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Whenever the Warriors hire a Captain, roll 4D6 for the number of Hull Points the ship begins with and 1D6 for the number of Attack Points the ship begins with.


Occasionally, the ship the Warriors are on will encounter an enemy vessel which needs attacking. This is how to handle these situations.

First, roll 1D6 for each ship involved in the battle, and then 1D6 for the Warriors own ship. The highest number gets to attack first.

Roll 1D6 (this is the Ship's usual Damage Dice) and add any Attack Points it may have. This is the total damage done to the enemy ship. Now roll 1D6 for each Attack Point the enemy vessel has. For every dice that scores a 2 to 5, subtract one from the damage done to the ship. For every dice that comes up as a 6, subtract 1 and roll the dice again. Keep doing this until there are no 6's left face up. Any scores of 1 are ignored. Subtract the final result from the enemies Hull Points rating.

Now the enemy, if it is still alive, can attack the Warrior's ship in the same manner. If the enemy ship is reduced to 0 or less Hull Points, it is destroyed. The Warriors may gain 1 Treasure Card to be given out to a single Warrior.

If ever the Warrior's ship is reduced to 0 or less Hull Points, it is also destroyed. The Warriors must each roll on the Warrior Overboard Table, below.

If no ships are destroyed yet, start again from the beginning.

In some instances, the Warriors will be forced to leave the ship, due to being thrown overboard or due to their ship being destroyed. Each time a Warrior is told to roll on the Warrior Overboard Table, he should roll on this table.


1 The Warrior can not keep afloat any longer. He lets himself drift below the surface of the ocean to drown. The Warrior is dead.

2 After a few days of trying to keep afloat, the Warrior is set upon by sharks. He loses 1D3 permanent Wounds. Roll again on this table.

3 The Warrior drifts along the waves for a few days. Roll again on this table.

4 Finally, the Warrior finds himself alone on the shore of a deserted beach. He has lost 1D6 treasure cards from his possession and all his provisions are ruined. After a week of travelling (one roll on the appropriate Hazard's table), the Warrior rejoins his fellow Warriors (or gets to a location where he can wait for them if they have not arrived yet.

5 The Warrior awakes to find himself on a beach, a very familiar beach. The Warrior is back in the Old World. If the other Warriors are headed here, he will rejoin them when they arrive. If the Warriors were headed to the Lost Kingdoms, then the Warrior must travel to a Settlement and catch a ship to join them., or he could wait for them here. Whatever the case, the Warrior misses out on at least the next adventure if they were headed towards the Lost Kingdoms, and maybe more if he chooses to wait for them while they complete all their adventures in the Lost Kingdoms.

6 The Warrior awakes to find himself on a soft white beach. In the distance, he sees a familiar ship sailing towards him. The Warrior has washed ashore upon the same place that the Warriors were originally headed. He may wait for them here.



There is a wail from the lookout in the Crow's Nest, and the sailor points out to sea franticly. In the distance, a large green, scaly fish is surfacing. Before the ship can change direction and avoid the monster, more of the creatures rise from the waves. Within minutes, the entire ship is surrounded by the monsters. The creatures are minions of the Ocean Deity known as Hydros! Roll 1D6 on the following table.

1-3 The creatures attack the hull of the ship, causing 1D6 Hull Points of damage. As the Captain yells to the gunners to bring the cannons around, the minions shudder and change size. 2D6 Minions of the Lurker leap aboard the ship, gleaming scimitars at the ready. Fight a battle with them. Each Minion has the same characteristics as that of a Beastman Champion (Including Gold). The Warriors may choose not to attack if they do not wish to, and can hide in their cabins until the problem is dealt with by the crew members. If they choose this decision, roll 1D6. A roll of 1-3 indicates that the Captain and the crew decide to throw the Warriors over board for being cowards. Each Warrior must roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

4-6 The creatures attack the hull of the ship, causing 1D6 Hull Points of damage. As the Captain yells to the gunners to bring the cannons around, the minions vanish beneath the waves once more.


While admiring the view of the tropical rain forests on the far horizon, a dull drop is heard. A crew member chortles, and points to a random Warrior's shoulder. Your Warrior has been pooped upon by a sea gull.


The ship suddenly lurches to the side. Inquiring, the Captain states that they have run afoul of coastal reefs. The ship takes 1D3 Hull damage. In addition, it will take an extra 1 month to reach their destination.


The ship's rum supply running out is the last straw for some of the crew and they decide to take over the ship. The Warriors must decide which faction they wish to side with - the mutineers or the Captain and his fellows. Each Warrior makes his own decision. Roll 2D6 for the mutineers and add +1 for each Warrior on the side, and then roll 2D6 for the Captain and the crew, adding +1 for each Warrior on their side. The number with the highest side wins. Any Warriors on the losing side are immediately thrown overboard and must each roll on the Warrior Overboard Table. Warriors that are on the winning side may stay on the ship and continue the journey.


While getting water from a deserted island, the Warriors spy a large treasure hoard, long forgotten by its owners. The little hoard comes to 1D6 items of Dungeon Room Treasure.


The ship sails into ghostly white mists. After hours of sailing and careful navigating by the ship's helmsman, the ship emerges from the mists. Roll 1D6.

1 Gasping in fear and shock, the crew, Captain, and the Warriors realise they are no longer in the Old World. The sky is a dark purple colour, and the water blood red. Strange creatures swim about the hull of the ship. In haste, the Captain decides to head back into the mists. Roll 1D6

1 The Captain fails to navigate his way back, and the Warriors are stranded on a ship in a strange world. A dark visage of a shrouded man appears with a greeting to welcome the new residents. "Welcome to the Realm of Ravenloft...". Warriors can only leave this realm if they have the Transport of the Dammed spell or some other way of teleporting away. (Such as the Avatar Dark Secret). If no spell is forth coming, the Warriors must spend the rest of their lives on this strange new world.

2-6 The ship finds its way back into and out of the white mists. Roll again on the mists table adding +1 to the result.

2-5 The ship emerges from the mists, but the dampness of the white fog has caused 1D3 Hull damage due to rotting.

6 The ship emerges from the mists, with no sign of any trouble.


The lookout spots an unrecognisable ship in the distance. The unmistakable sound of beating drums reaches the Warriors ears. As the ship pulls closer, the party can make out the forms of several black, bald headed muscle men standing at the front of the ship, with many weaker black natives tied to wooden planks pulling and pushing oars. The ship has encountered a Slave Galley.

The Slaver Ship Captain spies the mighty Warriors standing proudly on deck, their magical equipment and powerful items glowing and shining. He immediately decides he wants those Warriors on his ship. There is no avoiding the grappling ropes of the slave ship. A boarding action takes place, with 4D6 black muscle men wielding heavy swords swinging across to capture the ship's crew. A mighty battle rages across the ship. Roll 2D6 for the number of crew members who decide to take up the fight. Now roll another D6 for each slaver. On a roll of 1 to 2, they have killed or incapacitated a crew member. When there are no crew members left to defend the ship, the slavers turn to what they boarded for in the first place - the Warriors!

Each Warrior now rolls 1D6 and adds his Str. If the total is 7 or over, the Warrior has managed to kill the Slavers targeting him. If the value is 6 or lower, he has been overcome by the sheer number of slavers. He is immediately dragged back to the slave ship before the other Warriors can interfere.

Whatever happens, the Slave Ship detaches itself from the Warrior's ship and sails away.

If any Warriors were captured by the Slavers, they must roll on 2D6 on the following table each month. This is handled in the following way. The remaining Warriors on the Captain's ship roll once on the Ocean Events Table as usual, then each Warrior on the Slave Ship rolls on the following table. If the Warriors arrive at their destination, the Warriors on the slave ship must keep rolling on the table until they escape or are set free.

2 While chained to the oars, the Warrior is beaten repeatedly for being slack in his rowing. This torture lasts the entire month. He loses 1D6 permanent Wounds for his ordeal. If this takes him to zero Wounds, his body is tossed overboard to feed the sharks.

3 The slavers continuously pick on the Warrior, throwing rocks and daggers at him while he works. He loses 1D3 Permanent Wounds. If this takes him to zero Wounds, his body is tossed overboard to feed the sharks.

4 The slavers take an interest in the Warrior because of his white skin. They constantly prod and poke him, leaving your Warrior infuriated and chronically depressed. He loses 1 point of Initiative permanently. If this takes him to zero Initiative, the Warrior goes mad, and spends the rest of his days locked up in a sweaty meat locker, chained to the wall, and begging for food. His adventuring career is over.

5 At the end of a long hard day, the Warrior is shoved into the hold with the rest of the black captives. His rations are fed to him as usual, and he still doesn't know what it is. A large, black slave, who after at least almost a month on board the ship, your Warrior recognises as the self proclaimed leader of the slave group, takes the Warrior's food bowl from under him and begins to eat it. If the Warrior does not wish to stand up to the native, he loses 1 permanent Wound, due to starvation. This continues to happen the whole month, and all the Warrior gets to eat is the scraps left over. If the Warrior rolls this event 3 times or more, he has wasted away to nothing, and his scrawny body is tossed over board to provide the sharks with a tiny snack. If the Warrior decides to stand up to the powerful native, roll 1D6 and add Str. A total of 7 or more indicates that the native backs down, much to the dismay of his comrades. The Warrior gets his rations as usual. What's more, he is now awed by the other slaves for forcing the leader to back down. If ever this event is rolled again, treat it as a 6. If the total is 6 or below, the Warrior is humiliated and beaten, to much laughter and jeers from the gathered crowd. The Warrior looses 1D3 Permanent Wounds and -1 Tou permanently. If this brings him to zero wounds, he is thrown to the sharks.

6 For a reason unknown to the Warrior, the other slaves on this ship treat him with respect and are constantly offering him their meagre rations. In fact, one native seems to have taken a shine to the Warrior. An over weight, bald, yellow teethed native snuggles into the Warrior for warmth each night for the entire month. Other than this unfortunate occurrence, nothing much happens.

7 While given a brief reprieve from the shackles of the planks, the Warrior spies a chance to leap into the waves, and escape this fate. If the Warrior decides to accept this chance, roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the score is 7 or more, the Warrior makes a successful dash, leaping over the railing and disappears into the waves. The slavers rally themselves, and attempt to retrieve the Warrior with spiked hooks and nets. This is to no avail, as the Warrior vanishes into distance. Although he has lost all his equipment and gold, the Warrior is free and may roll on the Warrior Overboard Table. If the total is 6 or less, the slavers recapture the Warrior just as he is about to flee, beating his savagely for 1D3 permanent Wounds. The Warrior is never allowed another moment of freedom. If this event is rolled again, ignore it and re-roll.

8 Suddenly, one of the slaves lets loose a gigantic roar of anguish, and with almost super human strength rips free from his chains. The slavers immediately descend onto the native, trying to hold him down. Other natives are inspired by this feat and begin to yell and yank their chains. In the confusion, the Warrior rips free from his chains and launches himself at the slavers, his bare hands going for one's throat. Roll 1D6 and add Str. If the total is 7 or more, the Warrior manages to kill enough slavers to escape. He uses this time to locate his stolen equipment and gold. As he is about to dive overboard, a group of slavers, with huge scimitars, attack the Warrior. In his adrenalined state, the Warrior disposes all of them, and leaps into the ocean, vanishing beneath the waves. Its only after he has escaped that he realises he has been severely damaged from the slavers' weapons. He must lose 1D3 Permanent Wounds. But now he is free, and can roll on the Warrior Overboard Table. If the result is 6 or less, the Warrior is overcome by the sheer number of slavers, and brought to his knees. He loses 1D3 Permanent Wounds. Eventually, the slave revolt is brought under control, with many slaves being slaughtered and tossed to the sharks.

9 There is a great ripping of wood and roaring. Looking overboard, the slavers see a mighty Megaladon, a giant shark, ripping into the side of the ship. In a desperate attempt to bring their harpoons to bear, the slavers try to kill the beast. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 2, the Megaladon is soon scarred off by the harpoons. Control is soon regained. Any other roll indicates that the beast is too powerful for the small slave ship. In the confusion that follows, the Warrior manages to break free, locate his equipment, and leap into the ocean waves, on the opposite side of the ship that the Megaladon is attacking. The slavers do not even notice he is gone. As the Warrior swims away, he sees the Megaladon lose interest in the ship and dive beneath the surface. The Slave Ship eventually regains control as continues as normal. The Warrior is free and may roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

10 The Warrior suddenly realises that his shackles have not been fully secured to the planks. While the guards have their back turned. The Warrior slips his foot free, locates his equipment store and is gone. Roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

11 In the dead of night, while all the slaves are sleeping in their cells, a large native approaches the Warrior. He explains how he has been watching the Warrior for a great deal of time through his magical crystal ball. He quietly slips a key into his hand, saying how he does not agree with slavery and that with the Warrior's release, perhaps he can alert the Empire and Bretonnia of the cruelty being displayed here. The Warrior silently unlocks his cell, gathers his equipment, lowers himself into a skiff, and sails away. He eventually rejoins the other Warriors after 1D6 months of heavy rowing. The Skiff has 4 Hull Points and has 0 Attack Points.

