. He then points to the map tattooed across the boys butt. "We found this boy at our last adventure, and were all ready to follow this map when the boy did a runner on us. Now we have it we can plot a new course for Treasure Isle, for there is booty to be had!" It takes 1D6 weeks to get there. Once the crew and Warriors arrive they split up into groups (the Warriors being one group) and enter the dungeons of Treasure Isle. Treat this as a normal dungeon except all Gold found is doubled (including monsters) and there are two objective room treasures. When the adventure is over they meet up with the crew and continue on to the Ice realms.

# Captain Silver can only get numbers 3 and 6 and will always reward the Warriors with 1D6*20 Gold.


The Warriors stumble across an old man who beckons them over. He says he can teach the Warriors Hypnotism for a fee of 300 Gold a piece. Any one accepting this offer will now have the Hypnotism skill. One per adventure the Warrior may try and hypnotise an adjacent enemy in their turn. Roll 1D4+the Warriors Battle Level and compare it against the Monsters Willpower. If the roll is equal to or greater than the Monsters Willpower then they have been hypnotised for 1-2 turns. Within this time the monster is under the control of the Warrior.


The navigators addiction to alcohol is discovered too late. The ship has sailed off course. It takes 1D4 weeks to get back on track. The navigator is replaced.

# If Captain Steg Olafson is the Captain, he is out of it for a bit longer. It takes 1D6 weeks to get back on track. Lucky the Warriors didn't end up in the Lost Kingdoms!


A random Warrior is heading of to his designated cabin when he passes the Captains quarters. The door is slightly open and the Warrior notices a shadowy figure with a dagger above the sleeping Captain. You Warrior pushes through the door and says and epic line (Warriors choice), then leaps at the Norse assassin. Roll 1D6 -

1 The Warrior is surprised at the Norse's strength as they wrestle on the ground. Unfortunately the Warrior cops a blow on the head rendering him dazed for a short moment. He stands and shakes his head regaining his thoughts. When he looks down he sees the assailant is gone and he is holding the dagger! He then looks up to see the Captain wide awake and staring at him. "GUARDS!" he shouts as two Norse burst into the room and see the Warrior standing above the Captain with a dagger in his hand. The Warrior tries to tell them what happened, but they are very sceptical. They let the Warrior go this time but any other disturbances from the Warrior will result in harsh retribution. Add +4 dislike points.

2-4 The Warrior find the Norse is powerful, taking a couple of hits (1D6+3 damage) but manages to knock the knife from his hand which sends him running out of the room. The Warrior chases the assailant around the ship but eventually loses track of him.

5-6 The Warrior skilfully leaps to the assailant and grabs his head in the same motion and twists it. A loud crack is heard as the body slumps to the ground. The Warrior finds 1D6*10 Gold on the Norse and then pulls him out of the room and onto the deck where he tosses him over the side.


The Warrior have found out that a Mystic is on board and go to see her. She tells the Warriors that for 200 Gold she can magically make them stronger.

Anyone paying this fee will receive one permanent wound. this can be done only once.



The days are going by quite calmly when a thud is felt throughout the boat. It is soon discovered that a Norse has been gutting fish and throwing is overboard. The blood in the water has attracted killer whales who are ramming into the side of the ship blood crazed. Unfortunately they are big enough to damage the ship. The damage extends the voyage by 2 weeks.


The Warriors are on deck when they see a group of Norse pulling up a big fishing net that they have been trailing behind the ship. When they bring it onto the deck they see that three dolphins have been entangled in it. The Norse laugh and give the noble creatures a kick. The Warriors think this to be an unlawful act.

If the Warrior try and convince the Norse that what they are doing is wrong, they finally succeed and they creatures are put back in the water. The Norse think the Warriors to be soft at heart, add +1 dislike point each.

Other wise they just walk off shaking their heads.



The Warriors are taking a tour of the cannon decks when during a demonstration a cannon goes off accidentally, right in front of a random Warrior. Roll a D6:

1 The Warrior is hit square in the chest sending him careering through the side of the boat and into the sea. He takes 1D10+10 dam, and is fished out afterwards.

2 The cannon ball hits the Warrior in the shoulder, then fly's out of the vessel. The Warrior takes 1D10+4 dam.

3 Although a loud "BANG" is heard nothing comes out of the barrel. The Warrior walks up to it and takes a look. While he is doing this the cannon ball rolls out of the barrel and drops on the Warriors toe. The other Warriors try not to laugh as he hops and jumps around the room cursing in all languages under the sun. The Warrior takes 1D6 damage.

4-6 The Warrior leaps out of the way in time to escape injury.


