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Suddenly a sharp whirring sound is heard as a circular saw spins out of the wall at chest height. A random Warrior is hit unless he can pass a successful Initiative test of 8. If the Warrior is hit, the saw inflicts 3D6 Wounds.

One of the Warriors find that he can’t resist it any longer and shuffles over to the side of the room to relieve himself. While he is doing his business he notices a lever, which he can pull if he wishes. Roll 1D6:

1 Suddenly the floor opens up underneath the urinating Warrior, sending him falling into a deep pit of sharp spikes. He receives 2D6 + 4 Wounds. He is then pulled out of the pit by the other Warriors.

2 The lever activates 3 pit traps on the same board section. Determine the squares with the pit traps randomly. Any model on those squares falls in and suffers 2D6 Wounds before being pulled out.

3 The lever breaks off in the Warrior’s hand and is useless.

4-5 The level opens up a small hole in the wall where 1 Nehekharan Treasure lies.

6 The level opens up a small hole in the wall where 1D3 Nehekharan Treasures sit.

The section the Warriors are in is adorned with light blue rugs and jewellery. The Warriors may plunder it, each finding 1D3 Nehekharan Treasures.

The Warriors hear some sorrowful moaning from up ahead. Creeping closer to the sound they find the source to be 1D6 Mummies just inside the next room. When the Warriors enter the next board section they must battle the Mummies, as well as any other events within the room.

Strange faces and symbols are carved into the walls of this part of the Pyramid. If the Warriors try and push one or two of these, roll 1D6:

1 A poison dart flies from the other side of the room embedding itself into a random Warrior. That Warrior suffers 1D3 unmodified Wounds. He then receives 1D3 unmodified damage each turn for the next 1D3 turns as the poison takes effect.

2 A random warrior runs his hands across the different symbols carved into the walls. Finally he hits the carving of an Anubis warrior. Pushing the carving causes a loud grinding noise to be heard. From behind the Warriors a random wall rises up completely to the roof. Peering into the darkness beyond the warriors hear a scuttling noise. Suddenly green scarab beetles surge into the room, chittering and chattering with their mandibles. The warriors must make it out of the room by the end of the next turn or be engulfed by the wave of scarabs, taking 2D6 Wounds damage. This damage is taken at the end of each turn the Warrior is still in the room. The scarabs also spill into the adjacent rooms. Any warrior ending a turn in an adjacent room takes 1D6 Wounds damage. The scarabs will affect all other models also unless they are Undead.

3-4 The Warriors find nothing of interest on the walls.

5 The Warriors push all over the wall until they feel a Pharaoh’s carved head push in. Suddenly the room lights up seemingly from nowhere in a warm yellow glow. This board section and the following 1D6 board sections are now lit.

6 The Warriors find a strange demon head which they push. A secret door opens, the stench behind of its stale contents filling their nostrils. If the Warriors decide to enter, the tunnel extends for 1D6 Pyramid Cards. Unexpected Events happen on a 1 or 6, and roll on the Monster Table 1 Dungeon Level higher for Monsters. Two of the Warriors will receive treasure after each battle instead of the normal 1 Warrior. In the last board section the Warriors find 1D6 Nehekharan treasures.

One of the warriors sits down on the sandstone floor complaining about a blister on his big toe. Unbeknown to him a large black scorpion scurries in-between his armour and digs it’s poison barbed tail into the Warrior’s flesh. He suffers 1D3 unmodified Wounds damage. The other Warriors are quite surprised to see their fellow adventurer jump up and start doing a crazy dance trying to get the scorpion out of his clothing. Roll 1D6. On a 2-6 the warrior manages to get the scorpion out and crushes it underfoot. Otherwise, the Warrior suffers a further 1D3 unmodified Wounds and must roll again to see if he can get rid of the scorpion. Keep rolling until he does so.

The Warriors come across a huge pile of skeletons and rotting bodies that have been all but stripped of their belongings. It is obvious that many great heroes have died here, and the Warriors wonder what terrors await them in the darkness. The scene unnerves the Warriors. For the next 1D3 battles the Warriors must subtract -2 to all Fear and Terror rolls.

The Warriors hear the sound of a foot touching a plate too late, as a huge spike comes out of the wall, affecting a random Warrior. Roll 1D6 to see what happens:

1 The spike is so fast that it catches the Warrior completely by surprise, skewering him through the stomach. Some of his organs are clearly visible on the end of the spike as it bursts though the other side of him. The Warrior is dead and cannot be resurrected.

2 The Warrior catches the spike square in the shoulder. He loses 2D6+4 Wounds and is at –1 Weapon Skill until he is healed to full Wounds.

3-4 The Warrior is only grazed by the spike which inflicts 1D6 Wounds.

5-6 The Warrior leaps out of the way with amazing dexterity! Place him in an adjacent square; if there are none go to result 3-4.

Fight a battle with Monsters 1 Dungeon Level higher than the Warriors current Battle Level.


Upon entering this room the Warriors immediately felt intense heat emanating from the walls. Magic or perhaps lava lies behind the walls. Whichever the case, anyone standing next to a wall is inflicted with 1D2 unmodified Wounds damage at the end of every turn.

The Warriors see a large golden statue in the middle of the room. A Warrior can carry it at -1 Movement if he wishes and can then sell it at a Settlement for 1D6 x 250 gold.

As the warriors are moving cautiously though the room they notice many holes in the sandstone walls. Suddenly a hissing sound is heard and black headed snakes start to pour into the room from the holes. A random warrior utters “Snakes… why’d it have to be snakes…” Before long, serpents fill this board section, constantly striking at any Warrior that gets too close. At the end of every turn in this board section roll 1D6 for each Warrior. If a 1-3 is rolled the Warrior has stepped next to or onto a snake which bites him for 1D6+3 damage. This damage is classed as Poison damage.

In the centre of this room is a huge Anubian idol. It’s hard stone exterior is encrusted with jewels. The Warriors may try and prise the gems out. For every turn they remain in the room gathering jewels, they get 1D3 gems each, and an Unexpected Event happens on a 1 or 2. The jewels are each worth 1D3 x 80 Gold.

One of the Warriors finds a lever in the room. When pulled, it makes a panel slide open in the middle of the room, revealing a spiral staircase trailing off into darkness. If the Warriors wish to descend, there are 2D6 Pyramid Cards worth of rooms, and a random Objective Room. The Monsters are the full amount that can be had when they are rolled for. Unexpected Events happen on a 1 or 2. The Objective Room treasure is truly enchanted, and has double any abilities stated, unless a 1 is rolled on a D6.

After the last battle, a random warrior inspects a random weapon (including magical). It appears to have a crack or two and he wonders how long it will last! The Warrior’s weapon has a slight flaw in it. Every time the weapon hits an opponent roll 1D6. On a 1 the weapon has broken and is useless! The weapon can be repaired a Settlement for the item’s sell value.

The walls of the room the Warriors are in start to crack and crumble, resulting in thick lava spewing out of an underground river of molten magma. The floor of the room will be filled by the end of the turn. Starting at the beginning of the next turn every square that is passed through or stood on by a model in the entire room inflicts 1D6+2 unmodified damage.

The Warriors see what appears to be an Anubis Hero laying sprawled on the ground, his green garments soiled with his own blood. Seeing all of the broken apart Mummies around him he must have put up a brave fight. The Warriors notice a golden ring shining brightly on his finger. If a Warrior claims it roll 1D6:

1 The warrior slips the ring onto his finger and starts to convulse instantly. Shuddering uncontrollably he lets out a howl like a jackal would. He falls to his hands and knees as his face elongates and black hair grows out all over his body. He claws at the ring to get it off but it is too late. Before long, the transformation is complete and the Warrior stands as an Anubis warrior. The Warrior now has the stats of an Anubis Hero; he may still use all items and equipment but cannot cast spells. Once a Settlement is reached, a Pharaoh’s priest can disenchant the ring and remove it. As the Warriors leave the room they see the original Anubis Hero has changed into what appears to be just a man laying slain on the floor.

2 The Warrior slips the ring on his finger but the ring seems to know that he is not its true owner and it immediately glows red hot. The Warrior yells in pain as he rips the ring from his finger cursing his luck. He takes 1 unmodified Wound.