12 As the constant beat of the slave drums almost drives the Warrior to the brick of insanity, there is a cry of alarm from one of the black slavers. The Warrior looks to where all others are looking. A vast, Bretonnian Galleon is sailing towards the slaver vessel. It is at least twice the size of the ship and has its cannon's swivelled in the direction of the slavers ship. The Warrior inwardly rejoices. All hell breaks lose on board the ship. The slave ship attempts to flee, but is no match for the speed of a Bretonnian vessel. Within minutes, cannons begin to fire, and wood debris flies from the assaulted ship. The slavers begin to leap into the waves and into small skiffs attached to the side of the ship. The slaves free themselves using discarded weaponry and also throw themselves into the water. Within minutes, the remaining slaves and all Warriors trapped on the ship are transported over to the Galleon with the assistance of a Wizard. The Warrior and his companions recover their weaponry before raising the enemy ship. Today is a day to celebrate! If the other Warriors have not reached their destination yet, the Brettonian Galleon catches up to them, and the Warriors board it, greeting old companions. If the Warriors have all ready reached their destination and are waiting for the Warriors on the Slave Ship, the Galleon pulls into dock just as the Warriors are about to give up hope. With a cry of joy, the Warriors are reunited once more.


The Warriors on the ship gather around the railing as a lovely woman rises from the waves, half of her human, the other half connected to the water as a continuous wave. She begins to sing a lovely hymn, holding out a golden plate. For each Warrior who places 2D6 x 100 gold on the plate, roll 1D6.

1 The Water Elemental gifts the Warrior with a gentle kiss. He receives +1 Luck, which can be used in the normal way. This gain is not permanent.

2 The Water Maiden's song enchants the ship's timbers. The ship regains 1D3 Hull Points. In addition, the Warrior gains +1 Luck for the next adventure. If it is not used, it is lost.

3 The Maiden raises her voice, and a shower of gold rains down upon the ship. Roll as many D6 as you like, and times the result by 100. However, if any of the dice come up with a 1 or a 2, the Warrior gets nothing, and all the gold vanishes into the ocean.

4 Her touch is like liquid fire. The Warrior cringes as the Water Maiden touches his arm. Instantly, renewed strength ripples through his arm. The Warrior gains +2 Str for the next adventure. At the end of the adventure, roll 1D6. On a roll of 6, one Strength point addition becomes permanent.

5 She gives the Warrior a single piece of treasure in return for his money. Take a Treasure Card.

6 She gives the Warrior 1D6 Treasure Cards, to keep for himself. He may or may not share them if he wishes.


During the entire last half of the month, heavy storms rage the ocean seas. A look out suddenly yells from his post, and the Warriors spy a large spiral of water moving their way. The Captain can not avoid the water spout. The ship takes D3 D6 Hull Points of damage.



The ship sails directly into the vicinity of an abandoned oil rig, its thick black liquid spilling into the ocean depths. If the Warriors wish to search the oil rig, roll 1D6:

1 As they move throughout its rusty interior, a large metal sheet dislodges itself from the ceiling and crashes into a random Warrior, who takes 4D6 Wounds.

2 The Warriors come face to face with a group of monsters who have set up home on the rig. Have a battle with a group of monsters 2 levels above the current level.

3 The Captain decides it best not to delay the journey on the whims of the Warriors. He sails on and ignores the rig.

4 The rig is abandoned, except for a coil of rope hanging off a bunker door.

5 The search of the oil rig gives the Warriors 1D6 x 20 gold pieces each.

6 A random Warrior is lucky to find a pouch containing 2D6 x 100 gold pieces.


In the distance, the Warriors see a large ship sailing towards them. It is a (roll 1D6):

1 Chaos Dwarf Battlebarge. Fight a Ship to Ship Battle against the Battlebarge. The Barge has 35 Hull Points and 5 Attack Points.

2 Skaven Warp-Raider. Fight a Ship to Ship Battle against the Skaven ship. It has 15 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points.

3 Skaven Deathburner. Fight a Ship to Ship Battle against the Skaven ship. It has 12 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points. In addition, each turn the ship does damage to the Warrior's ship hull, each Warrior takes 1D3 Wounds, unmodified, due to the poisonous incense.

4 Orc Bigchukka. The Bigchukka lobs 1D3 boulders at the ship before it is sunk. Each boulder hits on a roll of 3 to 6 and does 1D3 Hull Points.

5 Nurgle Plagueship. Fight a Ship to Ship battle against the plagueship. It has 16 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points. For each turn that the Plagueship remains above the waves, each Warrior takes 1D6 Wounds, unmodified, due to the poisonous smell.

6 Khorne Ironshark. The Ironshark makes a swift charge and takes a huge chunk out of the Warrior's ship. The charge does 2D6 Hull Points of damage. Now fight a Ship to Ship Battle against the monstrosity. The shark has 7 Hull Points and 1 Attack Point.


The crew on the ship have whispered long and hard about this particular location. Long nights have been spent describing in hushed whispers the evil tales of this quadrant of the sea. Picking up the local gossip, the Warriors learn of the many fateful journeys that been recorded. Many ships sail into this particular area and are never seen again. Roll 1D6 and subtract this number from the months of journey remaining. If the result is zero or less, ship passes through the triangle without any incident. Perhaps the tales were false after all. Any other result indicates the number of months the ship must travel through to reach the opposite side of the triangle. For each month, roll on the table as usual, but after the effects have been handled, roll another D6. If the result is a 1 or 2, the ship's compass and navigational equipment has fouled up for no apparent reason, and for the last month, the ship has been travelling in the wrong direction. Add 1 month instead of subtracting one month. Note that this will mean an additional month in the Lustrian Triangle. If ever the same number is rolled twice in a row, the look out yells and points to the east. From the mists, a ghostly ship sails out towards the Warriors. Roll 1D6:

1-3 All hell breaks loose on board the ship as the frightened crew notice skeletons and ghosts manning the approaching vessel. Some of the legends were true. The ancient ship is a ghost ship from thousands off years past. Fight a Ship to Ship battle against the Ghost Ship. It has 10 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points. Whenever your ship damages the Ghost ship, roll another D6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the cannon balls and harpoons pass right through the ship and do no damage.

4-6 The crew relax as they see the familiar flags of an Imperial Greatship. The two Captains converse for a while, before setting sail once more. It is only later that the Captain tells the Warriors that the Imperial Greatship they all just saw vanished without a trace over one hundred and fifty years ago.


The sun shines brightly in the blue sky. The Warriors decide to spend the day dangling a rod into the ocean below. They catch 1D6 worth of fish, which count as provisions.


The Warriors have just been informed that the Captain has passed away in his sleep, the past night. They are asked to attend a gathering to decide who will be their new captain. Roll 2D6:

2 The discussion lasts all day and all the next night. The Warriors are so bored they eat all off their provisions just to try and stay awake. Roll again on this table adding +1 to the roll.

3-6 After hard discussions and many a punch up or wrestling session, the crew decide on a new Captain. Unfortunately, this Captain turns out to be a scurvy, sea dog of the poorest calibre. He has had no previous experience Captaining his own ship. Some even whisper that he is a murderer. The journey take 1D3 months longer than expected. In addition, roll 1D6 on any uneventful month. On a roll of 1, the new Captain has decided to spend his time rummaging through the Warrior's personal belongings as they wander about the ship. Each Warrior loses 1D6 x 100 gold and a random treasure card.

7-11 The new Captain is a fairly decent sort. He explains how he learned his skills as a boy with father the fisherman. The journey carries on as normal.

12 The Warrior (randomly choose) stops gobbling down peanuts and looks up when he fails to hear talking. He is shocked to see everyone in the room looking expectantly at him. The other Warriors explain to him that he has just been offered the position of Captain. If he refuses, treat this event as a roll of 7 to 11. To accept the role of Ship's Captain is a great responsibility, but also a great reward. As captain, you gain possession of the ship, and any treasure the Captain keeps stored in the storage hold. Take 1D6 treasure cards immediately. Also, this ship now belongs to the Warrior. Whenever the party wishes to travel across the ocean, there is no need to roll on the Captain's table to see who will take the party across. The Warrior will use his own ship and his own crew. Bearing such a great responsibility requires the Warrior's full attention. When the Warriors disembark to go on their next adventure, the Warrior must stay aboard the ship and sail to the nearest settlement. In effect, he must return to a settlement and miss out on the next adventure entirely, while he buys new crew, makes repairs, and gets the financial and paperwork side of things sorted out. The legal fees involved in this cost him 1D3 x 1000 gold. If he can not afford this, he can not captain the ship. In addition, any events that involve the Captain now involve your Warrior. He is not counted as a Warrior when picking random Warriors when the event indicates that the Captain is involved.

If ever this event is rolled again, the Warrior does not die in his sleep. He is simply forced by his annoyed crew to step down. The ship is no longer his.


A random Warrior decides he might look good in a beard. He spends the entire month grooming and growing it, until a wandering crewman smirks and points at it. The Warrior immediately shaves it off.


There is a scream from of the Nobleman's daughter's cabins. A very distressed woman runs out, tears streaming from her eyes. It turns out that she has been robbed by someone on this ship. Roll 1D6 to see who she accuses of stealing the item,.

1 A random Warrior

2 The Second in Command

3 The Chef

4 The Astrologer

5 The Moneylender

6 The Cannoneer

Now roll 1D6 to see who really stole it.

1 A random Warrior

2 The Second in Command

3 The Chef

4 The Astrologer

5 The Moneylender

6 The Cannoneer

  • If a random Warrior stole the goods, he seems very surprised. Then he realises he must have been sleep walking and taken the item while she was away. Rushing back to his room, he sees her item lying on the bed. Take one Treasure Card. If she accuses him of taking it, he must give the item back to her. He must also pay her compensation for stealing it and giving her heart ache. This total comes to 1D6 x 200 gold pieces. If he is not accused and he has stolen it, he may keep it, or give it back to her for a reward of 1D6 x 100. If any crew member has taken it and is accused, punishment is swiftly handed out, and nothing else happens. If any other crew member is accused and has not taken it, see below for the effects.
  • The Second in Command takes the issue up with the Captain and they both agree that they should stop the journey at the nearest Sea Port and make a thorough search of every cabin. The nearest Sea Port is 1D3 months away. Once they arrive, the Warriors discover it is the same island that they were just on. (Eg, if they were leaving the Lost Kingdoms, they are back at the Lost Kingdoms)
  • The Chef is so outraged at being called a thief, he refuses to cook any food for the rest of the journey. Warriors must eat a set of their own provisions each month for the rest of the journey. Or they can buy provisions at 100 gold each from a merchant who happens to be on the ship. A Warrior must deduct 1 Permanent Wound for each month he goes without a provision. Provisions also include stonebread, waybread, Bretonnian Sausages and Snotling Slop Patties.
  • The Astrologer folds up his maps and astral charts of the stars and storms off to his room. For each month travelled from now on, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the ship has been travelling in the wrong direction, and is 1D3 months away from its intended heading. Add these months to the total of months to reach their destination.
  • When insulted, the Bretonnian moneylender demands he be let off at the nearest port. When the Captain refuses, he turns to the Warriors for support. They shrug helplessly. Fuming, he jots down their names on a piece of paper and locks himself in his room. Whenever a Warrior rolls an Uneventful day in a Settlement, the moneylender and his butch bodyguards approach him on a roll of 1-3 on 1D6. They rough him up and take 1D6 x 100 gold pieces from him before leaving him in the gutter. After this happens twice to each Warrior, the moneylender decides it's not worth the effort and leaves the Warriors alone for ever.
  • One of the canon operators, after being insulted and accused of stealing, takes his buddies and leaves the ship in a longboat. The Captain, in desperation, assigns the Warriors to the cannons. If the combined Initiative of the Warriors is greater than or equal to 12, the cannons may be fired as normal. Otherwise, their inexperience shows through. The ship has -1 Attack Points for the rest of the journey.


The Warriors stand at the rail, looking out to sea with awe at the majestic whales as they swim to the surface and spray water from their blow holes. Above them, the Warriors see a flock of parrots, obviously heading away from the cold lands to the north towards the Lost Kingdoms. If any Warriors have any birds in their possession at all, including parrots and sea gulls, then before they can do anything, the birds fly off the Warriors' shoulders and join their brothers in the trek south.


A calm afternoon is suddenly shattered as an immense tentacle crashes from the water to crush the ship. As everybody dashes to defend the ship a Kraken surfaces and tries to sweep the crew from the decks. Each Warrior must make a single attack against the Kraken's tentacle, which has a WS of 3 and 4 Toughness. If the combined total of Wounds caused is equal to or greater than 10, the Kraken is beaten off. Otherwise, the Warriors are roughed up and swatted playfully about the decks, until the Kraken gets bored and swims away. For the next adventure only, the Warriors each begin with 1D6 less starting Wounds.


During a conversation with the Captain, the Warriors look up to see the Navigator standing in the doorway, a sheepish grin on his face. He explains that the reason the weather is getting colder instead of hotter is because they have been heading north instead of south. The ship suddenly rocks violently, as it runs aground a huge island of ice. There is a huge hole torn in the bottom of the ship. If you are using the Norse Iceland rules, you must play an Iceland adventure before continuing the journey south. The crew need time to fix the ship. Upon completing the adventure, or getting as much done as possible before fleeing, the ship will be fixed and ready to make a journey south. Roll the necessary dice for the ship the Warrior's are on and add 1D6 months to the total. If you are not using the Norse Ice Cavern rules, the ship takes 1D6 Hull Points of damage. Roll the necessary dice for the ship the Warrior's are on and add 1D6 months to the total they must travel south.



The look out suddenly yells and points to a small block of land to the east. The Warriors decide to investigate before continuing the journey. Roll 1D6:

1 The Warriors, after circling the small island, decide to take a break. One of the Warriors sits down on a rock - which suddenly blinks up at him. There is a huge heaving sound, and the Warriors roll down the craggy island towards the fast approaching sea. It is only when they hear a mighty roar and see the ship swallowed up whole by a mighty mouth that they realise they are on the back of a humongous Black Leviathan. Each Warrior takes 2D6 Wounds from cuts and scrapes before the Leviathan disappears into the ocean and is gone from sight. Each Warrior must make a roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

2 The islands seems to be deserted, until there is the sudden shrill cry of a group of Amazon Women, who come screeching towards the Warriors yelling battle cries at the top of their lungs. Each Warrior takes 3D6 Wounds from countless spears and javelins before they flee to the safety of the ship.

