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The breeze coming off the ocean smells strongly of fish. When the Warrior returns to his room tonight, the innkeeper will refuse to let him in unless he pays an extra 3 Gold for the maid to wash his clothes. If the Warrior does not pay he will be kicked out of the Settlement!


While walking along the docks, the Warrior spies a group of scruffy looking unkempt men walking towards him. They all have long beards, and some of them have a wooden leg in place of their own. They are pirates! Roll 1D6 to see what happens to the Warrior:

1 The Pirates surround the Warrior, drawing their weapons and cackling horrendously. "Give us yer gold me 'earty" one of them says to the Warrior. If the Warrior gives up all of his Gold to the Pirates they will let him be. Otherwise they will launch at him with viciousness, slicing and dicing him with their swords. The Warrior loses consciousness. When he awakens he finds that 1D6 days have passed and that he is in hospital, having lost 4D6 Wounds. Unfortunately, the Pirates stole half of his Gold, and the hospital demands 100 Gold for payment.

2 The Warrior draws his sword, ready for trouble. The Pirates advance towards him. "Oh, so it's a fight yer be wantin'" says one of them. There are 1D6 Pirates in total. The Warrior must fight each Pirate separately.






Weapon Skill:


Ballistic Skill:
















Once they are all dispatched, the Warrior may claim 50 Gold for each one.

3 Before the Warrior has a chance to hide, the Pirates approach him, eyeing him suspiciously. Without warning, one of them pulls his sword and leaps for the Warrior. Stepping backwards, the Warrior realises that he was standing too near the edge of the dock and tumbles head first into the ocean, imbibing all manner of foul effluent. Laughing heartily, the Pirates continue on their way. The Warrior manages to climb back on to the docks, but not before suffering 1D6 unmodified Wounds due to the foul taste of the water. In addition, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the Warrior has contracted a dreadful disease and must spend 1 week in hospital, paying 100 Gold for their services.

4 The Warrior passes the group of Pirates, eyeing them edgily. Luckily they do not want any trouble today and pass him with no fuss.

5 One of the Pirates leaps at the Warrior, giving him a bear hug. "Aye, it be good to see yer again matey. We must catch up on old times - remember all those woman we used to rape?" The Warrior mutters a reply which seems to satisfy the Pirate before continuing on his way.

6 The Warrior approaches one of the Pirates and greets him. "Captain Black, I wish to thank you for helping me rescue the Nobleman's daughter. You were a great help." The Warrior then continues on his way, leaving the other Pirates to stare strangely at Captain Black, before launching themselves at him, fists flying.


Bored, the Warrior decides to spend the day fishing off the side of the harbour. Roll 1D6:

1 Hearing a giggle, the Warrior turns around, but he is not quick enough. A young street urchin creeps up behind him and pushes the Warrior into the ocean. Spluttering, the Warrior manages to climb the docks, but by the time he gets there the urchin has vanished. Suddenly, the Warrior realises that he has lost an item. It must have fallen out of his pack into the depths of the ocean. Discard 1 random item of equipment the Warrior possesses.

2 A pair of guards apprehends the Warrior for fishing without a proper license. The fine is 20 Gold - if the Warrior cannot afford this his fellow Warriors must pay it for him or he will be thrown in jail for 1D6 days.

3 The Warrior casts his line off the docks sits back… and falls asleep. Hours later, when he awakes, he realises that someone has stolen his fishing line.

4 After a couple of hours fishing, the Warrior happily reels in 2 large fish. When eaten, these will each restore 2 Wounds.

5 The Warrior feels a tugging on the line, and lifting it up sees a huge Gumblejack on the end. This fish is known to be delicious - it will restore 4 Wounds.

6 After a long day of sitting on the docks catching nothing, the Warrior decides to pack up. Retrieving his fishing line, he is surprised to see something on the end of the line. Roll 1D6 to see what he has caught:

1 An old rusty shield!

2 A strange tropical fish. This fish has sharp spikes protruding from its body, but the Warrior manages to pull them out before eating the fish. He gains 1 Wound when the fish is eaten.

3 A small green fish. When eaten it will heal 2 Wounds.

4 A large brightly coloured fish. The Warrior has never seen one of these around here before. If he eats it he will regain 1D3 Wounds.

5 A large catfish is hooked on the end of the Warriors line. Although strange looking, this fish will heal 1D6 of the Warriors Wounds when he decides to consume it.

6 A piece of treasure! The Warrior has managed to snag an old piece of treasure which has been at the bottom of the ocean for years. Draw a Treasure Card from the discard pile at random. This item will only be worth half of its Gold value as it is extremely rusted. In addition, if it is a magic item, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 or 2 the item does not work any more, and no one will buy it from the Warrior.


The Warrior hears a huge roar, and out from the ocean emerges the neck and head of an enormous sea serpent. It has green scales which drip with slime from long periods of time at the bottom of the sea bed. Its huge mouth opens wide and it lets out a tremendous roar. Villagers begin to run around in panic and small children start to wail. Suddenly the sea serpent strikes. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the Warrior has been eaten by the beast unless he rolls equal to or under his Initiative on 1D6. Otherwise the sea serpent eats one of the townsfolk instead. Now roll another 1D6. On a roll of 1 the other townsperson eaten was one of the Warriors friends (determine at random). Having had its feed, the sea monster then plummets back into the ocean.

6 WAR!

A messenger brings the grave news that the Old World is at war with Norsca. For the remainder of their stay here at the Seaport, the Warriors will not be able to find a captain to take them to or from Norsca. The captains have better things to do than transport boatloads of treasure-seeking adventures to Norsca and back. If one of the Warriors is the Barbarian, he will instantly be enlisted for service and must return to Norsca immediately. When the war is over he will be allowed to return to his comrades. Since the Old World does much of its trading with Norsca, while there is a war on, all items in Settlements in the Old World cost an extra 10% and the stock numbers for all items are increased by +1, with weapons and armour increased by +2. In addition, each time the Warriors enter a Settlement roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-4 the war still rages on. Otherwise the two countries have managed to resolve their differences and all is back to normal.


While exploring the dark and seedy area of the harbour, the Warrior has the misfortune to be ambushed by two thugs, who steal his money pouch. Roll 1D6 for the amount of Gold the Warrior was storing in it - luckily he kept the rest in his backpack:

1 All of his Gold

2 All but 1D6 x 100 Gold

3 Half of his Gold

4 (1D6 x 500 x Battle Level) Gold

5 1D6 x 100 Gold

6 None! The Warrior was prepared for something like this and filled his pouch with small stones instead.


The Warrior decides to try his luck and get employment down in the docks. Roll 1D6:

1 The Warrior reluctantly agrees to join a rescue mission to the Savage Empire. Apparently many ships have set sail for it but none have ever returned. Luckily for the other Warriors the Warrior manages to get them a job on the same ship. The ship will sail immediately, or if a Warrior is in the middle of training, when he has finished. The journey to the Savage Empire will take 2D6 months. Travel to the Savage Empire in the same way as journeying to The Lost Kingdom, except when it is time to roll for the last month go straight to event 46. If the Warriors manage to escape from the Savage Empire and return to the Seaport (rolling on the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Events Table for their return voyage - it will take the same amount of time to return) each Warrior still alive will receive 2D6 x 100 Gold for their help.

2 The Warrior is employed by a local fisherman who agrees to pay the Warrior 1 Gold for each fish he catches. The Warrior can use the fisherman's boat as long as he brings it back safely by the end of the day. At the end of each day the Warrior decides to work roll 2D6. This is how many fish the Warrior has caught. Now roll 1D6. On a score of 1-2 the boat has sprung a leak. Roll another 1D6. On a score of 1 the boat sinks! The Warrior must roll on the Warrior Overboard Table in the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Events Table. Treat results 5 and 6 as the Warrior being washed up back at the harbour he set sail from. While employed by the fisherman the Warrior cannot visit any locations and does not need to roll on the Settlement Event Table.

3 The Warrior manages to find a job on 'The Sink Hole', a fishing boat of rather dubious quality. The boat sets sail later in the day. Unfortunately, the Warrior spends most of his time helping clear the hold of water, which the captain cannot understand how it got there (perhaps those holes in the boat had something to do with it!). When the boat returns to the harbour the captain insists that he cannot afford to pay the Warrior anything as he needs the money to repair his ship!

4 A shop by the name of 'Big John's Tobacco' hires the Warrior to prepare the tobacco for sale. Unfortunately the Warrior gets the chewing tobacco mixed up with the smoking tobacco, leaving some customers in a strange state, especially those that bought tobacco for chewing! Big John fires the Warrior immediately, but decides to pay him 1D6 x 10 Gold for wasting his time - if he had known the Warrior was going to be this stupid he would not have hired him in the first place!

5 The Warrior gets a job working at a merchant's stall on the waterfront. He manages to convince lots of customers to part with their hard earned Gold to buy some of the items up for sale. At the end of the day the Warrior has earned 1D6 x 100 Gold.

6 A crusty old pirate agrees to let the Warrior accompany him on his next raid, which happens to be this afternoon. The boat sets sail. Not long afterwards the pirate ship happens across a trading vessel, carrying wares to the Old World. The Pirate Captain sounds the boarding alarm and within minutes the crew are lined up for boarding action. The crew of the trading vessel are not as well armed as the pirate crew and so are all slaughtered. However, the Warrior takes 2D6 damage from their attacks. Grinning from ear to ear the Pirate Captain shows the Warrior the spoils of victory and offers the Warrior a share of the plunder. The Warrior may take 1D3 Treasure Cards. Note that the Warrior is now considered to be a Pirate - this should be recorded on his Adventure Record Sheet.


A group of street urchins approaches the Warrior. Wary of them, for they are known to steal from travellers, the Warrior greets them and edges around them. Unfortunately one of them manages to pick the Warriors pocket of:

1 1 Treasure Card

2 2D6 x 100 Gold

3 2D6 x 70 Gold

4 1D6 x 100 Gold

5 1D6 x 50 Gold

6 1D6 x 10 Gold


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.



While strolling around the harbourside, the Warrior is intrigued by the commotion not far off. He wanders over and discovers that a slave auction is in progress. A ship just arrived has offloaded its shipment of slaves from a far off country and is now proceeding to auction them off to the highest bidder. For each slave the Warrior wishes to purchase follow the instructions below.

  • Roll 1D6 for the number of other townspeople bidding for the slave.
  • The price for the slave starts at 1D6 x 50 Gold.
  • Randomly determine who bids first and then proceed in a clockwise direction.
  • Roll 1D6 for the bidder and multiply the result by 20. Then add the previous total to this result. This is the current bid. If anyone but the Warrior rolls a 1 then the bidding has become too high for them and they have dropped out of the auction.
  • If the Warrior is the last person bidding then he has to buy the slave at the current price.
  • Keep track of the number of times a 6 is rolled on the dice. When the Warrior has bought the slave he may sell it at any stage while he is still in the Seaport for (1D6 x 100) x <1 + amount of 6's rolled>. However, for each 6 rolled, roll an additional 1D6. If any of them come up as a 1 then the person the Warrior is trying to sell the slave to is an undercover law enforcer. He confiscates the slave, fines the Warrior 100 Gold and sends the Warrior to the brig for a week. If he cannot afford to pay the fine an extra 1D3 days will be added to his sentence.
  • The Warrior can now decide if he wants to bid for another slave or head back to the inn.