3 The ring feels good on the Warriors finger and he enjoys the way the light dances on it’s reflective surfaces. It has no other effects.

4 The ring glows green when the Warrior slips it on his finger. It is indeed an enchanted ring which will heal it wearer. Once per turn the Warrior may, if he does nothing else and isn’t pinned by Monsters, use the ring to regain 1D3 wounds. At the end of each adventure roll 1D6. On a 1 the ring has been used up and is useless.

5 The ring fits on the Warrior’s finger easily and sparkles with the energies of an ancient land. The Warrior can use the ring at anytime to regain full Wounds. After this use the ring is useless.

6 The ring slips on the Warrior’s finger easily and he immediately feels its ancient power course through him. Once per adventure the Warrior may attempt to boost one attribute (not damage dice) by 1 point. The Warrior chooses an attribute then rolls 1D6. On a 3-6 the attribute is increased by 1 for the remainder of the adventure. On a 1-2 that attribute is decreased by 1 for the remainder of the adventure.

The walls of the room the Warriors are in are engraved with the histories of the Tomb Kings and Liche Priests, detailing their conquests and spoils. The Warriors find it all quite interesting but seeing there is no treasure here they soon move on.

One of the Warriors accidentally triggers a touch plate, sending stone slabs down in front of the doors, making them impassable. Soon after, sand comes flooding into the room from many chutes. Realising they must act fast the Warriors try to escape! Roll 1D6 on the following table, 4 times. If the Warriors haven’t escaped after 4 rolls, they have failed and die drowning in a sea of sand.

1-2 The Warriors search frantically for a way out but come up with naught.

3-4 The Warriors manage to block one of the chutes, gaining them another roll.

5 The Warriors notice a secret hatch in the wall which they hit repeatedly, trying to smash it open. They receive +1 to all remaining rolls.

6 Working hard, the Warriors are able to break open a small hatch in the wall and scramble through it before the sand reaches a critical level. Roll 1D6 to see where the Warriors have ended up!

1-5 The next room.
6 Objective Room.


In the centre of the room lies a great black sarcophagus. Unable to resist the chance of treasure, the Warriors push of the lid with haste! As soon a the lid is opened the Warriors are immersed by an unavoidable dark cloud. They cough and splutter, unsure of what this unknown vapour will do to them. Each Warrior must roll 1D6 and add his Toughness. If he scores less than 7, the Warrior falls over clutching his throat. He slowly rises, regaining his Strength, but is at -1 Toughness for the rest of the adventure. If the Warrior scores 7 or more, the vapour doesn’t affect him. Apart from a long dead Pharaoh, naught else lies within the coffin.

The Warriors’ way is suddenly barred by a tall mirror. Finally, curiosity gets the better of a random Warrior. He places his hand against the mirror and finds it is a strange water-like substance and his hand passes through it! Suddenly the Warrior’s arm is grabbed and the Warrior yanks it back, pulling out a mirror image of himself!

Understandably, the Warriors are quite taken aback by this, but quickly regain their senses when it attacks its real counterpart.

The double has the same statistics as the Warrior it has duplicated, although it’s items have no magic charge and are therefore not used. The double is worth 100 x Battle Level Gold of the Warrior that has been duplicated. Once the imposter has been defeated the mirror shatters and the Warriors can pass through it.

A distant glimmering is seen in the darkness. As the Warriors approach it they find a group of idols and Nehekharan artefacts heaped in a sandy corner. Each Warrior finds 1D3 Nehekharan Treasures. A group of Monsters have left this treasure here. The next event will be Monsters...

Things seem a little too quiet when suddenly two great hairy legs reach down from the dimly lit roof and grab a random Warrior. “AAAHHHHHHH,” he yells as he is pulled towards a huge fat spider hanging from the roof.

The Warriors can try and throw a weapon, shoot an arrow, or use an offensive spell. Each player apart from the grabbed Warrior, has one chance to do one of those things, and roll 1D6 each. On a 1-3 their attack fails to kill the creature. If all attacks fail, the grabbed Warrior’s head is pulled into the arachnid’s mouth and is bitten clean off, killing him immediately. If one of the Warriors hit the spider it lets go of it’s prey and fall to the floor. Whatever happens, the Warriors must fight a battle with a Gigantic Spider.

A random Warrior trips and falls over a misshapen sand stone block, twisting his leg and reopening an old wound. He is at -1 Move for the rest of the adventure, but cannot go below 1 Move.

The Warriors realise that this room is a tomb. A lavishly embroided sarcophagus lies calmly at its centre. If the Warriors wish to open it roll 1D6:

1 The Warriors find a corpse that quickly erupts into life! Have a battle with a Mummy Champion.

2 The Warriors push past the skeleton inside to find 1D6 x 100 Gold.

3 The Warriors push past the skeleton to find 1D6 x 200 Gold.

4 The Warriors take out the mummified occupant to find 1D6 Nehekharan Treasures.

5 The Warriors take out the mummified occupant to find 1 Treasure Card each.

6 The Warriors find an amazing treasure! Take 1 Objective Room Treasure Card.

A thick sticky web infests this room. If another event occurs in this room go directly to event 26 (only once though).

The Warriors approach a large iron idol of some long forgotten deity. A random Warrior touches it and a great booming voice is heard. “What is it you wish, little one?” it says.

That Warrior may wish for one of the following things:

· +1 to any attribute (apart from Dam Dice and Attacks)
· Restore to full Wounds
· +1 Permanent Wounds.

He may use his wish on himself or another Warrior. After the wish has been asked for roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-4 the voice laughs boisterously at the Warrior and does not grant him his wish.

Once this is done the idol speaks no more, no matter how may times the Warriors touch it. This event can only happen once per adventure (roll again if this occurs).


A random Warrior steps on a touch plate sending a huge curved blade swinging from the roof at him! Roll 1D6:

1 The Warrior doesn’t see it coming and it slashes him right across his back, knocking him to the floor. He takes 3D6 Wounds damage.

2 The Warrior doesn’t see it coming and it slashes him right across his chest, knocking him to the floor. He takes 1D6+6 Wounds damage.

3-4 The blade slashes him across the arm, and he takes 2D6 Wounds.

5-6 The Warrior manages to leap out of the way if there is a free adjacent square, otherwise see result 3-4.

A random Warrior looks around the room when something suddenly clicks in his head. Roll 1D6 to see what happens:

1-2 The Warrior suddenly sees the room as being a setup for a sand trap! Roll 1D6. on a 1-4 go directly to event 21. On 5-6 the Warrior was mistaken.

3-6 The Warrior suddenly sees a crossbow mounted on the wall and a random Warrior standing directly in front of it about to step on a touch plate. Roll 1D6. On a 4-6 the Warrior manages to call out to the victim before he gets skewered. On a 1-3 the Warrior is too late to call out to his friend and the crossbow fires, impaling the Warrior for 1D6+5 damage.


The group come across a table of dried fruit. It looks almost edible. Any of the Warriors may partake of the fruit by rolling 1D6 each:

1-2 The fruit the Warrior picks up is putrid and disgusting causing him to cough and choke. The Warrior feels ill for the remainder of the adventure and loses 1D3 unmodified wounds.

3-4 The fruit tastes disgusting and is not satisfying at all.

5-6 The fruit is oddly satisfying and replenishes 2 Wounds.

On the far wall of this room is chained a man that the warrior could only describe as a monstrous behemoth. Bulging with hulking muscles the giant brute bellows as the Warriors approach him cautiously. He calls out “RELEASE ME!! RELEASE ME NOW!!”

The Warriors can’t help but feel some pity for the poor creature who has obviously been tortured without mercy. If the Warriors decide to let him free roll 1D6.

1-2 The Warriors smash through the huge man’s chains and he stands fully up and stretches his back. He looks down at the Warriors and starts to lick his lips. “I EAT YOU NOW PUNY ONES!” he bellow,s before attacking the Warriors. Fight a battle with the muscled brute. He has the same stats as an Ogre but his Strength is 6 and he always has 2 Damage Dice.