When in the lower decks the Warriors discover a hole in the bottom of the ship about the size of a clenched fist. Water gushes into the boat, and the Warriors must decide what to do:

1-2 The Warriors spot a large heavy chest in the corner. Using their combined strength they manage to push it over the hole which blocks the water. Taking pride in a job well done the Warriors begin to walk away when a loud crunching cracking sound is heard. The Warrior spin around to see the chest has broken through the bottom and has created a much bigger hole! After telling the Captain he informs them that they are out of supplies to fix a hole such as that, and the ship will have to take on the water. The ship has 2 weeks before is sinks. If the boat sinks before reaching the destination the Warriors are left stranded, and you must then roll on the Ship Pickups table found at event 25-29.

3-4 The Warriors manage to clog the hole with one of the Warriors treasures. This treasure is now lost but the hole is plugged. If the Warriors are treasureless revert to 1-2.

5-6 The Warriors find sufficient odds and ends around the ground to plug the hole until then next sea port is reached.


The ship has come across good weather, cutting one week from travel.


The Warriors are sitting around whiling away the hours when a Norse comes running a them frothing at the mouth and calling out "LAND, I NEED LAND." When he reaches the Warriors his eyes are wild and insane. The Warriors push him away from them. The two other Norse run up behind the crazy man and hit him on the head with an axe. The man falls down dead and is dragged away. A random Warrior notices a shiny object fall from the old mans clothes as he is being dragged away. That Warrior may receive 1 Treasure Card.


The ship has come across Ice-Burgs. Roll 1D6:

1 The ship narrowly misses one iceberg but ploughs into another one. There is a splintering crack and the ship begins to sink into the ocean. The Warriors are stranded on a piece of debris. They must now roll on the Ship Pickups table found at event 25-29.

2 The ships side gets torn by an ice-berg doing unrepairable damage. The ship will sink after 2 weeks. the Warriors are then stranded on floating debris. You must then roll on the Ship Pickups table found at event 25-29.

3-4 The ship makes it's way through the ice-burgs suffering some damage, adding 1 weeks to travel.

5-6 The ship weaves its way through the ice-burgs suffering no damage.

# Captain Blog-de-Blogs crew leaves a bit to be desired when it comes to manuvering, -1 when rolling on this chart. Captains Silver, Olas, and Sven all are used to icebergs and can +1 when rolling on this chart.


The ship is progressing nicely when the Warriors spot a purple see-through sphere, 2 metres in diameter. It is travelling one metre above the water and zooms pass the boat. The Warriors make out a humanoid figure inside the ball. Roll 1D6 to see wether the Necromancer does anything on the way past:

1-2 The Necromancer lets fly with a volley of fireballs, setting the main sail on fire. The fireballs hit the crew as well. The Warriors are also hit and take 1D6+2 dam, not modified for armour, each. The repairs to the main sail add 1 week to the voyage.

3-4 The Necromancer hits the Warriors with a lightning blast. Each Warrior must take 2D4 dam unmodified.

5-6 The Necromancer smiles and gives a wave as he speeds by.


The Norse inventor down below has finally finished his project. He tells the Captain, and his contraption, which is a crude propeller, is fitted to the ship. Amazingly the propeller works. The travel time is halved (rounded up) by this marvel of medieval science.



A random Warrior feels ill for a couple of days. When he awakens one day he finds his body has been changed. He feels stronger, faster and slightly bigger. Then he looks down at his arms to find them covered in black thick fur as is the rest of his body. He leaps up to the mirror to see a face staring back that is not his own, it has a thick jaw, short tusks, burning red eyes, and an orcish nose, all covered with thick black skin. The Warrior has been affected by some disease or reaction to something. He now must hide in the shadows for the rest of the voyage, hiding his monstrous form by a thick cloak. He can't be included in most events (use common sense). The beast-like Warrior has +1 Str, +1 Toughness and + 8 permanent Wounds. This lasts for 1 adventure. At the end of this adventure roll 1D6. On a 5 or 6 the Warrior has this affliction for another adventure, repeat this.

Every day the Warrior is in a settlement if he rolls a 1 on 1D6 he is thrown out.



The Warriors are on deck when a swarm of wasps envelops them. Roll 2D6 for each Warrior - this is the amount of wasps that sting the Warrior before he gets to safety below deck. Each wasp bite gives 1 unmodified damage.


A random Warrior finds a loose piece of wood on his bed. The Warrior finds a piece of treasure in a hole behind it. Take 1 Treasure Card.