13 UNLUCKY DAY * (result 1 only)

The curse of the Gods must be upon the Warrior today. Everything he does seems to get him in trouble. Roll 1D6 to determine what unlucky incident befalls him:

1 Somehow, the Warrior has stumbled into a gang of cutthroats and murderers. To see what happens to him roll 1D6:

1 Before the Warrior has a chance to act, the villains are upon him, hacking at him with their swords and slicing him to shreds with knives. He is dead!

2 The Warrior realises where he is and attempts to mutter an apology. The villains mishear the Warrior and think he has just insulted their mothers. They jump at him, swords drawn. The Warrior must fight a battle with 1D3 of the scum. Use the statistics for a Level 1 Thief (or if you do not have the Thief warrior, use a Level 1 Barbarian instead). If the Warrior wins then he may take a Treasure card as normal.

3 The Warrior apologises and starts to walk away, but not before one of the thieves has somehow managed to get in front of him. The thief demands payment of 1D6 x 100 Gold to let the Warrior pass. If the Warrior refuses to pay, he will have to fight 1D3 of them. Use the statistics for a Level 1 Thief (or if you do not have the Thief warrior, use a Level 1 Barbarian instead). If the Warrior wins then he may take a Treasure card as normal.

4 While trying to creep away the Warrior knocks over a pile of crates. Instantly the thieves spring to their feet. Roll 1D6:

1-3 The thieves grab the Warrior. See result 3 above.

4-6 Thinking quickly, the Warrior starts to meow like a cat. Satisfied, the thieves return to their business.

5-6 The Warrior manages to creep away without being seen.

2 The Warrior happens across a street brawl. Intervening, he tries to break it up. Unfortunately, the law arrives just as the Warrior is stopping the fight and thinks that he started the brawl. The Warrior tries to convince him otherwise but to no avail. He is fined 1D6 x 50 Gold and sent to the brig for 1D6 days.

3 While walking along the docks, the Warrior slips and falls headfirst into the harbour. Fortunately he knows how to swim and manages to climb back to the docks. Unfortunately the slime and sludge in the water has infected him, giving him a disease. He must spend 100 Gold and 1D6 days in hospital.

4 The Warrior has let time get away from him. Before long it is night and he is far from the inn. He is unable to find his way back tonight and must spend the night sleeping in an alleyway. Unfortunately it is freezing cold during the night and the Warrior must lose 1D3 unmodified Wounds.

5 The Warrior has become hopelessly lost in the winding streets of the harbour. Try as he might he is unable to get his bearings. At the start of each day here roll 1D6. On a 1-3 the Warrior is still lost and cannot do anything today. On a roll of 4-6 the Warrior manages to find his way back to the inn and, from tomorrow, can visit locations as normal.

6 At the end of the day the Warrior heads back to the inn under the night sky and enters his room. Lying on the bed, he is soon in the land of nod. Waking in the morning he is surprised to find a large burly man in bed beside him. Startled, he leaps out of bed and rushes out into the corridor. The number on the door reveals that this room is room number 7. The Warrior's room is number 8. He has spent the night in the wrong room!


The local theatre troupe is in town and have decided to give a one off performance at the harbour. Hearing rave reviews about their productions, the Warrior decides to go and see one. Spending 70 Gold, the Warrior sees (roll 1D6:)

1 Nothing!

The audience is informed that the main star has suddenly been taken ill. Therefore the performance will be cancelled tonight and no one will receive a refund!

2 The Squig and the Princess

This production is the worst the Warrior has ever seen. It tells the story of a Princess who falls in love with a Squig and then run off together to get married.

3 The Journeys of Blog de Blog

This rather amateur production tells the life story of the adventurous Norse captain, Blog de Blog. Unfortunately most of the play is taken up with details about how he got lost! (or in his own words, how he took an alternate route!)

4 Chaos War

The Warrior is mildly entertained by a production of Chaos War, a play about the horrors of Chaos and war. Unfortunately, half way through, one of the performers suddenly commits suicide on the stage, forcing the show to finish early.

5 Crossbows and Catapults

The production tonight is a simulation of a siege. The king has graciously offered his castle to the performers and they make full use of its facilities. The Warrior is enthralled by the production.

6 King Ottakar's Sceptre

The tale of King Ottakar, ruler of a far away country is acted out on stage. The Warrior sits mesmerised through tales of the King and his magical sceptre, and congratulates the cast after the show.


A member of the royal family has decided to tour the harbour today. Protected on either side by a multitude of guards, the princess strolls down the streets, admirers throwing roses at her feet. Roll 1D6:

1 The Warrior decides to get a better look and pushes through the crowd. Unfortunately for him, he barges into one fellow who punches him straight in the face. Reeling, the Warrior tumbles into the princess' way. The Guards halt the procession and turn to face the Warrior, halberds lowered. Before the Warrior has a chance to explain a guard has grabbed him on either side. He is escorted to the local jailhouse where he must spend 1D6 days. In addition he must pay a fine of 200 Gold for the trouble caused.

2 Wanting to join in the fun, the Warrior picks some flowers from the garden of a nearby villager and throws them at the ground before the princess like the other townsfolk. Unfortunately the roses still had their thorns in them and the princess cuts her toe. Whistling, the Warrior looks around him nonchalantly, but the Guards soon discover that it was him. They arrest him and take him to the jailhouse, where he eventually manages to explain what happened. Fortunately the guards only fine him 100 Gold.

3 The Warrior waves at the princess. She turns her head towards him and blows him a kiss. A huge smile breaks on the Warrior's face and he walks off, whistling happily to himself.

4-6 The Warrior's keen eyesight spots a dark cloaked figure on the balcony across the road. It is holding what looks to be a small blowpipe. Thinking that it might be an assassin attempting to kill the princess, the Warrior leaps blindly through the procession and into the building. Striding up the stairs he emerges onto the balcony to see (use the dice result as the answer…)

4 An old woman, her shawl wrapped closely around her sits in her rocking chair. She is taking great puffs on a pipe she holds in her hand.

5 A young boy with a sling. He is startled, and explains to the Warrior that he was using it to kill birds on the rooftop opposite.

6 A Dark Elf Assassin! The Warrior wrestles with him on the ground. Fortunately the guards hear the commotion and rush to the Warriors assistance. They soon arrive and help the Warrior to tie up the assassin. Thanking him, they suggest that the princess would like to thank him personally, and lead him down stairs. The princess plants a huge kiss on his cheek and hands him a pouch of 1D6 x 50 Gold as a reward.


The Warrior, while asking about passage from the Seaport, is directed to the local boatyard. A burly gentleman with a long grey beard greets the Warrior and offers him and his fellow adventurers passage to their destination. However, his price is high. He demands a Treasure Card from each Warrior - he will not accept Gold instead. If the Warrior accepts his terms then roll on the Captain's Table.


From the docks, the Warrior can see huge flames burning and thick smoke enveloping the (roll 1D6):

1 Settlement

2 Harbour

3 Hospital

4 General Store

5 Jail

6 Waterfront Tavern

People are being evacuated from the <location on fire> as the local firefighters rush to put out the fire. Roll 1D6 to see what happens:

1 The fire rages out of control. Despite the frantic efforts of the brave firefighters the fire spreads extremely quickly and soon engulfs the entire <location on fire>. The Warriors may not visit this location for the rest of their stay here. If the location that burned down was the entire Settlement, the Warriors must leave for the next adventure immediately. If the jail burned down then any Warriors who are currently in the jail can escape - change future events in this Settlement stating that a Warrior must go to jail - instead he is fined 1D6 x 100 Gold. If the Hospital burned down then further events that state that a Warrior must be cured at a hospital etc. should be altered - the Warrior cannot go to the hospital and therefore cannot be healed in this Settlement. He must keep whatever infliction he has for the next adventure.

2 Although they work hard, the efforts of the firefighters are just not enough. When they finally extinguish the fire. The <location on fire> is severely damaged. For their remainder of their stay here, each Warrior must pay 10 Gold per day to help fund the renovations. Once a total of 300 Gold has been reached (or 3000 in the case of the whole Settlement being burned down) the <location on fire> will be repaired in 2D6 days (2D6 Weeks for the whole Settlement).

3 The fire at the <location on fire> is finally under control, although it still burns. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the fire flares up again - treat this result as a 1. Otherwise the fire finally dies out. The <location on fire> is badly burnt however, and the Warriors will not be able to visit it for the rest of their stay here.

4 The firefighters finally manage to contain the fire. Eventually it is put out, but not before causing approximately 100 Gold worth of damage. A Warrior may still visit the <location on fire> but when he does so, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-3 the <location on fire> is closed for repairs. Otherwise it is open for business as usual. In the case of the entire Settlement being on fire, a roll of 1-3 indicates that the location the Warrior wishes to visit has burned down and no one may visit it for the remainder of their stay here.

5 Finally, the fire is extinguished, to the relief of the owner. Fortunately, there was little damage to the <location on fire> and it is soon able to be repaired.

6 The Warrior decides to help out, passing buckets of water along the line of people until they get to the <location on fire>. The fire soon extinguishes. The owner decides to reward all the volunteers with 1D6 x 10 Gold.


The Warrior encounters a wizened old Dwarf hobbling along the docks. He is mumbling to himself, "Where are those darn adventurers. I must give them this before it is too late." He looks up at the Warrior's approach and beckons for him to come forward. He hands him a small rusty key and prepares himself for a speech…. "This is the key to the portcullis. Without it you will never get through." With that said, he leaves the Warrior, befuddled, on the docks.

19 TAX

Due to new rulership of the Settlement, a tax has been applied on all items purchased. From now until their departure from the continent, each Warrior will be required to pay an additional 10% on any item they buy. For groups of items (eg 1D6 provisions, the tax is payable on the total cost of the items). The tax will apply to all locations in the Settlement, including the harbour.


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.


The Warrior comes across a small tavern down a side alley. The tavern is called "The Pirates Hideaway", and a skull and cross bones is carved into the door. If the Warrior decides to enter, he pushes open the door and walks into a dark room full of swarthy looking pirates. They are seated around tables, at the bar - in fact they are everywhere. The Warrior calmly walks over to the bar and requests a drink. Roll 1D6 for the drink the Warrior asks for (if the Warrior is the Pirate character, or has been marked as a pirate, then treat this event as if a 6 was rolled.) If the Warrior cannot afford any of the drinks he asks for the bartender will throw him out and refuse him entry ever again:

1 Water (1 Gold)

The Warrior asks for a glass of water. Suddenly he realises that the room has gone quiet - there is not a sound. He turns around to see a gang of 1D6 pirates forming a half circle around him. "Water?" one of them enquires. "We don't sell water here - and especially not to landlubbers." The pirates leap at the Warrior, who must make an Initiative to avoid them. If he fails, then in the resulting combat the pirates have the Ambush ability. Otherwise the Warrior may attack first. He must fight a combat with the pirates. If he wins, he decides it would be best to leave the tavern before causing any more trouble. If he loses, the pirates do not actually kill him, but remove all his clothes and kick him out into the alleyway. The Warrior must attempt to make his way back to the inn without being seen. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 the guards spot him and arrest him for indecent exposure. He must spend 1 day in jail. On any other roll he manages to avoid being seen and arrives back at the inn.