3-4 A random Warrior cautiously edges up closer to the man-beast placing a hand on his shoulder to calm him. It works and he removes the prisoner’s chains. The giant man creature stands up and stretches. “AAAHHHH thankyou … me Mungor… Mungor friend to you now” he says pointing to the Warrior that released him. For the remainder of the dungeon Mungor will accompany the Warrior and Guard him always. He has the same stats as an Ogre but his Strength is 6 and he always has 2 Damage Dice. He will not take treasure and will not take any items or weapons. Instead he pounds his adversary’s with his mighty fists. When the Warriors leave the dungeon, Mangor breathes in the fresh air and puts a hand on the Warriors shoulder before running off into the dunes.

5-6 The Warriors edge closer to the creature until they undo his shackles. Once the giant man beast is free he stretches his muscles and lets out a roar! “ME THANKS TO YOU LITTLE PEOPLES… NOW I AM FREE!” he says before laughing heartily. For the Warriors kindness, the freed behemoth tells the Warriors about a well laden treasure chamber just ahead. Then he bounds off down the corridor to freedom. In the next room the Warriors come across they will find 1D6 Nehekharan Treasures.

The Warriors are assailed by a group of Vampire Bats, which attack completely without warning. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. This is the amount of unmodified damage each Warrior endures, before they fend off the attack and kill the bats.

The adventurers come to an unnaturally darkened room with a giant green gemstone on an elaborate pedestal. Any of the Warriors can try and remove it from its pedestal by rolling 1D6 each:

1 As the Warrior touches the gem he is electrocuted for 1D6+8 unmodified damage, and remains in shock for 1 turn. This means he can’t move from his current position until the end of his next turn.

2 As the Warrior touches the emerald stone he feels a dark magic take over his body causing him to start punching himself in the face repeatedly. The Warrior inflicts 1D6 unmodified damage on himself before the other Warriors restrain him and help him regain his senses.

3-4 The Warrior touches the stone only to find it won’t budge and soon gives up.

5 The Warrior touches the gem to find that he feels strangely stronger, although he still can’t budge the stone. He gains +1 Strength for the rest of the adventure.

6 The Warrior tries to move the stone only to find it will not move, but he feels strangely revitalised. Restore all lost Wounds.

A fresh water spring run through this part of the Pyramid but does not block movement. A few empty water skins are strewn around. The Warriors fill them and gain 1D3 water skins each. They may also drink from the steam, restoring 1D6 Wounds each.

The Warriors come to a basin at the end of the room. Upon further inspection they find it is filled with blood. A Warrior may drink the blood if he wishes by rolling 1D6. If any other Warriors wish to drink also, it will have the same effect.

1-2 The blood is truly the blood of the damned and when the Warrior drinks it he falls to the ground convulsing. His skin dries out and he stops breathing, but he continues to live! Rotting bandages come from seemingly nowhere, shooting straight at the poor Warrior, wrapping his limbs and body. Eventually he rises to his feet, but he no longer breaths; he is now one of the undead, he is now a Mummy!

As the Warrior is strong of will he still manages to control his actions and acts as a normal character, only now with the statistics of a Mummy. He cannot carry the lantern. At the end of every turn roll a 2D6. On a roll of 12 the Warrior reverts back to his usual self. If the Warrior is still a Mummy by the time he reaches a Settlement the blood has exhausted its power and the Warrior reverts back to his usual self.

3-4 The blood tastes revolting, but has no other effect.

5-6 The blood has a strange effect on the Warrior, giving him an extra Starting Wound, permanently.

Before the Warriors, a giant man-like creature steps out of the shadows. Upon stepping into the light they see he is completely made out of sand! This is a Sand Golem the Warriors realise, and it is a deadly foe, to say the least. The giant form looms quietly before the warriors before attacking. Fight a battle with one Sand Golem. If the Warriors win, the find that the Golem was protecting 1D3 Treasure Cards.

It seems like the Warriors have been travelling for days in the twisted labyrinth. It is finally agreed that they really aren’t sure on the way back at all! If the Warriors flee the Pyramid using the Escape Table, they must subtract 2 from the number they roll for the initial roll only.

The Warriors discover a loose brick on a random wall. If they decide to pull the brick from the wall roll 1D6 on the table below:

1 They finally manage to pull the brick free only to find crumbling sand behind it; the Warriors have started a cave-in!

Large amounts of bricks and sand fall onto the Warriors as they run back into the last board section. Roll 1D3 for each Warrior; this is how many bricks they are hit by as they flee. Each brick does 2D6 damage. The caved in board section is now unpassable, and the Warriors must either continue on another path, or leave the Pyramid, robbed of their victory. If the Warriors are unable to flee the board section then they are engulfed by the cave-in and die horribly.

2 The brick pulls free to reveal a strange hole in the wall, which is about finger size. Any Warrior can try and put their finger in the hole if they wish, and roll 1D6:

1-3 The Warrior is stung by a Scorpion for 1D3 unmodified damage and is poisoned, resulting in him losing -1 Toughness for the remainder of the adventure. If this reduces him to 0 Toughness then he is dead.
4-6 The Warrior finds a button at the end of the hole that he can push. If the Warrior does push it, a secret doorway opens in the opposite wall revealing a room laden with treasure. Now roll 1D6. On a 1-3 go directly to event 40, and deal with it before returning to this event. Otherwise each Warrior finds 1D6 dried fruit (provisions), 3D6 x 100 Gold, 1D6 Nehekharan Treasures, and 1 Healing Potion each.

3-4 There is nothing but sand behind the removed brick.

5 The moved brick reveals a secret room behind the wall! Upon removing a few more bricks the Warriors manage to enter it. A large red gemstone glows brightly in the centre of the room surrounded by many Skeletons. Roll 1D6:

1-3 The Skeletons come to life and protect the gem, attacking the Warriors. Fight a battle with 2D6 Skeleton Champions. After they have been vanquished refer to result 4-6, below.
4-6 The gem is indeed a prize and anyone carrying it must subtract -1 to their Movement and +1 week to wilderness travel. It is worth 1D3 x 1000 gold, only to be rolled once the Settlement is reached.

6 The Warriors pull the block free to find a room with a great jackal-headed statue filling its centre. By pulling away a few more bricks the Warriors manage to gain entry to the room.

There is a plaque under the statue that the Warriors translate roughly, into “One wish may be had by all, but if I feel you are unworthy of it then you will receive naught at all.”

Each Warrior may make one of the following wishes (with different modifiers). Then roll on the following table to see if it is granted, adding or subtracting the wishes modifier to the roll.


· Transported out of the Pyramid (Automatic, can be wished as a team)

· Transported directly to Settlement (-2, can be wished as a team)

· Transported directly to Objective Room (+1, can be wished as team)

· Restore 2D6 Wounds (+2)

· Restore 3D6 Wounds

· Restore Full Wounds (-2)

· +1 Permanent Wound (-2)

· +1 Permanent Toughness (-3)

· +1 Permanent Strength (-3)

· +1 Permanent Weapon Skill (-3)

· +1 Permanent Damage Dice (-4)

Wish Chart (2D6)

1-7 The wish is not granted.

8-12 The wish is granted.

The Warriors come to a sandy room where after some searching discover 1D6 full water skins amongst the sand, which they may take with them.


The Warriors notice a strange smell in this room, then notice a tall man with his back to them playing with strange magic. He is dressed in ancient rags and when the man turns around they find out why! It is an undead Liche Priest! Fight a battle with one Liche Priest. Once the battle is won the Warriors find 1D3 healing potions that will each heal 1D6 Wounds.

The Warriors see a rather elaborate lever on the far wall. The Warriors are curious but are also wary of traps. If the Warriors pull the lever roll 1D6:

1-2 A murky muddy substance begins splattering its self over the floor from a nearby chute. Its stench is absolutely repulsive and a random Warrior vomits everywhere. The substance stops after a while when it is about ankle height. If any battles are fought in this board section the Warriors must subtract -1 to all their To Hit rolls, as they are coughing or vomiting, making it hard to attack. If the Warriors are fighting a non-undead opponent then the same applies for them.

3-4 The Warriors pull on the lever only to see large stone blocks fall in front of each doorway, blocking any escape. There is an unwelcomed creak as the roof slowly begins to move downwards. There are only 2 ways of escaping this trap of certain death. The first is if there is someone outside the room/corridor - they can automatically find the fail safe switch at the door and reverse the trap - this must be done in 1D6+2 turns. Or the Warriors can try and force the, now steadfast, lever up, in a hope it will reverse the trap. Only one person can try this per turn, and must make a Strength test of 7 or more, within 1D6+2 turns, otherwise it’s sandwich time! If the lever is pushed up the trap is reversed and the Warriors are saved. If not they are crushed to death.