3 A heavy bolder comes crashing down on top of one of the Warriors, who must take 3D6 Wounds.

4 The Warriors find a large cavern entrance situated in the centre of the island, covered by forestry and scrub land. They may enter and play an adventure as normal if they wish, but the adventure has no actual goal. Roll 1D6 before beginning. If the result is a 1 to 3, the adventure is a normal one. If the result is a 4 to 6, play a Lost Kingdom adventure. When the adventure is finished, the Warriors emerge to find that the ship has left and has not waited for the adventures. They must travel to the nearest Sea Port which takes 3D6 weeks of trudging through the jungles and swamps.

5 After spending days searching through the forests, the Warriors unearth a treasure chest. It contains 1D3 Treasure Cards.

6 After spending days searching through the forests, the Warriors unearth a treasure chest. It contains 1D6 x 500 gold to be shared as evenly as possible amongst the Warriors.


Over the horizon, a dark pirate galley sails towards the Warriors' ship. It's skull and cross bones flag blows in the afternoon breeze. The Captain joins the Warriors at the rail and, with a looking glass up to his eye, gasps in shock. He states it is his worst enemy, the only person who can strike fear into his heart. Roll 1D6 to see who captains the pirate ship:

1 Cap'n Skull Greybeard. Greybeard has a large black patch over his right eye and a prominent scare on his right cheek. He inspires the crew, who gain an additional Damage Dice for Ship to Ship battles.

2 Capt'n Scurvy Pete, Killer of Children and Raper of Women. Pete has been a pirate all his life and enjoys pillaging small coastal villages and burning them to the ground. Due to his savage nature, his crew are inspired to add +1 Attack Points in Ship to Ship battle.

3 Admiral Kalk-Baggort. Baggort is one of the few Black Orc sailors in the Old World. While he captains his orcish Hulk, the crew can reroll any roll of a 1 when rolling for damage. This can be once per turn.

4 Captain Issa Ponce. This foul doer of evil deeds is a traitor to the Bretonnian King. While he is Captain, the ship gains no special bonuses.

5 Lord Admiral Tieri Sevonne is a pirate of not-so-ill respite. His crew think of him as a pansy. He does, after all, look like an Imperial Noble. His crew fight with a -1 Attack Point penalty.

6 The Captain on the Warriors' ship frowns and states that he must have been mistaken. He doesn't recognise the Captain at all. The pirate ship decides to ignore the Warriors' vessel and sails by without incident.

Whoever the Captain is, roll 2D6+3 for the number of Hull Points the pirate galley has. Also roll 1D6 for the number of Attack Points the ship has. Now fight a Ship to Ship battle with the ship, and include any bonuses the Captain gives to the ship. If the Warriors win, they may pillage the ship and take 1D6 x 100 gold each.


While taking in the sights and cool ocean breeze on deck of the ship, the Warriors spot a small gathering of crew lined up in rows performing a strange type of dance. Intrigued, the Warriors investigate. It turns out that the dance is actually a form of exercise designed to purify the spirit and soul of a person, which in turn heals the physical body. The crew have been practising this for weeks. The Warriors decide to join in the lessons. Each Warrior has gained the Tai-Chi Healing skill. If he does nothing for an entire turn, including using bandages and provisions and drinking potions, then for the next three turns, the Warrior gains 1D3 Wounds per turn, as the techniques stimulate the healing energies within his own body. This skill can be used once per Battle-Level per adventure.


The Captain calls together all the crew and the Warriors to explain that he has received a message via carrier pigeon that indicates that somewhere on board there is a fire bomb rigged to explode at a certain time. He assigns the crew the task of locating the bomb, if any, and to dispose of it. Each Warrior picks a location to search on the ship from the following list.

  • The Engine Room
  • The Captain's Quarters
  • The Kitchen
  • The Storage Hold

Warriors can pick the same location if they wish. Now roll 1D6 for the actual location of the bomb:

1 The Engine Room

2 The Captain's Quarters

3 The Kitchen

4 The Storage Hold

5-6 The threat is proved to be false and there is no bomb on board.

If there is no bomb, the Warriors has wasted their own time, and but nothing else happens. If the bomb is in a location that no one searches, it soon explodes, causing 1D6 Hull Points of damage. If the bomb is in a room the Warriors have chosen to search, there is a chance the Warriors may find the bomb. Roll 1D6 and add the Initiative value of the Warrior in the room with the highest score. Then add +1 to this score for each Warrior above 1 searching. If the total is 7 or more, the Warriors find and disable the bomb before it explodes. A Dwarf character may keep the bomb and add it to his own collection of Fire Bombs if he wishes. If the score is less than 7, the bomb explodes while the Warriors are searching. Each Warrior in the room takes 1D6 unmodified damage, and the ship takes 1D6 Hull Points of damage.


While pacing the deck of the ship, a plank on boarding suddenly rips lose and smacks the Warrior directly in the face. He takes 1D3 unmodified Wounds, and the ship takes 1 Hull Point of damage.


The ship is caught up in a massive armada of Empire warships which are scouring the seas for the enemy. The Warriors can convince the Captain to sail with the armada if they wish. If they do so, they are protected from enemy ships, but the journey takes 1D3 months longer. Roll 1D6 for each Ship to Ship battle that must be faced while in the armada. On a roll of 3, 4, 5 or 6, the Empire ships manage to destroy the enemy ship before the Warriors' ship can engage it.


In the distance, a huge mass of dragons can be seen flying towards the ship. Roll 1D6 to determine their actions:

1 Spotting the ship as a potential target, they decide to incinerate it with a combined flame attack. The Warriors have barely enough time to abandon ship and take to the row boats. The rowboat has 5 Hull Points and 0 Attack Points. The dragons then continue their flight over the horizon.

2 While most of the dragons fly by without giving the ship a second glance, one particularly large dragon swoops down and lands heavily on board the deck; the ships begins to creak as the heavy beast attacks. If the Warriors decide that fighting an Emperor Dragon is a bit too much for them, they can let the crew handle it, and hide like cowards in their cabins. The crew manage to defeat the beast, but the ship has lost 2D6 Hull Points, and -1 Attack Points (The Dragon swallowed a cannon before it died) The Warriors should have lent a hand.....

3 The Dragons spot the ship from afar and make a diving attack as they pass by. The ship takes 1D6 Hull Points of damage.

4 One of the dragons makes a dive and takes a vicious swipe at a random Warrior before it passes by. The Warrior takes 2D6 Wounds.

5 The dragon swarm ignores the tiny ship below.

6 The dragons are shimmering in the brightness of the sun. The hoard comprises of Gold, Silver, Bronze, Copper and Brass Dragons. They are all good dragons, which is very rare in these times of Chaos. The Warriors feel enthused and invigorated by such as sighting. Each gains (1-3 1 Luck, 4-6 1 Initiative) permanently.


In the distance, the Warriors see a large ship sailing towards them. It is a (roll 1D6):

1 Slaanesh Hellship. Fight a Ship to Ship battle with the Hellship. It has 11 Hull Points, and 4 Attack Points.

2 Orc Hulk. The Orc Hulk lobs 1D6 boulders at the Warriors' ship, each doing 1D3 Hull Points of damage. After damage is worked out, fight a Ship to Ship battle with the Hulk. It has 8 Hull Points and 4 Attack Points.

3 Chaos Dwarf Thunder-Roller. This ship has Hull Points equal to 15 and 5 Attack Points. Make an attack for each Attack Point the Warriors' ship has. If this is not enough to destroy the ship, the heavy rollers on the Thunder-Roller crush into the ship for 2D6 Hull Points of damage. The ship is then easily disposed of.

4 Khorne Bloodship. This ship has 20 Hull Points and 5 Attack Points. Fight a Ship to Ship battle against it.

5 Tzeentch Winged Terror. The magical aura around this ship allows it to Ignore Blows on a roll of 5 or 6 on a D6. It has 16 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points. Fight a Ship to Ship Battle Against it.

6 Nurgle Plagueship. Fight a Ship to Ship battle against the plagueship. It has 16 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points. For each turn that the Plagueship remains above the waves, each Warrior takes 1D6 Wounds, unmodified, due to the poisonous smell.


A random Warrior is caught in the storage hold stealing bottles of rare wine from a very important guest's baggage. Justice is swift and quick. He is forced to walk the plank.

If he can't convince the Captain of his innocence by rolling a D6 and adding Initiative, and getting 7 or over, he is bound and forced to walk the plank.

The other Warriors can come to his assistance, and at least unbind him before he sinks to the bottom of the ocean, or they can let punishment be dealt.

If they intervene, the crew demand justice be done, and turn upon the other Warriors as well. The Warriors are forced to jump overboard. Each Warrior must roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

If they do not intervene, the accused Warrior is pushed from the end of the plank and falls into the water. Roll 3D6 for the number of sharks that appear to feed. Each shark does 1D6+3 damage, modified as usual. If this reduces the Warrior to zero Wounds, he is ripped to shreds and his body is lost forever. The Warrior may not be healed between shark attacks in any way. If he survives the attacks, as the crew disperse, the Warriors dangle a rope into the water, and pulls him up. He puts on a pair of glasses and a fake moustache for the rest of the journey.


A huge storm has been raging all month. The Warriors spend most of their time on the deck helping out with the chores and protecting the ship from the storm. Suddenly, the ship is engulfed by a huge wave that comes crashing down onto the ship. Warriors with a Toughness of 6 or more manage to hold on to the ship and are not swept overboard. Those that have less than 6 Toughness take 1D6 Wounds unmodified for anything and are swept over the railing of the ship, with half of the crew currently on duty. The Warriors swept overboard must make a roll on the Warrior Overboard table.



During the last month or so, the Warriors have been curious as to a certain room which the Captain has told them is off limits. Feeling a bit rebellious, the party decides to investigate. The room is fairly small, and the sounds of a sleeping beast come from within. The Warriors can ignore the room and leave, or they can unlock the door to see what lies within. Roll 1D6:

1 Upon picking the lock of the door, a huge and powerful Lammasu charges out of its cell and attacks the party. Fight a battle. Gain gold as usual but not any treasure.

2 The door is kicked astray by the mighty form of a Centaur Hero. Fight a battle, gain gold as usual, but no treasure.

3 The sounds of the beast come from a sleeping dragon. Roll 1D6. If the roll is a 1, the Warriors have awoken it from its sleep, and must fight a battle. Get gold for the kill as usual, but it has no treasure. Any other roll indicates that the Warriors have backup and left the dragon sleeping. The Warriors decide they had better have a talk with the Captain about this little matter.

4 The sounds from within are actually those of a snoring little man. He awakes instantly and yells that he is the mighty Sigmar, founder of the Empire. Obviously mad, the Warriors slum the door shut before he can escape.

5 A sleeping Squig Hound lies next to a pile of treasure. The Captain must keep his illegal gambling and drug money in this room. Each Warrior may roll as many D6 as he likes and multiply the result by 10. However, if any of the dice come up with a 1, they get nothing. In addition, if more than 1 dice comes up with a 1, the Squig Hound awakes and attacks the Warrior immediately for 3D6 Wounds, before being slaughtered.

6 Once inside the room, the Warriors find a man that looks suspiciously like the Captain tied up and gagged. After untying him, he explains to the Warriors that he is the real Captain, and the imposter on the bridge is a Shape Shifter of great power. The Captain and the Warriors immediately rush to the bridge and confront the creature. Upon being discovered, the shape shifter turns into a creature of the same Battle-Level as the highest Warrior, and attacks. Once defeated, the real Captain gives each Warrior one Objective Room Treasure for their help.


The Warriors' ship pulls up adjacent to a merchant vessel, fresh from a trading session in Cathay. The Warriors decide to investigate their wares, while the Captain makes negotiations for provisions and beverages.



1D6 Casks of Beer

50 each

1D6 Swigs of Rum

75 each

Keg of Ale

200 each

1D6 Sea Rations

75 each

Golden Pirate Hook


Obsidian Battle Axe




Exotic Parrot


Sailing Ship Deed


Brace of Pistols






Collection of Maps


All of these items are in stock.

See the Roleplay Book for details on the Casks of Beer, Brace of Pistols, Shot and Gunpowder

See the Lost Kingdoms Sailor's Wares Article from White Dwarf for details about the Swigs of Rum and the Sea Rations.

Keg of Ale

Most ships carry huge loads of ale to satisfy the crew. Kegs of ale can be quaffed by the Warriors just as they embark from the ship to go on their next journey. A single keg of ale will feed an entire party. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior who drinks from the keg. On a roll of 4, 5 or 6, the ale has an inspiring effect. For the next adventure, the Warrior has the Berserk Skill that a Barbarian begins the game with.

Golden Pirate Hook.

This hook is virtually the same as a normal iron hook, except it is lighter and more wieldy. With this hook, the Warrior can swap places with a Monster before, during or after his movement, not just at the start of his turn.

Obsidian Battle Axe

Obsidian is a rare substance mined in Cathay. It is harder than diamond. Only Dwarfs can use this axe. It does an additional Damage Dice. In addition, if the To Hit roll was natural 6, the damage is doubled before Strength is added. A Shield may not be used with an Obsidian Battle Axe.


While a Warrior has this device, journey time is reduced by 1D3 months per journey. Roll when calculating the length of the journey at the beginning. When this item is purchased, journey time is reduced by 1 month for this journey.