The Captain takes the Warriors aside and says that he may be able to teach the Warriors a few sword skills. Any Warrior may train with the Captain in sword play. The Captain will lend a sword to those who have none. Roll a D6 for each Warrior:

1 The Warrior slips on the sword he is using and cuts himself for 1D4 + his Strength damage.

2-3 Some of the Captains swashbuckling manoeuvres rub off on the Warrior giving him +1 attacks when using a sword for the next adventure.

4-5 The Warrior takes to the Captains technique quite well, giving him +1 attacks for the next 2 adventures.

6 The Warrior takes a special liking to the Captains technique and sword fights with him for most of the week. He may add 1 attack permanently when using a sword. If this result is ever rolled again, the Warrior may not benefit from this extra attack - he is powerful enough!

# Blog-de-Blog and Eric have no skills to teach, treat this as an uneventful week. Steg will teach the Warriors how to speak like a real seafaring type, saying phrases like "Oo-ar, me hearties", and all that.


Early in the week, the Warriors start finding small furry critters in their belongings, a few weeks later they are everywhere, squeaking little noises, chirping little sounds. They are troublesome but nothing to really worry about. Across the ship there are scenes of Norse pulling these furry critters out of their beards and cleaning them out of cannon barrels. The Warriors continue on the voyage and are unable to find a critter free part of the ship.


The Warriors, when returning from a nights drinking, overhear the Captain talking. "We must find that boy, he is the only way we will ever find Treasure Isle," says the Captain. "Aye," replies his first mate. If on this voyage the Sea Event "Sto-Away" is rolled, go straight to (6) if revealing the boy to the Captain.


One of the Warriors is about to bite into a strange fruit he grabbed from the lower decks, when a Norse stops him saying that the juice of the fruit is highly poisonous, and to eat it means death. The Warriors may take up to 2 of these fruit each. When in battle the fruit's juice can be smeared on a bladed weapon. Each fruit will give an extra damage dice for that battle.


A dark mist falls over the ship in the middle of the day. Roll 1D6:

1 The mist seems to be acidic. Upon reaching the ship and the Warriors, the Warriors take 1D6+2 unmodified damage. The ship is damaged also slowing down the voyage 1D4 weeks.

2 The mist seems to make the crew aggressive and punch ups are starting all over the ship. The Warriors are no exception and take 1D6+3 damage each.

3 The mist makes all the crew and the Warriors fall asleep. When everyone awakens they find they are 1 week off course.

4 The mist surrounds the Warrior and heals them 1D6 Wounds.

5 The mist heals the Warriors back up to full Wounds.

6 The mist heals the Warriors Wounds and gives them 1 permanent wound each.


The ship enters a strong current in the ocean and manages to ride it, speeding up the travel by 2 weeks.



The ship comes in contact with a god of the sea. He grants the Warriors extra power. The Warriors receive 2 points randomly between them which may be added to either Str, Toughness, Attacks, Permanent Wounds, Weapon Skill, Ballistic Skill or pinning. Only one point can be assigned to any one attribute.



The Norse call over the Warrior and teach him a new skill. This can only be done once per voyage.


The Norse, in a way of appreciation give the Warrior a lucky charm, giving him one non-permanent luck.


The Norse regard the Warrior as someone to be looked up to. The Norse give the Warrior a "Norse Axe"


The Norse like the Warrior so much they beg to be trained by him in the way of battle. For his services they insist in paying him 1D6*20 gold.


The Norse have grown to be good friends with the Warrior and give him a healing potion.


The Norse have true respect for the Warrior, and give him a potion of strength (Doubles Warriors strength for 1 battle.)


The Norse believe the Warrior to be a true Warrior and now label him as a true Norse.


The Norse think the Warrior to be a good partner in a fight.


The Norse think the Warrior has a good way of telling tales, and is a damn good drinker.


The Norse think the Warrior has some good points about him.


The Norse have nothing against the Warrior.


The Norse are a bit iffy about the true intentions of the Warrior.


The Norse believe the Warrior to be a fool and taught him continuously.


The Norse can't be bothered with the Warrior, considering him to be insignificant.


The Norse laugh at everything the Warrior tries to do, finding his foolishness a source of humour.


The Norse set a cross bow trap for the Warrior. the cross bow bolt hits him directly in the chest, doing 1D6+3 dam.


The Norse poison the Warriors food. He is sick for two weeks and must subtract -1 Permanent Wound.


The Norse have had enough of this Warrior and decide to give him a beating one night. The Warrior takes 1D10+4 dam.


The Norse steal 1D6*50 gold from the Warrior.


The Norse steal a random treasure from the Warrior.


The Norse steal a random treasure and 1D6*50 gold from the Warrior.


Sea Events by Ben Head.