5-6 The lever is pulled and a panel moves to the side in the centre of the floor. Then a huge golden statue of a mighty sun god rises from the darkness below. The Warriors admire its beauty for only a few seconds, before trying to work out if there is anyway to get it out of the pyramid. Finally it is concluded that the head of the sun god could be broken off and carried. If a Warrior wishes to take the golden statue head with him then he is at -1 Movement, and +1 week of wilderness travel, until he can sell it at a Settlement for 1D3 x 1000 gold.

The Warriors have found a strange room full of bones of what seem like humans. Also strange powders lie scattered around and all sorts of scurrying vermin. If and when the Warriors search the room they find 1D6 Healing Potions, 1D6 Provisions, and 1D6 Water Skins. A weird feeling surrounds this place and the Warriors think it best to move on. When the next Pyramid event occurs roll 1D6; on a 1-3 go directly to event 45.

The Warriors find an old man chained to the wall. His appearance is gaunt and it is obvious that he has been there for a long time. As the party draws near he suddenly bursts into life, calling for freedom. If the Warriors free him he says he must go now and find his friend. Upon inquiry the Warriors manage to find out that his “friend” is a marmoset monkey and he last saw him in Norsca. If the group doesn’t have a marmoset the old man hurries off down the corridor. If any Warriors have a marmoset roll 1D6. On a 6 it is the very same one! If the Warrior gives the man back his friend roll 1D6:

1-2 The old man thanks the Warriors greatly and scurries off down the corridor.

3-4 The old man is very thankful and tells a tale of a great treasure room not to far off. When the next event occurs, go directly to event 50.

5-6 The old man showers the Warrior in thanks. He then says to look him up in the next settlement. When the Warrior does so roll 1D6:

1-2 The old man and the Warrior meet up and have a chat about the old times over a filling meal.
3-5 The old man turns out to be a wealthy landowner who showers the Warrior in gold! He receives 2D6 x 200 Gold!
6 The old man turns out to be the Pharaoh of the entire city! He insists that the Warriors stay with him in the Palace, where they pay no living expenses, and are given 1D6 Provisions, 1D6 Bandages, and 1D6 Water Skins each. He takes the Warrior who gave him the monkey to a private treasure room where he gives him 1D3+2 Treasure Cards and 1 Objective Room Treasure Card! He also gives the Warrior 1D6 x 100 gold. In addition, whenever the Warrior goes to a Pharaoh’s City, roll 2D6. On the roll of a 11-12 it is the old man’s city and he invites the Warriors to stay at his palace, meaning that they don’t have to pay living expenses.

The party meets up with an old nemesis of a random Warrior, who is from (roll 1D6):

1-2 The Old World
3-4 Norsca
5 Lost Kingdoms
6 Nehekhara

Roll on the appropriate Monster chart. The Monster must be semi intelligent, and is in possession of 2 Magic Items, and a Magic Weapon for the relevant area. Disregard other Monsters on the same roll, and the nemesis will be the most intelligent creature on that roll. Then roll on the Monster chart for Nehekhara, and the Monsters on this roll are the nemesis’s followers. The nemesis will always attack the Warrior he is a nemesis of is possible. Once the battle is won collect treasure as normal.

The Warriors come to a huge room decorated with gold, items and jewellery. This can only be described as a treasure room. The Warriors rub their hands together; finally, this is what they came to this damned place for! Each Warrior can roll 1D6 to see what they find.

1 1D6 x 100 Gold
2 1 Treasure Card, 1D6 x 100 Gold
3 1 Treasure Cards, 2D6 x 100 Gold
4 2 Treasure Cards, 2D6 x 100 Gold
5 3 Treasure Cards, 2D6 x 100 Gold
6 1 Objective Room Treasure Card, 2D6 x 100 Gold.

While in this room an Unexpected Event occurs on a 1-3.

The Warriors don’t notice anything at the moment, but record this event number for when they reach the Objective Room. When they get there roll 1D6:

1-3 The Warriors have been tricked, and there is nothing in the Objective Room save a few old bones. They now must take the journey back empty handed. If the Warriors try and find the giver of the mission he is nowhere to be found.

4-6 The Objective Room functions as normal.

The Warriors are attacked by two groups of rampaging Monsters! Roll twice for Monsters on the current Monster table.

53 ROT
An annoying pain has been irritating a Warrior for about a week and he finally decides to take a look at the problem. When he pulls off his stinky woolly sock he discovers to his dismay that he is rotting! His foot is black and puffy. As the Warrior knows, this condition only gets worse. At the end of every turn roll 1D6. On a 1 the rot progresses through his body and he takes 1 unmodified Wound damage. A week’s travel is also counted as a turn. The infliction can be cured at a Nehekharan City for (1D6+4) x 100 Gold.

The Warriors enter this room to find what looks like a mummy sitting cross-legged in the centre of the room. The adventurers rush to attack it, but as they draw near the mummy raises its hand and says in a dry raspy voice, “Halt” and the Warriors do so. The mummy-like creature then goes on to say that it wants to make the Warriors an offer. It says it will magically train any of the Warriors a skill/spell from the Warriors specific skill/spell list if they allow the strange mummy to drain 1D6 Starting Wounds, permanently from them. The party can either do this and leave, or just leave.


The Warriors hear howls and growls from up ahead down the corridor. The group is especially on guard as they venture forth. When the next battle takes place the Warriors gain the Ambush special ability.

The adventurers come across an altar stained in blood and bandage wrappings. Also on the altar are a number of charms, consisting of bones and baubles. There are 1D3 of them and each contains a point of Luck. The Warriors can take these lucky charms and use them like other Luck. When a charm is used its power is exhausted and useless.

Before the Warriors enter the next room they see many skeletons on the ground with huge gaping holes in the top of their skulls. Looking to the roof they see large black holes positioned over each flagstone. If and when the Warriors wish to proceed through this room they may, but for every square a Warrior steps on roll 1D6. On a 1, roll another 1D6 and if a 1 or 2 is rolled then a huge spike shoots out of the ceiling at an unavoidable speed, travelling through the Warrior’s head, down his neck, chest and stomach and out his groin area, killing him instantly. On any other number, the Warrior is fine and passes through the square easily. The room stays like this for the entire adventure, and if Monsters travel through the squares they must make the roll too.

The Warriors see a large staircase. From the specs of light coming from the end of the stairs the Warriors realise this is an exit to the surface. They may use this to escape by returning to this board section at any time.

The Warriors notice that the walls in this part of the dungeon are glowing rhythmically in a red haze. For the next 4 board sections the walls give off their own light and the lantern is not needed to move around.

A large stone sphinx sits in the middle of the room looking proud and majestic. As the Warriors approach, the sphinx’s head comes to life and says to the Warriors that if they wish to pass they must answer a riddle. The sphinx states the riddle. Now roll 1D6 for each Warrior. On a 6, one of the Warriors knows the riddle and tells the answer to the sphinx who grants the Warriors passage onwards. If no Warriors know the answer they can try to think it out and roll again next turn. For every turn spent in the sphinx’s domain, Unexpected Events happen on a 1 or a 2.

The Warriors come across a long stone table fully laden with meats and vegetables. They see nothing wrong with the food and no one around to eat it. If the Warriors wish to eat the food they can replenish 3D6 Wounds. If they did partake in the food roll 1D6. On a 1-4 go directly to event 10, because the makers of the food have returned to eat it!

All of the corridors and caves have finally gotten to a random Warrior and he develops a case of claustrophobia! At the start of each turn roll 1D6. On a 1 the Warrior can’t do anything but stare at the walls around him and start talking gibberish. One of the Warriors slaps him back to his senses at the end of the turn and he is all right next turn if he doesn’t fail his claustrophobia roll. The Warrior is affected by claustrophobia for the remainder of the pyramid.

This event can only occur while the Warriors are in a corridor. If they are not in a corridor reroll this event.

A loud crashing noise is heard and the Warriors look to see a huge boulder crashing down in front of them! It is only then that the Warriors realise that the floor is on an angle and the boulder starts rolling towards them. It takes up the whole corridor and there is no getting around it. It falls onto the four squares at the end of the corridor - any model underneath is ‘squashed’! See below.