2 Tea (10 Gold)

The Warrior decides that a nice cup of hot tea would be nice. Unfortunately the tavern doesn't seem to have any. The Pirates grab hold of the Warrior and charge through the door of the tavern into the alley beyond. They throw the Warrior down the street, causing him to lose 1D3 unmodified Wounds. After picking himself up he heads back to the inn.

3 Whisky (50 Gold)

The bartender hands the Warrior a glass of Whisky. He gulps it down in one go, trying to impress the pirates. Unfortunately this whisky is almost double the strength of normal whisky and the Warrior doubles over, retching. He makes it to the door and collapses outside in a pile of rubbish. He has made a fool of himself and will never be seen inside this tavern again. If the Warrior rolls this event again while in the Seaport he will refuse to enter.

4 Rum (75 Gold)

Rum is the preferred drink of the seafaring types, and the Warrior's choice is greeted by grunts of approval.

5 Bugman's XXXXXX (200 Gold)

The Warrior asks for a drink of Bugman's XXXXXX, the most famous of all ales. The pirates nod in approval and watch the Warrior as he takes a swig. (There is enough left for 3 swigs.) He regains 1D6 Wounds but is at -3 To Hit for the next 1D3 turns.

6 Cap'n Ahab's Whalebuster (300 Gold)

The Warrior asks for a bottle of Cap'n Ahab's Whalebuster, the strongest most deadliest ale in the known world. The pirates are impressed with his choice, and swarm around him to see if he can hold his liquor. The Warrior must take a swig now, and then there will be enough left for 1D6 - 1 other swigs. Roll 1D6 - on a roll of 1 the Whalebuster goes straight to the Warrior's head and he passes out for 1D6 turns. Otherwise he can add +1D6 to his damage roll for one turn. If he collapses, when he awakes he finds that he has been dumped out in the alleyway. If any of the other Warriors are mugged or have items stolen from them by Urchins, etc. at the harbour while the Warrior is unconscious then roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 the Warrior is also robbed and must roll on the appropriate table.



An old man, presumably drunk, by the way he is swaying back and forth and talking to himself in a slurred voice, approaches the Warrior. "Cun yoo spare sum muney for an old homeless mun?" If the Warrior decides to give him some money then cross off an appropriate amount from his record sheet and roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 the old man suddenly vomits all over the Warrior. He must head back to the inn immediately and clean himself off - he cannot go to any locations tomorrow as it takes a while to remove the vomit stains and smell from his clothes. On any other roll the old man thanks the Warrior and drunkenly stumbles on his way. If the Warrior refuses to give the man some Gold then he vomits all over the Warrior, forcing him to head back to the inn and wash his clothes. Unfortunately it takes some time to get rid of the smell - the Warrior cannot visit any locations tomorrow.


The Warrior bumps into an old friend, Falzon Curtblade. After chatting for hours, he tells the Warrior that a Captain is hiring workers for his ship down at the docks. Apparently he is heading for the Lost Kingdom/Old World and needs a suitable crew of men. The Warrior bids Falzon goodbye and heads of to the Captain's ship. Fortunately he is able to get passage for himself and for the other Warriors, provided that they are ready when he leaves. Roll on the Captain's Table to determine which Captain hires the Warriors. In addition to any other rules associated with the Captain, he will pay each Warrior 10 Gold per month at sea.


The Warrior wakes in the middle of the night, hearing a piercing scream. Startled, he heads down to the docks where the noise came from. Standing and listening for a moment, he can hear nothing more than the water lapping at the harbours edge. Suddenly a dark caped figure rushes past the Warrior, knocking him down. The figure continues into the distance without even as much as an apology. The Warrior hears a shrill whistle as a guard rounds the corner. He takes one look at the Warrior standing in front of him before grabbing him and pushing him to ground, saying "Right, you're nicked!" and then promptly punches him in the face, sending the Warrior to dreamland.

The Warrior wakes in a cell. His whole body aches as he rises to his feet. What had he done wrong to be imprisoned like this? He heads to the bars and calls out. Soon a guard enters the jailhouse and approaches the Warrior. It is the same one that arrested him last night. "Ah, you're finally awake - I didn't think that punch I gave you was that strong." The Warrior asks why he is here. "You've been arrested for murder my son. And for stealing the victim's goods, although we haven't found them anywhere…yet." Murder? The Warrior didn't murder anyone. "You must have the wrong man - I haven't murdered anyone." "That's what they all say mate" replies the guard. "I was chasing the criminal last night through the docks. Suddenly I rounded the corner and saw you just standing there - you must be the culprit." The Warrior protests that he heard a scream and came down to investigate, thinking that someone was in trouble. The guard snorts, "Well, aren't you just a pillar of the community then." Your bail is set to 1000 Gold, not high enough in my opinion."

If the other Warriors can come up with 1000 Gold, the Warrior can be released from jail on bail. "Just don't leave the Settlement son," the guard says as he unlocks the prison bars. "Your trial is set for 1 week from today. I'll make sure you hang for this." If the Warrior leaves before the trial occurs, then the guards will arrest him and he will be sentenced to death as per result 1 on the Verdict Table.

In the week before his trial, the Warriors (including the accused if he is released on bail) can try and find evidence to support the fact that their comrade is innocent. Each day spent in the Settlement if an event is rolled that involves people, a Warrior can try and ask them if they know anything of the murder. The Warriors can build up a collection of evidence to give at the trial. This is represented by evidence points. Keep track of these points as they will be needed later. Also, keep track of what items, if any are found which belong to the victim. In addition to the normal event, roll 1D6 for each person the Warrior asks:

1 The person has no recollection of the night in question and is of no further help to the Warrior.

2 The person can remember the night the Warrior is talking about and can remember hearing a scream that night, but also the night before, and the night before that… There are many murders that occur down in the docks and they cannot be of any more help.

3 The person lives close to the harbour and remembers hearing a scream of a woman that night. Looking out there window they saw a cloaked figure running past, but did not see anything else.

4-6 The person has a vivid memory of the night in question. After hearing a scream, they came to the docks to see if they could offer assistance. Unfortunately the victim was already dead. Roll 1D6 to see if they can offer any further evidence:

1 The person seems to remember that the man running from the scene of the murder was the Warrior! Subtract -5 evidence points. In addition, if the accused is inquiring, roll another 1D6. On a roll of 1 the person calls for the guards who promptly arrest the Warrior who is sentenced to death as per the Verdict Table result 1.

2 Unfortunately that is all they have to offer.

3 The person tells the Warrior that he looked out of the window of the (roll 1D6):

1 Waterfront Tavern

2 Trading Post

3 Guard House

4 Alehouse

5 General Store

6 Wizard's Guild

and saw a dark cloaked figure running hurriedly past. Since the Warrior was arrested at the docks this evidence might prove useful. If the location rolled is a Harbour location, or the Guard House then subtract -2 evidence points. Otherwise add +1 evidence point, except if the person was at the Wizard's Guild then +2 evidence points can be added (the Wizards are trusted by the law in this Settlement).

4 They cannot seem to remember any more, although they do seem to remember that the murderer was taller than the accused Warrior. (add +1 evidence point)

5 The person was walking his dog when he saw a woman dragged off into an alley. Moments later he heard a piercing scream and then a dark figure dashed from the alleyway. The person rushed to the woman, but was too late. Her dying words were "It was <roll on the first column of the Empire name table>". If the Warrior's name sounds similar, is exactly the same, or begins with similar letters, subtract -3 evidence points. Otherwise add +3 evidence points.

6 The person was walking along the docks when a cloaked figure bumped into him, dropping something in the process. Roll 1D6 to see what the figure dropped:

1 A pair of false teeth

2 Some gold.

4 A bag of jewels

4 A locket

5 A knife

6 His cloak

If the figure dropped either 1 or 2 then this will be of no help as they could belong to anyone - and why would he steal a pair of false teeth? The bag of jewels could belong to anyone but there is a strong probability (70%) that they belong to the slain. If they do add +1 evidence points. If the item dropped was a locket roll 1D6. On a roll of 4-6 the locket contained a small portrait of the victim. It must belong to the woman who was murdered. (add +2 evidence points). If the knife was dropped then it could be the murder weapon! Roll 1D6. On a roll of 4-6 the knife is coated in blood - add +3 evidence points. If the cloak was dropped, the person managed to get a good look at the figure before he dashed away. Add +4 evidence points.

At the end of the week, the Warrior is put on trial for the murder of the woman. Roll 1D6 to determine who the judge is:

1 Judge Mentday

Judge Mentday is the toughest judge this side of the known world. He barely listens to the Warrior's defence. If the Warriors have accumulated any evidence, the judge pays it no heed and sentences the Warrior to death by hanging. The other Warriors cannot resurrect him as they would also be arrested for obstructing justice.

2 Judge C. Anderson

Judge Anderson had retired from law until this trial, when the guards brought him back from retirement. Unfortunately for the Warrior, in his old age, Anderson has turned slightly crazy. He pays no attention to the trial, or the evidence presented, instead making jokes at the Warriors expense and treating it all like some sort of a game. He gives each witness a score as they testify and applauds when they exit the courtroom. Make a roll on the Verdict Table.

3 Judge Dread

Although feared because of his name, Judge Dread is actually quite a fair judge. He takes the evidence collected for and against the Warrior and studies it. If the evidence points the Warriors collected are positive then the Warrior has been found innocent - treat this as result 6 on the Verdict Table. If the points are negative he has been found guilty - treat this as result 1 on the Verdict Table. Otherwise, if the Warriors have found no evidence then roll 1D6 on the Verdict Table to determine the outcome of the trial.

4 Judge Reinhold

Judge Reinhold, unbeknownst to the Warrior is not really a judge at all. That is the man's name - Judge Reinhold. Unfortunately, he has fooled the rest of the Settlement into believing he is a judge. After years of falsehood, he has acquired some idea as to what to do though, as no one seems to have found him out. He takes the Warriors' evidence and studies it all. If the Warriors have positive evidence points then roll on the verdict table adding +1 to the dice roll. If the evidence points they have accumulated are less than zero then subtract -1 from the roll.

5 Judge Judy

Judge Judy is a short woman with curly hair. She looks at the evidence presented and says that she thinks the Warrior is innocent, but it is up to the jury to decide. Roll 1D6 on the Verdict Table adding +1 to the dice roll for every 2 evidence points the Warrior has in his favour.

6 "The Judge"

"The Judge" calls the Warrior up to the bench, looks him straight in the eye and says "You are a big doofus! Don't ever do it again." Whether or not the Warrior was guilty or innocent does not matter to her. Treat this result as a 6 on the Verdict Table.

