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Through the foliage of the forests around them, the Warriors spy a dark green leafed tree. Upon its branches hang fist sized pinky orange fruit. If the Warriors eat any of the peaches, they will regain 1 Wound each. There are enough peaches on the tree for each Warrior to take 1D6.


A huge expanse of jungle lies before the Warriors. Trees spread over the whole of the valley floor, seemingly endless. The Warriors can not seem to see any signs of civilisation nearby, save for a handful of small villages scattered throughout the jungle. If they were planning on heading towards a City, they will now have to head towards a Village. This will take 2 extra weeks.


The Warriors discover a huge Lizardman Temple, standing tall in the middle of a clearing. Lizardmen Temple Guards patrol the entrance to the temple. If the Warriors wish to explore the temple, they must first fight a battle against 1D6 Lizardmen Temple Guards. Once the battle is over, take Treasure as normal. The temple is a vast network of passageways and rooms. Treat this as a normal dungeon, except each time a battle is fought, there is a fifty percent chance that the Monsters will be Lizardmen. Use the Tomb Chamber for the Objective Room and instead of rolling on the Monster Tables, there will be:

  • 1 Slann Mage Priest Champion and Palanquin.
  • 1D6 Saurus Warriors led by a Saurus Champion.
  • 2D6 Skink Warriors led by a Skink Champion
  • 1 Giant Scorpion
  • 1 Gigantic Spider.

If the Warriors are victorious, they may each take an item of Objective Room Treasure. They then find a secret exit back to the clearing.


Roll 1D6 to see what the weather is like today:

1 Drought

This area of Lustria looks like it has never seen water. Cracks across the land indicate that it has not rained here for many long years. Brittle animal skulls lie embedded into the ground, a reminder that this place was once a thriving part of the forest. If the Warriors do not have a drinking source, they must each lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds due to dehydration.

2 Hurricanes

The weather is extremely windy this week. Suddenly from out of nowhere starts a hurricane. It twists and turns towards the Warriors, who must attempt to escape from it. Each Warrior must make an Initiative Test to see if he can outrun the hurricane. For each Warrior that fails, they get swept up in the swirling winds. Roll 1D6 for each item of Treasure apart from weapons or armour the Warrior is carrying. On a roll of 1 it is blown away across the tree tops and is never seen again.

3 Violent Storms

Violent storms cover the land. Rain pelts down as if in a race to reach the ground. Dark thunderclouds float threateningly overhead, lashing out with lightning bolts at unsuspecting trees. The Warriors find it impossible to continue travelling today. They must try and find shelter. Roll 1D6 immediately. If a 5 or 6 is rolled, the Warriors manage to crowd into a nearby small cave and wait out the storm. Otherwise on a roll of 1 they catch colds -they must each lose 1 unmodified Wound. The storm lasts for 1D6 days. Each day the Warriors must try and find shelter or risk catching a cold. For each day that they do not find shelter, have a cold and roll another 1, they lose an additional unmodified Wound.

4 Snow

Strange for Lustria at this time of the year, or at any time of the year in fact, snow starts to fall. Soon a heavy blanket of snow has covered the ground, slowing the Warriors down. Add 1 week to travel time as they trudge through the snow.

5 Rainbow

After heavy rain, the sky eventually clears and a rainbow appears in the sky. How nice.

6 Sunny

The sun shines down upon the Warriors. Feeling refreshed, they stride off into the forests. Each Warrior gains 1 Wound due to the revitalising nature of the sunlight.


The way ahead is blocked by heavy vines. The Warriors may attempt to cut their way through. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior with an edged weapon and add his Strength. Add up the total of the values. If the result is equal to or greater than 40, they have managed to cut their way through. Otherwise they must continue to hack away at the vines until they break through. Each attempt takes 1 Week.


On a slab of stone ahead, are a series of glyphs carved into it:

If one of the Warriors can understand Pictorial Glyphs, they can translate them for the other Warriors. The next roll on this table that requires rolling a die for the party as a whole, count the result as a 6. If the Warriors can not translate the Glyphs, the next roll that requires rolling a die for the party as a whole is counted as result 1.


With a shrill cry, a random Warrior is suddenly attacked by a swooping Terradon. He immediately takes one attack at the Terradon's Strength. If the Warriors strength is less than that of the Terradon, he is grabbed in its claws and flown away. The Terradon drops the Warrior back at the dungeon exit, causing the surprised Warrior to lose 1D6 Wounds from the fall. His fellow Warriors must either walk back to get him, or he must continue on his way until he meets up with them again.


The Warriors happen across the ruins of a small Lizardman Village. Roll 1D6 if they decide to explore:

1 Although empty, the village was not uninhabited. The Lizardmen do not take kindly to strangers poking around their home. The Warriors are attacked by a horde of Lizardmen. Roll twice on the Lizardman Monster Table to determine the battle. After the battle, if the Warriors still wish to explore, roll another 1D6 and consult this table.

2 While searching through the ruins, the Warriors disturb a sleeping Kroxigor, unhappy that his sleep has been interrupted. He grunts loudly, and before long, the Warriors are surrounded by 2 more Kroxigors. After the battle, if the Warriors still wish to explore, roll another 1D6 and consult this table.

3 The Warriors disturb a small group of 1D6 Saurus Warriors. A fight begins! After the battle, if the Warriors still wish to explore, roll another 1D6 and consult this table.

4 A gathering of Skink Warriors are furious at the interruption and launch themselves at the Warriors. Fight a battle with 1D6 Skinks. After the battle, if the Warriors still wish to explore, roll another 1D6 and consult this table.

5 The Warriors encounter a group of 1D6 Lizards. Savagely, they attack the Warriors. After the battle, if the Warriors still wish to explore, roll another 1D6 and consult this table.

6 The Warriors have found the Lizardmen's treasure store. Each Warrior may take 1D3 Treasure Cards.


Nearby a ruined village, the Warriors notice a small pond. This is the pond from which a recent spawning of Lizardmen happened. In fact, the pond might still contain some of its magical properties. If the Warriors wish to drink from the pond, roll 1D6 for each Warrior:

1 In agony, the Warrior collapses onto the ground, before toppling head first into the pool, dead.

2 The water tastes foul, as if someone had recently defecated in it. In fact, that is precisely what has happened. A nearby river washes animal faeces into this pool, and the Warrior has just drunk from it! He immediately is sick, and loses 1D3 unmodified Wounds. In addition, he has become infected with a disease from drinking from the pond. Each turn he will lose 1 unmodified Wound until he is healed at a City by visiting the Temple and paying (1D6 x 50 x Battle Level) Gold. He can also be healed by drinking a healing potion. The disease causes fatal damage.

3 The water tastes disgusting. The Warrior vomits all over the other Warriors, losing 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

4 The water is refreshing.

5 The water has healing properties. The Warrior gains 1D6 Wounds.

6 The water has a strange effect on the Warrior. Roll 1D6 on the Magic Potion table on page 24 of the Roleplay Book to determine its effect. The effects will last for the next week only.



A loud cry alerts the Warriors and they hurry to find out the cause. Through the bushes, they discover a group of Saurus Temple Guard in front of a temple. A man, trussed up and blindfolded is being laid on a stone altar. The Saurus Warriors hold his arms, and one produces a wickedly sharp knife. If the Warriors decide to rescue the man, roll 1D6:

1 It is a trap. The Saurus release the man, and he steps down off the altar. He is actually a Chaos Sorcerer. In return for the help of the Lizardmen in luring the Warriors into the trap, he has offered to grant them the boon of Tzeentch. The Warriors must fight a battle with 1D6 Saurus Temple Guard, 1D6 Saurus Warriors, and 1 Master Chaos Sorcerer of Tzeentch

2 The Warriors barge through the bushes, thinking the battle easy, as they can only see 4 Temple Guard. Once through, they hear a roar from behind, and turning, are shocked to see a further 1D6 Temple Guard standing behind them. They are surrounded. Fight a battle with 1D6 + 4 Saurus Temple Guard. If it takes the Warriors more than 4 turns to kill the Temple Guards, the leader plunges the knife directly through the heart of the man lying on the altar, killing him. Otherwise, the Warriors rescue him. Instead of thanking them, the terrified man runs off into the jungle.

3 A random Warrior trips over a rock, alerting the Lizardmen to their presence . While the Warriors are helping the fallen Warrior up, the Lizardmen attack! Fight a battle with 1D6 Temple Guard. Treat them as if they had the Ambush skill. If it takes the Warriors more than 4 turns to kill the Temple Guards, the leader plunges the knife directly through the heart of the man lying on the altar, killing him. Otherwise, the Warriors rescue him. Although frightened, the man manages to thank the Warriors and offers them a small pouch of 1D6 x 20 Gold, his only belongings, in gratitude.

4 The Warriors leap through the bushes. At the same time, on the other side of the temple, so does another group of Warriors. The Lizardmen pick up their weapons and attack - half going for the Warriors and the remaining half attacking the other group of Warriors. Fight against 2 Temple Guards. When the Warriors win, they meet up with the other group of Warriors. If another Warrior wishes to join the party, now would be a good time to do so.

5 Just as the Lizardman is about to bring the knife down into the sacrifice, the Warriors act! Surprising the Lizardmen, the Warriors emerge from the trees yelling their battle cries. Fight a battle against 1D3 Saurus Temple Guard. If the Warriors win, the man thanks them and warns them of a trap that he fell for in the jungle, causing him to be in this situation. If the Warriors ever roll event number 13, then they know of the trap and will not be tricked.

6 The Warriors manage to fight off the Saurus Temple Guard and free the man. In return for their courage, he tells them the location of a great Treasure hoard. He has been unable to reach it because the chest is so heavy that it requires more than one person to carry it. The next time the Warriors need to roll for a hazard, go straight to event 28.


A random Warrior spies a glint in the undergrowth. If the Warrior wishes to take it, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the Warrior has just gotten his hand crushed by a lion trap. He must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds and is at -1 Weapon Skill for the next adventure. Otherwise, he may gain 1 Treasure Card. If the Warriors have been warned of this trap from Event 12, treat this event as finding treasure automatically.


The jungle suddenly stops at a clearing and the Warriors spy a strange thatched cottage of Halfling design nestling neatly in the centre of it. An old woman and a young man, a Bretonnian from the looks of things, come out to greet their guests. The young man introduces himself as Baron von Bernie Stratón and the old woman as his mother. They have been living here for many years now, outcasts from a recent Bretonnian treasure hunt. While dining on roast fowl and coatl eggs, the Warriors notice that Bernie doesn't seem to be talking as much as he usually does. Roll 1D6.

1 Bernie is dead! The Warriors deduce that it was the mother who killed him. They quickly back out of the room and leave the evil witch behind to her fate. It is only then they realise that they have been poisoned. Each Warrior must lose 1 Permanent Wound.

2 The fact of the matter is that Bernie has died of food poisoning, and no one noticed. The old woman instantly accuses the Warriors of poisoning her son, and whacks them with her stick. Each Warrior must lose 1 unmodified Wound.

3 The Warriors enjoy a nice meal, but suddenly realise that they are wasting valuable time. Each Warrior gains 1 provision, but 1 Week must be added to the journey.

4-6 Oh dear! Bernie seems to have died somehow. His mother comes in and insists the Warriors stay at the house for the remainder of the weekend. She then proceeds to talk directly to Bernie. She doesn't realise that he is dead. Realising that the old woman would be heart broken if she knew her only son is dead, the Warriors instantly decide to stay the weekend and try to fool her into believing he is still alive. Roll 1D6.

1-3 The Warriors attach strings to Bernie's arms and legs, and proceed to move him around the room, lift his hands, and move his head whenever the old woman talks to him. Unfortunately, the ruse does not work. The old woman soon realises something is wrong, and bursts into tears. The Warriors must lose a point of non-Permanent Luck.

4-6 The Warriors attach strings to Bernie's arms and legs, and proceed to move him around the room, lift his hands, and move his head whenever the old woman talks to him. This process continues until the end of the weekend, when the local doctor (living in a nearby hut) arrives to check on the two of them. No doubt, Bernie will be resurrected without the old woman ever knowing he was dead. The Warriors leave the hut with the satisfaction of a job well done. Each Warrior may gain 1 non-Permanent Luck.


While relieving himself beneath a tree, there is a sudden shaking of the branches and a random Warrior finds himself being squeezed to death by a great huge snake. The Warrior keeps rolling a dice until he rolls a 6. Each time he does not roll a six, the Warrior takes 1 unmodified Wound. If the Warrior reaches 0 Wounds, the constrictor swallows him whole. No amount of healing will save the digested Warrior.


An eerie feeling comes over the Warriors as they realise that they are being followed. Roll 1D6 on the following table:

1 With startling speed and ferocity a mighty black panther leaps from the trees and heads straight for a random Warrior, intent on ripping him limb from limb. That Warrior must roll 1D6 and add his Move and Initiative and get over 12, or he will be savaged before the other Warriors can intervene. He takes 4D6 unmodified Wounds, and a random piece of treasure is broken to fragments of its original size.

2 A whopping great lion makes straight for a random Warrior before the others can intervene. That Warrior must roll 1D6 and add Initiative and Move and get over 10, or he will suffer horrendous wounds totalling 3D6 unmodified Wounds.

3 The Warriors seem to be the prey of a wild cat. In its hunger, it has been forced to attack targets larger than itself. A random Warrior must roll 1D6 and add Move and Initiative and get 8 or over, or he suffers 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

4 A native of the surrounding jungle lands throws a jagged spear towards one of the Warriors. He must roll 1D6 and add Initiative and get 7 or over, or he will be hit by the spear for 2D6 modified Wounds.

5 The Warriors seem to be followed by a young skink, carrying a tiny blow dart and a few Poisson darts. A random Warrior must roll 1D6 and get equal to or under his Initiative or be hit by a dart. The dart causes 1D3 unmodified Wounds.

6 After carefully back tracking to discover who is following them, the Warriors realise it is simply a mischievous monkey who has taken an interest in the Warriors. They shoo it away and continue unhindered.


After many weeks of pushing on deeper and deeper into a vast jungle, the Warriors realise that they are lost. In fact, more than lost. Hopelessly lost would describe it better. Add 2D6 weeks to the journey. If this event is rolled again, the Warriors are still lost and must add a further 1D6 weeks, for a total of an additional 3D6 Weeks. Each time this event is rolled, add an additional 1D6 Weeks to the number of dice rolled. If the Warriors are unfortunate to roll this event 5 times in the one journey, they have become so lost that any hope of escape in non-existent. The entire party spends the rest of their lives walking through the thick jungles before they die of starvation.


Suddenly, the Warriors are set upon by tiny green balls of rubbery flesh which fall from the trees and erupt from the earth. Each Warrior must roll 1D6 and add Strength. If the result is less than 7, the Gremlins make off with all the Warrior's provisions and bandages, and 2D6 * 100 gold pieces. If the result is 7 or greater, they only manage to steal 1D6 provisions, 1D6 bandages, and 1D6 * 50 gold pieces.


In an open clearing in the jungle, the Warriors spy a small stone pedestal, upon which rests a tiny bronze goblet. A single Warrior may take a sip from the goblet by rolling 1D6.

1 The goblet contains stagnant rain water. The Warrior loses 1 unmodified Wound.

2 The goblet contains cool rain water.

3 The liquid has a strange tangy taste. The Warrior regains 1D6 Wounds.

4 Upon drinking the liquid, the Warrior is infused with great energy. He gains a roll on the Wizard's Magic Potion Table on page 24 of the Roleplay book.

5 The liquid is indeed some form of powerful concoction, but if it was left by the Gods is uncertain. The Warrior gains 1 point of either Strength, Initiative or Toughness. This addition lasts for the next adventure only.

6 The substance in the goblet fills the Warrior with great power. Once next adventure, he may nominate a creature and shoot a ball of god-like power towards it. The monster's statistics are immediately halved, rounding up. If this is not used, it is wasted. In addition, the Warrior gains a permanent point of Initiative.


The sounds of singing birds reach the Warriors. Looking up into the sky, they see a small flock of magical birds, waves of energy radiating out from them. Any magic-users in the party can immediately gain 2D6 points of permanent power, which can be added to his Power Pool. Unfortunately, this sudden surge of energy may be too much for the Warrior. For each point of power over 5 gained, roll 1D6. For each dice that scores a 1, the Warrior loses 1 Permanent Wound.


The Warriors arrive at a large chasm, which stretches to the east and west for countless miles. There will be no going around this obstacle. Fortunately, not too far off, is a rickety bridge, barely hanging on. It's over this that the Warriors must travel. If any Warrior can get across by some other means, such as flying, or teleportation, they may do so. The others Warriors must cross by the bridge. Each Warrior must roll a number of dice equal to 6 subtract their Initiative. For each dice that comes up as a 1, a plank of the bridge has broken and the Warrior must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds or a random piece of Treasure as he struggles to keep his grip (Warrior chooses). If the Warrior does not have to roll any dice, then he is too agile, and the bridge will take his weight. Any Warrior that is reduced to 0 Wounds topples into the chasm and is never seen again, except by the vultures who pick his bones.