Exotic Parrot

This Parrot is treated in exactly the same as any other Parrot, except for the fact that it is more brightly coloured and has plumes and feathers stretching out in all directions. An Exotic Parrot can detect an Ambush on a roll of 5 or 6. After the Warriors exit the dungeon in each adventure, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the exotic parrot has flown away.

Sailing Ship Deed

If a character buys this extravagant purchase, he has brought the rights to his very own ship. The ship will be located at the Harbour of the nearest Sea Port. The Warriors do not need to roll for Captains any more, as they have their own ship to use. The ship has 4D6 Hull Points and 1D6 Attack Points.

Collection of Maps

The merchant ship Captain claims that these maps are rare maps stolen from the Lizardmen of Lustria detailing the Lost Kingdoms. When emerging from the dungeon to begin journeys in the Lost Kingdom Wilderness, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the maps do not details this section, and the Warriors must continue as normal. On a roll of 4 to 5, the maps indicate a short cut which can be taken, reducing travel time by 1D3 weeks. On a roll of 6, the maps show the exact way to the nearest Settlement. The Warriors can be there in a week.


Apparently, the Captain has arranged a meeting with a particular ship in order to conduct business. Watching from the deck, the Warriors begin to get suspicious. If they decide to interfere, roll 1D6:

1 As the Warriors edge forwards, remaining hidden, they hear an almighty scream of agony. Leaping from hiding, they see the other ship's Captain standing over the prone body of their Captain, a cutlass dripping with blood and gore. The Warriors chase the murderer onto his ship, where they are set upon by the crew. The crew consists of a roll on the Dungeon-Level Table two levels higher than the current Warrior. The Captain is also placed in the battle, and has the same stats as a Chaos Warrior Champion. Once all are dead, take treasure as usual, but in addition, take an Objective Room Treasure Card. The Warriors have avenged their Captain's savage murder. Later that day, a new Captain is elected.

2 The Warriors leap forward to separate the scheming Captains, grabbing them by their collars. The two surprised Captains splutter and choke as they are thrown apart and land heavily on the decks of their own ships. The ship soon sails away into the distance.

The Captain decides to have a word with the Warriors.... He explains that he has been after the criminal for years, and he was about to fall into his trap, until the Warriors took it upon themselves to break up the little gathering. Annoyed, the Captain decides to grab 1D6 x 100 gold from each Warrior as a punishment.

3 The Warriors walk out onto the boarding plank that is connecting the two ships. Suddenly, there is a huge creaking sound, and the plank breaks in two and falls into the water, taking all the Warriors and the two Captains into the water. The Warriors spend the rest of the month apologising to the Captain and scrubbing out the toilets. Each Warrior loses 1 Luck, not permanent..

4 It appears that the two Captains are simply discussing old times. They appear to be good friends. The Warriors leave them to it.

5 The Warriors move closer and overhear a conversation about illegal arms smuggling being conducted. They move in an break up the illegal negotiations. The Captains are arrested and put in the holding cell. The next time the Warriors enter a Sea Port or a City, they can hand over the prisoners and get a reward of 1D6 x 50 gold pieces.

6 Moving closer, the Warriors overhear the Captains of both ships, and words such as 'Black Market' and 'Merchandise' reach their ears. The Warriors move forward, taking the Captains by surprise. They have discovered the ring leader of a Black Market Smuggling Ring. The Warriors lock the two scoundrels in the hold of the ship, and a new Captain is immediately elected. When the Warriors next reach a City or a Sea Port, they hand over the criminals to the authorities and gain 1D6 x 100 gold each as a reward.


The ship is caught in the vice like grip of a mighty whirlpool that rages this part of the ocean. It takes the ocean worthy crew many hard hours getting the ship out of its grasp. When they finally get it out, the ship has taken 2D6 Hull Points of Damage, and has lost 1D3 Attack Points. In addition, each Warrior loses 1D6 unmodified Wounds due to exertion.


As supper is being served one night, a sailor cries out in disgust. His food is riddled with maggots and weevils. Other sailors check their meals, and discover the same thing. The food supply is checked, and fears are realised. The entire food storage is infested with maggots and weevils, and is not fit for human consumption.

The Warriors must eat their own food supplies, one a month, or loose 1 Permanent Wound for each month they do not eat a provision, waybread, stone bread, slop patty, Bretonnian Sausage, fish or any other food sources.


While getting water from a nearby island, the Warriors are encircled by a large group of natives, who point and jab at the Warriors' magical equipment in awe. If the Warriors wish, they may trade with the natives for food and provisions.

For each item of treasure or Trinket offered, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the natives back away in fear. There is no trade for this item, but the Warrior can offer another if he wishes. If the Warrior rolls two 1's in a row, the natives become offended, and chase the party off - each suffers 1D6 Wounds with no deductions for anything. On a roll of 4 or 5, the natives accept the item in exchange for 1D6 provisions. On a roll of 6, the natives are very impressed with the item and offer the Warrior 2D6 provisions, as well as the hand of the Chieftain's daughter in marriage. The Warrior runs screaming back to the safety of the ship. He may not trade any more with the natives.


While rummaging in the storage hold for the Captain's favourite belt buckle, a random Warrior locates a small urchin child cowering behind a sack of grain. It is a stow-away. The Warrior has two choices. He can turn him in to the Captain and let him deal with him, or he can keep the boy hidden here.

The boy is very puny, and has obviously not eaten well for months. If turned in, the boy will be thrown over board and no doubt eaten by sharks. Chaos Warrior Characters will automatically hand the child in to the Captain.

If the Warrior wishes to keep him hidden, he may do so. In exchange for his safety, the stow-away tells the Warrior the location of hundreds of rare black pearls. When the ship reaches its destination, the Warrior, and any other Warriors who were told of the pearls, can go searching for them near the shore. Each Warrior finds 2D6 black pearls, each of which is worth 150 gold. In addition, a pearl has magical properties. A pearl can be discarded instead of using a Luck Point.

Whatever happens, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the little brat has stolen a random Treasure Card from the Warrior. This can only be recovered if the boy was turned in.


The Warriors are fed bad food one midday lunch. Each Warrior suffers -1 Toughness for the next adventure.


The look out yells down to the Captain, telling him they are entering a large area of ice bergs. Roll 1D6 for the number of ice bergs that must be avoided. Now roll another for the actual number avoided. Any not avoided cause 1D6 Hull Points of damage.


While taking an uninvited tour of all the guests quarters, the Warriors encounter a gnarled and wizened old Dwarf, at least a thousand years old. After putting his hearing piece in, and spending a good ten minutes getting up from his chair, he tells the Warriors that he is one of the only living beings in the known world that knows the mystical words of Rune Removal. If a Warrior wishes to have a rune removed, he may select one piece of equipment with a rune on it, pay 1D6 x 1000 and roll 1D6 on the following table:

1 Squinting carefully, the old dwarf suddenly throws the item without a backwards glance out a port hole, saying he can do nothing with it. Aghast, the Warrior must discard the item.

2 After a few hours of hard work, the dwarf proudly shows his work. The Warrior is left with a brand spanking clean item. The foolish old dwarf has erased ALL the runes from the item by mistake.

3 The dwarf manages to remove one rune from the item. Unfortunately, it was not the one the Warrior wished. A random rune has been removed.

4 A rune of the Warrior's choice has been successfully removed, but the old bastard demands another 1D6 x 100 gold for over time pay. If the Warrior can not pay, the dwarf throws the item out the port hole.

5 A rune has been successfully removed. The Warrior may choose which.

6 With masterful intent, the old dwarf removes a rune of the Warrior's choice and also engraves a new one for him at no extra charge. Make a roll on the appropriate Rune table.



While out for a swim in the nearby waters, a random Warrior, much to his surprise, sees a faded green face mask floating near him. It may be the Warrior's imagination, but he feels as if the mask is wanting to be worn. Make a Willpower test and get over 7. Success indicates the Warrior hastily leaves the mask floating where it is.

Failure means the Warrior has succumbed to the magic of the mask, and puts it on to his face.....

From on board the ship, the crew, the Warriors, and the Captain suddenly gasp in shock. Where once their fellow Warrior swam peacefully, there is suddenly a huge water spout rising from the ocean surface, and a mighty yell of triumph. After the ship has taken a mighty buffeting for 1 Hull Point of damage, everyone is shocked to see what was once their friend and companion hovering in mid air, an unearthly glow of power radiating from his being, and a large cheesy grin upon his now bright green face. In a voice totally bereft of the original Warrior, the creature yells, "I, the Great <Warrior's Name>ini, mighty Norse God of Mischief, will now entertain you with my impression of an arrow!" and flies off at incredible speeds into the distance.

After the Warriors and crew calm their jumping hearts, an aged wizard approaches them. He explains that the Warrior has unleashed an ages old power in the form of a mighty Norse God named Cajoral. The Warrior is possessed by this God and can only be freed when the God gets bored of its current host, which could be in five minutes time, or six thousand centuries.

Fortunately, while possessed by Cajoral, the Warrior can not be killed in any way.

Naturally, the Warrior is no longer on the ship, and can not be involved in any more Ocean Events. Also, the Warrior will not be able to enter any settlements.

At the beginning of the next adventure, the Warriors will find Cajoral sitting outside of the dungeon on a finely made chair of ivory, sipping hot tea, and reading a novel entitled "Nemo Ironhead and the Forty Drunks." He then joins the Warriors, and hustles them into the dungeon.

Being possessed by a God does have its advantages. These are as follows.

  • The Warrior may teleport to any square in the dungeon that has already been explored instead of moving .
  • The God of Mischief enjoys causing havoc. Whenever another Warrior gets an item of treasure, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the item has been booby trapped by Cajoral, and blows up in the Warrior's face, causing 1D6 unmodified Wounds. Discard the item.
  • Every now and again, Cajoral will suddenly decide he wishes to fight some bad guys. This translates to an Unexpected Event on a roll of 1 or 2, as the Cajoral side of the Warrior yells fanatically into the darkness.
  • The bright glow of the Warrior's green face means he can venture into the darkness as if he carried a lantern and adventure on his own.
  • If the Warrior forfeits his turn, he may conjure an item up out of thin air, for his amusement. Shuffle the discarded Dungeon Room Treasure Cards and take one at random. This treasure is destroyed when the Warrior loses Cajoral, as explained later. He may take as many treasures as he wishes in this fashion, but for each treasure taken, the next lot of monsters encountered are doubled. (Eg - If the Warrior creates 2 items of treasure before the next combat, and then he fights 6 orcs, they would then be 24 orcs. 6 doubled is 12, and 12 doubled is 24.)
  • Occasionally, Cajoral side of the Warrior may be inclined to try and improve his fellow Warrior's statistics by secretly giving him enhances in abilities. If the Power roll comes up as a 6, Cajoral has helpfully increased one of a random Warrior's statistics. This, alas, means that the Warrior may have lost values in other abilities. Roll 2D6 on the following table. The first roll means the Warrior gains 1D4 in that attribute, the second dice rolls means he loses 1D4 in that attribute. A Warrior can only ever have a maximum of 10 WS, and a minimum of 1 in all attributes. These changes last until Cajoral decides to leave the Warrior.

1 Strength

2 Permanent Wounds

3 Attacks

4 Move

5 Pinning

6 No attribute.

  • Any Wounds caused to the Warrior with Cajoral is not taken from his Wounds total, but from his Gold total instead. For some reason, every time a Monster hits Cajoral, a stream of gold flies out. Do not add Toughness when subtracting Gold. If ever the Warrior has no gold left, Cajoral is destroyed, and the Warrior is free.
  • Cajoral can never be killed by spells or effects that immediately kill him, such as a Brain Bursta. Instead, he simply loses 1D6 x 100 gold. If this, then, kills him, Cajoral is destroyed, and the Warrior is free.
  • Being a God of mischief, Cajoral has many tricks up his sleeve during combat. Instead of the Warriors normal attacks, roll 1D10 on the following table. Note that while these attacks are very powerful, the Warrior gets no gold for monsters killed in this manner, unless a 1 is rolled.

1 Cajoral gets tired and decides to let the Warrior he possesses to take control of the situation. For this turn, the Warrior may make normal attacks. Monsters killed in this fashion give the Warrior gold as usual.

2 Without warning, a huge brush and spade appears and sweeps up 1D6 random monsters into a large black bag, which then vanishes mysteriously. Remove these monsters from the board.

3 In the excitement of the moment, Cajoral accidentally whacks a random Warrior with a giant fly swatter, causing 1D6 + 10 Wounds.

4 Cajoral decides that the body he is currently residing in is boring. Before the Warriors very eyes, Cajoral does a 360 turn, and where once stood a Warrior, now stands a [Roll once on the Dungeon Level one level above the Warrior's current Battle Level]. The Warrior / God now has the same abilities as the monster the Warrior turned into. This lasts for 1D6 turns, before Cajoral decides he likes his old form best. While in this form, he must not roll on this table. Also, he still loses Gold instead of Wounds.

5 Suddenly, Cajoral spots a bit of fluff on his clothing, and gasping painfully, spends the rest of the turn trying different uniforms and costumes until he picks one that he likes.

6 Seeing one of the Monsters staring at him, Cajoral grows his head until it is the size of a large boulder, and heartily chomps down the Monster. Remove one adjacent Monster from the board.

7 1D6 mighty hammers erupt from Cajoral's head, each crushing a random Monster within 2 squares. Each does 4D6 Damage. If a monster is killed in this manner, the hammer squashes him flat, and continues into the ground, creating a very large pit. Use a counter to represent a pit. Any Monster or Warrior who rolls a natural 1 on their To Hit roll while adjacent to this hole will fall into it, and may do nothing for the rest of the turn while they climb out.