The adventurers are in a half panic and start to run rather carelessly forward. Every turn the Warriors move 1D3+2 movement and the boulder moves 1D6 movement and takes up four squares. The boulder will continue to roll after them if there is another corridor after this one and so on. When the Warriors get to a room they are able to duck to the side and the boulder careers past them and down the corridor or hits any wall that is in its path and splits in two, making the squares passable. Play the turns as normal.

Any Warrior that is overrun by the boulder is squashed for 4D6 Wounds. Squashed Warriors lie prone for 1 turn. Once the lantern holder is up he lights the lantern and reforms the group.

The Warriors notice a loud clanking and clinking throughout this room, and when they look up there seems to be no ceiling, it just fades into blackness. The Warrior with the lantern holds it high to see the roof and brings out of the shadows a huge mesh of writhing chains covering the roof! The adventurers are a bit taken a-back by this, but before they can act, chains with hooks attached shoot out of the writhing chains directly at them. Each Warrior must roll 1D6+2. This is how many hooks fly at the Warrior. Then each Warrior must roll 1D6 to see how many hooks he dodges. The remaining number is the amount of hooks that tear into the Warriors flesh, each doing 1D2 unmodified damage. The embedded hooks must be torn from the Warriors body by passing a Strength test of 7 for each one. He can try and remove one at the beginning of each turn. He takes one unmodified Wound for each one ripped out. While any hooks remain in the Warrior he cannot move. While stuck with hooks the victim is at -1 to To Hit rolls. This room affects Monsters as well.

Repeat this event every 5 turns if the Warriors are still present.


The tunnels of the Pyramid twist and turn and it is soon realised that the Pyramid is a lot larger than the Warriors first thought. Add 1D6 more Pyramid Cards to the Pyramid deck.

The Warriors come to some ancient scrawl on the wall. If there is a Wizard in the party he may try to decipher it. For each Wizard roll 1D6 and add his Willpower. If the result is 6 or over he has deciphered it; roll on the chart below. If there are no Wizards in the group then the Warriors continue on, shaking their heads in befuddlement.

1-2 The message reads “A curse on all who read this message.” The Warrior is cursed for the rest of the adventure and is at -1 To Hit and +1 Pinning (ie. 4+ becomes 5+). When he leaves the Pyramid the curse is broken and returns to normal.

3 The message reads “Dare the readers of this message enter, then the readers of this message beware.”

4 The message reads, “BEGONE FOOLS.”

5 The message tells of secret compartment in the next room. While in the next room the Warriors may find the compartment and discover 1D6 x 100 Gold.

6 The ancient writing tells of a secret compartment in the next room. While in the next room the Warriors find 1D3 Treasure Cards.

The Warriors come to a collection of teeth heaped on the ground. They are from various Monsters and hold a strange magical aura. If there is a Wizard in the party he may take a selection of these to give him 1D6 extra Power Points. When the next event occurs roll 1D6. On a 4-6 go directly to event 47.

A random Warrior (not the leader) is fed up with the seemingly stupid decisions of the current leader. An argument breaks out and soon a fist fight starts up between the Warriors concerned. Each fighting Warrior rolls 1D6 + Strength. The one with the highest result wins. No real Wounds are inflicted, but by the end of it everyone knows who’s boss. The winner continues as the leader, with the other Warriors following after as usual (by Initiative).

The Warriors have fought so many battles that they have developed a “killer instinct.” They know the fatal areas of certain Monsters. Roll a random Monster, on the current level, for each Warrior. Each Warrior now inflicts an extra 1 unmodified damage against the Monster they roll. This will only be relevant for that Monster, not all of the same race. (eg. An Orc Shaman is the Monster, not any other type of Orc.) This could be because they may have different armour and so on. If this event is rolled again the same Monster cannot be rolled twice so roll again.

The Warriors are searching through the room when suddenly something happens from a random Warrior’s past. That Warrior rolls 1D6:

1 Leaping from nearby shadows comes an assassin dressed completely in black. His greeting is “Die, foul scum!” and before the Warrior can do anything he is stabbed with a strangely curved dagger, which seems to pierce his armour! This results in him receiving 1D6+4 Wounds unmodified for armour. Fight a battle with one Nehekharan Assassin.

Once the assassin has been killed the Warrior unmasks him to find... (roll 1D6):

1 Someone he knocked over in the last settlement. Now, that’s someone who holds a grudge!

2 An ugly olive skinned man who he has never seen before. He shrugs and walks off.

3-4 A surprisingly old man who he seems to remember having business with his father, and how it went sour. Obviously this was his feeble form of retaliation! That old fool!

5-6 A man he recognises from the last settlement when he noticed some mysterious goings on in an ally. Obviously they thought he saw something that he wasn’t suppose to and decided to eliminate him. Their loss.

2-3 The Warrior hears a shrill scream from down the corridor. A scream that seems strangely familiar to him. When the Warriors enter the next room continue this event.

When the Warriors enter the room the Warrior sees his (roll 1D6):

1 Father
2 Mother
3 Sister
4 Brother
5 Wife (thought dead by the Warrior)
6 Cousin

strapped to a rack in the middle of the room. The person has been tortured quite severely and is near death. Roll for Monsters in this room and fight a battle with them. Once they have been vanquished the Warrior runs to his relative’s side and hangs on his/her last dying words.. “Please, kill the fat torturer for me, he has caused me so much pain, ...he must diieee....” and with that the person dies. That Warrior swears to avenge their dead friend. When the Warriors reach the Objective Room, place a miniature for “The fat torturer” along with any other Monsters.

The Warrior will try to get to the torturer at all costs, including escaping from Pinning to get there. When he gets there he gets an extra Attack as a result of the rage spawned by vengeance.

Place the torturer right at the back of the room and, if possible, not adjacent to any of the Warriors. He stands there with a group of sharpened metal pikes that are standing up in a vat full of molten metal. He then rips these out of the smouldering vat and throws them like a javelin at the Warriors. If they hit, they inflict 1D6 + 6 (torturer’s Strength) Wounds. The hit Warrior must then roll 1D6. On a 1 or a 2 the molten metal continues to burn him for 1D6 unmodified Wounds. The torturer throws 1 of these per turn and always at a random Warrior. When the torturer enters close combat he pulls out a large mace with a chain and spiked ball and cannot throw any pikes.


Fat Torturer



























Once the torturer is vanquished the Warrior feels as if justice is done.

4-5 A chill comes over the Warrior as a familiar smell fills his nostrils. Roll 1D6:

1-2 He realises that the smell is manure and that it seems that every Monster in the dungeon has used this room as their toilet. The smell makes it near unbearable to stay in this room. Any battles fought in this room render all Warriors at -1 to all To Hit rolls.

3 He remembers the smell is burning flesh. And sure enough, after a slight search he finds a corpse in the corner that is charred burnt and mutilated. It also has quite large burn marks and torn out chunks all over it. The Warriors think that this might be the work of an “Orgut” a brutish race known for their love of torture. When the next event occurs roll 1D6 - on a 1-3 go directly to event 75.

4-5 The Warrior realises the smell as being a type of toxic fume or vapour, probably the remnants of a failed spell of some sort, and quickly motions the Warriors to leave the room immediately. The Warriors have 1 turn to leave the room after which, every turn after they receive 1D2 unmodified Wounds damage. This is fatal damage.

6 The Warrior recognises the smell to be from a liquid sometimes applied to gold as a protective agent. After a quick search of the room they find a secret panel that reveals an alcove of 1D6 Nehekharan Treasures.

6 The name of the Warrior is called out very loudly from behind the group. They spin around to see a young man running from the shadows with a dimly lit lantern. The Warrior realises that it is someone from his home village. How he got here is soon forgotten when he starts his tale.

“The town’s going to be attacked by marauding undead and chaos beasts! They have been amassing on the border and are going to attack any time. We need you, and hopefully the help of your friends, to defend the town and vanquish their evil! Please come as soon as possible!”

The Warrior may accept his duty to protect his home town if he wishes. He can leave straight away or just when he gets back to the settlement next. The young man says that he will arrange a boat to transport them back. The next time the Warriors get to a Seaport the boat will be waiting for them. Once the Warriors get back to that Warriors home, whether it be the Old world, Norsca or the Lost Kingdoms continue this event.