The Warrior encounter a large grove full of strange tropical ferns. Growing on each fern is a number of greenish white fruits. Each Warrior may take 1D3 of the fruits. Whenever a Warrior wishes to eat a fruit, roll 1D6 on the following table for its effect.

1-3 Unfortunately, the fruit was not actually a fruit, but a form of spider's nest. Thousands of tiny, green spiders erupt into the Warriors mouth and onto his chin. Choking and frantically trying to remove them, the Warrior loses 1 Permanent Wound, and a point of Luck, which is regained next adventure as usual.

4-5 The fruit is quite tasty, and the Warrior gains 4 Wounds.

6 The fruit has magical properties which heal the Warrior to full Wounds and increase his Toughness by 3 for the remainder of this adventure. In addition, he also gains 1D3 Permanent Wounds.


Without warning, the Warriors emerge from the depths of the jungle and come face to face with a vast Lizardman Pyramid City. Small huts made of mud and grass litter the countryside as far as the eye can see, and standing directly in the middle is a mighty Pyramid. The Warriors can explore the city if they wish, and look for treasure. Each Warrior rolls 1D6 to see where he begins his search.

1 Spawning Pond

2 Skink Barrio

3 Central Plaza

4 Saurus Training Plaza

5 Lesser Mage-Priest Pyramid Temple

6 High Mage-Priest Pyramid Temple

Each Warrior now rolls another D6 on the appropriate table to see what they find, if anything.

Spawning Pond

1 Upon crossing the walkways that lead into the city, and keeping very quiet so as to not avoid the Saurus Guards, the Warrior tip toes towards a Skink Spawning Pond that is surrounded by a low stone wall. Looking in, the Warrior is shocked to see many large piranhas leap towards his face, causing 3D6 unmodified Wounds. In addition, the Warrior is captured and must roll on the Lizardman Prisoner Table.

2 Taking care not to alert the Saurus Guards, the Warrior heads towards a Skink Spawning Pond which seems to be relatively quiet. Leaning over the small stone wall, he comes face to face with a small piranha, which proceeds to take a chomp out of the unfortunate Warrior for 1D6 unmodified Wounds. If the Warrior had a helmet, this is reduced to 1D3 unmodified Wounds.

3 The Warrior makes his way towards a rather small, murky swamp. Thick vines lie in abundance near the edge of the swamp. It looks as if it hasn't been used in decades for any Lizardman spawnings. There is nothing of interest near the boundaries of the swamp, but if the Warrior wishes he may wade into the murky depths. Roll 1D6 for each point of Move he has. For each dice that rolls a 5 or a 6, the Warrior has pushed his way forward. If the Warrior manages to roll three 5's or 6's, he has come upon a small patch of a rare root called Comfrey Root. There is enough for 1D3 pieces to be taken. If eaten just before the Warrior takes Fatal Damage, or Poison, or any damage that will cause permanent harm when he is reduced to 0 Wounds, the effects are ignored, but he is still reduced to 0 Wounds and must be healed as usual. Wether or not the Warrior managed to reach the centre of the swamp or not, roll 1D6. A roll of 1 or 2 indicates that the Warrior has been caught wading through the sacred Spawning Pond and is captured. He must roll on the Lizardman Prisoner Table.

4 The Warrior spends a good half hour rummaging through the depths of the nearest swamp. He finds nothing but a piece of mouldy bread. If eaten, it will cause the Warrior to lose 1 Initiative for the next adventure, but he will gain 1 Wound. Now roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Warrior has been captured and must roll on the Lizardman Prisoner Table.

5 A group of Saurus Guards pass the concealed Warrior just as he was about to emerge from his hiding place. While waiting for them to pass, the Warrior accidentally dislodges a piece of stone from the Lizard Sphinx statue he was hiding behind. He is amazed to locate a hidden pouch with 2D6 * 10 gold pieces in it.

6 As he begins to emerge from hiding, the Warrior notices that there is a strange ceremony occurring at the edge of one of the spawning pools. Taking a closer look, he is disturbed to realise he is a witness to a Lizardman Spawning ritual. Roll 1D6. If the roll is a 1 to 4, the Warrior is caught watching the proceedings and is thrown in jail. He must roll on the Lizardman Prisoner Table. If the result is a 5 or a 6, he manages to catch the entire ritual, complete with the offerings left to Sotec, one of the Lizardmen Gods. After the ceremony, the Warrior deviously runs onto the scene and grabs all the goods. He gains 2D6 * 50 gold pieces and 1 Treasure Card.

Skink Barrio

1 The Warrior strides boldly into the centre of a busting bazaar, which is currently populated by many many (many) Skink Craftsman and Labourers. They immediately call the guards, and the Warrior is beaten senseless for 3D6 modified Wounds. He must roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table.

2 The Skink populated area of the city is currently quite active. Must be market day or something. Unfortunately, the area is quite heavily guarded, and the Warrior is chased through the streets by two or three patrols of Temple Guards. The Warrior must lose 2 unmodified Wounds due to dehydration as he spends hours constantly running and hiding and roll 1D6. A roll of 1 to 3 indicates the Warrior has been caught and must make a roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table. Any other roll indicates freedom.

3 As the Warrior rounds a corner, he comes faces to face with a mighty Stegadon, tethered to a stone wall with many pieces of sturdy rope. The beast gives a startled cry, alerting the Saurus Guards. Smacking the beast across its front horn in annoyance, the Warrior flees the city with no loot.

4 In one section of the barrio, there stands a lone hut, with no sign of occupancy. Taking a closer look, the Warrior finds a table full of useless Skink tools, such as hammers, nails, plaster moulds and square sheets of bronze metal. After making a thorough search, the Warrior emerges from the hut with a collection of 1D6 * 5 gold pieces, and a Trance Stone.

5 An elderly Skink Labourer spots the Warrior hiding in the bushes at the base of his home, and, being a bit short sighted, mistakes him for a tall Skink Warrior. He invites the bewildered Warrior into his hut. Once inside, the Warrior is fed rice cakes, given honey wine, and told to take his boots off and be comfortable. If the Warrior can understand Skinkian, then with sudden loathing he realises that the aged Skink wants the Warrior to be his grand daughter's mate. The old Skink presses an offering into the Warriors hands and says to give it to his grand daughter as a wedding present. Take a Treasure Card. The Warrior then leaves the old Skink alone with his mutterings and flees the city before he is forced to do unspeakable acts with a girl Skink. If the Warrior does not understand Skinkian, he believes the old Skink is trying to trick him while the Guards are called. Knocking him over, the Warrior charges out of the hut and flees the city in haste.

6 This particular section of the barrio seems to be deserted. In one section there is a collection of tiny Spawning swamps, and in another there are many Skink homes, no doubt full of glorious treasure for the courageous Warrior to plunder. He investigates thoroughly and leaves the city with a big grin and a bag of 2D6 * 200 gold pieces, an a Treasure Card.

Central Plaza

1 Taking his time, the Warrior decides to head to where the action is, and thus locate as much booty as possible. He is about to make a run for it and hide behind a large obelisk in the centre of the city when he is suddenly pushed from behind by a large group of Skink spectators. He is soon gathered up in a large, cheering crowd as a mighty war host parades in the Central Plaza before heading off to war. Guards soon notice the anomaly, being the Warrior, in the crowd, and arrest him, causing a major riot. The Warrior is severely beaten and left to die, as the riot police take charge of the situation. The Warrior will die unless another Warrior is also searching the Central Plaza, or even a Skink Barrio. He must be placed on 0 Wounds and healed as usual.

2 There seems to be some kind of ritual being performed in the centre of the plaza, centred around a large stone pit. The Warrior takes cover behind a stone outcropping and watches. He realises that a large group of armed Saurus' are about to sacrifice a human to some Lizardman God, probably Sotec, the main Lizard Deity. If the Warrior wishes to attempt a rescue, roll 1D6. A roll of 1 to 5 indicates that the Warrior fails to free the prisoner, and gets himself caught in the process. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table. A roll of 6 indicates success. The Warrior causes enough of a commotion to set the prisoner free. Unfortunately, the prisoner doesn't seem very grateful and he flees into the undergrowth, never to be seen again. The Warrior, too, makes his escape. If the Warrior does not attempt to free the prisoner, it gnaws at his conscious. He must lose 1 point of Luck, which is regained in the usual way next adventure.

3 There just seems to be far too many Lizardmen roaming the area. The Warrior decides to try his luck elsewhere. Roll again on the table to see where the Warrior searches.

4 Set up in the middle of the plaza, for the entertainment of the wealthy Mage-Lords are various sculptures, created by famous Skink Artists. Most are made from bronze and stone, but one or two are made from gold and silver, rare metals in this land. If the Warrior wishes, he may attempt to steal one of the statues. Roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the roll is greater than or equal to 8, the Warrior manages to steal one without to much concern. Now roll another D6. On a roll of 4 to 6, the statue is gold, and worth 1D6 * 100 gold pieces at a Settlement. On a roll of 1 to 3, the statue is stone or bronze, and totally worthless. If the Initiative roll is less than 8, the guards catch the Warrior, beat him for 2D6 modified Wounds, and throw him in jail. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table.

5 A fairly large retinue of guards is patrolling the streets of the plaza. Supported on a large wooden bar is a bronze cage, barely large enough for a human to fit inside, let alone a Lizardman criminal. The sorry looking Saurus stares out gloomily into the gathering on onlookers, and is ignoring the pelting he is getting from rotten fruit and vegetables. The Warrior decides to set the unfortunate Saurus free. In the ensuing battle that follows, the Warrior takes 3D6 modified Wounds, but manages to free the sorrow fellow. The two of them escape into the wilderness, followed closely by numerous guards. The Saurus prisoner seems grateful at being set free, and the Warrior is surprised that he can talk basic Common. He expresses his interest in travelling with the Warrior for a certain amount of adventures. The Warrior can agree or not. The Saurus has the same statistics as a normal Saurus Warrior. He is controlled by the Warrior who rescued him. Any gold the Saurus gains from killing monsters, he gives to the Warrior. The Saurus moves in order of Initiative as normal. Do not place a counter in the container for the Saurus. Monsters only attack the Saurus if they can reach no other Warrior. At the end of every adventure, roll 1D6. On a roll of 4 to 6, the Saurus decides to continue travelling with the Warrior. On a roll of 1 to 3, he tires of the adventuring life, and takes his leave.

6 The Warrior decides to spend some time admiring some of the glyphs that are carved into the stones of the plaza, from a safe distance, of course. Roll 1D6 and add Willpower. On a roll of 9 or more, the Warrior begins to see a common theme in the glyphs. Congratulations. The Warrior has learnt the Pictorial Glyph Language.

Saurus Training Plaza

1 The Warrior decides to investigate a large open area to the south of the Central Plaza, where many Saurus are hard at training. Unfortunately, the wind carries the Warrior's scent directly into the plaza. It's not long before the Warrior is captured and thrown into the jail to await his fate, after being beaten savagely, of course, for 3D6 modified Wounds. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table.

2 The Saurus training Plaza seems to be deserted. The Warrior begins his search for goods, only to be rudely interrupted by a spear point directed at his head. The Warrior is thrown into jail. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table.

3 While waiting for an opportunity to plunder and steal from the innocent Saurus' just going about their training, the Warrior snags his gold pouch on a stone ledge, and only realises he is losing hoards of cash after 2D6 * 100 gold pieces are discovered missing. Cursing his ill luck, the Warrior mumbles something about bank fees and having to cart his entire fortune around with him and vanishes back into the undergrowth, to await his companions.

4 During a break in the training session, the Warrior slips into the plaza and scrounges around for treasure. He manages to locate a single bronze spear. The spear can be used in the same way as a normal spear, except after every successful hit, roll 1D6. A roll of 1 indicates the bronze spear has broken, and is useless.

5 A fairly wealthy Skink barrister is also watching the training. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the Skink soon tires of the match and leaves. Eventually, night falls, and the Warrior grows tired of waiting, so he departs. On a roll of 4 to 6, the Skink departs in utter disdain, but accidentally drops a pouch of 2D6 * 100 gold pieces on the ground. The Warrior grabs it before he notices it is missing.

6 Today, of all days, seems to be the day for the elite Saurus champions to train. Each has brought all their magical artefacts to the plaza. If the Warrior wishes, he may attempt to steal an item. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the Warrior is spotted, and chased into the undergrowth. On a roll of 4 to 5, the Warrior manages to snatch a single Treasure card from one of the weaker champions. On a roll of 6, the Warrior nicks a mighty item of treasure. Take an Objective Room Treasure card.

Lesser Mage-Priest Pyramid Temple

1-3 The Warrior boldly steps from his cover and makes his way towards the entrance of a small pyramid temple, as if he knows where he is going. Unfortunately, his ploy fails to work, and he is promptly captured and thrown in jail. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table.

4-6 Taking a deep breath, the Warrior heads towards a small temple. For some reason, it seems to be unguarded and unlocked. He sneaks in. In a large central chamber, the Warrior discovers a group of Skinks being taught how to speak by a larger, more masculine Skink. After listening for a few hours, the Warrior is lucky enough to pick up the basics of the Skinkian Language. The Warrior has learned the Skinkian Language.

High Mage-Priest Pyramid Temple

The only way into this heavily guarded place is through the front door. The Warrior pretends he is a welcome guest, a human missionary, in fact, and the Mage-Lord is expecting him. If the Warrior can speak Skinkian, roll 1D6. On a roll of 4 to 5, the Warrior is very lucky. He is ushered into the chambers within. Roll 2D6 on the following table to see which room he has the time to explore. If he rolls a 1 to 3, he is not believed, but, just in case, he is not troubled any further. The Warrior departs. If the Warrior does not understand or speak Skinkian, his attempts at conversation are not very well received. The Warrior is beaten for 2D6 modified Wounds and thrown in jail to await his dastardly fate. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table.

2 Tomb Chamber. The Warrior enters what appears to be a large chamber devoted to the resting of the dead. Many mummified corpses rest in open sarcophagi. The Warrior has a field day looting the treasures of the long dead. Take 1D3 Treasure cards, 1 Objective Room Treasure Card and 3D6 * 100 gold pieces.

3 Calendar Chamber. The Calendar chamber is where the passing of time is recorded as vast scrolls upon which Skink scribes record the doings of their Mage-Lord ruler. The room is often only found by secret door, and the Warrior is fortunate enough to have stumbled across it. The Warrior may take 3D6 * 100 gold pieces and a Treasure Card.

4 Chamber of Sacred Plaques. What a place to find! This is the room where the ancient plaques of Lizardman history, stolen by a Bretonnian treasure seeking party many years ago, should have rested. Each Mage-Lord Temple had room to store one of these sacred plaques. Only a few remain. Most of them are lost in the Old World, never to return to Lizardman hands. Anyway, enough babbling! Roll 1D6. A roll of 5 or 6 indicates that the Warrior is in a temple pyramid that still has the golden plaque placed in its resting place on the wall. He may pry it lose if he has Strength of 4 or more, and keep it. The plaque can be sold for 1D6 D6 * 100 gold pieces at a settlement. If the plaque is not in the temple, the Warrior still manages to take a few trinkets, worth 1D6 * 50 gold pieces.

5 Palanquin Chamber. Oh dear! The Warrior seems to have stumbled into the throne room of the resident Mage-Lord. If the Warrior can speak Slann, he can explain to the Mage-Lord his mistake, and back out of the room hastily. Otherwise, the Warrior is tossed into the jail. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table.

6 Terradon Perchery. After being dumped upon many large winged beasts, the Warrior decides not to tempt them any further, and backs out of the room.

7 Shrine of Sotec. A large group of Saurus Warriors are worshiping their favourite god here. The Warrior is chased out after a few harrowing minutes of trying to explain his presence. The Warrior must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

8 Collapsed Chamber. Hmmmm! Dead end. Roll again on this table, adding 1 to the result.

9 Saurus Spawning Caverns. There is absolutely no treasure to be had here what-so-ever. What a complete waste of time! But wait! Suddenly, a strange old Skink Shaman approaches the Warrior from within the cavern. He presses a scroll into the Warrior's hand and runs back into the cave. "And don't take too long reading that scroll. They will be ready for there first lesson soon." Strange Skink. Upon opening the scroll up, the Warrior realises it is the entire Saurus Language. The Warrior now knows how to read and speak Crude Saurian. (That's quite an accomplishment, considering the Saurian language consists of fearsome roars and blood curdling battle cries.)