Verdict Table

Roll 1D6 to determine the outcome of the trial, taking into account any modifiers depending on the judge. Also, if the Warrior has an eye patch or a tattoo subtract -1 from the roll:

1 The Warrior is found to be guilty. The Judge sentences the Warrior to death by hanging. The other Warriors cannot intervene and resurrect him as they would be arrested for obstructing justice. The Warrior's adventuring career, as well as his life is over.

2 The Warrior is found to be guilty of murder. However, due to the soft heart of the judge the Warrior is not sentenced to death but instead imprisoned for 1D6+2 years. He will be released after that time, but will have had all of his Gold and equipment confiscated to pay for his stay in jail. Also, after such a long time in jail, the Warrior will have lost 1D6 permanent Wounds.

3 The Warrior is found to be guilty of the crime. Unfortunately, the judge has forgotten what the crime was, and thinking it was rape, sentences the Warrior to 2 years in prison, or a fine of 20,000 Gold. If the Warrior accepts the jail term he will be released after 2 years. Unfortunately all of his Gold and equipment has been confiscated and sold.

4 The judge pronounces the Warrior innocent of the murder, but not wanting to waste a good trial, convicts the Warrior of carrying a concealed weapon. As much as he protests, the Warrior is fined 1000 Gold and sentenced to 1D6 days in jail.

5 The Warrior is found to be innocent of the murder to which he was convicted of. However, an arrest has been recorded against his name. He is free to go, but if he is ever convicted of murder again in any other Settlement, subtract -1 from the Verdict Table (cumulative).

6 The Warrior is found to be innocent. The evidence presented indicates that the Warrior did not, in fact, kill the woman and it was done by another. The guards of the Settlement begin scouring the area for him and catch him almost immediately, with the stolen goods still on him. The Warrior is free to leave the Settlement whenever he wishes.

26 POO

The Warrior hears a loud squawk of seagulls, and looks up - just as one of them lets loose a torrent of sloppy white poo. It hits the Warrior directly in the face, splattering all over his clothes. He must return immediately to the inn, have a bath and pay the maid 20 Gold to wash his clothes.


The Warrior has come under suspicion for being a Pirate. If he is the Pirate character or has been branded a Pirate for any reason he will be immediately arrested (treat the result as a 1 on the table below). Otherwise roll 1D6 on the following table, subtracting -1 for each tattoo the Warrior has:

1 The Warrior is arrested and sent to the brig for 2D6 days. All of his tattoos are surgically removed - the pain causes him to lose 1D3 unmodified Wounds per tattoo. If he is the actual Pirate character he is never released from prison, destined to spend the rest of his life making big rocks into smaller rocks.

2 The Warrior is arrested for being a pirate and must spend 1 week in the brig.

3 The Warrior is arrested, but due to an overcrowding of the brig, must spend 1D6 days in the jail in the main part of town.

4 Although the Warrior is not arrested immediately, there is a chance that he could still be a pirate in the eyes of the law. If this event ever comes up again while the Warrior is still in the Settlement roll on this table with a -2 modifier.

5 The Warrior manages to clear his name and is not arrested for being a pirate.

6 Due to some extremely lucky circumstances the Warrior is not convicted. He may gain +1 non-permanent luck point. This is used in the exact same way as normal luck except it is not regained at the end of the adventure.


Their is a shout from the wharf - an Imperial Fleet has returned from years at sea. Crowds of people swarm to the harbour, waiting to catch a glimpse of their loved ones after so many years apart. The Warrior ventures down as well. To his surprise he sees an old friend emerge from the ship and stroll down the gangplank. Roll 1D6 to see who it is:

1-2 No one - it was just the Warrior's imagination.

3 Bannis Kurg

Level 3 Pit Fighter

4 N-Gomba

Level 3 Wardancer

5 Sir Kastagir

Level 4 Knight Panther

6 Reis

Level 4 Witch Hunter

The Warriors spend hours talking about old times and catch up on what has happened while they have been at sea. It seems that the boat carrying the crew got swept far off course to a large island inhabited by strange reptilian beasts, the like no one had ever seen before. The boat was smashed to pieces upon the sharp rocks surrounding the island. After many years, and many deaths, they were finally rescued and here they are. The character is willing to join the Warrior's party if they need dome assistance. If the Warrior accepts, the amount of Monsters will have to modified for the additional Warrior in the party.


The Warrior hears of strange happenings in a warehouse near the docks. Strange noises have been emanating from it late at night, and people say that they can see multicoloured lights shining through the windows. If the Warrior wishes to investigate, continue reading…

The Warrior creeps across to the warehouse and slowly opens the door. Inside he is baffled by what he can see. A strange saucer shaped object, large enough to fit many men inside is hovering in the middle of the floor. It is the colour of plate mail, and is completely smooth. The Warrior makes his way across the floor to the object and slowly brings his hand up to touch the surface. The entire object is giving off slight vibrations, as if it was alive. Suddenly, with a loud humming sound, a section of the object slides open. Startled, the Warrior pokes his head around the corner and looks inside. For a brief instant he thinks he sees a creature with green skin and many appendages standing inside, before he passes out. Roll 1D6:

1 When he awakes, the Warrior finds that he is lying on a strange table. A bright light shines directly into his face, making it hard to see his surroundings, but he is quite sure he is inside the silvery object. Next to the table lies another small table of strange metallic implements. Suddenly the Warrior realises that someone is standing next to him - he looks around, but is tied to the table with heavy straps and cannot move his head very far. It is the green figure from the doorway the Warrior saw earlier before he lost consciousness. In its many hands it holds some of the metal implements from the small table. It brings them to bear on the Warrior. What follows in the next few hours is so painful that the Warrior is fortunately out cold for most of it. He is operated on, cut open, sliced, diced and more. Finally the green figure stops, opens the door to the object and throws the Warrior outside. Roll 5D6. If any of them come up as a double then the Warrior has died due to the horrendous torture he has just had happen to him. Otherwise he loses that many Wounds with no modifiers for anything, possibly killing him anyway. If he is still alive he manages to struggle back to the inn and collapse in his bed. The next day he returns to the warehouse, only to find the large object has vanished.

2 The Warrior's eyes flicker open, and he tries to remember what happened. Ah, that's right - he had a bit too much to drink last night at the Alehouse. Shaking his head - ooh, he shouldn't have done that! - he gets out of bed and throws his armour on, before walking down the stairs to the street outside. He is pondering what he should do today when suddenly a blaring pain strikes his head, causing him to double over in agony (losing 1D3 unmodified Wounds). Unknown to the Warrior, he has been implanted with a strange tiny object belonging to the green figure and his silver craft. It is designed to measure his responses to certain limits of pain. Each turn, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the item generates a searing pain, causing the Warrior to lose 1D3 unmodified Wounds, and stunning him so that he cannot move or attack this turn, although he can still defend himself in the Monsters' Phase. In addition, roll another 1D6 if the first roll was a 1. If this roll too is a 1 then the pain increases in intensity, causing the Warrior to lose an additional 1D3 unmodified Wounds. Keep rolling the dice until any number other than a 1 is rolled. Since the Warrior is unaware that he has a small implant in his head, at the next Settlement he may, if he wishes to, visit the Hospital and see if they can determine what is causing the pain. This costs 350 Gold. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 5-6 the Doctors find the small implant in the Warrior's head and try to remove it. Roll another 1D6. On a score of 1-3 the item refuses to come lose, and generates pain causing the Warrior to lose 1D6 unmodified Wounds - he may try and get it removed next Settlement, without rolling to see if anyone can find it). On any other roll the doctors manage to extract the item - a small square silver object covered with intricate patterns. They take it for observation. If no one can discover the source of the Warrior's pain, it remains a mystery until the next Settlement, where he may try again.

3 Waking, the Warrior tries to get his bearings. He struggles to remember what happened. Suddenly it all comes flooding back - the warehouse, the object, and the green figure. By the looks of things, he is inside the large silver object in the warehouse. He stands, barely having enough room to reach his full height, and looks around. Suddenly a door slides open behind him - it is the green figure. It approaches the Warrior and stretches its long arms around him, pulling him close. With a squelching sound, a pouch opens in the creature's stomach, revealing a green egg. With one its hands, the creature lifts the egg and, making an incision in the Warrior's stomach (which strangely does not hurt), inserts the egg into his stomach. He then seals the hole up, leaving no trace of the scar. The creature tells the Warrior that the egg he now carries is due to hatch in approximately 2D6 weeks. During this time, the Warrior should try and avoid any dangerous situations like combat etc. For each situation that happens to the Warrior roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 extreme pain courses through the Warrior's body, causing him to lose 2D6 Wounds. If at any time he is reduced to zero Wounds while carrying the egg roll 1D6. On a score of 1-2 the green creature appears in front of the Warrior saying "You have destroyed something of mine that I love - now you will suffer!" The creature gestures, and the Warrior's <random Treasure Card> flies into its hands. "This I will take and destroy." With that he is gone. Keep a track of this time until the egg hatches. When it is reached, the Warrior collapses onto the floor, screaming in pain. His stomach splits open and the egg rolls out, cracking the shell. The split in the Warrior's stomach then miraculously seals up. The egg suddenly cracks open, revealing a green slimy baby creature. Without warning, the creature the Warrior met before suddenly materialises in front of him, takes the baby and disappears right in front of the Warrior's eyes.

4 The Warrior wakes suddenly, nightmares of invasions from creatures from other planets still fresh in his head. The whole incident has just been a nightmare.

5 The Warrior is woken by a gentle rocking. He opens his eyes and deduces that he must be in the large silver object he saw in the warehouse. He notices that there are small round windows on the wall. He walks across to them and looks through. Outside, he can see blackness, and many star constellations whizzing past at high speed. Wondering, he suddenly realises that the object is travelling through space! - the Warrior faints again. This time when he awakes he finds himself back at the inn in his bed. Was it just a dream, or was it real? The Warrior will never know…

6 The Warrior is woken by a figure tapping him. Startled, the Warrior sees that it is the green figure he saw in the doorway of the object. "Come with me", is all it says, walking through a small door. The Warrior follows it down many featureless corridors until finally he reaches a large round room. There are many indescribable objects lining the walls, containing flashing lights and constantly moving dials. The figure walks over to a black cupboard and passes a hand over it. With a swoosh, a small compartment opens and the creature extracts what looks like red clothes. "I am entrusting you to save this planet" says the green creature. "With the help of these 'Magic Jammies' you will be able to perform many supernatural acts, normally not possible for a human. Take also, this instruction book, for without it you will find it extremely difficult to use the Jammies." The creature hands the Warrior the red Jammies and the instruction book before gesturing for the Warrior to leave through a door which has just opened in the far wall. The Warrior walks back to the inn in a daze after what he has just encountered. He sits on the bed and goes to read the instruction manual only to find, with great disappointment that somehow he must have dropped it on the way back. Although he searches everywhere for it, it is to no avail. The Warrior will have to discover how to use the powers of the Jammies on his own. The following is a list of the powers of the 'Magic Jammies'.