Once the warriors leave the sea port at their homeland they travel for 1d3 weeks on the wilderness chart. The Warriors then arrive at the settlement to see it (roll 1D6):

1 Destroyed
The town is destroyed and they are too late. A deep silence comes over the Warrior and he feels a sense of guilt for not getting there sooner. Proceed back to another Settlement as usual.

2-3 Being ransacked by Monsters!
The home town is being ransacked by Monsters when they arrive the Warriors charge in to attack!

Roll 1D6 + Strength for each Warrior. Add these totals together. Now roll 8D6 for the horde of Monsters. Take the Warrior’s number away from the Monster’s number. The remaining number is the amount of Wounds (modified) that each Warrior receives before killing every last Monster.

Once the town is saved, the Warriors are rewarded with 2D6 x 100 Gold each and head off to a Settlement.

4-6 Still standing
The Warriors have arrived before the Monsters have attacked. Using this to their advantage they set a selection of traps out the front of the town. At dusk, the horde of Monsters attack!

Roll 1D6 + Strength for each Warrior. Add these totals together. Now roll 8D6 for the horde of Monsters. Now roll 2D6 and take this from the Monster’s number. This relates to how many Monsters were taken out by the traps as they charged into the town. Take the Warrior’s number away from the remainder. The remaining number is the amount of Wounds (modified) that each Warrior receives before killing every last Monster.

Once the town is saved the Warriors are rewarded with 2D6 x 100 Gold each and head off to a Settlement

If this event occurs in anything other than a room, re-roll the event.

In the centre of this room is a large thick wooden pillar. Shafts of wood come out of the pillars sides where 1D3+3 human slaves are chained and are pushing on them, turning the mighty pillar. The actual pillar takes up one square. You can then place miniatures around it for the slaves, which move one square per turn in a anti-clock wise position. The slaves do not block movement but the Warriors cannot occupy the same square as them. If a slave moves into their square then the Warrior is knocked into an adjacent square.

Roll 1D6 to see the reaction of the slaves at the Warriors approach:

1-2 The slaves seem not to notice the Warriors at all and continue turning the pillar. The Warriors think it best to move on.

3-4 The slaves are obviously insane as they scream and froth at the mouth. When passing through a square occupied by a slave, the slave tries to bite at him with his frothing mouth. Roll 1D6. On a 1-2 the bite is successful and the Warrior takes 1D6 Wounds. All damage inflicted by the frothing mouth is classed as Plague damage. The slaves will also try to bite any Monsters that may be in the room.

5-6 As the Warriors approach the slaves look up and signs of joy spread across their faces. “FREE US, FREE US” they call. The Warriors can either push past the slaves or free them. If they decide to free them roll 1D6:

1-2 The slaves chains seem to be magically bound and they cannot break them. The slaves hopes are shattered but they realise that nothing more can be done. One of the Monsters in the Objective Room (randomly chosen, must have some intelligence) has a magical artefact that holds the power over the chains. Once that creature is killed the Warriors can then destroy the artefact and undo the power over the chains making them breakable. If they so desire they can go back and save them, upon exiting the Pyramid they thank the Warriors and start walking back to their town.

3-4 The chains break easily and the slaves run off, yelling “I’M FREE, I’M FREE!” down the corridor until they are out of sight. The Warriors then move on.

5-6 Once the slaves have been freed they tell the Warriors of how their overlords have been stealing off of a nearby city for many moons and that they should be on the look out for more gold around the area. From now on until the end of the adventure, when any Warrior kills a creature roll 1D6. If the result is 6 they have found double Gold on that creature! The slaves then run off thanking the Warriors.

The Warriors a hear loud noise coming towards them from the darkness beyond. Then they see a huge Tomb Scorpion scuttle into the room, it’s big claws open and shut as it comes at the warriors raising it’s tail up to strike! The warriors must fight a battle with the Tomb Scorpion. One the creature is slain the warriors inspect the odd bone like beast. They notice a wrapped Mummy lodged in it’s abdomen. Scratching their heads they continue on. From now when entering a room roll 1D6. On a 1 the room contains a Tomb Scorpion as well as anything else it may have.

Within this room lies many large torture implements. Bodies hang on hooks on the walls in various states of dismemberment. Just as the warriors are gagging at the gruesome sights, a huge Orgut walks into the room. His one eye opens wide when he see the Warriors; not in shock, but in glee, for soon he will have more bodies to play with! Fight a battle with one Orgut. If the Warriors fail to kill him in 3 turns 1D2 new Orguts enter the battle drawn to the sounds of combat.

This event can only occur while the Warriors are in a corridor. If they are not in a corridor re-roll this event.

Suddenly many skeletal hands reach out of the walls, clutching at the Warriors. The hands can’t do any real damage to the Warriors but they slow down their movement as they walk through the bony arms. For every square being moved into roll 1D6. On a 1-3 the Warrior can’t manage to break from the skeletal grip and cannot move into the square. He is then free to use any other movement he has left to try again.


A random Warrior checks his belongings to find that an arrow has pierced 1D3 of his water skins and they are now empty. He curses his luck.

The Warriors come across an indent in one of the walls. If they wish to investigate roll 1D6:

1-2 The Warriors push on the indent and a trap door opens up beneath them. A random Warrior falls in. It is a short fall and he is greeted by sharp spikes, which impale him for 3D6 Wounds damage. He is then helped from the pit by the other Warriors.

3-4 The Warriors push on the indent but nothing happens.

5-6 The Warriors push on the indent and it rolls back slowly. It gives way to a brightly lit room that seems to have no other entrance. Bookshelves line the walls and if there is a Wizard in the party he may try to read some of the books. If he does, roll 1D6. On a 5-6 he finds a relevant spell and learns it. Randomly select a spell from the appropriate spell list. Otherwise the room has nothing to offer the Warriors.

The Warriors enter the room and see a large thickly jewelled medallion on one of the walls. The Warriors can only guess at its value. They try to pull it from the wall but it seems to be jammed. If the Warriors wish to pull more forcefully on the medallion roll 1D6:

1-4 As they pull on the medallion, dust starts to fall from the roof. As they continue to pull, more and more dust falls onto the Warriors until finally it is simply unbearable and they must leave the room for at least 1D3 turns. Any Monsters in the room must do this also. They realise the medallion is unmovable.

5 It simply will not budge!

6 The medallion breaks off in three chunks each valuing 1D6x100 Gold when sold at a Settlement.

This event can only occur while the Warriors are in a room. If they are not in a room re-roll this event.

This room is filled with water up to waist height. The water is obviously magical, as it does not flow into the adjacent corridors. Soon there is a loud moaning sound that rumbles through the chamber. A human like figure forms out of the water before the Warriors. Although only made of water, they can see that he is, or was a Nehekharan. “Why have you entered my chamber, fleshlings?” he enquires.

The Warriors explain their adventure and the water spirit seems to approve of it. He goes on to explain that he was once a Pharaoh and that this Pyramid was his burial ground. “When a necromancer of great power came and took the Pyramid for his own, he found my long dead corpse and brought me back with a black spell involving water and death. He brought me back in this form so that he would have an everlasting water supply. The endless years have become an unbearable torture. I am sure that if you kill him the spell will be broken and I can once again have eternal sleep. If the Warriors accept the challenge, in the Objective Room place 1 Master Necromancer as well as whatever else is in the room. If the Warriors succeed in killing the Necromancer, the spell will be broken and they may each gain 1 non permanent Luck.

The Warriors wander in to an area scattered with common objects that you would find in a lair. After a closer inspection they realise that it is some sort of Anubian hideout!. Roll 1D6:

1 As the Warriors are looking around a doorway opens in the side of the wall. From it come a bustling group of 2D6 Anubis Warriors. The Warriors must fight a battle. Once the battle is won, the Warriors see that behind the secret door is a flight of stairs that lead directly to the surface. The Warriors may take this exit if they wish.

2 While the Warriors are surveying the room for booty, a group of Anubis Warriors leap in behind them. Fight a battle with 1D6 Anubis Warriors. When the Warriors have won they find 1D6 x 50 Gold.

3 The Warriors find some different odds and ends around the room but nothing is of any value.

4 The Warrior’s each find 1D6 x 50 Gold.

5-6 The Warriors each find 1D6 x 100 Gold.