10 Saurus Barracks. The Warrior walks proudly into the Saurus Barracks, and finds dozens of the Lizardmen sitting down sharpening their weapons. They don't seem to mind the Warrior's presence much. Roll 1D6. A roll of 1 indicates that they suddenly change their mind, and attack the Warrior. Have a battle with 1D6 Saurus Warriors. Good luck! Take treasure as usual. If anything but a 1 is rolled, the Warrior spends time learning Saurus combat tactics. Whenever the Warrior is in combat with any sort of Lizardman (Skinks, Saurus, or Slann), he may do an extra Damage Dice, and his Weapon Skill is treated as being 3 higher than his current Weapon Skill.

11 Astral Shaft. Whoa! The Warrior spends long hours staring up into space at the planets and asteroids as they pass by. Never before has the Warrior experienced such a thing. He may gain 1 point of Luck, permanent. A Bretonian Knight may gain 1D50 Honour points, and a Witch Hunter may gain 1D6 Permanent Faith Points, in addition to the Luck.

12 Treasure Chamber. Oh, how unfortunate that the guards to this wondrous treasure trove are no longer at their posts. Gold lies everywhere in the room, and parts of magical artefacts lie uncovered amongst the vast wealth. Perhaps the Warrior had better assist in the cleaning up. The Warrior may take 10D6 * 150 gold pieces, 1D3 Objective Room Treasure Cards (Ooohhhh!) and 1D6 Treasure cards. In addition, the Warrior finds 1D3 scrolls, each of which details one of the following languages. The Warrior learns these languages before the scrolls magically crumble to dust.

1-3 Skinkian

4 Crude Saurian

5 Pictorial Glyphs

6 Slann.

Lizardman Prisoner Table

Whenever the Warrior is required to roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table. Roll 1D6 on the following table.

1 The authorities wake the Warrior up at the crack of dawn, placing his hands and feet in thick manacles, and escort him to the Central Plaza. There he is placed in a large mass of about one hundred Skaven prisoners, to await his fate as a sacrificial offering to the Great God Sotec. The Warrior's adventuring days are over.

2 The Warrior is beaten savagely, but is not offered as a sacrifice to Sotec as is the normal procedure for things. Instead, he is cruelly tortured for the amusement of the Mage-Lord (Most Mage-Lords are above this sort of gross cruelty, but oh well.), and his tattered body is thrown into the jungle to feed the tigers. The Warrior must lose 1D6 Permanent Wounds.

3 After stripping the Warrior of all his gold, equipment and magical items, the jailers toss the Warrior into the surrounding jungle. At least the Warrior still has his life, I guess.....

4 The Warrior spends the day and night waiting patiently for the outcome of his prison term, but nothing much seems to be happening. Roll again on this table, adding 1 to the result. These additions are cumulative.

5 A careless guard accidentally left the cell door unlocked. Roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the result is 7 or more, the Warrior manages to escape with his freedom and all his booty. Any other roll, and the Warrior fails to escape. He is beaten for 2D6 modified Wounds, and must roll again on this table.

6 A fellow prisoner offers the Warrior a Treasure Map for sale, for 1D6 * 50 gold pieces. When the next Objective Room is reached, the Warrior may gain an additional 1D6 * 100 gold as his reward. And what's this? Some careless, foolish even, Saurus guard has left the cell door wide open. The Warrior escapes into the night, never to be seen again, until next time he is captured and forced to roll on this table.


The Warriors encounter a small cave entrance in the jungle undergrowth. If the Warriors wish to enter it, roll 1D6.

1 The ceiling suddenly gives way and crushes 1D3 random Warriors for 3D6 modified Wounds. In addition, the Warriors are now trapped inside for 1D6 days, before they can tunnel their way out. Warriors must eat one provision per day; for each day without a provision, a Permanent Wound must be lost.

2 The cave is home to a group of monsters. Roll on the Dungeon-Level table 1D3 times higher than the current Warrior's Battle-Level and have a battle.

3 At the back of the cave, a random Warrior finds 1D6 * 5 gold pieces.

4 At the far end of the subterranean cavern, the Warriors manage to gather enough gold for a total of 1D6 * 50 gold pieces each.

5 A random Warrior locates a Treasure Card.

6 Each Warrior locates 1D6 * 100 gold pieces and a Treasure Card.


After pushing through into a clearing, the Warriors arrive at a small grave site, where rough headstones made of carved wood and branches sit at the top of small mounds of dirt. A small, mouldy sign post which has seen better days stands lop-sidedly in the mud, indicating that this is a small graveyard where the dead of a long forgotten Arabian expedition are buried. Roll 1D6.

1 The Warriors are shocked to see the vast majority of the graves heave upwards, and a gathering of Zombies launch themselves towards the Warriors. Fight a battle with 4D6 Zombies. No treasure of any sort is gained for the battle, and there are too many of them for the Warriors to even attempt an escape.

2 The entire site seems to be infested by some kind of contagion. Each Warrior rolls 1D6. On a roll of a 1, the Warrior has contracted the disease. He must lose 1 point of Toughness and Strength, permanently. If he pays 1D6 * 500 gold pieces when he is in a Town or City, he can cure the disease and regain the lost points.

3 The Warriors disturb a creature, who is feeding from the bodies in the graves. Fight a battle against 1 Salamander. Do not gain Treasure for the battle.

4 The graveyard is calm and peaceful.

5 One of the graves is almost uncovered, ravaged by some animal. A random Warrior finds a single golden Trinket hidden in the mud. This Trinket can be offered instead of giving Gold for events that require the Warrior to hand over gold. Roll 1D6. On a 1 to 3, the Trinket is not accepted. On a roll of 4 to 6, the Trinket in taken instead of gold.

6 A random Warrior finds a Treasure Map on one of the uncovered rotting bodies. Next Objective Room, the Warrior may take an extra 1D6 * 100 gold pieces.


The jungle gives way to a thick, murky swamp. Strange gasses surround the Warriors, and cries of strange beasts echo off the surrounding gnarled vegetation. The Warriors must press on ahead regardless. Roll 1D6.

1 The gasses are very poisonous indeed. The Warrior must each lose 1 point of Strength. This point can be regained only if the Warrior pays 1D6 * Battle-Level * 200 gold pieces at a City or Town.

2 A random Warrior is suddenly pulled beneath the surface. Roll 1D6 and add Initiative and Strength. If the result is 13 or greater, the Warrior manages to free himself with no harm done. Otherwise, the Warrior must lose 2D6 unmodified Wounds and a random piece of Treasure.

3 A random Warrior slips in the slippery mud, and gains a mouthful of disgusting water. He must lose 1D3 unmodified Wounds. Roll another D6. On a roll of 1, the water was infected with all manner of diseases. The Warrior must lose 1 Permanent Wound.

4 While far from pleasant, the swamp has no other effect than to dampen spirits and to add another Week to the journey time.

5 The swamp soon gives way to the healthy vegetation of the jungle once more. No lasting harm occurs.

6 A random Warrior finds a dusty bottle of a strange liquid hiding amongst the swampy foliage. When drunk, the Warrior may gain a roll on the Wizard's Magical Potion table on page 24 of the Role-Play book.


While setting up camp in a small clearing, a large coconut suddenly hits a random Warrior on the head for 1 unmodified Wound. Now roll 1D6.

1 A group of mischievous monkeys leap from the trees and land amongst the Warriors possessions. Each Warrior loses 1D3 randomly chosen pieces of treasure before they can do a thing.

2 A group of villainous monkeys leap from the trees, and grab the Warriors hard earned goodies. Each Warrior must lose 1 randomly determined piece of Treasure.

3 A single monkey jumps from the trees and lands directly in front of a random Warrior's gold pouch. Roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the result is 7 or more, the Warrior is quick enough and grabs his booty. Otherwise, the monkey runs off into the jungle with the pouch. The Warrior loses all his gold.

4 Suddenly, a huge stream of rocks and pebbles assail the Warriors from the trees. Each Warrior must roll equal to or less than his Initiative on 1D6 or lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

5 A single monkey smiles evilly down from a very tall jungle tree. He then vanishes into the jungle once more.

6 A small monkey, marmoset size, lands neatly on a random Warrior's shoulder, and makes himself at home. It seems the Warrior has gained a companion. Once per combat, the monkey may attempt to steal a single Monster Magic Item or Monster Magic Weapon. To do this, he must be adjacent to his victim and roll 5 or 6 on 1D6. The Warrior can not use any item stolen, but neither can the enemy. In addition, if the Warriors are ambushed, roll 1D6. On a roll of 4 to 6, the shrill cry of the monkey alerts the Warriors, and the monsters forfeit their ambush attack. At the end of each adventure, roll 1D6. On a 1, the monkey departs the saddened Warrior. Fare thee well, old friend!


The stifling heat brings out the perspiration in the Warriors, and this in turn attracts thousands of tiny, annoying mosquitos. Each Warrior rolls 1D6. Take this many unmodified Wounds. Roll another D6 for each Warrior. A roll of 1 means the Warrior has been infected, and must lose 1 Permanent Wound.



The Warriors encounter a small collection of boiling mud pools. Mud spurts up from them every few seconds. The heat they give off is astounding. Each Warrior rolls 1D6. A roll of 1 indicates carelessness as the Warrior tumbles into one of the pools for 5D6 unmodified Wounds. If this takes him to 0 or below Wounds, he is burnt to a crisp and beyond healing.


Standing in the midst of a clearing is a large stone archway, cracked and on the verge of crumbling. If one of the Warriors can understand Pictorial Glyphs, then they tell the other Warriors that it is an ancient gateway to other worlds, once used by the Old Ones as a means of Inter-stellar transport. Perhaps the powerful magic is still working.... If the Warriors wish to step into the gateway, roll 1D6. (The Warriors can not operate the gate if no one understands Pictorial Glyphs)

1 The gate suddenly collapses onto the Warriors, causing 1D6 unmodified Wounds to all. Hmmm.....

2 The gateway no longer works, which comes as no great surprise, really.

3 A mighty surge of power surrounds the Warriors, and they find themselves in the centre of a large Pyramid City. Each Warrior is immediately arrested and thrown in jail. Roll on the Lizardman Prisoner table for each Warrior (Event 24-27)

4 A mighty surge of power surrounds the Warriors, and they find themselves back at the dungeon entrance. They must begin their journey again.

5 A mighty surge of power surrounds the Warriors, and they find themselves in the centre of a bustling Old World city.

6 A mighty surge of power surrounds the Warriors, but nothing seems to be happening. Suddenly one of the Warriors begins to think of a destination, and the Warriors are immediately teleported to it. The Warriors may go to any place they wish, whether this be an Old World dungeon or city, Norsca, or anywhere they wish. In GM moderated games, the GM may also allow other destinations, if he is kind and willing to do a bit of extra work. For example, the Warriors may wish to go directly to the final Objective Room for the battle. Or even to another planet entirely, if the GM wishes to create new rules for such an occurrence. Or maybe even to the lost country of Nehekhara.


The Warriors encounter a small settlement of black women and men who seem to be hard at work creating weapons and shields. Roll 1D6. A roll on 1 means that the Warriors are attacked by the natives, who consider them a threat. Have a battle with 3D6 people with the same statistics as a level 3 Barbarian, without the Berserk ability. No treasure is gained for the combat. Any other result means the natives are willing to trade gold for any weapons and shields the Warriors may have. For each weapon or shield given to the natives, the Warriors gain 1D6 * 100 gold pieces in return. This can include magical weapons and shields also. This place seems to be very rich for such a simple settlement.


Suddenly, the ground drops out from beneath the Warriors and they tumble head first into a vast tropical wonderland. A blue river runs through the middle of lush, fertile grasslands. Fruit trees of all types line the river, and bright coloured birds fly overhead peacefully. The Warriors immediately regain 2D6 lost Wounds. For the remainder of the journey, the Warriors continue travelling through this strange valley. In addition to any other rolls made each Week, roll once on this table.

1-3 Nothing happens.

4-5 The Warriors find a cool place to rest and can recover 1D3 Wounds.

6 The Warriors spend the rest of the day relaxing in the cool spray of a magnificent waterfall. Each Warrior may gain 1D6 Wounds and 1D3 provisions.


The Warriors have emerged onto the remains of a Skaven Lizardman battle ground. Bodies litter the ground of both ratmen and Lizardmen. Roll 1D6. A roll of 1 to 2 indicates a random Warrior has contracted a deadly Clan Pestilens plague released here during the battle to destroy the Lizardmen. The Warrior loses 1 Wound per Week in the wilderness, and 1 Wound per turn in the dungeons. When the Warrior is reduced to 0 Wounds (from the plague or another source of damage), he will immediately go into an agonising spasm, which will reduce his Strength by 1 permanently. He may be healed as usual. When the Warrior reaches 0 Strength, he has succumbed to the plague and died. The plague can be cured at a local settlement for half the Warrior's gold, but any lost Strength is not regained.


A large herd of Stegadons suddenly charge out of the jungle and head straight for the Warriors. Each Warrior must roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the result is 9 or more, the Warrior is safe, otherwise he must lose 3D6 modified Wounds.


A random Warrior suddenly finds himself sinking into Quicksand. If any other Warrior has a rope, he is immediately pulled out. Otherwise, he must roll 1D6 and add Strength. If the result is 7 or more, the Warrior pulls himself out safely. If the result is less than 7, the Warrior must lose 1 item of random treasure and try again. When the Warrior has no treasure left, he will lose 1 Permanent Wound instead.


The night is peaceful, until a gaseous mass from a nearby swamp begins to solidify into a human form. The Warriors prepare for battle against the strange apparition. It has the head of a tiger, and wears long, tan coloured robes. If it wasn't for the tiger-like face, the creature could have been the spirit of an Arabian warrior. Roll 1D6.

1 The Rakshassa raises his hand, and the air shimmers. If there is a wizard in the party, he will immediately lose 1 random spell. The creature has drained the magic away from the wizard. If there is no wizard, nothing happens, and the Rakshassa, a puzzled look upon his face, vanished into the darkness.

2 With a mighty roar, the Rakshassa speaks. "Why have you invaded by domain?" He immediately raises his hands and summons 1D3 groups of monsters from the appropriate Dungeon-Level to do battle with the Warriors. Gain no treasure for the combat. The Rakshassa will join in the fight. He has the following statistics and abilities.





Weapon Skill:


Ballistic Skill:














Damage Dice:




Special Rules

Ambush, Magic 2+; Dodge 6+; Ethereal -1; Magic Weapon; Magic Drain 5+

3 The creature speaks, its voice a low, guttural slur. "I wish that item for myself." The Rakshassa is pointing towards a random Warrior's random treasure. If the Warrior does not give the item away, he will suffer the loss of 1D6 unmodified Wounds. If this takes him to 0 or less Wounds, he is dead.

4 The Rakshassa takes an interest in a random Warrior, and begins talking to him in a strange, magical voice. By the end of the night, the Warrior has learned 1 new language, of which he may choose from the following.


Crude Saurian

Pictorial Glyphs

5 Apparently, this strange apparition has been appointed here by a little known God that is no longer worshipped in Lustria, known as Jabbel-Sag. The tiger spirit is the guardian and guide to all of the surrounding lands. The Warriors learn of what lies ahead of them, and how to take a short cut. They may ignore 1D3 hazards rolled on this table during this journey only. Ignored hazards are treated as Uneventful Weeks. In addition, the journey is shortened by 1D6 Weeks.

6 Strangely enough, the ancient undead tiger spirit is friendly, and spends the entire night deep in conversation with the Warrior with the highest Willpower. That Warrior may gain a point of non-permanent Luck, 1 point of permanent Willpower, or may learn the ancient language of the Slann.


The trees part before the Warriors and a little chap with loin cloth made of leopard hide and wooden spear emerges. He begins to jump up and down before the Warriors, confusing them totally. The Warrior with the highest Willpower should roll 1D6. If he rolls a 5 o 6, he finally understands what the cute chappie is wanting. Help! Roll 1D6 (Only if the Warriors can understand what he wants!)

1 The pygmy wants protection from the vast number of Saurus hunters chasing after him. The Warriors are suddenly assaulted by 2D6 spears each, each causing 1 unmodified Wound. The pygmy is slaughtered in the process. Fight a battle with 2D6 Saurus Warriors, but gain no treasure from the battle.

2 A mighty Stegadon crashes through the trees and skewers the pygmy on his long horn. Each Warrior takes 1D6 unmodified Wounds as they leap out of the way.

3 The pygmy wants help with a large black panther which has been pursuing him through the jungle. A random Warrior decides to seek the beast out and put an end to its life, thus saving the pygmy. Unfortunately, the panther is too quick, and leaps from the trees on top of the Warrior, causing 1D6 unmodified Wounds before taking the pygmy in its mouth and racing into the jungle.