  • Flight

The Warrior gains the Fly ability.

  • Super Speed

The Warrior can take another Warriors' Phase this turn.

  • Super Strength

The Warrior's Strength is increased by +1D6 this turn.

  • Enhanced Senses

The Warrior's Initiative is increased by +1D6. Also, he may add +1D6 to any attempt to detect traps, spot people and other tests which require a test be made.

  • Understand Languages

The Warrior can instantly understand any language.

  • Create Fire

The Warrior can create a small fire in a square, or on a Monster or item. Choose the location of the fire before rolling to see if the power works (explained below). The object erupts into flame, causing 1D6 Wounds per turn (cumulative) with modifiers for Toughness only. The fire extinguishes if a 1 is rolled for damage however (roll for each fire separately).

  • Telekinesis

The Warrior can move an item around using only his mind. Choose an item and then roll to see if the power works (explained below). The item can be moved up to 6 spaces per turn in the Warrior's line of sight. Large Monsters, or large items can not be moved unless the Warrior can roll above 5 on 1D6.

  • Invisibility

The Warrior can become invisible for one turn. While invisible, he cannot be seen by anyone, although weapons and objects he uses can be seen hovering in the air. Monsters attacking him are at -2 To Hit. He can use this power to walk undetected past anyone, and as such does not need to roll to escape from Pinning.

As long as the Warrior is wearing the suit he may attempt to use one of the following once per turn. If another Warrior wears the Jammies their powers will not work. Take note that if he is wearing any armour or any other clothing over the Jammies they will not work. The Jammies must be exposed before they will function correctly. Choose a power the Warrior wants to use and then roll 1D6 and add the Warrior's Willpower. On a roll of 8 or more the Warrior manages to use the Jammies successfully this turn. If the score totals 7 or below the Warrior cannot understand how to use the Jammies and they malfunction - if only he hadn't lost the instructions! Depending on the power he was using, refer to the following table for how to resolve the malfunction.


  • Flight

The Warrior instantly loses the Fly ability. If he is currently flying, having used the Jammies last turn, he immediately crash lands into the nearest obstacle, causing 1D6 unmodified Wounds and sending him prone for one turn. If he is above a chasm or something similar, he falls to his death!

  • Super Speed

The Warrior speeds off down the corridor and back again, before heading straight for the nearest wall. He knocks himself out for one turn - treat this as if he is prone.

  • Super Strength

The Warrior does not gain any extra Strength this turn.

  • Enhanced Senses

The Warrior's senses become clouded, and he has trouble seeing and hearing. He is at -2 to his To Hit rolls for this turn, and Monsters are at +2 To Hit him.

  • Understand Languages

The Warrior fails to recognise the language, and suddenly realises that he cannot understand any language. This lasts for 1D6 turns during which he may not act upon the suggestions of others, cast spells, etc. or anything which requires him to be able to understand or speak a language.

  • Create Fire

A small fire breaks out on one of a random Warriors items of Treasure. (determine randomly) Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the item combusts and is soon destroyed before the fire can be extinguished. On any roll the item is burnt and cannot be used for the remainder of the adventure.

  • Telekinesis

The item begins to levitate when suddenly the Warrior loses concentration and it falls to the ground. If it was in item, roll 1D6. On a 1 the item smashes and is beyond repair. If the object being moved was a Monster or a Warrior roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 they lose 1D6 Wounds with normal modifiers. If they landed on top of someone else, roll 1D6 for that model also. On a roll of 1 they also lose 1D6 Wounds.

  • Invisibility

The Warrior suddenly becomes visible again, but unfortunately does not notice. If he is attempting to sneak past someone they will see him immediately and get the Ambush ability. If he is just attacking Monsters they will be able to see him and thus, attack him normally.

Keep track of the number of times the Jammies malfunction. At the end of the adventure, roll 1D6 for every malfunction that occurred. If any dice roll a 1 the green creature materialises in front of the Warrior and asks for the Jammies back. "You do not have the skill for our purpose. We will give them to someone who is more capable." The Warrior must remove the Jammies and return to his normal life. If he ever gets this event again, subtract -1 from the dice roll - the creature will not give him the task of saving the world ever again.


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.


Winter is almost upon the Settlement, and the north winds soon blow strong and fast. The citizens of the Settlement talk about this being the worst winter yet. Unfortunately they are correct - the wind is so strong, and the weather extremely wet. No one will setting out in this weather. The Warriors will not be able to find passage anywhere in this weather. Roll 1D6 each time the Warriors enter a Seaport from now on. On a roll of 1-3 the storm still rages and no captains are setting foot from these shores, preparing to spend all of their time in the warm comfort of the Waterfront Tavern. On a roll of 4-6 winter's foul weather has passed and the captains are sailing again.


The Warrior comes across a small child lying in the streets of the docks. The Warrior bends down to see if he is still alive - he is, barely. Deciding to take the child back to the inn and take care of him, the Warrior scoops him up in his arms and carries him the few miles back to his room. The Warrior sits the child in front of the fireplace and soon he is awake and feeling much better. He tells the Warrior that a party of (roll 1D6):

1 Pygmies

2 Vikings

3 Chaos Warriors

4 Dark Elves

5 Orcs

6 Goblins

raided his house and killed his parents. They left him for dead as well, but fortunately all he had was a flesh wound. Angered, the Warrior vows to seek revenge against the Monsters. The next time he encounters a group of the Monsters he will gain an extra attack against them, but is at -1 To Hit as his attacks are so frenzied in his efforts to kill them. In addition, if he kills one of them on his own he will gain double the Gold value for it.



While down at the docks, the Warrior notices a group of slaves boarding a boat. If he wants, the party of Warriors can try and stow away to their destination. If the other Warriors are not currently involved in something, they may attempt to sneak on board the boat. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior. On a roll of 1 he is spotted trying to pass for the group of slaves and thrown off. The other Warriors can either continue or wait with their fellow Warrior for another ship. If they manage to successfully sneak aboard the boat they will have to keep to the lower hold the entire voyage to avoid being spotted. Ignore any events rolled that require interaction between the Warriors and the crew, or any events above deck etc - treat them as Uneventful Weeks / Months. In addition, roll 1D6 for each event so encountered. On a roll of 1 the Warriors have been found! If the ship is more than halfway to its destination, the captain reluctantly agrees to let them stay on board, although he does hand them over to the law in the next Seaport - they must spend 1D6 days in jail. If the ship has not yet travelled half way, the captain throws all the Warriors overboard - they must roll on the appropriate Overboard table.


SPLAT! The Warrior is being pelted by all manner of rotten fruit. Looking up, he sees a group of young boys sitting on top of the roof opposite, laughing. They have a bundle of fruit, and are throwing it at the Warrior. If the Warrior wishes to reprimand them roll 1D6. Otherwise he just ignores it and continues.

1-2 The Warrior turns to face the boys and slips over on a banana skin, causing him to topple into a nearby pile of rubbish. This causes the boys to laugh even louder and throw more fruit at him.

3-4 The Warrior tells them off saying that they should be ashamed. The boys ignore him, and continue throwing the fruit.

5-6 Yelling, the Warrior reprimands the boys. They start to cry and scurry away down from the roof to apologise. They also give the Warrior the remaining fruit. Most of it is rotten, but there are 1D3 pieces that he could use for provisions.


Tomorrow is market day. All the shops on the harbour on having their annual sale. If any of the Warriors buy any items from any locations at the harbour tomorrow, they will receive a 20% discount.


The local (roll 1D6):

1 General Store

2 Weaponsmith

3 Armourer

4 Fletcher

5 Gunsmith

6 Sailor's Wares Shop

has been robbed. For the remainder of their stay here, the stock number for all items available are increased by +2 until a new shipment arrives.


Fortunately for the Warrior, he meets up with a grizzled seafaring captain who offers to sail him and the rest of the Warriors to wherever they are headed. Roll on the Captain's Table immediately to determine who the Captain is.


The Seaport has run out of jam!!! Due to this unforgivable incident, the Warriors cannot buy provisions at any locations here, as jam tarts are the main ingredients for provisions.


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.


Visiting the harbour today is a world-renowned trainer specialising in more unusual skills. If the Warrior wishes to learn a skill, pay the fee of 2D6 x 100 Gold and roll 1D6. Each skill can only be used once per adventure unless otherwise stated, and no skill may be learnt more than once. If the Warrior rolls for a skill which he already has, then his money is wasted!

1 Unfortunately the trainer teaches the Warrior a skill he already knows! Why didn't the Warrior say something beforehand!

2 Disguise

The trainer teaches the Warrior how to disguise himself and avoid being recognised. Whenever a specific incident occurs that involves the Warrior being recognised - eg. Bounty Hunter, Underpaid merchants etc. the Warrior may use this skill and try and disguise himself as someone else. If he does so, roll 1D6. On a roll of 3-6 the person doesn't recognise the Warrior and apologises. On a roll of 1-2 the Warrior's fake moustache doesn't fool anyone, and the Warrior must resolve the event as normal.

3 Climb

The Warrior is taught how to climb up almost vertical surfaces by using the smallest of indentations and sheer willpower. The Warrior can use this skill to climb out of a pit etc. However, roll 1D6 when he decides to use the skill. On a roll of 1 the surface of the wall is too slippery and the Warrior cannot climb it.

4 Bargain

Although wanting to learn a combat skill, the Warrior is taught how to use his wits to bargain successfully. At any shop location in a Settlement the Warrior may try and get a better price. Roll 1D6 when he decides to use this skill (it may be used each time the Warrior buys an item).

1 The shopkeeper takes offence at the Warrior's bargaining at promptly doubles the price. If the Warrior cannot afford it he must leave the shop immediately.

2-4 The shopkeeper refuses to budge - the Warrior must pay the normal price.

5 The shopkeeper knocks 10% off the price.

6 Due to the Warrior's successful bargaining, the shopkeeper reduces the item's price by half.

5 Run

The trainer shows the Warrior how to use his leg muscles to run far distances. The Warrior may try and run more than his normal movement. For each extra square moved, roll 1D6 and subtract the number of extra squares moved so far this turn. On a result of 1-2 the Warrior has exerted himself and can perform no further actions this turn. On a score of 3-6 the Warrior runs the extra square without trouble. He can use this skill as often as required, however he cannot run two turns in a row.

6 Deflect Blow

After many hard hours of training, the Warrior is taught how to use his weapon to block his opponent's blade. In combat, the Warrior may try and block a Monster who is fighting him. For each attack that hits the Warrior, roll 1D6. On a roll of 6 the blade has been turned away, causing the Warrior no damage. This skill can be used as often as required, with any weapons, except missile weapons.


With a loud cry, a Goblin Doom Diver comes hurtling down through the clouds, landing with a SPLAT in the middle of the docks. There is another cry and the Warrior looks up to see a further 1D3 Goblin Doom Divers falling downwards. Roll 1D6 for each Doom Diver. On a roll of 1 it has landed directly on the Warrior's head, causing him 1D6 Wounds, only modified by armour if the Warrior has a helmet.