Suddenly a strange, almost magical wind sweeps through the room the Warriors are in. It is so fierce that the Warriors are blown around. At the start of every turn randomly determine the direction of the wind. Once the direction has been determined, each Warrior must roll 1D6 and add their Strength. If the result is over 8 or more the Warrior manages to hold his footing. If a Warrior fails the roll then he is blown in the direction of the wind for 1D3 squares. The wind continues to blow until the Warriors are out of the room. Monsters are also affected by this event.

A yell is heard from the darkness ahead of the group. Soon a crazed old man comes into view and starts throwing objects at the Warriors. Roll 1D6 for what the objects are:

1 Rocks.
2 Bits of Wood.
3 Bits of metal.
4 Small furry creatures.
5 Bags of 10 Gold.
6 Nehekharan Treasures.

Roll 1D6 for how many of these objects are thrown. The Warriors can pick these up if they wish. The man runs off screaming mad gibberish before they can catch up to him.

The Warriors look up at the sound of a clunk from behind the wall, knowing all too well the familiar sound of a trap.

It is then that the Warriors see a huge tree trunk at one side of the room’s roof. Huge metal spikes protrude from its bark and it is attached to the roof by what looks like strong rope. By the time they see it, it is already swinging down from the roof in an unescapable arc of death! All Warriors in the same room must now try and duck to the ground in time by rolling 1D6 and adding their Initiative. To succeed they must get 8 or more. If the result is under 8 then the poor victim has been hit by the swinging trunk. The Warrior should then roll 1D6. On a 4-6 he is just hit by the trunk for 2D6 Wounds. On a 1-3 the Warrior is hit by one of the spikes as well as the trunk, which deals him 3D6 Wounds. The trap then resets itself. This trap also affects Monsters in the same room if there are any there when the Warriors trigger it.

In the centre of the room is an altar engraved with the faces of babies and old men. On top of the altar lies three cups, each filled with what looks like some sort of red juice. There are engravings on each of the cups but the Warriors cannot understand them. They may drink from the cups if they wish, but the cups affect them all differently and each one must roll separately on the following table:

1-2 The Warrior drinks from the cup and waits for something to happen. After a few moments he starts to visually age before his team mate’s eyes! Before long, it seems like the Warrior is about seventy human years. While the Warrior is an old man his is at WS 1, STR 1, MOVE 2, TOU 1, ATT 1, DAM 1, INI 2, PIN 6+. This condition lasts for 2D6 turns.

3-4 The Warrior drinks from the cup and waits for something to happen. After a few moments he starts to shrink! Before long he is a baby! As a baby the Warrior can do nothing and he has WS 1, WOUNDS 2 and crawls at MOVE 2. Monsters won’t attack the baby unless they can’t reach anyone else. This condition lasts for 2D6 turns.

5-6 The Warrior drinks from the cup and waits for something to happen. After a few moments he feels quite rejuvenated. He is restored to full Wounds and may add +1 Starting Wound, permanently

The Warriors notice a loud shuffling sound coming from behind them. They turn around to see a group of Anubis Warriors move into the room, carrying a human prisoner. Fight a battle with 1D6+4 Anubis Warriors and 1 Anubis Priest. Once they are defeated the Warriors free the prisoner. Roll 1D6:

1-2 The prisoner is dead by the time he is freed.

3-4 The prisoner thanks the Warriors and stumbles off into the darkness muttering about being late for dinner.

5-6 The prisoner doesn’t seem grateful at all. In fact, he is quite angry with the Warriors, saying that he was making out to be captured so he was to be lead to the secret hideout, but now that plan is ruined! Yelling abuse at the Warriors he walks off in the direction he was brought in.


On a random wall is a large stone face with its mouth open. It’s eyes are encrusted with jewels. A random Warrior is seduced by the rare stones and tries to pick some of these jewels out. Suddenly a vile stench spews forth out of the face’s mouth. The Warrior trying to get the gems is hit with the full force of it and suffers extreme nausea and is at -1 Movement for the remainder of the adventure. Any other Warriors in the room also suffer from the effects and are at -1 Movement for the next 1D6 turns.

Across one of the walls in this room is a huge mass of inscriptions. After some close inspection, the Warriors find that this is in fact a map of the Pyramid. The Warriors can see the layout of the entire Pyramid! Look at the rest of the Pyramid Cards and place them on the table in the rooms designated positions. Leave them like this until the Warriors explore the board section.

In the centre of the room is a deep well filled with a murky green substance. From this comes a chain that goes up into a hole in the roof. If the Warriors try and use the chain in some way roll 1D6:

1 A random Warrior yanks on the chain forcefully, resulting in a loud whirring sound from in the roof somewhere. Soon, a crunching, crashing sound is heard and one of the stone bricks in the roof falls down onto the Warriors! Each Warrior must roll 1D6. The Warrior with the lowest number is unfortunate enough to have the brick fall on top of him. He receives 3D6 Wounds damage. The brick is then followed by other lumps of metal and broken machinery that also lands on that Warrior inflicting 1D6 Wounds.

2-3 A random Warrior pulls on the chain, which sets off a fatal set of events. Firstly, rock slabs come down, blocking the doorways. A hissing noise is then heard and a thick green gas swirls up out of the well, making the Warriors choke and cough. At the end of every turn, all Warriors and Monsters in the room suffer 1D2 unmodified Wounds. No event rolls are needed while they are all in this room.

The Warriors must escape soon or they will die. There seems to be no other way but to lift up one of the huge stone slabs that blocks the doors. Two Warriors can try and lift one stone slab door together. Add the Warriors Strength together and roll 1D6. If the total is 10 or more, the slab is lifted and the other 2 Warriors can get through under it and hold it from the other side. In the next turn, the two Warriors still in the room can get through and are placed on the other side of the Warriors holding the slab. It is then dropped and the Warriors are safe. If the Warriors decide to move back through the room, they must repeat the above process for all doorways connected to the room.

4 One of the Warriors pulls on the chain and it simply is pulled out of the roof and falls into the well. Seeing there is nothing more to do they move on.

5 A random Warrior pulls on the chain to find it is quite rusted and it really takes effort to move it at all. Soon a grinding sound is heard and a small panel in the wall opens up revealing 1D3 Nehekharan Treasures.

6 One of the Warriors pulls on the chain and a loud gurgling sound is heard. When they peer down the well to see what the source of the noise is, they find that all the murky water is gone and they can see a tunnel leading off from the bottom of the well. If the Warriors wish to explore they can climb down the chain. Take 2D6 Pyramid Cards (not from the current deck) and use them for the tunnels under the well. In the last board section roll 2D6 - this is how many Nehekharan Treasures are found there.

When the Warriors return to the city each one finds that 1D3 of their Nehekharan Treasures are worthless fool’s gold!

This event can only occur while the Warriors are in a corridor. If they are not in a corridor re-roll this event.

Lining the walls of this corridor are opened up humanoid looking rib cages attached by their spines that are bolted to the walls. There are no signs of the rest of the bones. The Warriors find this very curious and begin to investigate. Just when the time is right and all of the Warriors are looking at a different rib cage, they all close! The ribs close around the Warriors with remarkable strength.

To break free of the bones, each Warrior must roll 1D6 and add their Strength. If the result is 9 or more the ribs are broken and the Warrior escapes. Once one of the Warriors escapes they can try to free one of his friends in the next turn by once again passing the Strength test above. It takes a full turn to try and break free, during which the Warrior can perform no other actions. Monsters receive +3 To Hit a Warrior encaged in the ribs.

Within 1D3 turns of the group springing the trap, a Skeleton Hero enters the corridor from a secret passage, the doorway of which closes behind him. He laughs at the Warriors misfortune and attacks them (fight a battle). He receives a +3 To Hit a Warrior who is still stuck in a cage of ribs.

This event can only occur while the Warriors are in a room. If they are not in a room re-roll this event.