4 The pygmy needs help in tying his boot lace. Nothing more, nothing less.

5 Taking a small pouch from his person, the pygmy opens it up to reveal a tiny collection of gold pieces. He thrusts them into a random Warrior's hands before asking for 1 provision. The gold totals 1D6 * 20 coins. If the Warrior does not give the pygmy a provision, he does not get the gold.

6 In exchange for giving the pygmy a Treasure card, a random Warrior may take 1D3 treasure cards of the same type.


Deep within the jungles of Lustria, the Warriors come across a group of Amazon women instructing and commanding a group of male slaves to descend deeper into a mine which sits in the hill side. If the Warriors wish, they can spend a bit of time investigating the mine in the hopes of gaining treasure. The Warriors may each gain 1D6 rare opals each. The opals are worth 1D6 * 100 gold pieces apiece, and can be traded at a settlement for gold. Now roll 1D6 for each opal a Warrior has found. If any dice score a 1, a group of Amazon guards notice the Warrior pilfering the opals, and see to his demise. For each dice that scores a 1, the Warrior must fight a group of 2D6 Amazons and 1 Amazon Priestess. The Amazons and the priestess gain Ambush for this battle. Note that the Warrior must fight all Amazons combined himself. So if he gains three opals, and rolls 2 ones, then he must fight a battle against 4D6 Amazons and 2 Priestesses. The other Warriors can not join in the struggle unless they have no Amazons to contend with, in which case they may choose to join whichever battle they wish.



A strange man wearing a tan coloured Empire hunting costume and spectacles crouches in the mud a few feet away from the Warriors. He stares intently at a bunch of flowers as if they were the finest golden tapestries in all the Old World. The Warriors are about to ask him what he is doing when he notices them and leaps to his feet in surprise. Roll 1D6.

1-3 After begging for his life, the strange man turns and flees into the jungle.

4-6 The Warriors reassure him that everything is alright, and he begins to babble to them about how he is on a expedition for the Empire. He is currently alone, as his retinue of protectors have been taken by Lizardmen and sacrificed to Sotec. He implores the Warriors to stay with him for a while, while he finishes up his work. If the Warriors accept, 1D3 Weeks must be added to the journey time, as the botanist insists on studying every flower and tree in the vicinity. The good news is that he is an expert of plagues, diseases and poisons. Although he can not cure any, he can instruct the Warriors on how to avoid them. While the botanist is with the Warriors, they may ignore any events which indicate that a Warrior has caught an illness. Once the Warriors reach their destination, the botanist will pay a reward of 1D6 * 50 gold to each Warrior and wave goodbye. The botanist has 3 Wounds. If any events indicate that all Warriors should lose Wounds, the Botanist should lose them as well. He has no Toughness or Armour worth worrying about.


While cleaning his weapons in a nearby creek, a random Warrior notices an extremely large insect sitting on his hand. Roll 1D6.

1 The large praying mantis slices the Warrior's flesh, causing 1D3 unmodified Wounds before leaving him to his injuries. Now roll another D6. A roll of 1 indicates Poisson (Must everything be Poisson in this place?). The Warrior must lose 1 point of Toughness until he can be healed at a settlement for 1000 gold pieces.

2-5 With irritation, the Warrior shoos the insect away, with no further incident.

6 The Warrior is about to knock the thing away when it lashes out straight for his face. Stunned, the Warrior can only watch as the mantis plucks a huge, bulbous spider directly from in front of the Warrior's face. Lucky thing, that. The spider was about to bite him. Gain 1 point of non-Permanent Luck.


A rare change in the weather lifts the sour mood that has fallen over the Warriors recently, due to the heat. 1D3 Weeks may be subtracted from the journey time.


Without warning, the Warriors are attacked from all sides. Fight a battle against monsters 1D3 Dungeon-Levels higher than the Warriors. Any Lizardmen, Amazons, or Pygmies encountered have maximum numbers possible.


The Warriors enter a large swamp like area, but it does not have the same, eerie effect that the usual swamps do. Something about this place actually makes the Warriors feel comfortable. The air is cooler, the Water clearer, and what trees there are quite green and lucious. Each Warrior may gain 1D3 Wounds back. Now roll 1D6. A roll of 1 indicates that the Warriors have disturbed a creature resting in the Mangroves. They must flee, adding 1 Week to travel time.


A large outcropping of rocks contains a huge nest of some kind. Large eggs sit undisturbed inside. There are 1D6 of the eggs, which can be taken as shared amongst the Warriors. Each egg is worth 100 gold pieces when sold at a settlement. Roll 1D6. A roll of 1 to 3 means the mother has returned. Each Warrior suffers an immediate attack at the Culchan's damage dice (3) and Strength (4) before dropping all his eggs and fleeing to safety.


A large retinue of Saurus Temple Guards carrying a bloated Mage-Priest arrives before the Warriors. Roll 1D6.

1 The Mage-Priest sends a bolt of High Magic into the ranks of the Warriors. Each takes 4D6 unmodified Wounds. That's some spell!

2 With a wave of his paw like hand, the Mage-Priest instructs all his followers to defend him. Fight a battle between 2D6 Skinks, 1 Skink Champion, 2D6 Saurus Warriors, 1D6 Temple Guards, 1 Kroxigor, and 1 Master Mage-Priest. If the Warriors win, as well as normal treasure, the Warriors may each take an Objective Room Treasure Card.

3 The Mage-Priest ignores the Warriors, and instructs his retinue to carry on past them.

4-6 The Mage-Priest seems to be concentrating intently on one random Warrior. Suddenly, that Warrior's mind is full of strange words and visions. If the Warrior understands Slann, then he realises that the Mage-Priest is trying to talk to him. Otherwise, the Mage-Priest soon gives up and instructs his retinue to continue moving. It appears that the Mage-Priest is on a quest to find a missing Lizardman artefact. He explains to the Warrior that he wishes him to locate it, for if he finds it, he will be found no matter where in Lustria he is, and will be handsomely rewarded. The artefact in question is in fact the strange amulet from Event 50 in the Settlement Event table; the amulet that the Warrior mysteriously finds in his pocket, with no reason as to why it is there. If the Warrior has this amulet in his possession, or if one of the other Warriors has it, he may give it to the Mage-Priest now and gain 1D3 Objective Room Treasure Cards as his reward. If he does not have it, he will most likely be on the look out for it. If ever he or one of the other Warriors should locate it while in a Lustrian Settlement, he may try and locate the Mage-Priest to give it to him. Make a Willpower test. If successful, the Mage-Priest reads the Warriors telepathic thoughts, and sends a Saurus Temple Guard to take it from the Warrior. In return, the Warrior is given 1D3 Objective Room Treasure Cards. Only one try per stay in each Settlement is allowed.


When the sounds of seagulls and the ocean tide reaches the Warriors' ears, they realise that they must have ventured too close to the coastline. Roll 1D6.

1 This is far too far out of the Warriors' way. Add 1D3 Weeks to journey time.

2 The Warriors must have taken a wrong turn somewhere. Add 1 Week to journey time.

3 Yep, it's the coast all right.

4 At long last, the Warriors enjoy a long over due swim in the cool ocean waters. Each Warrior gains 2D6 Wounds. If the roll comes up as a double 1, the Warrior has unfortunately been bitten by a poisonous jellyfish and must lose 1 Permanent Wound.

5 There is a ship anchored far out to sea. A small skiff rests upon the sandy shores. The occupants are nowhere to be found. If the Warriors wish, they may take the skiff back to the ship waiting in the distance. Upon reaching the ship, the skiff is pulled up and the Warriors emerge sheepily from the skiff, looking slightly nervous. Roll 1D6:

1 Wondering what happened to the original scout party sent out, the Captain of the ship holds the Warriors captive. Alas, the ship happens to be a slave galley. The Warriors are shackled to the oar decks. Follow the rules stated in the Norse Sea Events Table in Event 25-29 Sea Battle, under the heading of Captured. When rolling for the destination of the slave ship, re roll any rolls of a 1, and treat any rolls of a 2 as Nehekhara. If you do not have these rules, then each Warrior loses 1D6 Permanent Wounds before escaping. Roll once on the Warrior Overboard Table in the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Events Table.

2 The crew of the ship instantly assail the Warriors, who have little time to defend themselves. Each Warrior must lose 2D6 Wounds and one piece of Treasure, before leaping overboard. Each Warrior must roll once on the Warrior Overboard Table found in the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Events Table.

3 "What happened to the original lot?" The crew seem very confused. The Warriors try hard to explain that they were only curious, but to no avail. Eventually, a large, hairy man with a spiked club made out of the leg of a Minotaur brains each of the Warriors and throws them overboard. Each suffers 1D6 unmodified Wounds, unless wearing a helmet, in which case only 1D3 unmodified Wounds are lost. Thankfully, the Warriors' unconscious bodies float back to shore.

4 The crew seem addled, and do not respond to a group of strangers boarding their ship. The Captain, in fact, doesn't seem to notice, and begins handing out the months supply of rations to the crew. Each Warrior gains 2D6 provisions, and 1D6 * 5 gold pieces. The Warriors flee before the crew can realise a mistake has been made.

5 The Warriors find the Captain to be a reasonable sort of fellow. He encourages trading between the Warriors and the crew. If the Warriors agree, refer to the following table to see what can be traded.

Warriors Give

Warriors Receive

1D3 Provisions

1D3 Bandages

1D6 Bandages

Trance Stone


1D6 * 100 gold

Treasure Card

Treasure Card

Swig of Rum

1D6 * 100 gold

Blade Venom

1D6 * 50 gold


1D6 * 200 gold


Compass (Sailors Wares version)

Culchan Egg

1D6 * 500 gold

Phoenix Egg

1D6 * 300 Gold

Magic Peach

1D6 * 500 gold

Green Fruit (Event 27)

1D6 * 100 gold

Book of Languages

1D6 * 50 gold

Any Witch Hunter Amulet

Roll on the W.H Amulet Table

Lucky Charm

Treasure Card


1D6 Provisions

For each item traded, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the sailor the Warrior traded with decides to Indian Give. He changes his mind. The Warrior gets his goods back, but does not get what he wished in return. Each item on the list may only be traded once, even if the sailor changes his mind.

If this is a moderated game, the GM may think of other items to trade, or the Warriors may wish to offer something different to the crew. Feel free to add, or remove, for that matter, from this list.

6 The Captain seems like a very nice fellow. "I never liked those losers anyway!" he yells happily, talking about the party that had originally landed at Lustria. The Warriors are invited to join the Captain in his room for a hearty booze up. Each Warrior gains 1D6 Wounds.

6 A group of sailors greet the Warriors as they emerge from the steamy jungle. The sailors invite the Warriors to join them on their return trip. They have finished with Lustria and are now heading towards (roll 1D6)

1 Nehekhara

2-3 Norsca

4-6 The Old World

If the Warriors accept, they may leave Lustria immediately. Roll up ship statistics, the journey length, and special Captains if necessary.

When rolling for Ocean or Sea Events, the first 1D3 rolls are made on the Lost Kingdom Ocean Events Table. All remaining rolls are rolled on the appropriate Table as required.

If you do not use a set of rules that is rolled, roll again.


The jungle is thick and heavily overgrown with trees and vines. Something wet lands on one of the Warrior's shoulders. The Warrior looks up and is greeted with a grisly sight. Hanging from trees, strangled with their own entrails, are numerous creatures. Humans, Lizardmen, Skaven, Amazons, Pygmies and even the bloated body of a Slann Mage-Priest are suspended from the trees. There are dozens of bodies strung up everywhere. Some have no head. Others have large gashes, where internal organs are slowly plopping out onto the ground. Others have no limbs. Some have had their skin and scales removed, leaving a grotesque sight of bloodied, fleshy corpses. Never have the Warriors encountered such a grisly, horrible vision before. With grim faces, and not a word between them, the Warriors spend the rest of the day and night taking the bodies from the trees and burying them. All are thinking the same thing. Whoever, or whatever, did this may still be in the area.

The Warriors, unbeknown to them, are being hunted by something.....something alien. For each Week, and before the event rolled is encountered, roll 2D6 on the following table.

2 All is quiet, until a random Warrior suddenly notices a tiny red circle moving around on his chest. Before he can do anything about it, a large burst of magical energy sears a whole directly through the Warrior. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, the Warrior manages to miraculously survive the attack, but still loses 1D6 Permanent Wounds. Any other roll indicates instant death to the Warrior. There is no sign of the attacker.

3 All is quiet, until a random Warrior suddenly notices a tiny red circle moving around on his chest. Before he can do anything about it, a large burst of magical energy sears a whole directly through the Warrior. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 4 to 6, the Warrior manages to survive the attack, but still loses 1D3 Permanent Wounds. Any other roll indicates instant death to the Warrior. There is no sign of the attacker.

4 All is silent, until a random Warrior notices a small circle of red light moving around on his stomach. Without thinking, the Warrior dives to the side, but is he quick enough? Roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the roll is equal to or greater than 9, the Warrior has dodged the magical beam of energy that comes straight towards him. If the roll is less then 9, he is too slow. He suffers 4D6 unmodified Wounds as the beam cuts through armour and skin alike. The Warriors search for the source of the attack, remembering the dead bodies they encountered earlier, but find nothing.

5 A random Warrior notices something standing upright, like a man, in amongst the trees. Its camouflage is excellent, but for the experienced eye. The Warrior instructs the other Warriors to duck and hide while he investigates. He is totally prepared for the attack that is to follow. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 3 to 6, the Warrior dodges the beam of magical energy easily. A 1 or 2 indicates that he is too slow, and he is struck in the arm as he attempts to dodge. He must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

6-9 There is sudden movement to the right of the Warriors. They spot something running quickly between the trees, but it is soon gone.

10-11 This has gone on long enough! The Warriors decide that they should at least attempt to find whoever is tracking them. They have had many signs of being followed, and have found more desecrated bodies along the way. If they don't do something soon, they will be the next victims of their predator.

Each Warrior should roll 1D6, and add Initiative, Movement and Willpower. If the result is greater than or equal to 14, they have succeeded in finding a clue to the whereabouts of their predator. Roll 1D6 if at least 1 Warrior passes the test, and add 1 for each Warrior who passed. If the result is 6 or greater, the Warriors have turned the tables, and located the creature who is tracking them. If no one passes the test, or if the result of the second dice roll is less than 6, the predator goes free and the Warriors must continue to roll each event as usual.

The creature is roughly the size of a human, about 7 feet tall, and roughly scaled. It has a large carapaced head, and its mouth drips saliva from an octopus like beak. The light brown flesh of the creature is adorned with metal arm, knee and groin greaves. Around its waist there are several gun holsters, each of which is fitted with some sort of aiming device. In one hand is a large seven foot pronged spear, covered with green and red blood from the various creatures it has slaughtered. The predator does not seem very pleased to have been hunted down like this. Fight a battle against the creature. It has the following statistics.





Weapon Skill:


Ballistic Skill:














Damage Dice:




Special Rules

Fear 10; Critical Damage; Ignore Blow 5+

Critical Damage

The creature delights in torturing its victims. Once a Warrior has been reduced to 0 Wounds by the creature, roll 1D6 on the following table.

1 The creature rips the Warrior's left arm out of his socket, and tosses it away into the jungle. In agony, the Warrior yells in utter pain. He must lose 1D6 Permanent Wounds. He may no longer use a shield while using a single handed weapon, and he can not use a two handed weapon. If the Warrior was left handed (as decided in a role-playing game) the Warrior must now use his right hand, giving him -1 To Hit.

2 With astonishing cruelty, the creature spurts a powerful acid from its mouth onto the Warrior's face. Rolling around in agony, the Warrior loses all his hair, and 1D3 Permanent Wounds. In addition, the Warrior is permanently disfigured. Each day in a Settlement, before visiting a location, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Warrior is chased out by the local Witch Hunter, assuming he is some sort of primitive Chaos Creature.

3 The creature stamps on the Warrior's face and tries to crush his head into the ground. If the Warriors Strength is 5 or greater, he resists the immense pain and throws the creature off him. If his Strength is 4 or less, the pain causes the Warrior to lose 1 Permanent Wound.

4-6 Fortunately, the creature focuses his attention on the other Warriors and does nothing to the Warrior on the ground.

Once the creature is dead, the Warriors may each take an extra reward of 1D6 * 100 gold pieces for there fine effort. They no longer have to roll on the predator table.

12 After a few days of relative peace, the Warriors assume that the predator has changed his mind and is hunting something else. The Warriors do not have to roll on this table any more.


While taking a small unscheduled nap, a random Warrior is shocked to see a small plump fellow emerge from the forestry, holding a bronze key in his out stretched hands. The Warrior instantly stands up, sword at the ready. The fellow offers his key to the Warrior, who may take it if he has not already got one (a Portcullis key, that is). Whatever happens, the dwarf fades backwards into the forestry the exact same way he came out, without any comment at all. Damn Prospectors! They're like a plague! Everywhere! Can't get rid of them! Shuddering at that thought, the Warrior quickly catches up to his fellow Warriors.