The Warrior manages to locate a captain who will take the Warriors to their destination. Roll on the Captains Table to determine which captain the Warrior has encountered. However, he has business in Norsca first, so if the Warriors wish to travel with him, roll on the appropriate events table until the ship reaches the Seaport. The voyage will cost the Warriors 1D6 x 300 Gold each. If they cannot pay, the captain will accept an Objective Room Treasure Card from those Warriors who cannot afford the voyage. The captain will stay in Norsca for 1D6 days before setting sail for the Lost Kingdoms / Old World. If the Warriors decide to stay in Norsca, the captain will leave without them and will not refund their money.



The head of an old woman pops out from a doorway into the alley the Warrior is walking down. She beckons for the Warrior to come closer. If the Warrior approaches her roll 1D6:

1 The Warrior walks towards the woman. Suddenly the Warrior is hit on the head from behind and loses consciousness. When he awakes he finds that a random item of equipment has been stolen.

2 The Warrior steps closer to the woman. Suddenly from out of the darkness leaps a shadowy figure. It strikes the Warrior with a wicked looking dagger, slashing him. Roll 1D6. If the roll is a 1 then the Warrior's throat has been slit and he dies in a matter of seconds. Otherwise, the Warrior suffers 4D6 Wounds divided by the number on the dice (rounded up) with no modifiers. The figure disappears back into the darkness before the Warrior can act.

3 The Warrior walks to the door but the old woman slams it in his face!

4 Smiling, the Warrior approaches the old crone, and trips up, falling flat on her face. Cackling, the old woman attempts to help the Warrior up, but the weight of his backpack drags her down, and she too falls over, on top of the Warrior. Just then, a Bretonnian Knight rounds the corner, sees the two of you in a strange position on the ground and promptly returns the way he came.

5 The old woman invites the Warrior inside. On the table is what looks like a sumptuous feast. Strawberry tarts and other delicacies are laid out in front of the Warrior. The old woman indicates that the Warrior should eat. If the Warrior takes her up on her offer roll 1D6. If the result is a 1 the food is poisonous! The Warrior loses 1D6 unmodified Wounds. If this reduces him to 0 Wounds then he suffers the effects of the Poison special ability. If the result is anything else, the Warrior stuffs himself full of food and regains 1D6 Wounds.

6 It turns out that the old woman is needing a guard for a valuable item of equipment that she has stowed away in her house while she goes shopping. If the Warrior decides to guard the equipment the woman will reward him with 1D6 x 50 Gold pieces. In addition, she gives him some small cakes she has made. Add 2 provisions to the Warrior's inventory.


While drinking in the Waterfront Tavern, the Warrior is invited to take part in a singing competition by the bartender. The Warrior and the other competitors must each sing their favourite song and then be judged by the bartender and the serving girls. Roll 1D6 for the number of other performers taking part in the competition and add an appropriate number of Warrior counters to the cup. Draw the counters out one by one until the Warrior's counter is drawn. If his counter is the first one drawn out of the cup then he has won the competition, otherwise he wins no prize. The prize for having such a beautiful voice is a trip for four to the Lost Kingdoms travelling with Captain Cook (refer to the Captain's). In addition, each Warrior gets 100 Gold spending money.


While checking his Gold, the Warrior notices that some of it has strange brown marks on it. It must be counterfeit, as the fake Gold coins have become rusty in the rain. They must have been made of iron instead! The Warrior must discard 1D6 x 50 Gold as worthless. If he does not wish to do so then every time he uses his Gold to buy something for the remainder of his career, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-4 the Warrior is caught out and accused of being a counterfeiter. He is put in jail for two weeks and must pay a 200 Gold fine (as well as discarding the counterfeit money). At the end of his jail term he must roll on the Catastrophic Events Table. If he rolls a 5-6 then the shopkeeper does not spot the counterfeit money and the Warrior is safe for now.


The Warrior is invited to a diving competition off the side of the docks by some young scruffy youths. Although smiling cheekily, the Warrior accepts their offer. Roll 1D6:

1 The Warrior dives headfirst into the water, smashing his head on a sharp rock. Roll 1D6:

1-3 The Warrior's head splits open. He is dead.

4-6 The Warrior suffers 2D6 unmodified damage from the cut on his head and must spend the next 1D6 days in hospital. He does not have to pay living expenses while he recovers.

2 The Warrior leaps into the water, unfortunately banging his head on the side of the docks. He loses 1D6 unmodified Wounds and must spend the next 1D6 days in hospital recovering from his concussion.

3 The Warrior jumps into the water, only to find that it is very shallow here. He breaks his ankles die to the jarring impact. Fortunately the kids take him to the hospital where he may be healed tomorrow for 1D6 x 50 Gold pieces.

4 The Warrior jumps into the harbour, and attempts to show the cheeky brats how the experts do it. Unfortunately he doesn't know how to swim! The youths help the Warrior out while laughing at his expense.

5 Leaping into the water, the Warrior performs all manner of stupendous swimming manoeuvres. When he climbs back up to the dock though, the brats are nowhere to be seen - instead it is lined with big burly pirates who laugh heartily at the Warriors embarrassment.

6 Just as the Warrior is about to leap into the harbour, one of the towns guards approaches and grabs the two children. He congratulates the Warrior for capturing the two, as they have been reported for luring unsuspecting citizens to the docks and then stealing their belongings. He hands the Warrior a small reward of 50 Gold.


A cry goes up, "Shark!". Unfortunately the Warrior is taking a leisurely swim at the time and starts swimming frantically back to shore. Roll 1D6 for the Warrior and 1D6 for the Shark. If the Warrior scores the highest he has managed to make it back to shore. Otherwise the shark has bitten into him for 2D6 Wounds. Now roll again, repeating the procedure until the Warrior makes it back safely.


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.


It is the time of the settlements annual festival. All Warriors, no matter what they are doing (except if they are in jail) can attend, although only make one roll on this table. Roll 1D6 to determine what festival it is:

1 None. The Warriors have got the day wrong. The Festival is not until next month!

2 Royal Festival. Once per year, the King of the Old World pays homage to the town where he grew up as a small boy, and parades through the streets. Unfortunately he is a greedy soul and demands respect in the form of gold. Each Warrior and villager must pay 50 Gold.

3 Pirate Festival. The villagers are wary of this festival for it involves a whole bunch of swarthy pirates celebrating their rapes and pillages. If one of the Warriors is a pirate he may join the party. If he does, then roll 1D6. On a roll of 6 he manages to steal 1D6 x 20 Gold from the loot of the pirates. On any other roll he is caught trying to steal from the other pirates. Roll on event 3 immediately.

4 Fish Festival. This is the time of the year when the villagers get together to show thanks for the fish they catch. It involves a fish throwing competition. If the Warriors wish to participate, put all the Warrior counters, including those not being used into the cup and draw one at random. If one of the Warriors is drawn he has managed to throw his fish the longest distance. He wins a lifetime of fish. This means that he will no longer have to pay living expenses while in any Old World settlements. Of course, if he gets sick of fish he will have to buy something else...

5 Harvest Festival. It is the day of the annual harvest festival where the entire settlement involves itself in a parade down the main street. This is to give thanks for the harvest they have reaped throughout they entire year. If the Warriors wish to parade down the street with the rest of the villagers then roll 1D6. On a roll of 5-6 the Warriors are given 1D6 provisions each.

5 Christmas Festival. The villagers of this settlement celebrate something called Christmas. Apparently some guy let himself be killed to save some other people, or something like that, and this is his birthday. This festival is held for people to give thanks to this foolish man. Some fat person also dresses up in a bright red suit with a white beard and hands out gifts to people. Roll 1D6. If a 5-6 is rolled the Warriors are handed a gift of 1 Treasure Card between them.


A huge whale swims into the harbour, water spouting from its breathing hole. The townspeople run for cover, as this is the infamous 'Moby Dick', renowned throughout the Old World for its attacks on seafaring vessels. Roll 1D6:

1 The whale lunges into the docks, splintering the timber and sending townspeople falling into the water. Unfortunately, the Warrior was standing quite near and plummets into the jaws of the mighty beast. He is dead! The whale swims back off into the ocean.

2 The Warrior grabs a spear and hurls it at the mighty whale. It lands directly in the whales eye. It bellows with an almighty roar and turns to face the Warrior. Moby Dick heads straight for the Warrior, splintering the docks. The Warrior is too slow to flee and is attacked by the whale for 3D6 Wounds, before it returns to the ocean.

3-5 The Warrior gangs up with a group of sturdy looking men and picks up a spear, hurling it at the whale. Like many other weapons, it barely grazes the whale. However, the sight of so many armed people causes the whale to return to the ocean.

6 The townspeople arm themselves and leap into small skiffs and sailing vessels. The Warrior boards one as well and they all head after the whale. The whale leads them on a long chase, around the east coast of the Old World. The Warrior is gone for two weeks but when he returns the news is good. The group of villagers has managed to finally kill the might Moby Dick. In the celebratory feast that follows that night the Warrior is presented with a gold pendant. If he decides to sell it he will receive 200 Gold Pieces for it. Of course, now he will have to wait for his fellow warriors, who have no doubt been adventuring without him...


A fat man comes running out of the nearby waterfront tavern, shouting 'Thief' at the top of his voice. The Warrior looks around trying to find the thief, before realising that the man is pointing at him! If the Warrior has stolen anything at all, ever, from any townspeople anywhere it was from this man and he has now followed the Warrior here. The guards soon arrive. If the Warrior still has the object he had stolen that is all the proof they need to lock him up for a week in the brig with a fine of 100 Gold. Naturally they give the man his item back. If the Warrior has since parted with the item or has never stolen from anyone the guards decide to arrest the man for wasting their time.


The Warrior is approached by a shifty looking character who asks him if he would be interested in buying some goods at a cheap price. If the Warrior accepts, the man leads him down an alley until he comes to a dead end. Knocking twice, a secret door opens in the wall and the man and the Warrior step inside. Vast amounts of goods line the walls and tables. A tall man with a pointy beard steps forward. "Thankyou Azrael, away with you!" The man who led the Warrior here disappears into the darkness, leaving the Warrior standing face to face with the other burly gentleman. "So, you want to buy some cheap goods eh? Well I'm your man. Have a look around and if there's anything not here we can soon acquire it" - he smiles thinly as he says the last words. The Warrior can purchase any item available at any of the usual stores for half price. Roll for stock number as normal - if an item is not in stock, one of the Black Market's 'traders' will get it for you - the Warrior may return here tomorrow and purchase it without rolling on any Event Tables. Take note however, that all items bought here are either stolen or otherwise illegally obtained and the law will be on the look out for them. At the beginning of each day a Warrior remains in the Settlement with an item bought at the Black Market roll 1D6 per item. On a roll of 1 the law has caught up with the Warrior and arrest him for possessing stolen property. He must spend the rest of his stay here in jail. When all the other Warriors have left the Seaport the jailed Warrior will be released. They also confiscate the items and fine him the price he paid for it. Each time the same Warrior is caught add 1 to the number required for him to be caught again next time. For example, the first time the Warrior purchases an illegal item and then rolls a 1 he is caught. Later on in his career if he buys any other items from the Black Market the dice roll for being apprehended is a 1 or a 2, and so on. Only roll for items bought in the current Seaport - not ones that the Warrior may have purchased earlier. If the Warrior has a tattoo, add 1 to the roll needed to be found as the tattoo is an indication that he is ruffian.