8 One minute, there is a combat occurring, the next, a band of musicians are in the room, playing their instruments, while a group of female troubadours act as the back up singer. All of the Warriors and Monsters begin to dance, while Cajoral whirls and twirls, singing slightly off key. This rather absurd scenario lasts for 1D6 turns. In which the only model that may act is Cajoral, by rolling on this table again. Reroll any rolls of 8. Keep rolling for power, and place any new monsters in the room as usual. These new monsters also begin to dance.

9 Cajoral explodes, sending mini versions of himself in all directions. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior and Monster on the same board section as Cajoral. On a roll of 1, a tiny version of the God flies down the throat of that model, choking him for 1D6 unmodified Damage. If that model is a Monster, Cajoral will immediately attack for 3D6 + Str Damage. If it is a Warrior, he will climb out the Warrior's throat, apologise, and if that Warrior is yet to have a turn, cause him to miss his turn. The tiny Gods will them reform. Make another roll on this table.

10 Tiring of everything around him, Cajoral opens a mighty large portal in the ground, in which he, his fellow Warriors, and the Monsters immediately fall into. Remove all the Monsters from the board. The battle is officially over. The Warriors find themselves back at the entrance to the dungeon.

At the end of every adventure, roll 1D6 and add 1 for every point of unused Luck all of the other Warriors have. If the number is 10 or greater, Cajoral finally gets bored of the Warrior, and detaches itself from him, disappearing into the void. At this point, any treasures created by Cajoral vanish into thin air, and any Statistic changes that Cajoral made on other Warriors are instantly reversed.


Cries from the look out in the crows nest indicate land is nearby. This confuses the Captain, who says that land should not be sighted for at least a few more weeks.

The Captain decides to stop the ship to investigate.

After a few days of waiting for the search party to return, the Warrior's decide that they will venture onto the strange island and try and find them. Roll 3 D6. The first roll indicates what kind of terrain they will be crossing, the second roll indicates what happens to them, and the third roll indicates what they find:

Roll 1:

1 Swamp. The poisonous fumes of the swamp reduces each Warriors' Str by 1, permanently.

2 Mountains. The Mountains are extremely difficult to manoeuvre, and each Warrior loses 1D3 Permanent Wounds.

3 Marsh. The thick marsh hampers progress considerably. Each Warrior loses 1 point of Initiative for the next Adventure.

4 Desert. Each Warrior is forced to eat 1D6 of his provisions to stay alive in the dreaded heat. If he does not have this many, he loses 1D3 Permanent Wounds.

5 Forest. The dense forest slows progress, but does nothing else.

6 Plains. Cool breezes assail the Warriors as they travel. Each Warrior gains 1D6 Wounds.

Roll 2:

1 Large winged birds suddenly swoop from the skies with a loud screech and carry the protesting Warriors miles from their destination and drop them on some other part of the island. Each Warrior must roll again separately on the above table. In addition, each Warrior loses 1D6 non-modified Wounds. Then roll again on this table.

2 The party is attacked by a large herd of horned beasts. Each Warrior must roll a dice and add Initiative. If the dice roll is greater than 7, the Warrior has escaped the trampling beasts. If not, the Warrior suffers the loss of 1D3 Permanent Wounds. Roll again on this table, adding 1 to the score.

3 With the crashing of thunder, a large wingless dragon, standing on two immense legs of muscle, waving two tiny claws from its front of its body, comes crashing through the forestry. Each Warrior must pass a Terror 10 test, or be attacked by the horrific mutation. If attacked, roll 1D6. If the roll is greater than the Warrior's starting Toughness, he has been eaten alive in one foul gulp. If it is lower, the Warrior takes 6D6 Wounds. Roll again on this table, counting all even numbers as result 3, as the dinosaur gives chase.

4 The Warriors suddenly find themselves sinking into a hidden patch of quick sand. If one Warrior has a rope, he may use it to pull himself and the other Warriors out of the sand. Otherwise, each Warrior must pass a Str test and get over 7. If a Warrior gets lower, he must discard a piece of equipment in a desperate attempt to make himself lighter. The Warrior may choose which piece to get rid of. He must then try again, losing a piece of treasure each time he fails. If a Warrior has no more treasure to give, he has succumbed to the quick sand. Roll again on this table, adding 1 for each previous dice roll on this table so far.

5 As the Warriors progress on the quest to find the missing search party, a large group of Neanderthal's charge them. Each Warrior must roll less than his Initiative to get out of the way of their sudden attacks. If each Warrior succeeds, one Warrior may attempt to communicate with the natives. Pass an Initiative test to do so. If successful, roll on this table again, adding 4 to the result, as the cave people direct the Warriors to their companions. If not all of the Warriors got out of the way of their initial attack, or if the communication attempt failed, the cave people chase the Warriors away, forcing them to roll on this table again, subtracting 1 from their result.

6 Storms rage the island. The Warriors must find cover, or face getting lost in the rain. Each Warrior rolls 1D6 for each Initiative point they have. The Warriors then compare dice rolls. If the total number of 1's is greater than or equal to the total number of 6's, the Warriors have been caught up in torrential rain storms. Each Warrior must lose 1D3 Permanent Wounds. Otherwise, the party finds cover and waits for the storm to subside. Each Warrior loses 1D6 Provisions as they wait for the storm to stop. If there are no 1's or 6's, the storm stops almost instantly. Roll again on this table, adding 3 to the result, no matter what the outcome.

7 The Warriors encounter a herd of peaceful looking creatures, who seem to eat nothing but vegetation. If the Warriors wish, they may kill these creatures, and gain 1D6 provision each.

8 While stumbling through the undergrowth, the Warriors are set upon by pirates, who must have been hiding out in a cave. Roll 1D6 on the following table:

1-3 The pirates hold the party captive, demanding that they tell them the location of treasures long thought lost. Each Warrior rolls 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Warrior gives in to the torment, and crying pitifully, gives the pirates 1D3 items of treasure, and loses 1D3 Permanent Wounds. Any other roll indicates that the Warrior does not succumb to such trivial tortures, but still loses 1D6 unmodified Wounds due to torture. With the aid of his fellow Warriors, he makes a daring escape.

4-5 The Warriors manage to evade the pirates by dodging and weaving throughout the forest. In the escape, each Warrior suffers 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

6 The Warriors easily manage to defeat all the lowly pirate scum, and searching the bodies, a random Warrior finds a treasure map pointing the way towards a hidden cache of 5D6 x 100 gold pieces each.

Roll 3:

1 The Warriors, in their searches, have found no sign of the search party, or any treasure. They return to the ship in dispair.

2 After a long search, the Warriors find the remains of the search party, their shredded bodies impaled on large spears protruding from the ground. After burying the mutilated corpses, the Warriors find a Dungeon Room Treasure Card each.

3 The Warriors find signs of the search party, but a long search, they fail to find them. During the search, the Warriors find 1D3 Dungeon Room Treasure Cards each.

4 The Warriors find the search party defending themselves on a cliff top from a large carnivorous beast. The beast is soon killed and the Warriors escort the search party back to the ship, but not before the party hands out a small collection of treasure they found to the Warriors. Each Warrior can make 1D6 rolls on the Treasure Table.

5 The search party is found cowering in a dark cave, in which piles of golden treasure are heaped high in every corner. The Warriors, after wondering why the party has not taken any treasure, discovers that a curse has been placed on this treasure of ancient Gods. Each Warrior may roll as many dice as he likes and multiply the result by 100. However, for each dice that comes up as a 1 or a 2, the Warrior loses 1 Permanent Wound, but he may still keep his treasure, unless the number of 1's was greater than his Willpower.

6 In the back of some dank cavern, the Warriors find the dead bodies of the search party. They also find many ancient pieces of armour and weapons, magical items, rings, helmets, and many other arcane devices once used by the Gods in battles long forgotten. Each Warrior may take 1D3 items of treasure for himself. Since the cavern is full of very powerful devices, the Warriors are bound to find exactly what they want. This is represented by the fact that the Warrior can actually make his own magical items, with certain limitations. Follow these steps.

    Firstly, decide what type of item the Warrior wishes, from the following list.

  • Melee Weapon (Swords, etc)
  • Missile Weapon (Bows, etc)
  • Projectile Weapon (Guns, etc)
  • Armour (Body Armour only)
  • Shield
  • Helmet (Crowns, helmets, etc)
  • Jewellery (Rings, necklaces, etc)
  • Cloak (Capes, cloaks, etc)
  • Magical Bauble (Stones, Runes)
  • Wizard's Staff
  • Wizard's Arcana (Orbs, rods, etc)
  • Magical Device (Chalices, salves)
  • The next step is to decide what magical powers it has, by selecting as many as the Warrior wishes from the list below. Each power may only be chosen once for each item. Items of the Gods are always considered permanent, and can be used each turn.

  • +1 Statistic. (not Attacks or Damage Dice) 10 points.
  • +1 Attacks or Damage Dice. 20 points.
  • Reroll one missed Attack per turn. 10 points.
  • Ignore 1D6 points of Armour. 15 points.
  • Causes +1 Wounds per Battle level every time it strikes. 20 points.
  • Can parry incoming blows on a dice roll of 6. 10 points.
  • Lights room like a Lantern. 20 points.
  • Extra 1D6 Wounds if To Hit roll was a 6. 15 points.
  • Ignores all Armour. 25 points.
  • Ignores all Armour and Toughness. 40 points.
  • Double Damage on a roll of 6 to Hit. 30 points.
  • Monsters are at -1 to Hit Warrior. 20 points.
  • Can Break from Pinning Automatically. 20 points.
  • Heal 1D3 Wounds per turn. 40 points.
  • Heal 1D6 Wounds per turn. 80 points.
  • Heal 1 Wound per Battle-Level per turn. 100 points.
  • Can fly over Chasms, pits, etc. 50 points.
  • Monsters only hit on a roll of 6. 160 points.
  • Immune to a specific form of magic (Power may be purchased once for each spell immunity). 200 points.
  • Magic Resistance 5+. 20 points.
  • Magic Dispel 5+. 40 points.
  • Immune to all forms of magic, including Healing. 300 points.
  • Can Teleport 1D6 squares per turn. 50 points.
  • Can ignore one blow per turn. 20 points.
  • Can Attack before Moving. 10 points.
  • Ignore any Armour based Movement Penalties. 5 points.
  • Provides 1D6 Power points for the Wizard. Can be recharged at Font. 10 points.
  • +1 To Hit. 15 points.
  • Each power has a point cost which must be recorded. Once all powers have been chosen, roll once on the table below for every 5 points worth of powers the item has. Note that all Armour and Shield's basic Toughness cost 5 points per point.

1 The Ancient Gods object most strongly to the Warrior taking his treasure. The Warrior loses 1D3 points of Permanent Statistics. A maximum of 1 can be subtracted from each statistic. The Warrior chooses.

2 The curse of the Ancient Gods is called harshly down onto the Warrior. He loses 1D3 Permanent Wounds and 1 Permanent Statistic, his choice.

3 The Warrior is struck with a bolt of pure power, directly from the Heavens themselves. He suffers 1D6 unmodified Wounds.

4-6 Nothing happens.

After each Warrior has made up his magical artefacts, the Warriors return to the safety of the ship, but not before each of them grabs a huge amount of booty totalling 1D6 x 1000 gold.


There are cries from the crows nest. Looking out onto the ocean horizon, the Warriors can see a huge spout of wind racing steadily towards them. Before the ship can get out of the way, it is buffeted by the hurricane for 3D6 Hull Points. It if survives such an onslaught, the Attack Points are reduced by 1 permanently.


Roll 1D6 on the following table to see what the Warriors encounter.

1 Ghost Ship. An old and ghostly ship sails to do combat with the Warrior's ship. It has 10 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points.

2 Chaos Overlord. The ship is attacked by a mighty demon, twice the size of the ship. Its heavily muscled blood red body heaves as it carries itself on its wings. The demon reminds the Warriors of ancient beasts known as Balrogs that once roamed the Old World, only this one is twenty times as large. The demon has the equivalent of 20 Hull Points and 7 Attack Points.

3 Pirates. A small squadron of 1D6 pirate vessels target the Warrior's ship. Each Pirate Galley has 6 Hull points and 1 Attack Point. Roll for Initiative separately for each Pirate vessel.

4 Goblin Raft. A small raft held together by nothing more than one piece of rope and a few twigs sails past the Warrior's ship. The Warriors are shocked to see a tiny Goblin shouting insults and throwing rocks at the party from his place upon the raft. Each Warrior rolls 1D6. On a roll of 1, the Warrior suffers -1 WS for the next adventure.

5 Elf Dragonship. The Warriors are stunned to see a sleek Dragonship plowing directly towards them. The ship's mighty reaper batteries are fired towards the ship, causing 2D6 Hull Points damage. After this, fight a ship to ship battle. The Dragonship has 12 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points.

6 Doppelganger. From over the horizon, the Warriors see a ship which looks exactly like their own. In fact, standing on board the ship, the Warriors can see…..themselves! Fight a Ship to Ship Battle against the ship, which has exactly the same statistics as the Warrior's ship.


While stopped at a local fishing outpost, the Warriors spend the day seeing the sights and feeding the local pigeon population with bread crumbs. When they return to continue their journey, the ship has been somewhat repaired. Gain 2D6 Hull Points, and each Warrior may heal 1D6 Wounds.


If any of the Warriors have mysteriously found an Amulet in their pockets (from Event Number 50 from the Settlement Event Table), he suddenly feels a growing heat in his pocket. The Warrior pulls out his strange amulet to find out what's going on when suddenly it explodes in his face. The images of long forgotten Slann wars and famous Emperors fills his mind, and he feels his blood being tainted by the blood of thousands of innocents slaughtered in the great Slann Conquest. His eyes cloud over with malice and hatred as he is overcome with visions and planted thoughts.