The Warriors enter a small grove of well groomed trees. Each tree has a different type of exotic fruit growing upon it. Each Warrior may roll 1D3 times on the following chart (2D6) to see which fruit(s) they pick.

2 Custard Apple

3 Kiwi

4 Pineapple

5 Lime

6 Guava

7 Banana

8 Pomegranate

9 Mango

10 Mandarin

11 Peach

12 Pawpaw

When eaten, check the appropriate section.

Custard Apple

When eaten, the Warrior gains 1D3 Initiative for 1D6 turns.


The magic of this fruit heals 1D6 Wounds when eaten.


The Pineapples in this grove have a strange magic. The Warrior who eats one gains an inner glow, making him seem more outgoing and friendly. This fruit may be eaten just before rolling on a table that requires interaction with a living being. After eaten, the Warrior may add 1 to the dice roll if he wishes. If eaten just before going on a Norse voyage, the Warrior begins with his Dislike points at -5, instead of 0. The pineapples are cumulative.(Never mind this last bit if you do not use Norse rules)


The eater of this fruit suddenly lifts off the ground. The Warrior gains the Fly ability for 1D6 turns.


Once eaten, the Warrior suddenly sprouts a beard as large and as impressive as any dwarf beard. No matter how hard he tries, the Warrior can not shave this hairy monstrosity off. At the beginning of each adventure, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the beard falls to the ground. Any other roll indicates the Warrior is stuck with the beard for yet another long haul. Oh, and it also heals 1 Wound.


The banana is quite a healthy snack. The Warrior gains a Permanent Wound from eating a Banana.


The favourite food of baby Phoenixes. It has magical properties allowing the consumer to understand all languages for a short time. A great fruit to eat just before trying to understand a particular language.


These Lustrian mangos are very powerful speed potions. When eaten, a Warrior's Move is doubled, and his Initiative is placed on 10. The effect of the fruit lasts for 1D6 turns. A mango can be taken just before the Warrior is required to pass an Initiative test if he wishes. In this case, the effects of the mango wear off after the test is completed.


The Mandarins in this grove are powerful healing tools. When eaten, the Warrior immediately regains all lost Wounds. In addition, all diseases, plagues, illness, loss of statistics, nightmares, lost or broken limbs and any other ailments are cured instantly.


These peaches are imbued with the power of bodily alteration. When eaten, roll 2D6. The Warrior is automatically transformed into a random creature of this Battle-Level. If an 11 or 12 is rolled, the Warrior can chose which Battle-Level to roll on. The effects of this transformation last until the end of the adventure, or until the Warrior is reduced to 0 Wounds.


Strangely enough, the magic of the pawpaw is often chaotic and different each time. Roll 1D6 on the following table for the effect each time a Pawpaw is eaten.

1 The Warrior instantly fades from sight. While invisible, the Warrior can not be attacked or targeted for spells. The invisibility lasts until the Warrior takes any form of action, otherwise it is indefinite.

2 The Warrior shrinks to the size of a Dung Beetle (1 inch). All his equipment and items shrink with him. While shrunk, the Warrior can either take 6 turns to move 1 square, in which case he may do nothing else that turn but run like hell, or he may ask another Warrior to carry him in his pocket, in the rim of his hat, etc. The Warrior can not attack, but can use any special items he may have. Items which cause damage to opponents are reduced to 1 Damage Dice. For example, the Firestorm Icon now only does 1Damage Dice to all monsters in the specified area. This applies to Attack spells as well. Any damage caused to Monsters through spells are reduced to 1 Damage Dice. Any spells or items which cause less than 1 Damage Dice to begin with are rendered useless. Remove the Warrior's counter from the cup. He may no longer be targeted for events and extra monsters, etc. He may no longer gain treasure or gold. The Warrior stays shrunk for 2D6 turns. When he returns to normal size, the Warrior gains all his equipment and gold back also. Place the Warrior in an adjacent space to the Warrior carrying him, if necessary.

3 The Warrior blows up like a balloon, and begins to float and bounce around the room. He may now only move 3 squares per turn, and he can not change direction mid movement. If he hits a wall, or any other obstacle, including another model, he will end his turn. While fat and bloated, the Warrior suffers -1 on his To Hit rolls, but his Toughness is increased by 3. The Warrior stays bloated for 2D6 turns.

4 A strange tingling sensation attracts the Warrior's attention. Rolling up his sleeve, he suddenly finds that a tattoo has appeared. Roll on the Tattoo Parlour Table in the Norse Expansion Rules to find out what the tattoo is of. If you are not using these rules, the tattoo is that of the Warrior standing victoriously over the dead body of a Greater Demon.

5 With a violent shaking, the Warrior suddenly realises that he is no longer a creature of flesh and bone. His entire body has turned to (roll 2D6)

2 Water (+2 Move, -3 Toughness, -1 WS)

3 Sand (+1 Move, -2 Toughness, -WS)

4 Wood (-1 Weapon Skill)

5 Glass (*)

6 Stone (+2 Toughness)

7 Steel (+3 Toughness)

8 Silver (+3 Toughness, **)

9 Gold (+4 Toughness, ***)

10 Emerald (+5 Toughness, ****)

11 Sapphire (+5 Toughness, *****)

12 Mithril (+7 Toughness)

* When the Warrior is reduced to 0 or less Wounds, his entire body is shattered into millions of tiny glass fragments. Not even resurrection will save him.

** If killed, the Warriors can carry the body of the dead Warrior and trade it in for 1D6 * 50 gold pieces at a Settlement.

*** If killed, the Warriors can carry the body of the dead Warrior and trade it in for 1D6 * 100 gold pieces at a Settlement.

**** If killed, the Warriors can carry the body of the dead Warrior and trade it in for 1D6 * 200 gold pieces at a Settlement.

***** If killed, the Warriors can carry the body of the dead Warrior and trade it in for 1D6 * 500 gold pieces.

The Warrior is not hampered in any other way, except by the alterations to his profile stated. The effects of the Pawpaw lust until the Warrior is reduced to 0 Wounds (except for a glass Warrior), or after 2D6 turns have passed. Note that the minimum base Toughness a Warrior can have is 1. It can not be reduced to 0 through this event.

6 Nothing seems to happen. Until the Warrior tries to speak. A fountain of Gold showers onto the floor from the Warrior's mouth. For each turn that the Warrior does nothing at all, the Warrior may open his mouth and spurt forth a large supply of gold coins for the Warriors to share. Each Warrior gains 1D6 * 50 gold pieces. This strange ability lasts for 1D6 turns, or until the Warrior with the affliction rolls a 1 when rolling for how much gold he gains. (Make his roll after all the other Warriors have rolled their dice.)


While checking the state of his provisions and bandages, a random Warrior suddenly cringes in horror. Thousands of tiny red ants are crawling throughout his backpack, eating their way through all his belongings. Roll 2D6 for each item of treasure, bandage, provision and any other items the Warrior has. If the dice comes up as a double, check the following table to see what happens. Provisions, bandages and other one use only items are automatically destroyed when a double is rolled. Do not roll on the table.

1 The item has been totally destroyed by the red ants.

2 The ants have eaten through to the core of the object. If the Warrior visits the Wizard's guild (He can do this even if he would not normally be allowed to, and he does not have to pay consultation fees, nor can he buy potions or do anything that a wizard can do), he may try and have the item repaired buy arcane means. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 4 to 6, the item has been repaired. The Warrior must pay 1D6 * 100 gold for this service. If the dice is 1 to 3, the item can not be repaired, and must be thrown away. The Wizard's do not require payment for an item that can not be fixed, but if a Warrior repairs an item and can not pay the Wizards, he must give the item to the Wizards. Until the item is repaired, the Warrior can not use it at all.

3 The item is slightly damaged. It is now only worth half its Gold value when sold. In addition, roll 1D6 each time the Warrior wishes to use the item. On a roll of 1 to 3, the item fails to work this use. The object can be repaired in the same way as stated for 2.

4 The item is mildly chewed by the voracious insects. It has 10% of its Gold value taken from it. In addition, roll 1D6 each time the Warrior wishes to use the item. On a roll of 1, the item fails to work this use. The object can be repaired in the same way as stated for 2.

5-6 The ants have not harmed the item at all.

After all items have been rolled for, the Warrior suffers 1D6 unmodified Wounds from ant bites as he tries to remove them from his pack back..


Walking along a small jungle trail, the Warriors trip over a tiny root stuck up from the shrub covered ground. After cursing profoundly for a few seconds, the Warriors notice that it is indeed not a root, but a buried chest, or cache of treasure. The Warriors spend a few minutes uncovering the chest, and then open it slowly. Inside, they find nothing but a tiny piece of parchment and a small ebony ring with a black and red raven's head engraved on it. A random Warrior takes the ring, and reads out the parchment.

"<Roll on Empire Name Table>, if you are reading this note, then you have obviously been informed of and agreed to join our little organisation. The ring inside this chest will allow you to gain a meeting with our Over-seer. He will instruct you on where you are to be positioned, and how to handle the local militia. Believe me, the benefits of joining us are great indeed. Play your cards right, and do what you are instructed, the rewards will be great. Betray the Over-seer, and your life is forfeit."

Hmmm. It seems the Warriors have stumbled upon a message that was meant for someone else. Never-the-less, perhaps the ring will also allow the Warriors to join the organisation as stated in the note. This event can only be gained once by each Warrior. If the same Warrior gets it twice, pick another Warrior. Once all the Warriors have found a raven ring, threat this event as an Uneventful Week.

While wearing the ring, the Warrior may find himself approached by members of this secret gang. Roll 1D6 on the appropriate table once per day in a Settlement, after all other events have been resolved. Note that the Warrior may keep the ring hidden in his pocket while in a Settlement if he wishes. He then does not have to roll on this table.


1-5 Nothing extra happens.

6 The Warrior is approached by a fellow with the same ring as the Warriors. He offers to sell the Warrior 1 Treasure Card at a reduced price. Take 1 Treasure Card, and pay the price it is worth, minus 10 gold pieces. If the Warrior does not pay for it, discard the card. If the treasure is 10 gold or less, the fellow changes his mind and declines to sell it.

Town / City / Seaport (Not Harbour)

1 Suddenly, the Warrior is surrounded by city guards. If the Warrior is going undercover, the guards demand an update of the Smuggling Ring's operations near here. The Warrior spends the next 1D3 days updating them, in which he may do nothing else. Now roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 2, the city guards decide that they have enough information to bust the Ring wide open. They take the Warrior's raven ring and give him 5 Gold as a reward for his troubles. Cheap skates! Otherwise, the Warrior may continue his undercover work. If the Warrior is not going undercover (Has joined the Smuggling Ring or has not been offered the opportunity to go undercover yet), he is arrested for wearing the ring, and thrown in jail for 1D3 years, and has his ring confiscated. At the beginning of each adventure, roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, the Warrior has escaped prison and may join in the adventure as normal.

2 The Warrior is accosted by a pair of guards. If the Warrior is undercover, he spends the next day updating the local law enforcers on the activities on the Smuggling Ring. He may do nothing else the following day. If the Warrior is not going undercover (Has joined the Smuggling Ring or has not been offered the opportunity to go undercover yet), he is arrested for wearing the ring, and thrown in jail for 1D3 years, and has his ring confiscated. At the beginning of each adventure, roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, the Warrior has escaped prison and may join in the adventure as normal.

3-5 Nothing extra happens this day.

6 Upon seeing the Mark of the Raven, a grouchy barbarian stumbles drunkenly up to the Warrior. He offers to trade items. For each Treasure Card discarded, take another of the same kind in its place. The Warrior can do this 1D3 times before the barbarian grows fearful of watching eyes, and dashes madly away.

Seaport (Harbour)

1 The Warrior is suddenly surrounded by a group of pirates, each wearing a raven ring. A large, bull of a man steps from the circle of pirates and stands before the Warrior, hands of hips. He has a mighty red/brown beard, and a dark brown sash across his otherwise run-of-the-mill pirate costume. "So, ye are the imposter, then, are ye? Thou will soon regret thy thievery of that there insignia. Kill him!" The Warrior tries to make a break for it, but the sheer number of pirates soon overwhelm him. A large war hammer comes crashing down onto his head, and he falls into unconsciousness. When he wakes up, he has lost his raven ring, half his gold and 1D6 random items of treasure.

2-5 Nothing extra happens.

6 While walking quietly along the docks, the Warrior hears the unmistakable sound of someone 'psst'ing to him. Looking around, he notices a thin man standing in the doorway of a large warehouse. Shrugging, the Warrior follows the man into the warehouse, down a set of secret stairs, and into a vast underground cavern. The Warrior gasps in surprise. Hundreds of pirates, brigands, murderers, thieves and adulterers are working down here, moving large crates about, or helping disassemble various ships that have been brought here on an underground river. It is scene of constant action. The thin man takes the Warrior past many groups of smoking, eye patched individuals and finally leaves the Warrior facing a large wooden door. Intrigued, the Warrior pushes it open and walks into the room beyond.

Sitting behind a round oak table is a huge bear of a man. He has a large red beard, and wears fine Arabian silks. His arms are crossed as he talks to the Warrior. "I understand you wish to join our organisation. If this is correct, please state the correct password. You have been told it, if you are who you are supposed to be."

Oh dear! Roll 1D6. Now roll 1D6 for each point of Willpower the Warrior has. If any of the dice come up as the same number as the original dice, the Warrior has managed to miraculously guess the password needed. Otherwise, the bearded man clicks his fingers, and the Warrior is set upon by numerous pirates. He is soon knocked out cold. When he awakens, he has lost his raven ring, all his gold, and 2D6 random Treasure Cards.

If the Warrior guesses the password, he is accepted by the bearded man, who begins to tell him of the operation they have going all over the Old World and beyond, to the shores of Norsca, and Ulthuan, and to the coast of Araby and the Chaos Wastes. The Warrior has stumbled across a secret Smuggling Organisation. This cavern is just one of many situated in most of the Seaports around the world. By wearing the ring, the Warrior can be identified by others of the gang, and given special offers on particular black market items before they can be offered for sale elsewhere. Agents can be found everywhere, from the tiniest Lustrian village, to the tallest spired city in Ulthuan. The ring is made up of pirates, who sail the seas and oceans looting Empire and Bretonnian ships for loot, and all manner of criminal scum, who smuggle exotic treasures onto the pirate ships from lands such as Lustria and Cathay. All sorts of treasures can be found at the numerous secret hideouts around the world at any one time. No doubt the Warrior can have access to these treasures, as long as he does his part.

The Warrior now has two choices. He can immediately join the Smuggling Ring, or he can pretend to join the Smuggling Ring just to keep his life and then tell the authorities. Whatever he decides, a new Special Location has been opened up to him. The Smugglers Hideout.

The Warrior is assigned a temporary position in which he can keep track of goods into and out of the area. Roll 1D6 on the following table to see where.

1-2 The Lost Kingdoms, Lustria

3-4 Norsca

5-6 The Old World

The Smugglers Hideout can only be found on a roll of 7 or more at a Seaport Harbour.

If the Warrior wishes to alert the authorities, he must spend an entire day doing this, and may not go to another location that day. After explaining the situation, the authorities decide to place the Warrior undercover in order for him to gather information that will lead to the shut down of the Smuggling Ring. Note that the Warrior is undercover on his character sheet. Whenever the Warrior visits the Smugglers Hideout, he can then spend a day visiting the local authorities (found on a roll of 6 or more). Roll 1D6.

1-2 The mayor of the city decides it is far too dangerous for the Warrior to stay in his current position. He immediately confiscates the raven ring and gives the Warrior 1D6 * 50 gold for his troubles.

3-4 The information gathered has helped, but not enough to make any solid arrests or to raid the establishment. The Warrior is given 1D6 * 20 gold for his efforts.

5 The information the Warrior gives has helped a lot. A group of militia are formed and a raid is conducted on the secret base. Many arrests are made, and the Warrior is given a huge reward of 5D6 * 100 gold.

6 The information gathered results in the destruction of this particular branch of the Raven's Smuggling Ring. The Warrior is heavily rewarded. 5D6 * 100 gold pieces and his pick of Treasure from the king's Treasury. Take 1D6 Treasure Cards, pick one and discard the rest.

Note that only one visit can be made to the Smugglers Hideout and to the Local Authorities per visit to a Settlement. The Warrior can only visit the Authorities after he has visited the Smugglers Hideout.

Once this event has been rolled (Number 6 in the Seaport Harbour), do not roll on this table again while in a Seaport Harbour, but still roll while in a Village, City, Town and Seaport Proper.