The Warriors see that this room is ornamented with expensive tapestries. Also throughout the room are 1D6+1 stone sarcophaguses, ornamented with golden Nehekharan symbols. If the Warriors wish to investigate the sarcophaguses roll 1D6:

1-2 The Warriors push back one of the stone slabs that seals the sarcophaguses to find a mummified humanoid covered in gold and jewels. If the Warriors wish to take the jewels from the mummy roll 1D6:

1-2 As a random Warrior puts his hand in to fish out some treasure, his arm is grabbed with amazing speed by the Mummy, which comes to life before his eyes. The Mummy then lets out a loud moan from his dusty throat, alerting all of the other tombed Mummies (the remaining sarcophaguses) in the room who also come to life and attack the Warriors. Fight a battle with this amount of Mummies. Once the battle is won, the Warriors help themselves to the 2D6 x 100 Gold the Mummy was lying on.

3-4 The Warriors reach in to plunder the Mummy’s resting place. When their hands touch the gold though, it turns to dust and the Mummy begins a deep rumbling laugh that continues to grow louder and louder no matter how much the Warriors stab at him with their weapons. Then laughter emits from the other sarcophaguses, but the Mummies make no effort to move at all. Realising that this noise will alert any other creatures in the area the Warriors think it best to rush from the room. For every turn the Warriors are in the “Tomb of Death” or any adjacent board section, an Unexpected Event occurs on a 1 or 2 and will always be Monsters.

5-6 The Warriors fish into the Mummy’s resting place and help themselves to 1D6 x 100 Gold and 1D3 Nehekharan Treasures.

3-4 The Warriors push open one of the sarcophaguses to be greeted with the deadly hands of a man long since deceased. He grabs the throat of a random Warrior who was standing too close. The Mummy Prince’s powerful hands crush 1D6+3 unmodified Wounds from their victim before the other Warriors can pull his hand away. The Master Mummy then gets to his feet to fight the desecraters of his sacred tomb. Fight a battle with 1 Mummy Prince.

Once the battle is finished, the Warriors are free to open any of the remaining sarcophaguses (if there are any left) by re-rolling on this table.

5-6 The Warriors open one of the sarcophaguses to find bits and pieces of an ancient Mummy. It has no arms and only one leg. They see there is nothing to fear here and help themselves to the 2D6 x100 gold the mummy is lying on.

The Warriors are free to open any of the remaining sarcophaguses (if there are any left) by re-rolling on this table.

The Warriors can see that this room holds some sort of magical aura. A great scarab of gold is against one wall. There is an inscription under it but it is in ancient Nehekharan and so the Warriors can only guess at its meaning. If the Warriors wish to touch the golden scarab, roll 1D6 for each Warrior who touches it:

1 The Warrior receives + 1 Initiative for the remainder of the adventure.

2 The Warrior receives 2D6 Wounds.

3 The Warrior receives full Wounds.

4 The Warrior receives +1 Strength for the remainder of the adventure.

5 The Warrior receives +1 Toughness for the remainder of the adventure.

6 The Warrior receives +1 Attack and for the remainder of the adventure.

The Warriors notice a warmth coming from the walls and hear a thick gushing sound. A random Warrior stops and puts his ear to the wall to try and determine where the noise is comings from. Roll 1D6:

1-3 The Warrior accidentally slips while listening and knocks the sandstone bricks with his arm. Unfortunately this seems to be just enough pressure for the brick to come flying out of the wall, followed by thick molten lava, spewing and splashing over the Warrior. He must take 3D6 Wounds and lose one piece of random armour due to it being melted. Now choose a random wall in the room and a random square along it. This is where this event occurred (place the involved Warrior there). Place a lava counter (can be anything) on the square this turn and for every turn after continue the lava out by one square in every direction. Any model passing through the lava must take 1D6+2 unmodified damage. At the end of each turn roll 1D6. On a 6, the lava flow ceases otherwise it continues to flood the pyramid.

4-6 The Warrior thinks that it is an underground river of some kind and by the heat it’s giving off it is probably one consisting of lava. When the next event occurs, roll 1D6. On a 1-3 go directly to event 18. Otherwise roll on the table as normal.

The floor of this room disgusts the Warriors. It is thick with shredded flesh and blood, rotting and giving off a pungent odour. If the Warriors wish to search the fleshy mess roll 1D6:

1 The Warriors find nothing, but a random Warrior manages to throw up.

2 The Warriors find nothing but a random Warrior is lucky enough to find some sort of bear trap. He may set the bear trap on an empty adjacent square, taking one Move or Attack action. When a Monster or Warrior steps onto the trap it snaps shut onto their legs causing 2D6 Wounds. The Warrior may retrieve the bear trap at any time costing a Move or Attack action. If the trap has gone off it cannot be retrieved unless the Monster it is attached to is slain. It can be retrieved from a warriors leg at anytime though.

3-4 The Warriors find some old pieces of armour in the muck, but nothing they’d ever want to use! Disgusted, they give up the search.

5 The Warriors find 3D6x20 Gold each. It seems no one else was game enough to search this room!

6 The Warriors find treasure! One Warrior receives a Treasure Card. It seems no one else was game enough to search this room!

Somewhere in the Pyramid a wizard is using very powerful spells and a random Warrior is affected. Roll 1D6:

1-2 The Warrior feels his life suddenly rush from his body and he falls to the ground, dead! His friends rush to his aid but it is too late. Just when the Warriors have said their last goodbyes, he rises again, alive! He has become one of the Undead, but seeing that the spell was conjured from a far away distance he has retained all of his thoughts and morals. Visually he is the same, although a bit greyer and certain parts of him rotting, but generally passable for human. He now acts as he always did but with these few changes.

· When the Undead Warrior rolls 1 To Hit and is adjacent to a fellow Warrior, he hits him instead of his original target, for the evil of the magic which possesses him has become too strong at this point.

· The Warrior can now Regenerate 1D3 Wounds a turn.

· Because the Warrior is always in a semi state of rotting he doesn’t smell very good. Whenever he enters a shop at a Settlement he must roll 1D6. On a 1 the shopkeeper finds the smell too disgusting and kicks him out.

· If the Warrior wishes to try and get this affliction cured at a Pharaoh’s City he must first go to a Temple and roll 1D6. On a 6 they can cure him of his rare condition for 1D3 x 1000 gold. On any other number they cannot help him.

3-5 The Warrior feels a surge of evil energy flow through him and he runs in and attacks (with normal Attacks) another random Warrior for 1D3 turns.

6 The Warrior feels a change in his body as the evil magic surges though him. Roll 1D6:

1-2 The Warrior’s flesh starts to rot! Every turn he must take 1 unmodified Wound damage and 3 per week of travel until he can be healed at a Settlement for 1D6 x 100 Gold.

3 The Warrior’s eyes turn completely silver, giving him an intimidating appearance to say the least. He gets +1 to any rolls involving people “giving in to the Warrior”. for example, bartering for stock.

4 The Warrior grows two bull-like horns from his head, making anything being worn on his head unwearable. While in the town he must keep his head hooded but there is a chance he will be seen. So every day spent in the settlement roll 1D6. On a 1 he is discovered and thrown out. This affliction can be healed at a Settlement for 2D6 x 100 Gold.

5-6 A third eye grows in the middle of the Warrior’s head! It works perfectly fine and seems to be able to see through the darkness, effectively giving him night vision (so he can move around without the lantern). When closed, the eye is practically unnoticeable but if the Warrior wishes this magic to be undone then he can be cured at a Settlement for 1D6 x 200 Gold.


The Warriors see that on one of the walls of the room there is a carving. It is a picture of Settra leading his armies against Nagash. Under this is an inscription and under that, a set of runes. If the Warriors try to decipher the inscription roll 1D6:

1-3 The Warriors cannot translate the inscription, and decide there is nothing more of value here.

4-6 The Warriors decipher the inscription and find that it talks of some of the strange magic’s that keep Settra and his minions alive. It talks of the runes below and their powers of restoring life. To be used, the shape of the runes must be cut into the back of a person. When this person dies, the runes return him to life, on occasions.

If any Warrior wishes to do this then he must take 1D6 unmodified Wounds immediately due to the runes being cut into his skin. From then on when the Warrior dies roll 1D6. On a 6 the Warrior is brought back to life with 1D6 Wounds, but then roll another 2D6. If a double is rolled the Warrior convulses on the ground, his flesh falling from his bones. When he rises, he is an Undead Skeleton, living only to serve Settra. He then fights the Warriors as a normal Monster, before seeking out Settra and his hordes.


Pyramid Events by Ben Head.