After a few minutes, the experience fades, and he is left with vivid memories of the ancient artefact that somehow had found its way into his possession. For that is all that is left. The amulet is destroyed. If the Warrior had more than one amulet, all of them are destroyed.

If you are not using the Settlement Event Table, treat this roll as an Uneventful Month.


The Warriors meet a kindly old lady who is a passenger on the ship. She tells the Warriors that she sells potions that will cure illness and poison with no lasting side effects. Each potion will cost a Warrior 1D6 + Battle-Level x 100. When drunk, the potion will instantly restore 1 point of a statistic that has been reduced due to poisons and disease, such as Weeping Blades, etc. If a potion is drunk when a Warrior has not lost any statistics, he will gain 1D3 permanent Wounds instead.


As a random Warrior is wandering the decks, he suddenly hears a shrill cry. Drawing his weapon, the Warrior prepares to defend himself against the oncoming beast. Unfortunately, the Warrior soon realises it was only one of his family who had heard that the Warrior was going to be on the ship and had booked passage in order to be closer to him. The Warrior's mother spends the entire week instructing the Warrior how to stand up straight, eat with a knife and fork correctly, and to dress neatly. From these lessons, the Warrior at least gains 1 Luck which can be used in any way fit in the next Settlement which he enters. The Luck is wasted if it is not used in the first Settlement.


Strange grey mists envelop the Warriors, and it is hard to tell whether the other crew are also being affected by the mists. Roll 1D6 on the following table to determine the effects of the mists:

1 Roll once on the Norse Hazard Table.

2 Roll once on the Lair of the Orc Lord Dungeon Event Table

3 Roll once on the Catacombs of Terror Undead Lands Event Table.

4 Roll once on the Hazards Table

5 Roll once on the Norse Sea Events Table

6 Roll once on the Lost Kingdoms Dungeon Table.


The Warriors are invited to participate in a raucous drinking competition below in the sailors quarters. For each Warrior that does not wish to participate, remove his Warrior Counter from the Cup. Now place all the other Warrior Counters in the cup that do not belong to other Warriors. These Counters represent the sailors also participating in the competition. The Warrior then bets up to 1000 gold. The competition is played in rounds. A round consists of rolling 1D6 and taking out that many counters. If the Warrior's own counter is among that selection, he has passed out from drinking too much and loses the gold he bet x the number of the round. Thus, the stakes get higher as the competition goes on. When the number of counters reaches 3, and the Warrior's counter has not been withdrawn, immediately stop drawing any more counters. It appears as if the Warrior has not yet vomited or passed out. Draw the remaining counters out. The first counter gets their bet x 2 back, if it was a Warrior. The second counter gets their bet x 3 back, if it was a Warrior, and the final counter gets their bet x 5 back.

As well as these rules, there are various other rules concerning particular counter combinations which may hamper the competition.

If the Troll Slayer was drawn at the same time as the Dwarf , the two quickly decide to turn the competition into a belching match. All the other sailors gag and leave the room quickly. The match is instantly over, and the Warrior walks out with his gold intact.

If the Imperial Noble is drawn at the same time as the Elf Ranger, and argument starts concerning various cheating techniques being used. The Ranger demands a rematch. Place 1D6 counters back in the cup.

If the Warrior Priest and Witch Hunter are drawn at the same time, the two religious people suddenly call a halt to the proceedings and confiscate all the prize money. If all the Warriors participating in the game contribute 1D6 x 100 gold towards the prize, the winner will receive double gold.

If a Warrior is one of these professions, do not count it as a match.



With a mad screeching sound, a flock of giant Rocs assail the ship. They must have come from some nearby island. Perhaps they are protecting their young. Roll 2D6 for the number of Rocs. Each Warrior now rolls 1D6 + Str for each point of Weapon Skill he has. Each result that totals 7 or more indicates a dead Roc. For each Roc not killed, a random Warrior suffers a 6D6 Wounds attack. The remaining Rocs soon fly away. Each Roc killed gives each Warrior 100 gold.


After a quick check on the navigational charts, the Captain tells the Warriors that they are a month of course, due to a very powerful under current in the ocean waters. Add 1 month to journey time.


The Warrior holds open a door for a petite young lady, who smiles shyly and curtesies at the Warrior, who blushes furiously.

At that time, a rather jealous husband grabs hold of the Warrior's shoulder, spins him around and punches him in the face. If the Warrior's Base Toughness is 4 or greater, he stares at the man quizzically, wondering why he is grasping his hand with a look of pain on his face.

If the Warriors Base Toughness is 3 or less, the Warrior takes 1 Wound, unmodified.


On of the Warriors realises that he has scurvy, much to his dismay. He is at -1 To Hit and -1 Toughness for the next Adventure. Every time a 1 is rolled in the Power Phase, draw a Warrior counter. That Warrior rolls 1D6. If he gets a 1, he has contracted the disease aswell. Subtract 1 from the dice roll for every other Warrior who is infected.

If each Warrior with scurvy does not pay 1D6 x 300 gold to be cured at a Temple, the effects last for the next adventure as well, and keep lasting until the Warrior is cured.


The ship is assaulted by a large group of Goblin Doom Divers, intent on sinking the Warrior's ship. Roll 3D6 for the number of Divers each Warrior has to face. Now, each Warrior rolls 1D6 for each point of Initiative he has. Total the amount. If the total is greater than the total number of Doom Divers, the ship is safe. If a Warrior can not kill all of his Doom Divers, each one that survives dives into the hull of the ship causing 1D3 Hull Points.


One of the very special guests on the ship is the Archbishop of Kislev. Being such a special guest himself, one of the Warriors is asked by the Captain to take the Archbishop his evening meal. Roll 1D6 on the following table.

1 The Warrior takes the food into the Archbishops chambers and finds him dead in his own bed. A heart attack no doubt. Unfortunately, the Warrior is blamed for his death, and instantly thrown overboard, where he must roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

2 The Warrior enters without knocking and finds the Archbishop in bed with the Captain's wife. The Archbishop chases the Warrior around the ship in his underwear, yelling insults and curses down upon him. The Warrior loses 1 Permanent Luck. If he has none, he is finally forced to leap overboard in fear of his life. The Warrior must roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

3 After leaving the food on the table in the Archbishop's chambers, the Warrior is turning to leave when he is pelted with mashed potato and onion rings. The Archbishop doesn't seem to like his meal much.

4 The Archbishop thanks the Warrior, and thinking him some lowly servant boy, tosses him a gold piece and sends him on his merry way.

5 The Warrior is given some sage advice on how to get the most out praying to one's god. If the Warrior is the Warrior Priest, he may now re roll any failed Blessing Roll once per adventure per Battle-Level. If the Warrior is not the Warrior Priest, the Warrior gains a point of Luck which he can use in the next adventure. If it is not used, it is wasted.

6 Against all odds, the Archbishop is actually a rather nice guy. The Warrior and the Archbishop converse for hours over their meals. When it is time to leave, the Archbishop hands the Warrior a tiny wooden cross on a chain. He says it is very useful against undead. When worn, any Undead creatures with a Gold value less than or equal to 300 are subject to the Break rule. Multiple crosses do not force monsters to roll twice to Break.


An old sea dog suddenly bursts into song, startling all those near him, including the Warriors. He starts shaking his mug of ale around, swinging his wooden leg to and fro and generally making a nuisance of himself.

It isn't too long before all the sailors and deck hands have joined in the off-key raucous sound some would call singing. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior, subtracting 1 for the Dwarf, Troll Slayer, Barbarian, Snotling Team, Chaos Warrior, Pit Fighter, and any other beefy, drunkard type characters that you may be using.

1-2 He just couldn't resist. The Warrior grabs a tankard of ale and joins in with the rest of the crew, temporarily forgetting all his own problems. By the end of the night, the Warrior is so drunk he has to be carried to bed, minus 1D3 pieces of stolen treasure and equipment.

3-6 It's just too much for the Warrior, who decides to spend the rest of the night talking to the Captain about such unruly behaviour on his ship.


While out on a nearby beach looking for supplies, one of the Warriors gets bitten by a poisonous octopus, and is carried in severe pain back to the ship where he is put to bed for the remainder of the journey, until the poison passes through his system.

Remove the Warrior's counter from the Cup. He may not be the subject of any event for the remainder of the journey. Use common sense when determining if the bed ridden Warrior should be included in other rolls. For example, he may have to roll to see if he catches a disease, but he wouldn't have to roll to see what treasure he has found on an island, as he is bed ridden.


The Warriors are surprised to hear that the Captain is making a detour towards a small uncharted island, where, he says, waits treasure beyond all imagining.

Upon reaching the island, a group of Bretonnian Royal Guards begins talking to the Captain, and after a few minutes, the Captain calls the Warriors over to hear what he has to say.

Apparently, the Captain has been invited to join in the annual Treasure Hunt, sponsored by Luigi and Salvatore stores. The event is set on a different remote island each year. The Captain is honoured to have been chosen for such a thrill as an old fashioned treasure hunt, even if half the gold found has to go to the poor of Bretonnia.

Each Warrior may participate in the Hunt. Follow the rules below:

  • Each Warrior takes 10 6 sided dice and rolls them at the same time. Each 6 rolled is put to the side, and the Warrior gets gold. The first 6 gives the Warrior 100 gold. The second 6 gives him 200 gold, the third 300, etc.
  • Now roll all the dice that didn't get 6's again. Remove the 6's from this lot, adding the appropriate amount of gold as usual, making sure to start at 100 gold for the first 6, 200 for the next, etc.
  • Keep rolling until all the dice are 6. The first Warrior to get all his dice as 6 has been the first person to find the mother load. He gets 2D6 x 1000 gold. If more than 1 person gets all his dice as 6's at the same time, the prize money is split between them. Roll 2D6 x 1000 and divide the result by the winners.
  • Unfortunately, half of each Warrior's gold that they have won, even the ones who did not find the main treasure, has to be handed over to the Bretonnians, for the poor.


The winds are poor, and the ship is not moving very fast at all. Add 1D6 months to the journey time.



While taking a stroll past the chef's kitchen, a random Warrior is shocked to see a plump chicken leap out of the window and race along the deck. A fat man, probably the chef, wearing a white, blood stained apron, and carrying a sharp looking cleaver bursts out of the door and chases the chicken along the decks. Fair enough!


Roll 1D6 on the following table to see what the Warriors encounter:

1 Orcish Slave Galley. A large, hulking mass of a ship rams the Warrior's ship, causing 1D6 Hull Points of damage. If this sinks the ship, all the Warriors are taken captive to be used as slaves. See the Slavery table from Event 8. If it does not sink it, fight a Ship to Ship battle against a ship with 10 Hull Points and 1 Attack Point.

2 Irate Fishing Vessel. A tiny fishing craft decides to blame the Warrior's mighty frigate for the lack of fish in the ocean. They attack. The vessel has 4 Hull points and 1 Attack Point.

3 Imperial Greatship. Mistaking the Warrior's ship for the enemy, the mighty Empire ship attacks. It has 25 Hull Points and 5 Attack Points.

4 Black Arc of Naggaroth. The Warriors gasp to see such a powerful war ship sailing towards them. This ship has 25 Hull Points, 7 Attack Points, and rolls 2 dice for damage, not 1. In addition, the Warrior's ship suffers -1 Attack Points while fighting this ship. Each turn the Black Arc is still afloat, each Warrior suffers 1D3 Wounds, unmodified, due to magical fumes emitting from the ship.

5 Norse Kingship. Why the Norse have ventured this close to the Lost Kingdoms, Sigmar only knows, but they seem to have a bone to pick with the Warrior's ship. The Norse have no cannons on board, and will try and board as quickly as possible. Make two attacks against it now. It has 15 Hull Points and 0 Attack Points. If it is not destroyed, fight a battle against 6D6 Norse Warriors, each of which has the same statistics as a Dark Elf Warrior. They use swords. Take gold as usual, but no Treasure.

6 Slann Flame-Reaver. This ancient Lizardman vessel is powered by heat energy. Each turn it stays afloat, the Warriors lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds. It has 12 Hull Points and 3 Attack Points.


Floating in the middle of the ocean is a raft with a dying dwarf, riddled with Orc arrows, lying in the centre of it. After pulling the dwarf aboard the ship, he says "This is the key to the portcullis. Without it, you will never get through." One Warrior may take the Portcullis key. The dwarf then dies.


The surface of the water ripples, and a huge bearded giant bursts through, his mighty trident glistening with golden magical energy. The Warriors have discovered a powerful Triton. Roll 1D6 to see what he does.

1 The Triton shoves his trident into the ship, and picks it up like a shish-kebab. The ship takes 4D6 Hull Points of damage, before sliding off the end.

2 The Triton picks the ship up and shakes it upside down. Half of the crew fall into the water. Each Warrior must roll 1D6 and add Initiative and Strength. If the result is equal to or greater than 12, the Warrior has held on for dear life. Otherwise, he has fallen into the ocean, and must roll on the Warrior Overboard table.

3 The Triton picks up a random Warrior between a thumb and a forefinger and begins to swing him around. The Warrior loses 1D6 pieces of treasure, which he may choose.

4 The Triton picks up the ship and lobs it miles away into the air Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the ship has been thrown in the opposite direction. Add 1D6 months to journey time. On a roll of 4 to 6, the Triton has thrown the ship in the direction they were originally travelling. Subtract 1D6 months from the journey. If either of these dice rolls indicate more months than the Warriors have travelled or have yet to travel, the ship finally lands smack bang in the middle of a small farming community, crushing a farm house, pig stalls and other such farm like devices. The Warriors must now spend 1D6 weeks walking towards the nearest Settlement or Dungeon, rolling for hazards as usual.