Smuggler's Hideout Special Location

The Warrior may only enter this location if he is wearing his Raven's Ring, When a Warrior enters a particular branch of the Smuggler's Hideout that he has been appointed to keep track of goods at (determined by the above roll), he must make 1 roll on the following table before doing anything else.

1-2 The Warrior is asked to meet with the Over-seer of this branch. Gulping nervously, the Warrior makes his way to the head office. The Over-seer is suspicious of the Warrior, and accuses him of being a traitor. If the Warrior is undercover, he is accused of treachery. Pirates swarm into the room and soon overpower the Warrior, who must lose all his Gold, 2D6 random Treasure Cards and 1D3 Permanent Wounds before being strapped to a large iron pole and taken out in a pirate galley. There, the Warrior is tossed overboard, where he sinks to the bottom of the ocean. Fortunately, he has managed to weaken his bonds, and he swims to the surface quickly. He must roll once on the Warrior Overboard Table found in the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Event Table. If the Warrior was not working undercover, he is accused of being slack and lazy. The Over-seer takes 1D6 * 100 gold pieces from him as compensation.

3 The Warrior collects his share of the booty, totalling 1D6 * 50 gold pieces.

4 After checking up on the situation relating to a recent haul of treasure from a Bretonnian Galley, the Warrior is reminded that it is pay day. He waits in line for hours and finally gets his reward. 1D6 * 100 gold pieces.

5 While making an inventory of the current supply of Wizard's arcana, the Warrior is given his pay. He may take 1 Treasure Card and 1D6 * 100 gold pieces.

6 There has been a mighty victory for the Ring today. Apparently, one of the Emperor's very own Greatships, captained by Lord Admiral Kruegar, had been boarded and stripped by a group of pirates working for the Raven's Smugglers Ring. The treasure returned to the base was a great collection. The Warrior may take 1 Objective Room Treasure Card.

Treasure Pool

The Warrior can only enter this location if he is not undercover. To enter while working for the authorities would be too dangerous. The Warrior can make a visit to the hideout's treasury, where they keep all smuggled goods ready for auctioning and selling to interested parties on the black market. Members of the Ring have first priority on any goods currently available. Since one of the main priorities of the Ring is to make a profit, any goods purchased by members of the Ring for their own use have to be paid at a steady increase to the original cost. The Warrior may take 1D6 Treasure Cards from the discard pile randomly and buy each of them for double the stated cost on the card if he wishes.

For those who can afford it, there is a special room where all the most powerful and dangerous artefacts are stored. The Warrior can pay 2D6 * 100 gold pieces just to enter the room to see what is for sale. Take 1D2 random Objective Room Treasure Cards from the discard pile and pay double the stated cost if the Warrior wishes to buy any of them.


Many of the pirates and brigands wish to make their own steady profit above and beyond that which they make from their share of sold goods. The Warrior can spend a while bartering with the scum of villainy in order to get a good deal. The Warrior can visit as many stalls as he wishes in a single day, as the shops are all next to each other. Roll 1D3 times on the following table to see what shops are available to the Warrior. Stock for each item is determined by rolling 4 dice, not 3 as is the usual.

1 Armourer

2 Fletcher

3 Weaponsmith

4 Gunsmith

5 General Store

6 Sailor's Wares

For each item purchased (or group of items in the case of Bandages and Provisions), roll 1D6 on the Haggling Table.

1 The Warrior is easily fooled. He ends up paying three times the stated cost of the item. If he can not afford this price, he is beaten by the stall owner, who happens to be a vicious pirate type character. He must lose 2D6 modified Wounds and must flee the bazaar instantly.

2 Something seems to be wrong with this deal. The Warrior ends up paying twice the original cost. If he can not afford this price, he is beaten by the stall owner, who happens to be a vicious pirate type character. He must lose 2D6 modified Wounds and must flee the bazaar instantly.

3-4 The Warrior buys the item at the original cost.

5 Using sneaky guile and cunning, the Warrior knocks the price down to half of its original value.

6 Patting the befuddled store keeper on the back, the Warrior proceeds to place 5 gold coins in the fellow's hands before taking his purchased item and making a break for it before the pirate realises he has been duped.


The Smuggling Ring also relies upon its navy of pirate ships to plunder the good people of the Empire and Britannia. If the Warrior wishes, he may gain passage on one of these ships to whatever location it is travelling to. There are ships leaving all the time, so the Warrior does not have to roll for how many days until the ship leaves. Roll 1D6 when entering the wharf.

1-2 There is a ship leaving today, heading towards.....

  • Lustria (if in the Old World at the moment)
  • Norsca (if in Lustria at the moment)
  • The Old World (if in Norsca at the moment)

3-4 There is a ship leaving today, heading towards.....

  • Norsca (if in the Old World at the moment)
  • Lustria (if in Norsca at the moment)
  • The Old World (if in Lustria at the moment)

5-6 There are enough ships leaving the wharf for the Warrior to choose which destination to travel to.

When travelling to or from Lustria, the Captain will always be of the same calibre as Cap'n Scurvy Pete (roll 3 on the Captain's Table) Do not roll on the Captain's Table as usual.

When travelling to or from Norsca, the price of the voyage will be dropped for a fellow Smuggler. The Warrior does not have to pay anything this voyage. There will never be any special captains. Do not roll to see if the Warrior gets a special captain.

The other Warriors can wait for the ship at the docks and be picked up in a small skiff. However, the rest of the crew do not feel comfortable with the other Warriors. When travelling to or from Norsca, all Warriors who do not have a raven ring begin the journey with +5 dislike points. On a Lustrian journey, the Warrior(s) with raven rings will not be targeted by events that indicate the crew have done something bad to the Warriors. (Eg, stole something from their room, attacked them, etc) If their counter is drawn from the cup, ignore it and draw another.


One of the Warriors suddenly awakens in the middle of the night, perspiration dripping down his face in droves. And yet he says he is freezing cold. The other Warriors can do nothing to help him. For each Week in the wilderness, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Warrior has weakened considerably. He must lose 1 point of Toughness. If ever his Toughness should reach 0, he is not dead, but has entered a coma. The Warriors must carry him, adding 1 Week to travel time, or place him in a cart. On a roll of 6, the fever has passed, and the Warrior regains any points of Toughness he has lost. A Warrior may be cured at a Settlement for 1D6 * 50 gold pieces. He immediately has all his Toughness restored. If in a coma, the Warrior must be taken to hospital. There, he must miss out on the next adventure while he recovers. When he awakens, the Warrior will have gained all his Toughness back.


A random Warrior can no longer take this stifling heat. He must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds immediately and drink something. If there is no drinking source available, he must immediately lose 1 Permanent Wound.


In a clearing of the jungle, the Warriors encounter an abandoned pygmy village. If they wish to search, roll 1D6 on the following table.

1 Pygmy village it is. Abandoned it is not! The Warriors each suffer 2D6 modified Wounds and are chased out of the village by pygmies throwing spears.

2 When lifting a particularly large rock, two random Warriors are set upon by a tiny nest of scorpions. They must each suffer 1D6 unmodified Wounds. Now roll another 1D6. If the result is a 1, the Warrior has been poisoned. His hand swells up and he is at -1 To Hit for the next adventure, before the swelling goes down.

3 An old Pygmy Shaman greets the suspicious Warriors. As he waves them over, the Shaman proceeds to throw a bag of dust at them. The dust covers 1D3 of the Warriors. Roll 1D6 for all the Warriors as a whole who were covered by the dust.

1 The dust causes the Warriors to choke. Each must lose 1 Permanent Wound.

2 The magical properties of the dust seem to have a hypnotic effect on the Warriors. If all of the Warriors are affected by the dust, each has 1D6 * 200 gold pieces lifted from their pouches. Stupid Shaman! If not all the other Warriors are affected, they chase the Shaman away and must wait 1 week for the Warriors under the effects of the dust to wake up. Add 1 Week to travel time.

3 The dust makes the Warriors sneeze continuously for several minutes. They must lose 1 unmodified Wound.

4 While pondering the mysteries of the dust, which doesn't seem to do anything, the Warriors fail to notice the Shaman casting a spell at them. Even the Warriors not effected by the dust miss this momentous occasion. Pick a random spell from a random spell deck and cast it at the Warriors. If the spell is a Healing or Defence spell, pick another. If a spell only targets one Warrior, it will target as many Warriors as necessary.

5 As the Warriors take cover, the dust settles over them. The Shaman makes a break for it. The Warriors are glowing with a bright purple light. For the next adventure, Unexpected Events happen on a roll of 1 or a 2.

6 Nothing seems to happen. Squealing in dismay, the Shaman flees the village.

4 In an old, dilapidated shed, the Warriors find (roll 1D6)

1 1 bandage

2 Bucket and Spade

3 Snotling Rope

4 Compass

5 1 Fire Arrow

6 Trance Stone

5 The Warriors are about to give up the search, when a random Warrior locates a torch scone situated in the back of a great hall. With pursed lips, the Warrior pulls it down, revealing a secret room. The room contains 1 scroll with the Skinkian Language on it (It crumbles to dust once a Warrior reads and learns it), 1D6 * 100 gold pieces, and a Treasure Card.

6 In a room surrounded by golden tapestries, the Warriors encounter an untouched treasure horde. Why no one has already found this trove is bewildering. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior that wishes to take some treasure. On a roll of 1 to 3, there is a mighty roar, and the Warriors (all of them) are scorched by a mighty dragon who has made his home in this room. The Warriors must lose 4D6 Wounds, modified for Toughness only and are chased miles away. Add 1D3 Weeks to journey time. This includes the Warriors who did not participate in the search. If the dice roll was a 4 to 6, the Warriors manage to grab 5D6 * 100 gold pieces each, and a Healing Potion which will heal the Warrior back up to his starting Wounds when used. The Warriors do not get any treasure if they are all chased away by the dragon, if a roll was 4 to 6.


While making their way through a particularly mountainous area of the jungle landscape, the Warriors decide to take a small break. With a gasp of surprise, one of the Warriors realises that the rock they are sitting on is full of rare skeletons. The Warriors may try to excavate the fossils if they wish. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 5, the fossils are broken and are worthless. On a roll of 6, the fossils are removed from the rock with one of the Warrior's weapons (which must be discarded, as it has been blunted in the process and is now useless.) The fossils are very fragile, but extremely valuable to the local palaeontologists of Altdorf. If the fossils are taken to a Settlement in the Old World, the reward for each Warrior is 1 Objective Room Treasure Card. However, the fossils are fragile and may break on the return journey. For each Week in the wilderness, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the fossils have shattered in the Warrior's back pack and are now worthless.


The party is set upon by a group of vicious evil dooers. Fight a battle against monsters 3 levels higher than the lowest Battle-Level Warrior.


With great relief, the Warriors emerge into a small clearing where a tiny pool of murky water sits. Each Warrior may drink from the pool and gain 1D3 Wounds. Warriors can take as many drinks as they like, but for each drink beyond the first, roll 1D6. Add 1 to this number for each drink beyond the second. If the result is 6 or more, the water unsettles the Warrior's stomach. He must lose 1 point of Initiative as he struggles with stomach cramps. The cramps last for the next adventure, after which he gains his lost point of Initiative back. Once a Warrior has cramps, he may not drink from the water hole again.


Suddenly, the ground gives way beneath the Warriors. They tumble feet first into a large pit, cleverly camouflaged. Each Warrior suffers 1D6 modified Wounds as they land on their behinds. Picking themselves up, the Warriors find the floor of the pit covered with hundreds of snakes. Most likely poisonous. It appears as if the Warriors have fallen into an abandoned sacrificial pit, where sacrifices were once tossed down to the snakes within as a token to the great Lizardman God Sotec. The Warriors had better get the hell out of here, and fast!

If a Warrior can fly, teleport or has the Levitate spell, he can leave the pit immediately. If a Warrior has a rope, he only needs to make 1D3 rolls on the following table. If a Warrior has no rope, he must make 1D6 rolls on the following table before he climbs out of the pit.

1 The snakes bite at the fleeing Warrior as he attempts to crawl up the side of the pit. He must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

2 There are just too many snakes. The Warrior is bitten constantly for 1D3 unmodified Wounds.

3 The snakes attack in a dangerous fury. The Warrior must lose 1 unmodified Wound.

4-6 The snakes are wary of the Warrior, and he takes no damage.

Any Warrior who is reduced to 0 Wounds is dead; killed by the poison in the snakes' bites.



After many tiring days of endless trudging through the jungle, the Warriors are only too happy when they emerge onto a rocky landscape. More days pass.....One of the Warriors makes a passing comment that perhaps they have travelled too far north. Indeed they have. In a few more days, the Warriors will have reached Naggaroth, home of the Dark Elves. Not a nice place to go adventuring. The Warriors may turn back if they wish, adding 1D3 Weeks to the journey time, or they can go onwards, they must be aware that there are no friendly settlements anywhere in Naggaroth. Going forwards will result in the Warriors heading towards another dungeon. If they wish to do this, roll any more Wilderness rolls that need to be made must be made on the Norse Hazards table instead of the Lustrian Hazard Table. Once they have arrived at their destination, which will be a dungeon, use Norse board sections for the dungeon layout. Since Naggaroth is a land of pain and despair, Monsters abound in plentiful numbers in the dungeons. Double all monsters rolled. At the end of the adventure, each Warrior gains 2 Objective Room Treasure Card and 1D6 * 500 gold pieces. When leaving the Naggaroth dungeon, the Warriors must make their way back to a Lustrian settlement. This takes 1D3 months plus the original length of the journey (2 Weeks for a village, etc) (1 Month = 4 Weeks, remember). The first 6 rolls must be made on the Norse Hazards table, but any further rolls are made on the Lustrian Hazard Table as normal.


The jungle thins a bit here, and the Warriors find they are on a thin, mud packed trail. The path looks as if it has been recently used by a lot of people. Further up the track, the Warriors spy a group of Amazon Women with whips leading a large and sorry looking group of white skinned humans. All of them are chained together by wrist manacles and lengths of chain. The Warriors immediately go to the rescue!

Each Warrior tackles 1D6 Amazon Women by himself. Fight separate battles for each Warrior. If a Warrior is reduced to 0 Wounds by the Amazons, he can only be healed if one of the other Warriors survives his battle and has means to heal the wounded companion. Roll 1D6 for each Amazon the Warrior is fighting. On a roll of 1, that Amazon is actually an Amazon Champion. Each Warrior gains a Treasure roll as usual after the battle.

The Warriors who defeat all the Amazons they are fighting may set the slaves free. Each Warrior may set free 1D3 slaves. For each one set free, roll 1D6 on the following table:

1 The slave, delirious with fever, thinks he is being taken to be killed. He lashes out with what strength he has at the Warrior, who takes 1D6 modified Wounds if his Toughness (and armour) is less than 5.

2 Grasping the Warrior's clothing in a maddened death grip, the newly freed slave slumps to the ground, too far gone to be rescued.

3 The man the Warrior has set free is very grateful, as he has been a slave for over twenty five years, ever since he came to Lustria as a boy of twelve with his father. The man accompanies the Warriors to the settlement, where he will give his rescuer 1D6 * 5 gold pieces (all he can muster as a reward) and wave goodbye.

4 Eternally grateful, the slave warns the Warriors of the dangers ahead. If the Warrior wishes, he may exclude himself from any one event that he does not wish to participate in. This ability must be used this journey, otherwise it is wasted.

5 The large Norse barbarian, still cursing and struggling with his bonds, is only too happy to be free. He gives a mighty Norse battle cry and then explains to the Warrior that he has been here for only a few hours. Captured in his sleep. Then he tells the unfortunate rescuer that all he wants out of life is to crush his enemies, see them driven before him, and to hear the lamentations of the women. The Warrior gains 1 non-Permanent Luck.

6 The slave the Warrior has rescued turns out to be none other than King <Empire Name Table>, ruler of a small province in the Empire. He was captured when his Admiral betrayed him and allowed for the boarding of his ship by slavers. He has been here for one week now. When the Warrior reaches an Old World Settlement, the King, now rightfully returned to his place at the head of his people, remembers the Warrior who rescued him. He is immediately made King's Champion (does not have to pay Living Expenses and is given a Horse) and rewarded with 1D6 * 100 gold pieces.


After days of not seeing another living soul, the Warriors are relieved when they encounter a small group of explorers exploring the native environment that is Lustria. The group consists of 1D6 + 1 rolls on the following table (2D6). The Warriors spend a nice evening talking and swapping stories around the camp fire.

2 A Bretonnian Botanist - The shy fellow is an expert at identifying flowers, fruits and plants. If one of the Warriors is sick with a disease, illness or poison, the botanist details a special type of flower which will cure him. The next Uneventful Week rolled is not uneventful at all. The Warriors find enough of the flower to cure all inflicted Warriors. There is not enough to take any with them though.