Peg Leg Pete, the most infamous of all Pirates rounds the corner, almost bumping into the Warrior. If the Warrior has acquired an eyepatch belonging to Peg Leg Pete at some stage Pete demands it back immediately, threatening the Warrior with death if he ever impersonates him again. Otherwise the Warrior quickly steps out of the way, leaving Peg Leg Pete to hobble along the docks with his wooden leg.

57 NO ALE!

The Warrior approaches the Waterfront tavern only to find that it is closed. A sign on the windows reads "Temporarily closed due to stolen ale shipment." For the rest of the stay in this settlement, the Warriors will not be able to visit the Waterfront Tavern.


While having a drink in the local waterfront tavern, the Warrior hears rumour of a recent shipwreck. The ship in question was the pride of the Emperor's fleet. It was raided by Dark Elf pirates who massacred everyone on board before looting the ship and sinking it. The Warrior overhears two High Elf sailors saying that they were on the ship and managed to escape by jumping overboard and swimming for their lives before being picked up by a Dwarf Nautilus. Apparently they were in charge of guarding a valuable treasure in a secret compartment somewhere on the ship. They cannot be sure that the Dark Elves found this though, as it was hidden behind a painting of the Emperor. The Warrior pays for his drink and decides to investigate this rumour. At the docks, he hires a small boat for 20 Gold and sets off in the direction of the sunken ship. Roll 1D6 to see what happens:

1 The Warrior and his small boat are attacked by an enormous Kraken from the depths of the ocean. Roll 1D6:

1 A huge tentacle of the Kraken wraps itself around the Warrior and pulls him overboard. His body is never found.

2-5 The Warrior manages to draw his weapon before the Kraken has a chance to strike. Roll 1D6 for the Warrior and 1D6 for the Kraken. Whoever scores the highest causes 1 unmodified Wound on the other. Repeat this process until the Warrior is dead or the Kraken is caused 5 Wounds damage, upon when it will move back into the depths of the sea.

6 The Warrior lops off some of the Krakens tentacles with his weapon. The Kraken writhes and twists in the water in pain, before submerging again.

2 The Warrior is gone for many days and nights. (1D6 days to be precise). Unfortunately he can find no sign of the wreckage and decides to head back to the mainland.

3 The Warriors boat develops a small leak, through which trickles water from the ocean. Roll 1D6. On a score other than a 1 the Warrior manages to bail enough water out and mend the hole with a piece of old rag. On a score of 1 the leak becomes so severe that the boat sinks. The Warrior may try and swim back to the mainland - roll 1D6. A roll of 1-2 means the distance is so far that he drowns before he makes it. Otherwise he loses 1D6 unmodified Wounds and must stay in hospital for a week to recover. He does not need to pay living expenses or roll for events while recuperating.

4-6 The Warrior comes across planks of wood floating in the ocean. It appears that he has found the site of the shipwreck. He dives into the ocean to try and locate the ship. (Roll 1D6):

1 The sea floor is much lower than the Warrior expected. There is no way that he can hold his breath for so long a time. The pressure at such a distance would be intolerable and deadly at any rate. Reluctantly the Warrior returns to his ship and sails back to the docks.

2 The Warrior spots a ship wreck, but there is so much seaweed covering it, and the timbers are rotted almost to nothing that it looks like it has been here for many years. The Warrior swims through the side into the boat and gets a shock when a shoal of fish suddenly darts away from him. Suddenly he realises that they are not running from him but a huge shark that the Warrior did not notice swimming up behind him. Thinking it would be too hard to fight it in the water, the Warrior decides to flee back to the surface. Unfortunately he cuts himself on a rusty nail and spurts blood into the water. Sensing this, the shark homes in on the Warrior. Roll 1D6 for the Warrior and 1D6 for the shark. If the Warrior scores highest then he has made it back to his boat safely. If the shark scores higher then it takes a huge bite out of the Warriors leg. The Warrior must lose 8 unmodified Wounds instantly. Fortunately he manages to swim back to his boat. Whatever happens, the Warrior returns to the harbour. If his leg was bitten it will require healing at the Temple for 200 Gold first thing tomorrow.

3-4 The Warrior manages to locate a wreck of a ship, but it looks too small to be the pride of the fleet. Nevertheless, upon inspection, he finds a small rusty iron box which he takes with him back to the surface. If he decides to open it roll 1D6:

1 There is a hole in the bottom of the iron box. Whatever was inside must have fallen out at some stage.

2-5 The box contains gold! Roll 1D6 and multiply the result by 50 to determine how much Gold the Warrior finds.

6 The Warrior finds <take 1 Treasure Card>.

5-6 The Warrior stumbles upon what looks like the wreck of the Emperor's ship. Searching through the wreckage, he attempts to find the small safe. Finally he discovers it wedged underneath some rotting timbers. Roll 1D6 and add the Warrior's Strength. If the result is 7 or more he succeeds in pulling the safe out from beneath the planks. Otherwise he returns to the harbour empty handed. Inside the safe the Warrior discovers a valuable item of treasure. Take 1 Objective Room Treasure Card.


The Warrior finds an old amulet in the bottom of his pocket while strolling the docks. While he is wondering what it is doing there it is snapped from his hand by a passing seagull who swoops back up into the sky and drops it into the ocean. Bad Luck!


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.


The Warrior is approached by a shifty looking man who insists that he has a good job for the Warrior. Roll 1D6 to determine what the job is:

1 Nothing. The man is really a thief. While the Warrior is thinking, the thief steals 1D6 x 100 Gold pieces from his money belt.

2 Cleaner. The man thinks the Warrior would be perfect for cleaning the toilets in the Pit Fighter School. If the Warrior wishes to do this dirty deed then he may work here as long as he stays in the Settlement. Each day he earns 1 Gold but may not go to any other locations or roll on the Event Tables.

3 Tavern Singer. The man has apparently heard the Warrior singing before as he reveals that he is looking for a singer in the local Waterfront Tavern - he is the proprietor. The Warrior may sing at the Tavern if he wishes once nightly for the remainder of his stay here. He receives 10 Gold per session plus any tips he might receive.

4 Trading. The man has a trading deal set up with some Vikings in Norsca. He wants the Warrior to take a few crates of weapons and armour to the Vikings. The next time the Warrior sails to Norsca he may take the shipment of cargo with him. At the Norse Seaport he may attempt to sell the goods. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the Vikings are actually undercover guards and throw the Warrior in the brig for a week. On any other roll the Vikings buy the cargo off the Warrior for the pre-agreed price of 1D6 x 1000 Gold. The Warrior receives a share of 10% of the sale value, having to give the remainder to his boss.

5 Smuggling. The man thinks the Warrior looks suspicious enough to be a criminal. He offers to pay him 100 Gold pieces for each rare blue squig that he smuggles back to the mainland. If the Warrior takes up the mans offer then he may smuggle as many blue squigs that he wishes on his next journey. However, on arrival at the Seaport at his destination roll 1D6 for each blue squig smuggled. On a roll of 1 the authorities have been advised that the Warrior was coming and search his belongings. They confiscate the squigs and throw him in the brig for a week for smuggling.

6 Captain. The Warrior is invited to captain the man's ship, heading towards Nehekhara. If the Warrior accepts, the Warriors may travel to Nehekhara, unless they are already there, in which case he offers to take them back to the Old World.


While the Warrior is perusing the wares for sale on the harbour-side shops, a small canoe pulls into the docks and a group of short fat black men jump out. If the Warrior has seen Pygmies before he will recognise them, otherwise he is as befuddled as the rest of the populace. The men start babbling in their native tongue to the Warrior about something to which he cannot understand. If the Warrior can somehow translate their speech he realises that they need the Warriors' assistance. A huge <Roll on Monster Table> is terrorising their small village and they have been unable to kill it. It has killed many of the tribesmen in his village and will continue it's murderous rampage unless the Warriors can stop it. If the Warriors decide to put a stop to the Monsters reign of terror they must sail to Lustria, unless they are already there and travel to the Pygmies village which is 1D6 + 6 days travel from the nearest Seaport. The Monster has made his home in a nearby dungeon so the Warrior must play a normal adventure. The Monster will be found in the Objective Room. If the Warriors succeed in killing the beast the Pygmies will be grateful and reward them with 2D6 provisions between them and some weapons they had lying around; each Warrior randomly chooses a weapon from the Weaponsmith's store. If the Warrior cannot understand what they are saying their faces screw up in anger and they march into the main part of town, babbling away.


The Warrior is strolling along the docks, when a cold wind blows across the ocean, chilling the Warrior to his bones. For the remainder of his stay here, each day he must roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 he has caught a cold and must spend a further 1D3 days in bed recovering. Do not roll on this table, but he must still pay living expenses as normal.


The Warrior is having a nice quite drink in the Waterfront Tavern when an ageing barbarian from Norsca approaches him and lunges drunkenly at him. Roll 1D6:

1 The barbarian falls at the Warriors feet. The Warrior crouches and pulls a dagger out of his body, just as some town guards enter the tavern. The Warrior is caught kneeling over the body of the dead barbarian with a bloodied dagger in his hand! Roll 1D6 and add the Warrior's Initiative. If he scores 7 or over he manages to evade the guards by leaping through the windows and leaving the settlement immediately. He must wait for the other Warrior here. If he score less than 7 the guards are too quick for the Warrior and nab him. He is arrested for murder and imprisoned for life.

2 The barbarian wants a fight! Fight a battle with a Norse Jarl, but do not take a Treasure Card if the Warrior wins.

3 The barbarian staggers into the Warrior, muttering something about the Warriors mother and roast chickens. The Warrior takes this as an insult - fight a battle with a Norse Leader, but do not take a Treasure Card afterwards.

4 The barbarian staggers into the Warrior, almost pushing him out of his chair. He then lurches off, almost banging into the other patrons in his quest to reach the door.

5 The Norse barbarian falls into the Warrior. The Warrior pulls him to his feet and sends him on his way, before realising that 1D6 x 50 Gold has been taken.

6 The barbarian presses a piece of parchment into the Warrior's hand before collapsing onto the floor. The parchment is actually an old map, detailing the path to great riches, but also great danger. The next time the Warriors set sail, they may use the map to head straight to the Savage Empire (Event 46 in the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Events table). The trip takes 1D6 months to get there and 1D6 months to return, or continue to their destination.


The Warrior rounds the corner of the street, having just returned from the Waterfront Tavern. Lying slumped against the wall is a Dwarf, his face streaked with blood. The Warrior realises that he must have just been attacked. Kneeling down to help the Dwarf, he realises that it is too late. Suddenly the Dwarf grasps the Warrior and whispers in his ear a last request, "Save my..." (Roll 1D6):

1 Dog

The Warrior may take the Dwarf's pet dog if he wishes, who is lying at his dead master's feet.