5 Just to see what happens, the Triton flicks the ship with one finger. A gaping hole appears in the hull, and the ship rocks from side to side. The ship loses 1D6 Hull Points.

6 The Triton ignores the ship after careful study and descends into the ocean.


There is a fountain of spray in front of the bows and a massive Dwarf Nautilus surfaces. The Captain introduces himself as Khazra Nemo, famed Dwarf explorer. He offers the Warriors new passage if they will pay him 50 gold each and defend his ship. If they accept, the rest of the voyage takes only 1D3 months longer. Any event involving sea creatures can be ignored on a roll of 5 or 6. The Nautilus has 25 Hull Points and 4 Attack Points.


The ship is suddenly buffeted by the tail of a mighty beast, taking 1D3 Hull Points. The Warriors are aghast to see a mighty serpent rear its ugly head from below the waves and prepare to strike. If any Warriors have any missile weapons, such as a bow or a gun, they may fire at the creature to distract it long enough for the cannons to be brought to bear. Roll 1D6 and add 1 for each bow being fired and 2 for each gun being. On a roll of 7 or more, the creature has been distracted by the pitiful wounds caused upon it and turns to face the Warriors. Soon the cannons are ready, and the serpent is scared away by the noise.

If the Warriors did not fire any weapons, or if the roll was less than 10, the serpent attacks with lightning efficiency. Four sailors have been plucked from the deck and eaten before the Warriors can do anything. Draw a Warrior counter. This Warrior is suddenly the target of the serpents attacks. Roll 1D6 and add Initiative. If the score is 10 or greater, the Warrior has avoided certain death. Otherwise, he is swallowed whole if his base Toughness is less than 4. Otherwise, he escapes the chomping jaws with 2D6 Permanent Wounds less. The serpent then attacks the ship and soon demolishes it, leaving nothing but debree in its wake. The Warriors must each roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.


Three stone statues stand proudly before the ship, one made of ivory, one made of obsidian and one made of sapphire. The ivory statue is in the image of a heavily armoured barbarian, a mighty two handed sword in his grasp. The obsidian statue is of a balding priest, his hands holding a holy symbol firmly in his wizened hands. The sapphire statue is a dark haired woman, beautiful in every aspect, a crown upon her head. Each statue radiates a power magic, millions of years old.

Each Warrior rolls three dice, one for each statue (A black, white and blue would be handy). Compare white dice. The Warrior with the highest roll is favoured by the spirit encased within the ivory statue. If two dice are highest, then no one is favoured.

Compare black dice. The Warrior with the highest score is favoured by the Obsidian statue. If two dice are highest, both are favoured.

Compare blue dice. The Warrior with the highest score is favoured by the Sapphire statue. If two dice are highest, re-roll until one Warrior has the highest roll.

The Warrior favoured by the Ivory Statue rolls 1D6:

1 The Warrior gains +1 Initiative for the next adventure.

2 The Warrior gains +1 Strength for the next adventure.

3 The Warrior gains +1 Weapon Skill for the next adventure only.

4 The Warrior gains +1 Attack for the next adventure only.

5 The Warrior gains +1 Initiative permanently.

6 The Warrior gains +1 Strength permanently.

The Warrior or Warriors favoured by the Obsidian statue must each roll 1D6:

1 The Warrior can heal 1 Wound automatically once next adventure.

2 The Warrior can heal 1D6 Wounds automatically once next adventure.

3 The Warrior can heal 1 Wound per Battle-Level automatically once next adventure.

4 The Warrior can ignore a blow that would otherwise take him to 0 Wounds once next adventure.

5 The Warrior gains the Regenerate ability rated at 1 for the next adventure.

6 The Warrior gains an extra Damage Dice against all forms of undead. Roll another D6. If the result is a 6, this addition is permanent, otherwise it will only last for the next adventure.

The Warrior favoured by the Sapphire statue rolls 1D6 on the following table:

1 The Warrior gains an extra 1D6 x 10 gold for any battle once next adventure.

2 The Warrior gains an extra 1D6 x 50 gold for any battle once next adventure.

3 The Warrior gains an extra 1D6 x 100 gold for any battle once next adventure.

4 The Warrior may claim double gold for any single monster killed next adventure.

5 The Warrior may claim triple gold for any single monster killed next adventure.

6 The Warrior gains an extra 1D6 x 100 gold for every battle next adventure.


While walking along the deck admiring the waves, a slimy looking, bispeticled man dressed in a business tunic and carrying a suitcase made of crocodile leather approaches a random Warrior. He says he has been keeping an eye on the Warrior for years now, and insists that he has not been paying his taxes. The Warrior is stunned into silence while the tax man continues to read out scroll after scroll of incidents regarding the Warrior's tax evasion schemes. Roll 4D6 and multiply the result by 1000. This is how much gold the Warrior owes the Taxation Department of Altdorf, the capital of the Empire. Every time the Warrior enters a settlement in the Old World (not Lost Kingdoms, Norsca, etc) he can spend a day trying to find a branch of the Taxation Department (8+) and pay any amount of gold that he owes back to them. Whenever he leaves a Settlement, until he has paid back his large fee, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 to 3, the Warrior has been bullied by Taxation Department thugs. He loses 1D6 Wounds which can not be regained in anyway for the next adventure. He also suffers -1 WS, -1 Strength and -1 Toughness for the next adventure. A Warrior can only get this event once during his career. Pick another Warrior if the Warrior chosen already owes the department money or has paid it all back. If all Warriors have encountered this event, roll again on this table.


The Warriors are approached by a slim man wearing a long white cape and gown. He tells them that he is a Biologist interested in the study of sea life uneducated people would call Sea Monsters. Whenever the Warriors encounter a Sea Monster and are in a position to capture it (not in slavery, unconscious, sick in bed, etc) they may roll 1D6 and each add their Initiative and Strength to the roll before they encounter the event.. If the total is 20 or greater, the Warriors have captured the creature, and they do not have to encounter the event. The Biologist (whatever that is, muses the Warriors) gives each Warrior 2D6 x 100 gold as a reward. If the score is less than 20, the Warriors fail to capture the creature, and they must encounter the event as usual. For each Sea Monster captured in this manner, the ship has to tow them to shore, adding 1 month for each creature to the journey time.


The Warriors are asked to join a group of 1D6 sailors in a skiff to scout ahead for trouble and any sight of land. Warriors may or may not go. Roll 1D6 on the following table:

1-3 The skiff and its passengers get lost easily in the open seas. It takes 1D3 months to get back to the ship. In this time, the ship has to roll an event for each month the skiff is away. Naturally, any events which involve the Warriors do not involve the ones in the skiff.

4-6 After hours in the tiny skiff, a group of mermen break the surface and greet the crew. Put a Warrior Counter into the cup for each sailor also in the skiff. Then draw 1D6 counters from the cup. If a Warrior has his counter drawn, he has been gifted by the mermen with a boon. If an event occurs while on the Lost Kingdom Oceans that the Warrior does not like, he may choose to have no part of the event. He is not affected by the event in anyway. He may only do this once, and it must be on the current journey. If he does not use it this journey, the boon is wasted.



A mighty fleet of Chaos ships can be seen in the distance. They seem to be waiting for something. The fleet is so huge, it would take 1D3 months extra time just to sail around it and keep out of sight. If the party does not wish to add this time to their journey, they may sail directly into the fleet. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 or 2, the Chaos ships immediately open fire. Each Warrior suffers 1D6 Permanent Wounds, and the ship suffers 6D6 Hull Points of Damage. If this is enough to destroy the ship, the Warriors are eaten whole by the vast hoards of chaos creatures. Their adventuring careers are over. If the damage does not destroy the ship, a hoard of 1D6 Bloodthirsters land on the deck of the ship and attack the Warriors. When they are all dead, another hoard of 1D6 Keeper of Secrets attacks the party. Enjoy!


When retiring to his quarters, a random Warrior finds a red rose on his pillow. He spends the rest of the journey trying to figure out who put it there.


The Warriors find an old chest in the cargo hold which has been covered up for years by a blanket. Upon opening it, the Warriors find volumes upon volumes of old books. Each Warrior may take 1D6 old books and sell them when they reach a Settlement. For each old book sold, roll 1D6:

1 The book is old, but not very valuable. The Warrior gets 1 gold piece for it.

2-5 The book is, as the Warrior suspected, very rare and valuable. It is worth 1D6 x 100 gold pieces.

6 The buyer gasps in shock as he realises that the book is a very powerful tome of ancient magics and incantations. The Warrior can sell it for 2D6 x 1000 gold pieces.


A nest of Giant Rats is discovered in the servants quarters near the lower section of the ship. It appears they have eaten through much of the hold and cargo holds. The ship immediately loses 3 Hull Points of Damage. From now on, each month, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the rats have continued to damage the ship's hull. The ship takes another 3 Hull Points of Damage. The rats can not be killed, as there are too many of them and they seem to infest the entire lower section of the ship.


A random Warrior, while patrolling the decks, accidentally steps on a child's toy wagon and goes rolling down the decks on one foot. He smashes into the railing and falls head over heals into the ocean below. It takes the efforts of the other Warriors to calm him down and for him to stop lashing out at every child that walks by. The Warrior is at -1 To Hit for the next adventure, until he can cool down.


The ship's resident mind doctor offers her services to the Warriors. For every 1D6 + Battle-Level x 100 gold given to her, the Warriors can discard an unwanted Dark Secret Card.


The entire month is spent docked at a ship repair bay. The ship gains 3D6 Hull Points back, and the Warriors, taking the time to get a good tan, gain 1D6 Wounds back.


While searching for pearls in the ocean's depths, the Warriors gasp to see a mighty city, surrounded by a globe of magical energy, sitting on the bottom of the ocean. If they wish, they may enter the city. There are no Special Locations in the underwater city, other than the Alehouse. Stock rolls are 2D6. If the Warriors stay here for more than a week, roll on the following Catastrophic Event Table, not the one in the Roleplay Book:

1 Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. The Warrior with the lowest score decides to set up home and live here. His adventuring career is over.

2 A group of sadistic guards attacks the Warriors and demands they each pay 1D6 x 1000 gold pieces per day while they are in the Settlement. If a Warrior does not pay, he loses 1D6 Permanent Wounds.

3 There is an alarm sound, and the Warriors look up to see a huge wave of water crashing down towards them. It appears that the magical barrier around the city has shattered and the ocean is filling in. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. On a roll of 1 or 2, the Warrior has been engulfed by the ocean and drowns. He is dead. Any surviving Warriors must leave the Settlement immediately and return to the ship.

4 The Settlement is invaded by a group of Sea Serpents, intent on feasting on the tiny occupants within. Roll 1D6 for the number of Serpents. Now draw a Warrior Counter for each Serpent, making sure to replace the Warrior Counter after each drawing. For each time a Warrior has his counter drawn out beyond the first, he loses 1D6 Permanent Wounds due to serpent attacks. Any surviving Warriors must leave the Settlement immediately and return to the ship.

5 The Warriors are arrested for causing civil unrest in the city. They must spend the next 1D6 days in jail (Roll separately for each Warrior). Roll 1D6 on the following table each day.

1 The Warrior is sentenced to hang the next day. Unless a fellow Warrior is no longer in jail to help him escape, his adventuring career is over. If there is a Warrior not currently in jail, roll 1D6 for each Warrior free. If any of the dice come up with a 6, the Warrior in jail is saved and escapes with his life.

2-3 The Warrior is beaten severely, losing 1D3 Permanent Wounds.

4-5 The Warrior is starved, and loses 1 Permanent Wound.

6 Nothing Happens.

6 Nothing Happens.


A random Warrior is given the opportunity by a friendly Empire statesman the opportunity to have his own Coat of Arms designed for his family line. If the Warrior accepts., pay 1D6 x 50 gold and roll on the following tables. The Warrior must have armour or a shield to have the design painted on it.

Roll 1D6 to see which colour or colours the statesman paints the base shield design in:

1 Blue

2 White

3 Red

4 Black

5 Green

6 Roll twice more on this table.

Now roll another D6 to see which design he paints on the shield:

1 Flag of the Warriors native home.

2 Crossed Swords

3 Balled Fist

4 Entwined Serpent

5 A hammer or axe

6 Roll twice more on this table.

Now roll another D6 to see which colour or colours he outlines the design or designs in:

1 Amethyst

2 Ruby

3 Sapphire

4 Gold

5 Silver

6 Roll twice more on this table.

While a shield or piece of armour has the Coat of Arms engraved on it, the armour gains +1 Toughness for the next adventure, until the magical properties of the emblem run out. But the emblem still remains on the item. A Warrior may only ever have one Coat of Arms.


While watching a school of dolphins playing near the side of the ship, the ship hits a rough part of sea, and a random Warrior pitches violently to one side, crashing into the railing and falling into the sea. He yells for help, sinking quickly beneath the waves. If any Warrior other than the one in the water has a rope, he may throw it to him and try to pull him aboard. Roll 1D6 and add Str. If the total is 7 or greater, the Warrior manages to haul the soaking wet Warrior back to the ship. Any other roll, and he is not strong enough. Unless the Warrior discards all his armour immediately (not magical armour), he will sink to the bottom of the deep blue sea.



Floating near the surface of the water, the Warriors and the Captain see a strange ship of blue metal, immense in size and structure. It is similar in construction to a Dwarf Nautilus, except much more refined. Strange runes etched onto the side of the metal hull, reading "Property of the Imperium" If the Warriors investigate, roll 1D6:

1 While walking along the strange corridors of the ship, a metal grate falls away and streams of strange creatures leap forth and charge towards the Warriors. The creatures have bulbous pink heads and multiple arms, each ending in a collection of sharp claws. There are dozens of them, in endless streams, pouring from the grating. The Warriors are over run by the strange creatures. Each Warrior loses 4D6 unmodified Wounds before they retrace their steps and flee back to the safety of the ship.