3 An Empire Archaeologist - With his hat firmly on his head, and his leather whip close at hand, the archaeologist explains he is looking for a particular item of treasure that the King of Altdorf wants displayed in his own private museum. Roll 2D6 for each treasure Card the Warriors have. The first Warrior to roll a double 1 for an item he has indicates that the archaeologist wants that particular item. If the Warrior parts with it, he will be given 1D6 * 500 gold for it.

4 A Bretonnian Palaeontologist - This fine man, dressed in a tan coloured safari outfit and a pair of thick rimmed spectacles tells the Warriors that he is an expert in the field of bones and fossils. Especially dinosaur fossils. If one of the Warriors happens to have some fossils in their back pack from event 62, they may give them to the man. As a reward, he will give the Warrior an Objective Room Treasure card and 1D6 * 100 gold pieces. He also wonders if the Warriors have come across any living specimens of dinosaur during their adventures, and he doesn't mean the slightly evolved Stegadons that the Lizardmen breed. If the Warriors have come across dinosaurs before (Eg: The Savage Empire Event 46 in the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Event Table, or if a GM has created a game with dinosaurs in it), the Warriors happily relate stories of their discoveries. Each Warrior main gain a point of Permanent Luck.

5 An Arabian Camel Salesman - "I got lost, alright, and ended up with this bunch of no hopers! Is that alright with you!!!" Hmmm.....

6 A Dwarven Miner - This portly chap is in Lustria to search for treasure in the old, disused opal mines. If the Warriors have any opals to give him (from Event 43) he will exchange them for 600 gold pieces each.

7 A Wood Elf Hunter - He has tagged along on this journey to locate a rare species of albino tiger which can only be found in Lustria. The powers of this magical beast are the stuff of elven legend. It is said that when a woman touches the fur of the beast, the tiger's reaction will allow a potential husband to know if the woman is pure of body or not. The elf is here with his future wife, and together they seek the mythical beast. They ask the Warriors if they have found it at all. If the Warriors have (Event 79 from this table), they instruct the couple to where it was headed. The Warriors are given a thankyou gift of 1D6 provisions and 1D6 slices of Waybread, which never go off, but only heal 1 Wound when eaten.

8 An Elf Ranger Knight - This lithe figure had accompanied the band of explorers on a family matter. Apparently, the Elf's brother had gone to Lustria to locate an ancient heirloom, but that had been three months ago. The Ranger decided to go to Lustria and find out what had happened to his brother. If the Warriors have encountered a wounded Elf in their travels (Event 75 from this table), they will recognise the description given to them by the Elf. The Warriors tell the Ranger where to find his brother, in exchange for one Treasure Card each. If the Warriors have not found the wounded Elf, they can not help the Ranger Knight. Note that the Elf must not have died first.

9 An Apprentice Bright Wizard - The mage seems to be quite unhappy. He explains that he came on this expedition to locate a rare herb which he needs to test out a new spell involving flame projection. It so happens that this herb is the exact same herb that a Wardancer has access to if he has the Herb Master Skill. In addition, the mage is looking for the following items to add to his collection of experimental apparatus: An Elixir of Orion (Wardancer equipment), a Potion of Paralysis (Pit Fighter equipment) and Spices from Araby (Elf Ranger equipment) The mage will give the Wardancer 1 Objective Room Treasure Card if he gives him all his Herbs. He will also give him 1D6 * 1000 gold pieces for each Elixir of Orion he gives to the mage. If the Pit Fighter has any Potions of Paralysis, he will give him 1D6 * 100 gold pieces for each potion, and a free Treasure card to boot. Finally, he will trade the spices from Araby for a discarded Treasure Card from any pile (Objective or Dungeon Room), chosen randomly.

In addition, if there is a Wizard in the party, the mage will allow the Wizard to trade spells with him. The Wizard can discard a spell of his choice and take a spell of the same Casting Cost of his choice, but it may be from any of the categories.

10 A Bretonnian Vampire Hunter - The Vampire Hunter sits calmly by the fire and sharpens a large wooden stake. He refuses to acknowledge the existence of the Warriors. If one of the Warriors is a Vampire, or has been affected by a Vampiric disease, the hunter will immediately be able to detect it. With almost superhuman speed, the hunter raises his stake and launches towards the Warrior. (If there is more than one Vampire, randomly determine) The Warrior must roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the result is greater than or equal to 8, the Warrior moves aside and strikes the Vampire Hunter unconscious with the back of his hand. It would be wise to leave the camp fire very soon. No more rolls on this table are required. If the Warrior fails the test, he is stabbed through the heart and is only saved by the quick thinking of his adventuring companions. The Warrior must lose 1D3 Permanent Wounds, and 2D6 unmodified Wounds. The rest of the Warriors grab the Warrior's wounded body and leave the camp site.

11 An Empire Playwright - This small man is wearing bright coloured clothes and a feathered hat. He has come to Lustria on a fools errand. Sent by the Emperor to Lustria to scour the country side for hidden talent, the man is looking for any one willing to give acting a go. Fat chance! Anyway, if one of the Warriors wishes to give up his adventuring career and join the acting profession, he may roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, the playwright agrees the Warrior has some potential on the stage. The Warrior may stay behind when the other Warriors leave. Goodbye, and good luck! Any other roll and the Warrior is rejected and, depressed, joins the other Warriors once more.

12 An Empire Linguist - The woman wears a long green dress and glasses, her hair tied up in a bun on her head. The Warriors may sit with her and learn the simplistic forms of the Lizardman languages if they wish. The languages that she is fluent in are Skinkian, Crude Saurian, and Pictorial Glyphs. The Warriors may make one attempt to learn each language. Roll 1D6 for each attempt at a language. On a roll of 1 to 3, the Warrior was not able to learn that language. On a roll of 4 to 6, he was.


While desperately trying to reach a luscious looking orange in a tall tree, a random Warrior slips, and crashes all the way to the bottom, causing a lot of pain. Lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds. When he comes to, he claims he can't remember any of the other Warriors. After several hours of trying to get the Warrior to remember, he eventually remembers everything, except 1 randomly determined skill. The Warrior must erase a skill from his Character Sheet.


The Warriors are checking their food and water supplies when a strange looking bird leaps from the trees and runs away with a random Warrior's pack of food. He must lose all his provisions and bandages.


The way forward is a bitter struggle against hundreds of thick vines and branches. The Warriors can turn back and return to the place they left from, or can continue forward. If they continue onwards, they must have at least one Warrior wish a sharp weapon (sword, axe, etc) So a Warrior Priest travelling alone with only his Warhammer could not go on. From now on, for each Week travelled, the Warriors must roll three times on this table.


The path the Warriors are taking leads them to the edge of the jungle and onto the coast. Breathing in the cool ocean breeze, the Warriors are startled to see a strange creature lying half in, half out of the ocean. The creature is still breathing, but seems very weak, on the verge of death. Taking a closer look, the creature can be described as a kind of scorpion man. It is covered in red/brown plates, and is just slightly taller than an average human being. The creature has no neck to speak of; its head is simply a raised sphere located in between its two shoulders. While one arm is that of a mans, the other arm ends in a huge, chitinous claw. A large scorpion's tail can also be seen, twitching limply in the sand. If the Warriors have been to the ancient land of Nehekhara before, they will recognise the scorpion man as a Scorpakaon Warrior. If they have not, then they will no doubt be confused. Whatever the case, the Warriors have two options.

They can let the creature die and continue their journey, or they can attempt to heal it. For each Healing spell or bandage used on the creature, roll 1D6. A roll of 5 or a 6 on any of the dice indicates success. The creature stirs and begins to panic. The Warriors are forced to bind the Scorpakaon's limbs with vines from a nearby tree. They can now lead the creature back to a Settlement. A newly discovered race such as this could mean a lot of different things for a lot of different people. Each Week that the Warriors are leading the creature, roll 1D6.

1 During the dead of night, a random Warrior wakes up to a monstrous sight. A sharp claw smacks him directly in the face for 2D6 unmodified Wounds. If 10 or more Wounds are caused, the Warrior must also lose a Permanent Wound due to disfigurement. The Scorpakaon then flees into the jungle never to be seen again.

2 The Scorpakaon suddenly snaps his bonds and darts into the jungle, never to be seen again.

3-6 Other than leaving a lot of refuse behind at the Warrior's camp site, the creature does not attempt to escape.

Once the Warriors have reached the Settlement, roll 1D6.

1 The gates are instantly barred just as the Warriors are about to enter. A volley of arrows assault the party, obviously with intent to kill the strange creature of chaos. The creature is killed, and the Warriors are forced to leave for their next adventure immediately.

2 Hmm.. Either the entire population of this Settlement is blind, or they don't seem to mind a Scorpion Man running around in their home. Feeling baffled, but strangely kind, the Warriors set the creature free, and it flees out of the city into the jungle beyond.

3 A butcher offers to pay 50 gold for the creature. Take it or leave it.

4 There is a lot of interest in the creature. A local circus act offers to buy the scorpion man for 1D6 * 100 gold pieces. If the Warriors accept. They all spend the next 1D3 days (each roll separately) at the circus, watching the audience's reaction to their investment.

5 An old man approaches the Warriors and says that he knows what the creature is. He has spent his entire life sailing from Nehekhara to the Old World and back again, and has stopped off in Lustria to retire. He explains that a lot of the captains that he has sailed with respect the Warrior's code and will be only too pleased to take brave warriors to Nehekhara. The man, therefore, offers to make enough necklaces out of the creature's plate armour for the Warriors to all have one.

The necklaces have no magical effects, but the captains that sail to Nehekhara are always impressed by people who wear a Scorpakaon necklace. From now on, whenever the Warriors are required to make a roll of the Captain's Table. when they are looking for a Captain to take them to Nehekhara, they may roll four times on the Captain's Table and pick the best result.

Of course, this means that the poor creature must be killed. If the Warriors decide this is not what they want to happen to the creature, each Warrior gains 1 point of non-Permanent Luck. Good for them!

6 The Warriors take the creature to the local Wizard's Guild, who take quite an interest in the Scorpakaon. The Warriors are offered 1 Treasure card each, and also a roll on the Wizard's Guild Consulting Table.


The body of a large Kroxigor lies here, recently dead. By the teeth marks in it, something big killed it. Really big! If the Warriors wish to search the carcass, roll 1D6 on the following table.

1 While rummaging through the creatures guts, the Warriors suddenly feel a strange shaking, rumbling sound. A glass of water, which one of the Warriors had set upon a tree stump while he was searching, begins to shake, the water inside vibrating slowly. All is quiet, except for the occasional clap of sound. Suddenly, the largest creature the Warriors have ever seen bursts from the trees, intent on feeding on the Warriors. It is at least twice the size of a Greater Daemon, and stands erect upon two heavily muscled legs. It has two tiny arms which flail about uselessly, and teeth the size of the Emperor's Greatsword. What the Warriors have found is a giant Cold One. Actually it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, but they don't know that. Fight a battle with the dinosaur. Its statistics are below.





Weapon Skill:


Ballistic Skill:














Damage Dice:




Special Rules

Ignore Blows 3+; Ignore Pain 8; Large Monster; Tyrannosaur


This ability allows the monster to continue moving towards another target and continue his attacks if he manages to kill his opponent and has remaining Attacks.

In addition, if a monster wish this ability reduces a Warrior to 0 or less Wounds, roll on the table below.

1-3 The Tyrannosaurus Rex takes the Warrior up in its mouth and bites down heavily, chopping him in two. He then swallows the two halves of the Warrior. Not surprisingly, the Warrior is dead.

4-6 Nothing extra happens.

When dead, the Warriors may take a piece of Objective Room Treasure each.

2 The Warriors find nothing of value, except an undigested poisonous slug, which bites one of the Warriors for 1D3 unmodified Wounds.

3-5 Not surprisingly, the Warriors find nothing in the creature's guts.

6 A shiny object attracts the Warriors' attention. A random Warrior may take 1 Treasure Card as he extracts it from the Kroxigor's lower intestine. Very messy.


The Warriors encounter a dying elf by the side of the jungle path. He is almost dead from hunger and exhaustion. The Warriors may give him food and water if they wish. For each provision given to him, add one to the dice roll on the following table.

1-5 The elf is too far gone, and the best the Warriors can do is to make his passing more comfortable.

6+ The Elf manages to explain that he is a traveller in the land of Lustria looking for a lost family heirloom that was stolen by the Lizardmen during a raid on his family's home on the unprotected coast of Ulthuan. The next Objective Room Treasure Card found is in fact the item the elf was looking for. The next Uneventful Week encountered, the Warriors will locate the healed Elf, busy looking for the object himself. If the Warrior gives him the Treasure Card, the Elf will give him a magical gorget that will do one of the following (Warrior's choice). A Warrior may only ever wear 1 gorget at a time.

+1 Permanent Initiative

+1 Permanent Luck

+1 Permanent Willpower

Note that the Warriors must give the gift to the Elf only during Uneventful Weeks in Lustria, not anywhere else. Once the Warriors have left Lustria, it will be too late for the Warriors to return the artefact to the Elf.


The Warriors are disgusted when the enter the next clearing. A large circle of spears, stuck into the ground, with small, human heads stuck on the top of them, greet the Warriors. This is a bad omen indeed! Roll 1D6 on the following table to see what the omen signifies.

1 The Warriors must each lose a point of Permanent Luck.

2 Each Warrior begins the next adventure with 1D6 less Permanent Wounds. These are regained at the end of the adventure.

3 All the Warriors provisions immediately go bad. Discard them.

4 A random Warrior feels violently ill. He loses 1D3 unmodified Wounds.

5 A random Warrior loses the will to continue his adventuring career. He loses 1 Initiative for the next adventure and the remainder of this adventure. He regains it at the end of the next adventure.

6 Although disgusted with the sight, nothing bad happens to the Warriors.



The sky erupts with a terrible storm. Sheets of water cascade onto the Warriors, and lightening colours the sky every few seconds. It must be the monsoon season. Roll 1D6 to see how many Weeks the storms last. Roll 1D6 on the table now, and for every week that the storms last, roll again on this table before the event rolled is encountered.

1 The Warriors can go no further. The sheer force of the rain stops them from moving through the jungle. The Warriors must find another route by adding 1D6 Weeks to the journey.

2 The rains have flooded this particular area of the jungle. The Warriors must add 1 Week to travel time.

3 A random Warrior is standing under a tree which is struck by lightening. He must lose 3D6 modified Wounds and one piece of randomly determined equipment.

4 The storms have forced many jungle animals to flee their homes. The Warriors are attacked by (roll twice on the following table)

1 1D3 Lions

2 1D3 Panthers

3 1 Giant Snake

4 2D6 Lizards

5 2D6 Snakes

6 2D6 Giant Insects

5 While extremely uncomfortable, the storms do not hamper the Warriors that much.

6 The storms have forced a large army of Skaven to break camp and return to their underground caverns. Thankfully, the Warriors can now press on in that direction without having to make a detour. Subtract 1D3 Weeks from travel time.

Should the Warriors be required to drink something during these storms, they may drink the rain water instead of wasting a drinking source.


The Warriors pause in their tracks when they see a large, magnificent tiger dozing in the centre of the muddy trail. Roll 1D6.

1-2 The tiger attacks the party. Fight a battle against it. Gain no treasure for the battle.

3 The tiger looks at the party with bored disdain. The party move around it to continue their travels.

4 With surprise, the party realise that the cat is giving birth to cubs. How sweet. After watching the spectacle for some time, the Warriors continue their travels, their spirits lifted. Each Warrior may gain 1 non-Permanent Luck which must be used this adventure or it is lost.

5-6 The tiger is pure white, and has pink eyes. An albino. This creature is very rare, and most biologists claim it does not even exist. It is said that when a woman touches the fur of the tiger, one will know if she is pure of body or not. Albino tigers are sought after by couples wishing to get married. On a less happier note, the hide of an albino tiger is worth a great deal of money.

The Warriors can each gain a point of Permanent Luck, or they can attempt to slay the beast for its hide. Fight a combat against a normal tiger. If the Warriors win, do not take treasure as usual, but note that one of them is carrying the hide of the creature. At the next Settlement, roll 1D6 on the table below to see what the Warriors are given in exchange for the hide.

1 1D6 * 50 gold pieces each.

2 1D6 * 200 gold pieces each.

3 1D6 * 500 gold pieces each.

4 1D3 Treasure cards.

5 1D3 Treasure cards and 1D6 * 200 gold pieces each.

6 1 Objective Room Treasure Card each.

Note that the Warriors must lose a point of Permanent Luck if they wish to kill the beast for its hide.


The Warriors emerge from the jungle into a clearing where black skinned humans are performing a strange dance. Intrigued, the Warriors stay and watch. After a few minutes, an aged man stops his people doing the dance and all face towards the Warriors, eyes wide with wonderment. It seems they have never seen white folks like the Warriors before. They eventually gather round the party and invite them to sit with them. Strange food is stuffed into the Warrior's mouths, and some women with bones through their noses seem to take an awful interest in the Warriors. After many hours of eating and flirting with the women, the natives pull the Warriors to their feet and insist that they perform the same dance they were originally doing. Each Warrior rolls 1D6.

1-2 The Warrior makes a total fool of himself and ends up falling over many times. The natives think this is all very amusing......

3-4 The natives are impressed by the way the Warrior is performing the dance. They give him 1D6 provisions and, erm...., 1 gold piece as a token of friendship.

5-6 With amazing agility, the Warrior performs the dance exactly the same way as the natives. Suddenly, the heavens open up and rain begins to fall. It appears the Warrior has learnt the Rain Dance Skill. This skill can be used once per wilderness journey to make it rain for 1D2 Weeks. Whenever it is raining, the Warriors may use the water as a drinking source instead of wasting a canteen or a potion. For each Week that it rains, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the rain slows the Warriors down. They must add 1 Week to the journey.


The ground here is covered with tiny little toadstools. Roll 1D6 to see what the toadstools are.

1 The toadstools are deadly poisonous. All the Warriors immediately lose 2D6 unmodified Wounds caused by the fumes given out when stepped on.

2 A random Warrior, feeling peckish, eats one of them before the other Warriors can stop him. The Warrior is violently ill and suffers the loss of 1D3 unmodified Wounds.

3 It appears that the toadstools are nothing of importance.

4 The toadstools are a form of blade venom. When rubbed onto the blade of an edged weapon, the weapon will do an extra Damage Dice for one turn. Each Warrior may take 1D3 blade venom toadstools.

5 The toadstools are rare healing herbs. Each Warrior may take 1D3 of them. When eaten, the Warrior is immediately healed back up to full Wounds.

6 The toadstools are actually Fire Shrooms, a special type of mushroom that explodes if thrown violently. Each Warrior may take 1D3 Fire Shrooms. A Fire Shroom works in the same way as a Fire Bomb, except that it does 3D6 unmodified Wounds instead of 1D6.


A spear suddenly shoots out of the jungle depths and stabs a random Warrior in the leg. For the rest of the adventure, the Warrior is at -1 Weapon Skill. He also loses 1D6 unmodified Wounds.


The Warriors emerge into a dimly lit clearing. In the centre of the clearing is the remains of a camp fire, and a huge fat hog roasting on a spit. Each Warrior can take 1D6 provisions with them, and gain 1D6 Wounds now. What a feast!


Sitting deep within the jungle foliage, the Warriors make out the form of a small, stone idol, belonging to some Pygmy tribe no doubt. Roll 1D6.

1 The idol animates and throws itself at a random Warrior, wrapping its hands around his neck. Immediately suffer 1D3 unmodified Wounds and roll 1D6 and add Strength. If the result is equal to or greater than 8, the Warrior throws the idol to the ground and smashes it to pieces with a booted foot. If the result is less than 8, the statue strangles the Warrior further. He suffers 1D3 unmodified Wounds. Keep trying to escape from the idol by making tests. For every test failed, the Warrior loses a further 1D3 unmodified Wounds. If the Warrior is ever reduced to 0 Wounds in this manner, he has suffocated to death.

2 The eyes of the idol suddenly open, and a random Warrior is shot with a beam of green energy. He suffers 3D6 modified Wounds.

3 The Warriors attempt to lift the idol, but find it is too heavy. In fact, one random Warrior strains his back in the process. He is at -1 Weapon Skill and Move for the next adventure and the remainder of this one.

4 The small idol is actually made of gold. It can be sold at a settlement for 2D6 * 100 gold pieces, which must be shared out amongst the Warriors evenly.

5 At the base of the idol is a small collection of goodies that worshippers have left as an offering to their god. Each Warrior may take 1D6 * 50 gold pieces and a Treasure card.

6 A mighty artefact of great power lies at the base of the idol. A random Warrior can take an Objective Room Treasure Card.


The jungle path gives way to a huge, seemingly infinite depths pit. The Warriors can see no way across it, other than a tree across the other side which perhaps a rope can be attached. If the Warriors do not have a rope, they must abandon their journey and set off to the next adventure immediately. If they do have a rope, one Warrior may attempt to throw the rope to the other side and attach it to the tree. Roll 1D6 and add Strength. If the result is equal to or greater than 9, then the Warrior has thrown the rope and it has attached itself to the tree opposite. The Warriors may now proceed. If the result is less than 9, the rope falls into the chasm. It is assumed that the Warrior was holding onto the end of the rope as well, so he may pull it up and keep it. Each Warrior may only try once before the heat and mosquitos finally begin to irritate the Warriors and they leave the area in disgust and annoyance. If this happens, the Warriors must head towards their next adventure immediately.


Standing proudly in the centre of the jungle path is a large temple to Chotec, the Lizardman Sun God. If the Warriors wish to investigate, roll 1D6.

1 The temple is ancient and has not been used in centuries. As the Warriors explore, a section of the wall collapses and seals the Warriors in. The Warriors must roll equal to or under their Initiative in order to find their way out. If they can not, they are doomed to spend eternity wandering the halls of the temple, forever trying to find a way out. Those Warriors with the Pig Fat ability may use it to escape automatically.

2 A large group of monsters have made this ruined temple their home. The Warriors must fight a group of Objective Room monsters. Receive treasure for the battle as usual, but do not take an Objective Room Treasure Card

3 The temple is deserted and long forgotten.

4 A random Warrior finds a small cache of 1D6 jewels. Each may be sold at a Settlement for 1D3 * 50 gold pieces each.

5 One of the Warriors locates a bag containing a magical item in it. Take a Treasure Card.

6 The Warriors find a large chest which contains enough treasure for each Warrior to take 1D6 * 300 gold pieces and 1D3 Treasure Cards.


The Warriors enter a small human village currently suffering from a savage illness. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. A roll of 1 to 2 indicates that the Warrior has caught the fever. He must lose 1D3 Toughness for the next adventure and for the remainder of this one. If the Warrior's Toughness is reduced to 0 in this way, he is far too ill to continue. He must miss out on the next adventure and spend time resting in a shoddy hospital bed in the village. At the end of the next adventure, the Warriors must add 1D3 Weeks to their journey time in order to return to the village and pick up the sick Warrior. They meet up with the Warrior at the end of the third Week.



The trees in this section of the jungle are very tall and have a strong blue tint to them. The Warriors have encountered a grove of the rare Silverleaf tree, which is used in many different ways to create magical items. Each Warrior may roll 1D6 to see what part of the tree he can take for himself.

1 The Warrior is about to take a handful of blue leaves from the closest tree when a huge, bloated monkey leaps out and scratches him in the face. He must lose 1D3 unmodified Wounds and roll another D6. A roll of 1 indicates a very deadly toxin, and the Warrior dies instantly.

2 The hunt for the perfect tree part goes unfinished. The Warrior finds nothing useful amongst the foliage this day.

3 The Warrior takes a handful of magical blue leaves. When eaten, the Warrior gains 1D3 Wounds back again. These Wounds can take the Warrior above his starting score.

4 A piece of bark attracts the Warriors attention. He picks it up to find that it glows with a soft blue light. When attached to an edged weapon, the bark causes an extra 4D6 Wounds damage on a natural To Hit Roll of 6. However, this also drains the Strength from the Warrior, who must lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds. The effects of the bark last for one complete adventure.

5 The Warrior finds a healthy looking pool of sap beneath one of the trees. If he dips his weapon into it, it will cause an additional Wound every time it strikes. This effect is permanent. Only one weapon may be dipped in the pool before it dries up. Obviously, bows and guns can not be dipped in.

6 It seems one of the previous people to use the grove have left an unfinished magical item lying behind a tree, beneath a pile of bushes. The Warrior may take the item to a Wizard's Guild, even if he is not normally allowed to go to one (the Wizards are intrigued by this strange device. He may not do anything there except roll 1D6 on the following table.

1 The item is too exotic for the Wizards to understand. They charge the Warrior 1D6 * 100 gold pieces for time wasting and send him on his way.

2-6 The Wizards tell the Warrior they can finish the magic item for a small fee of 1D3 * 1000 gold pieces. If he pays this amount, he may take three Objective Room treasure Cards and keep one of them that he wants. He must then discard the other two.


The jungle gets thicker and thicker and the sun gets blotted out more and more as the Warriors progress onwards. From now on, until the Warriors reach their destination, all Movement values are reduced by 1 and To Hit rolls suffer a -1 penalty. These penalties do not apply to the monsters in any way.


From out of the trees, the Warriors are surrounded by a very large group of Skinks and Sauruses. Each Warrior rolls 1D6.

1 After a vicious but futile battle, the Warrior is dragged away to his doom.

2 The Warrior is knocked to 0 Wounds in the conflict. If there is another Warrior still alive after this ambush, he may be healed as normal. Otherwise, he is dead.

3 The Warrior defeats the majority of the Lizardmen, but suffers the loss of 4D6 modified Wounds in the process.

4 After a heroic struggle, the Warrior defeats all the Lizardmen, and leaves the scene with a pouch of 1D6 * 50 Gold pieces.

5 The Warrior cleaves through the puny Lizardmen like they don't exist. Make 6 To Hit Rolls against Weapon Skill 3. For each roll that hits, the Warrior gains 1D3 * 50 Gold pieces. In addition, if all attacks hit, he gains 1D3 items of Treasure.

6 The Skinks and Sauruses flee the scene, leaving a large booty of 2D6 * 100 gold pieces for the Warrior to collect.


While sitting around a camp fire, the Warriors are shocked to see a skinny, under nourished man burst into their camp site. He babbles incoherently about monsters and demons and evil gods plotting against him. While most of what he says makes no sense, the Warrior learn of an Ambush up ahead. The next event that indicates fighting a group of Monsters can be ignored and treated as an Uneventful Week. This does not include Monsters fought in dungeons.


One of the Warriors begins to whine and complain about the heat and mosquitoes. He immediately stops and sits down on a log, saying that he will not move a step further. After much cajoling, the other Warriors pull him to his feet and lead him on. For each provision less than 10 that the Warriors have combined, add 1 Week to travel time. For example, if the Warriors have only 4 provisions between them, add 6 Weeks to the journey time. This is to indicate the extra time spent pampering the frustrated Warrior who is wasting every body's time by dragging his feet.


The Warriors are set upon by a group of monsters 1D3 Dungeon-Levels higher than the Warrior with the lowest Battle-Level. In addition, all Monsters gain the Ambush ability on a dice roll of 1 on a D6.


One of the Warriors notices a set of foot prints in the mud. If the Warriors wish to follow them, roll 1D6 on the following table:

1 The foot prints lead directly into the middle of a large feeding ground for panthers. The Warriors are chased away by the giant cats and end up 1D6 Weeks off course.

2 Hmm, the Warriors spend the next few days tracking their own foot prints. The fools have travelled around in circles. Start the journey again.

3 The foot prints belong to a wounded Amazon woman. She curses the Warriors as they step closer to her. If the Warriors wish to help the woman anyway, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Woman manages to slash out at a random Warrior, causing 2D6 modified Wounds damage. Otherwise, the Warriors can attempt to heal her. For each provision, bandage or healing spell cast on her, the Warriors receive 1D6 * 10 Gold pieces as a reward.

4 The Warriors are on the trail of a Skaven Gutter Runner, no doubt running towards his master with news of great importance. Roll 1D6 for the number of Weeks the Skaven has to get to his destination. If this is less than or equal to the amount of Weeks the Warriors have left, the Skaven reaches his destination and delivers his news. For the next 1D3 battles, all battles are considered Objective Room Battles for the purpose of determining monsters, not treasure. If the result is greater than the number of Weeks the Warriors have left, they manage to catch up to the Skaven before he can deliver his news and kill it. A random Warrior gains 50 Gold pieces for the kill.

5 The foot prints lead directly into a secret cave covered with foliage that the Warriors would have missed otherwise. The cavern is very dark indeed. If all of the Warriors have a light source of some kind, only then can they explore the cave. Otherwise, the Warriors must leave the cave immediately before they get lost. If the cave can be explored, roll 1D6 + 2. This is the number os Objective Room battles that must be fought in the cave. Take an Objective Room Treasure card for each victory. Once all the battles have been fought, roll 1D6. This is the number of Treasure cards each Warrior receives for himself. Because of the magical darkness of the cave, provisions and bandages can only be used on another Warrior if he is adjacent.

6 The foot prints lead to a secret treasure cache stored her by pirates many years ago. Each Warrior may take 1D6 * 100 Gold pieces.


One of the Warriors is filling up a canteen with water when a gigantic alligator, about the length of two normal sized crocodiles, leaps from the water and attacks the Warrior with a vengeance. That Warrior must roll equal to or less than his Initiative and base Toughness combined on 2D6 or suffer 4D6 unmodified Wounds as the alligator rips into his flesh. Then he must roll a further D6. If the result is anything but a 1, he frees himself and kills the alligator. If the result is a 1, he can not escape and loses a further D6 unmodified Wounds. Keep trying to escape in this fashion. If he escapes from the alligator on the first 2D6 roll, he is safe and need not roll further dice.


How cute! A tiny little orange marmoset makes its home on a random Warrior's shoulder and absently picks at his hair. After much annoying pestering, the little fellow finally leaves the scene.


The Warriors encounter a group of Cathayan traders who are on a mission to trade with the Lizardmen. The Warriors may buy anything from the Weaponsmiths, the Armourer, or the General Store. Roll 2D6 for Stock of all the items. Once an item is brought, roll 1D6. If the result is a 1, the Warrior has brought a useless item. Discard it.



During the middle of the night, the Warriors are awoken by the sound of a ghostly wail. The image of a powerful Lizardman god appears before them. Each Warrior claims they can see a different God hovering before them. Roll once on the table below for each Warrior to see which God he can see and what happens to him.

1 Chotec - The Warrior gains 1 Initiative, but loses 1 Strength and 1 Weapon Skill.

2 Sotec - The Warrior gains 1 Strength but loses 1 Move and 1 Luck.

3 Tepoc - The Warrior gains 2 Willpower but loses 1 Toughness.

4 Huanchi - The Warrior gains 1 Move and 1 Initiative, but loses 1 Toughness or 1 Luck (Warriors choice)

5 Itzl - The Warrior gains 1 Weapon Skill. In addition, the Lizardman god has blessed him with the ability to command and ride Lizardman Cold Ones. Whenever a group of Cold Ones are encountered, the Warrior may roll 1D6. On a roll on 6, the Warrior has used his new found powers to train one of the beasts to do his bidding. A Warrior may only do this once per combat, before combat begins. He may also only attempt this if he is Battle-Level 5 or greater and if he does not already have control over a Cold One. The Warrior may now ride the Cold One and gains the following bonus.

  • He must spend an extra 10 Gold pieces for Living Expenses in settlements.
  • Wilderness travel is reduced by 2 Weeks.
  • In combat, the Cold one may attack after the Warrior has had his turn. The Cold One will only attack if the Warrior is riding it, thus gaining the movement value of the Cold One (which is 8)
  • Monsters must roll 1D6 when attacking the Warrior. If the result is a 1 to 3, the Warrior is attacked as normal, with a -1 penalty To Hit. If the result is a 4 to 6, the Monster attacks the Cold one instead.
  • The Cold One must only attack the same Monster the Warrior is attacking. If the Warrior manages to kill his target this turn, the Cold One will not attack this turn. The Cold One does not get Death Blows.
  • Monsters of Dungeon-Level 4 or below are subject to the Fear rules when fighting the Cold One.
  • If the Cold One is killed during combat, the Warrior falls to the ground and is stunned for 1D3 turns. Monsters gain +2 To Hit while he is stunned.
  • Monsters killed by the Cold One still give the Warrior Gold for the kill.
  • Provisions, Bandages and healing magic can be used on the Cold One, but healing potions can not.
  • If the Cold One is killed, the Warrior can not train another, as he has been punished by the Gods for losing such a fine beast.
  • Whenever an event targets the Warrior, roll 1D6. A roll of 4 to 6 indicates the Cold One has been targeted instead.
  • The Cold One MAY be ridden into dungeons, etc.

6 An Old One - The Warrior gains 1D3 points of Statistics which may be added to anything he wants. No more than 1 may be added to a single statistic. In addition, the God gives the Warrior a piece of Objective Room Treasure of his choice. Look through the discarded Objective Room Treasure Cards and take one that you want.

Note that a Warrior can not use his natural Luck on any of these rolls. However, any Luck gained from magical items (Lucky charms, etc) may be used as normal.


Hazards by Michael Brockhouse.