2 A strange man, dressed in heavy red armour, covering his entire body and carrying a metal pistol, approaches the party. He fires his gun, and a stream of hot magical energy erupts from the it, burning all the Warrior for 2D6 unmodified Wounds each.

3-4 The Warriors can not find any way onto the strange ship.

5 The Warriors encounter an old man dressed in strange clothing. A collection of guns hangs from his belt. After realising that the Warriors mean him no harm he begins to talk. Unfortunately, the Warriors can't understand a word he is saying. He shoves a strange amulet into a random Warrior's hand, and then he dies of his many wounds.

The Warrior can sell the artefact at a city for 1D6 x 100 gold.

6 After doing a thorough search of the ship's many rooms and passages, a random Warrior finds a very strange looking gun. He points it at a wall and experiments with it. He is almost knocked of his feet when a huge burst of energy spurts out the nozzle. The gun may be used 4D6 times, before, for some reason the Warrior can't figure out, it ceases to work any more. The gun requires no ammo, and can be fired as many times per turn as the Warrior has attacks, even when adjacent to an enemy. Make a normal Ballistic Roll. If the weapon hits its target, it does 1 Damage Dice per Battle-Level + the Warrior's Initiative. This damage is modified for everything except Ignore Pain. After every attack, even those that missed, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the power of the gun forces the Warrior to keep his balance or fall over. He may not make any more attacks this turn. Only Warriors who can use guns can use this weapon.

As the Warriors leave the ship with their prize, they fail to hear a man shouting and waving furiously, "Hey, guys, that's my fraggin' Heavy Bolter. Give it back, you bastards!"


The Warriors are invited to participate in the annual celebration known as Sigmar's day. There is much wine and food to go around. Every Warrior may gain 1D6 provisions and heal 1D6 Wounds. If there is a Warrior Priest on board the ship, he frowns down upon such actions, and insists that Sigmar Day is not supposed to be celebrated this way. He does not gain the benefits the other Warriors do. Instead, he spends the day in prayer. Once next adventure, he may make an additional Blessing, on top of those he can already use.


Suddenly, one of the Warriors realises that the ship is travelling in the wrong direction. The crew seem nervous and do not respond to any questions. The Warriors soon manage to find the Captain; unfortunately, his dead body is stuffed behind a cupboard in an empty cabin. The Warriors have unmasked a hi-jacking attempt.

It will take the combined efforts of all the Warriors to bring down the hi-jackers. The first step it uncover all the hi-jackers hidden amongst the crew. Roll 3D6. This is the total number of henchmen disguised as crew. Now roll 2D6 and consult the following table. Keep rolling, unless told not to, on this table until all the hijackers have been found.

1- There are too many of them, too many twists and lies for the Warriors to handle. Detectives they ain't. The Warriors have uncovered nothing by the time the ship pulls into the hi-jackers hideout. The Warriors are immediately stripped of all their gold, treasure and equipment and thrown to the sharks. Fortunately, the sharks are not feeding today, and the Warriors make a break for it without all their gear. Each Warrior must roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

2 The Warriors uncover nothing that will reveal the identities of the hi-jacker and his henchmen. Meanwhile, time passes.... Roll again on this table, subtracting 2 from the score.

3 The Warriors uncover nothing that will reveal the identities of the hi-jacker and his henchmen. Meanwhile, time passes.... Roll again on this table, subtracting 1 from the score.

4 The Warriors uncover nothing that will reveal the identities of the hi-jacker and his henchmen. Meanwhile, time passes.... Roll again on this table.

5 The Warriors interrogate a sailor who turns out be one of the hi-jackers. He does not say anything more. Subtract 1 from the number of hi-jackers and roll again on this table.

6 The Warriors interrogate a sailor who turns out be one of the hi-jackers. He does not say anything more. Subtract 1 from the number of hi-jackers and roll again on this table, adding +1 to the score.

7 The Warriors interrogate a sailor who turns out be one of the hi-jackers. He does not say anything more. Subtract 1 from the number of hi-jackers and roll again on this table, adding +2 to the score.

8 The Warriors uncover a small group of the hi-jackers. Subtract 1D3 from the number of hi-jackers. Roll again on this table, adding +1 to the result.

9 The Warriors uncover a large gathering of hi-jackers, but in the process, alert the rest of the hi-jackers that the Warriors are on to them. Subtract 1D6 from the number of hi-jackers and roll again on this table, subtracting -3 from the result.

10 The Warriors break up a large gathering of the hi-jackers hiding out in the lower decks. Subtract 1D6 + 2 from the number of hi-jackers and roll again on this table.

11 It takes little time at all for the Warriors to round up most of the hijackers. Subtract 2D6 from the number of hi-jackers left, then roll again on this table, adding 3.

12 All but 1D6 of the hi-jackers are rounded up. If this is more than the number left, then all of them have been found. Roll again on this table, adding +4

13+ All the hijackers have been rounded up and thrown overboard.

Once all the hijackers have been found and dealt with, the Warriors will have enough information to track down their ringleader, and the murderer of the Captain.

Each Warrior rolls 1D6 and adds their Initiative. The Warrior with the highest score begins to track the villain.

Place two passageway sections on the table and place the Warrior and a miniature for the ringleader at the start of the passage way. The ringleader can be placed 1D3 squares in front of the Warrior. This represents how far the ringleader is ahead of the Warrior in terms of covering his tracks, planting diversions, etc.

Roll 1D6 for the ringleader and add 1 for every roll made on the above table. Roll 1D6 for the Warrior and add his Initiative. The highest score wins the round.

The winner rolls 2D6 and moves forward that amount. The loser rolls 1D6 and moves forward that amount. If ever the ringleader should reach the far end of the passage way, he has eluded the grasp of the Warrior and escaped. It appears he has planted a bomb on the ship, and it explodes, doing 3D6 Hull Points of damage and each Warrior loses 2D6 unmodified Wounds.

If ever the Warrior should get equal to or further than the ringleader, then he has caught up with him. He is immediately executed for his crimes. The Warriors have unmasked a huge conspiracy of hijackers and for their reward, they may gain a permanent Willpower or Initiative each. In addition, the Warrior who tracked down and caught the ringleader may gain 1 Luck which can be used in the normal way next adventure. If it is not used, it is wasted.


While looking at some maps and navigation charts in the Navigators quarters, the Warriors notice something not right. The route has been marked out, but it is not the correct one. In fact, come to think of it, the Captain does not look like the one they booked a ride with. Looking at the name of the ship, they realise with growing dread that they are on the wrong ship. The Warriors must have boarded the wrong ship by mistake. Fools!

Roll again on the Captain's chart to see which ship and what Captain they really have. Fortunately, the Captain agrees with the Warrior's pleas and he sets sail for the destination required by the Warriors. Begin the journey again with the new Captain and roll for journey length as usual.


A random Warrior has been duped into looking after the ship's resident children for the day while their parents run the ship. Roll 1D6 on the following table:

1 The wailing children clamber all over the Warrior, poking his equipment and trying to eat his gold pieces. Not knowing what to do, he lets the children play with his gold. By the end of the day, six children have suffocated from swallowing golden coins. Upset mothers and fathers soon have the Warrior thrown over board for his negligence. The Warrior must roll on the Warrior Overboard Table.

2 Screaming children grab one of the Warrior's treasures and run away with it, laughing gleefully. The Warrior chases them, pleading with them to give it back. In joy, the children toss it over board and watch with open eyes as it sinks to the bottom of the ocean. The Warrior must lose 1 random piece of treasure.

3 It's all too much for the Warrior, who, shouting furiously, gets up and runs around the ship, tiny children hanging off every limb. Not surprisingly, the mothers expect him to pay for their children's injuries. This comes to a total of 1D6 + Battle-Level x 50 gold.

4 The Warrior spends the day supervising the rowdy little brats as they fight each other and paint the walls with unremovable paint. The Warrior sighs, wishing desperately that he was fighting hoards of Chaos creatures rather than being here.

5 The Warrior spends most of the time reading to them and putting them to sleep. It is actually a rather quiet evening, and he regains 1D3 Wounds from the rest he gets.

6 After a rewarding experience in child caring, the Warrior is paid handsomely for his time and services. He receives 1D6 + Battle-Level x 10 gold for his troubles.


A random Warrior is called a coward by one of the crew. After punching him up, the Warrior decides to prove his mettle to the other crew members. The crew challenge him to a knife throwing competition.

The crew gets the Warrior to stand up straight near the ship's main mast, and one sailor places a small apple on the Warriors head. Then, standing a long way back, the sailor throws the knife. It sticks straight into the apple.

Now its the Warriors turn. A sailor stands near the mast with an apple on his head and the Warrior is given a knife to throw. Make a normal Ballistic Roll. If the roll is successful, the knife sails through the air and hits slices the apple in two. If the roll failed, the knife sails through the air and hits the sailor in the face, piercing his left eye. The Warrior is immediately thrown over board. Roll on the Warrior Overboard table immediately. In addition, the Warrior loses 1 Luck point for the next adventure, but he regains it at the beginning of the next adventure.


The Captain informs the Warriors that they are making very good time, due to the direction of the wind, and calm waters. The journey time is reduced by 1D3 months.


A random Warrior is walking on the deck when suddenly a loud scream reaches his ears. He looks up to see a sailor falling from the Crows Nest directly towards him. Before he can get out of the way, the sailor lands smack bang on top of the Warrior, sending both of them in a sprawling heap on the ground. Once piece of non magical treasure or equipment is destroyed and the Warrior loses 1D3 unmodified Wounds.


The waters ahead are said to be filled with dangerous creatures and unknown hazards. From now on, until the journey is finished, each time a roll on this table is required, make two rolls instead. In other words, make two rolls per month instead of one. In addition, roll any Uneventful Month results again.



The Warriors and crew gasp to see a huge wave of magical energy sailing towards them; some form of magical discharge probably. The crew try desperately to avoid the wave, but it is too late. Each Warrior roll on the following table to determine the effects of the magical wave as it passes through the ship.

1 With terrifying power, the magical wave withers and corrupts everything it touches. The Warrior must lose 1 point of WS, Strength, Initiative and Toughness. These loses are permanent.

2 The Warrior and another random Warrior feel their souls being merged into one, and then torn asunder by the magical force of the wave. The Warriors have swapped a single characteristic score with each other. Roll on the following table to see which scores are swapped between the two.

1 Initiative

2 Attacks

3 Weapon Skill

4 Pinning

5 Ballistic Skill

6 Toughness

These swapped characteristic scores are permanent.

3-4 The magical wave passes harmlessly through the ship and the Warriors. Everyone sighs in relief.

5 To his horror, the Warrior realises that something is changing him. The forces of magic shift and weave throughout his body, altering his normal appearance forever. Roll 1D6 on the following table.

1 The Warrior's blood instantly turns into deadly venom, and yet it seems to do no harm to the Warrior. Whenever the Warrior is reduced to 0 Wounds, he will lose -1 Str when he is healed again. If ever his strength should become 0, then he is dead.

2 The Warrior's brain shrivels until there is almost nothing left. Reduce the Warrior's Initiative and Willpower to 1. Whenever he is wounded in the previous Monster's Phase, roll 1D6 at the start of his turn. On a roll of 1, the Warrior falls into a stupor and fails to attack this turn. However, on a roll of 6, the Warrior is angered enough so he gains Double Damage.

3 The Warrior feels the forces of Chaos radiating throughout his body. Roll once on the Chaos Attribute table. This addition is permanent.

4 The Warrior feels his blood turning to ice. He loses 2D6 permanent Wounds. His hands and arms are now almost solid ice, and give the Warrior an additional Chill 1 Attack per turn.

5 The magical wave weaves down the Warrior's throat, ripping at his vocal cords and burning his larynx. From now on, at the start of every Power Phase, roll an additional dice. If the result is a 1 to 3, the Warrior can not talk at all this turn. This means that he can not cast spells. The player controlling the Warrior can not talk also, unless it is something totally unrelated to the game. The magic has destroyed most of his vocal cords and replaced them with fire breathing apparatus. Each turn, the Warrior may make a Breathe Fire 1 attack in addition to his normal attacks.

6 Huge demonic, leathery wings sprout from the Warrior's back, securing any armour he may be wearing so that it can no longer be removed. The wings give the Warrior the Fly ability. He may ignore pinning and fly over obstacles, etc. He may add 1 to his movement value. The Warrior can not hide the wings, and he can not get rid of them. He may no longer enter any Settlement unless he has some way to disguise himself. Other Warriors must purchase his supplies for him. In addition, at the beginning of each game, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1, the chaotic forces confuse and befuddle the Warrior, sending him into an uncontrollable urge to kill. Luck can not be used to re-roll this result. Finally, the Warrior gains +1 Strength and +1 Toughness permanently.

6 The magical wave passes through the Warrior slamming him into a wall. When the wave passes over him, he realises that he has managed to hold onto some of the magical energy within him. Roll D6 dice immediately and gain Wizard spells in the usual way. The Warrior can now cast wizard spells as if he was Wizard with the following exceptions.

  • He may only cast one spell per turn.
  • He may not add his Battle-Level to the Power Dice roll.
  • He does not gain and store Power like a normal Wizard.
  • He can not learn any new spells and can not use Wizard only equipment.
  • He may only cast a spell when there are no monsters adjacent to him.


Ocean Events by Michael Brockhouse.