2 Portcullis Key

The dying Dwarf hands the Warrior the key to the portcullis, saying "This is the key to the portcullis. Without it you will never get through."

3 Soul

How can the Warrior do that? If he is some sort of 'religious' warrior, he may say some sort of prayer, but that's about it...

4 Life

Too late for that now...

5 Family

The Dwarf was on a mission to rescue his family being held in a nearby dungeon. The next adventure the Warriors undertake, the Dwarf's family will be held in the Objective Room. On a roll of 4-6 they are still alive. If the Warriors complete the adventure, the family will reward the Warriors with 1 Treasure Card each.

6 Treasure Hoard

It seems the Dwarf has a hoard of treasure hidden somewhere in a dungeon nearby. The next adventure, the Warrior may find the Dwarfs treasure on a roll of 4-6 in the Objective Room. He may take 1D3+1 Treasure Cards.



The Warrior, while deciding to explore the warehouses along the docks finds a strange stone statue. Markings on it indicate that it belongs to some Chaos God. Suddenly, the doors of the warehouse burst open and in rushes a Chaos Marauder. He is angered that the Warrior has desecrated his shrine and starts a battle. Afterwards, the Warrior may try and destroy the statue if he wishes to by rolling 1D6:

1 The statue topples over, unfortunately right on top of the Warrior, who for some reason, did not get out of the way. He suffers 4D6 Wounds, only modified for armour.

2-5 The statue is too heavy to topple.

6 The Warrior pushes the stone statue over. It falls to the ground, breaking into chunks of stone. Satisfied with a job well done, the Warrior goes to leave, but is distracted by a movement underneath a table. Bending down, he notices a small boy chained in manacles. The Chaos Marauder must have been torturing him. If the Warrior decides to free the boy, the boy's family just happen to be rich merchants and reward the Warrior with 1D6 x 100 Gold.


The Warrior is accosted by a drunken buffoon, claiming to be an excellent captain. "Let Captain Billy take you to whe'ever you want to go, me 'eartys, Aieeeeeeee!" If the Warrior wishes to set sail with Captain Billy, then the journey will take 3D6 months, but cost only 1D6 x 50 Gold for the whole party. However, for each hazardous event that the party encounters involving the ship, subtract 1 from the dice roll on the table.


Today is market day. Any Warriors who buy items at the Sailor's Wares shop will have the items price reduced by 50%.


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.


A large gathering of people on the docks interests the Warrior, who wanders over to have a look. People are placing bets on whether or not they can find a small pea underneath some walnut shells. A man dressed in brightly coloured clothes, going by the name of Doccor Bullows swiftly moves the shells around, and then the crowd guesses which one hides the pea. If the Warrior wishes to have a go, place a bet (maximum 50 Gold), roll 1D6, adding +1 if his Initiative is over 7:

1-3 The Warrior points to the shell on the left. When the man lifts it up, however, the pea is nowhere to be seen. Just as the man is asking for more takers, the Warrior lifts up the other shells - the pea is not underneath any of them. The Warrior, realising he has been tricked, turns to the crowd and holding up the walnut shells proclaims, "There's something I have to tell you about Doccor Bullows, there's no peas under any of the shells." The crowd gasps, and the Warrior turns around, - Doccor Bullows is nowhere to be seen. The Warrior mutters to himself, "No peas, no Doccor Bullows". It seems as if the Warrior has been conned. He loses his bet.

4-6 The Warrior points to the shell on the right. Lifting it up, he sees the pea underneath. He has won his bet.


Lying in the gutter down by the docks the Warrior notices a small bone dice. Wondering what they would be doing here, he picks them up. A number is carved on each side. Rolling them, they come up the same number every time. Roll 1D6 and write down the number that comes up. These dice are lucky dice and may be used once only when the Warrior needs to roll on a table. Instead of rolling he may use the lucky dice to generate the rolled number.


While walking along the docks, the Warrior slips on some dead fish and falls into the ocean. The water is sickly, and contaminated with horrible diseases. Roll 1D6 - on a roll of 1-3 the Warrior loses 1 Permanent Wound immediately. Luckily for him, a townsperson happens to be passing and, seeing the Warrior in distress throws him a rope and pulls him to safety. Unfortunately the Warrior has imbibed too much of the fetid water and collapses, unconscious. When he awakens, with dread he realises that he is in a foul paupers hospital. It takes him a week to recover, at the end of which he is in a worse condition than when he was brought here. Place him on 1 Wound, the treatment at the hospital being less than satisfactory.

74 RATS!

In this section of the harbour, rats scurry around everywhere. Suddenly the Warrior feels a stinging sensation on his foot. Looking down, he sees a rat gnawing at his bones. Kicking it off the Warrior continues on his way. Each day in the Settlement roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the Warrior has caught the dreaded plague. He is at -2 to hit, -2 Strength, -2 Toughness and -5 Permanent Wounds (minimum of 1 for all) until healed at a Temple for 1D6 x 1000 Gold.


The Warrior hears, through an Orc trading vessel, that Mork and Gork, the two Orc Gods have decided to visit the land in search of adventure. Who knows what mischief they will get up to on their stay. For the next adventure each time a 1 is rolled in the Power Phase, as well as there being an Unexpected Event, either Mork or Gork will 'pop' in and cause havoc to the Warriors. After the Monsters have been placed, roll 1D6 to determine what Gork or Mork does to the Warriors. Rules are in the Orc and Goblin Magic Table.

1 Hand of Gork

2 Fist of Gork (Str 10)

3 Da Krunch

4 Mork Save Uz!

5 Mork Wants Ya! (Until end of combat)

6 Gaze of Mork

At the end of the next adventure, tired of their foolish pranks, Mork and Gork will return to the heavens.


Word reaches the Warrior's ears of a visiting priest, an ancient human man hundreds of years old. The Warrior flocks to see him at the harbour, along with hundreds of other townspeople. The Ancient has a very long beard and walks hunched over. He wears a pair of spectacles on his face. He walks slowly along the docks, waving at the people, when suddenly he trips over and falls head over heels into the harbour. On the way down the Warrior thinks he hears The Ancient mutter "Bloody Marvellous!"



The Warrior is caught peeping through the window of a young woman's bedroom. Screaming, she runs outside while the Warrior tries to think of an excuse (roll 1D6):

1 The Warrior cannot explain what he was doing so she calls the guards and has him arrested. He must spend a week in the Brig.

2 The Warrior explains that he was window cleaning. Suddenly he realises that the window has no glass! The woman has him arrested - he must spend 1D6 days in the Brig.

3 Picking up a yellow leaf from the ground, he tries to explain that he was looking for a very rare flower, the Blue Lupin. After realising what he has just said he quickly adds "Uh, the Yellow Blue Lupin..." But it is not good enough, the woman calls the guards and the Warrior is fined 1D6 x 100 Gold.

4 The Warrior whistles and dawdles off, trying to look inconspicuous. Unfortunately a young boy calls out "It was him, I saw him do it." The guards arrive and the Warrior is fined 1D6 x 50 Gold and told not to do it again.

5 The woman admits to the Warrior that she actually likes perverts and invites him inside. If the Warrior takes her up on her offer he spends the night at her place involved in all manner of kinky sex acts. He does not need to pay living expenses tonight!

6 The Warrior runs off before the woman comes out of the house.

79 DRUNK *

The Warrior wakes in the morning with a heavy head. Looking around at his surroundings he realises that he does not know where he is. Slowly as his brain begins to function again he remembers what happened last night. He was invited to a party to celebrate the return of a ship thought lost at sea in the Lustrian Triangle. The drinks were free and the Warrior decided to take advantage of this, having just a bit too much. He vaguely remembers some louts putting a hood over his head and dragging him onto a boat before passing out. Suddenly he realises that he is still on the boat. Unfortunately for him the boat has set sail, but to where? Roll 1D6:

1 With shock, the Warrior realises that the boat is on route to the Savage Empire. The journey will take 2D6 months. Travel to the Savage Empire in the same way as journeying to The Lost Kingdom, except when it is time to roll for the last month go straight to event 46. After resolving events in the Savage Empire the Warrior convinces the captain to return to the mainland. Treat the captain as result number 2 on the Captain's Table.

2 The Warrior manages to find the captain and ask their destination. Suddenly the captain waves his sword in front of the Warrior's nose. "So, ye be a stow-away, be ye? Ye know what happens to stow-aways, don't ye?" With that, he summons some of his crew to restrain the Warrior. The Warrior is then made to walk the plank. Roll on the 'Warrior Overboard Table' from the Lost Kingdoms Ocean Events Table.

3 The Warrior is on Captain Peg Leg Pete's great sailing ship. When the captain notices that the Warrior has roused he proceeds to lecture him on stowaways. In addition, if the Warrior has an eye patch belonging to Peg Leg Pete then the captain demands it back immediately.

4 Actually, he is in his bed in the inn, his heavy head contributing to the swaying motion he feels.

5 The Warrior thought that the rocking motion of the boat was due to it being at sea, but it is still in the docks. It is just a very windy day. He returns to the inn.

6 The Warrior is on a fishing vessel. He spends the day fishing with the other crew before heading back to the harbour. He takes a share of the fish which is 2D6 fish. These have the same rules as Provisions.


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.


A small street urchin bumps into the Warrior as he is making his way from the Waterfront Tavern. It is not until some time later that the Warrior realises that he has been robbed! The street urchin has stolen (roll 1D6):

1 A random Treasure Card.

2 1D6 x 200 Gold.

3 1D6 x 100 Gold.

4 1D6 x 50 Gold.

5 1D6 Gold

6 A mouldy sandwich


The Warrior is invited to New Years Eve celebrations at the local Waterfront Tavern. After a long night of drinking, the Warrior wakes in the morning feeling very hungover and poor - it seems that he spent a great deal of Gold buying rounds of drink (1D6 x 50 Gold to be exact). For the rest of his stay here he is at -1 to hit until his head clears.


A heavy storm suddenly hits the Settlement. Wind whips through the streets and lightning strikes with a fierceness the Warrior has hardly seen before. The storm lasts for an entire week. Vessels will not travel on the ocean in such a storm, preferring to stay at the Waterfront Tavern by a warm fire with a mug of ale. If the Warriors are due to set sail this week their plans will have to be abandoned. Any money paid in advance is not refunded.


While looking around the harbour for a ship, the Warrior is bitten by a rat. Now there is a chance that he might catch the plague! Every day in the Settlement and each week or month at sea (depending on where the Warriors are headed) roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 he has caught the plague! If he catches it at sea, he immediately loses 2D6 unmodified Wounds before overcoming it. However, there is a further chance that the other crew members might become infected too. Roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 the entire crew have caught the plague and die! The Warriors must continue the journey alone, adding an extra 2D6 weeks or months to the journey. If the Warrior catches the plague while still in the Settlement, he is hospitalised for 6 days during which he does not need to roll on any Settlement Tables. He must still pay living expenses though.


The Warrior is lucky and manages to find passage on a ship. Roll on the Captain's Table. However, there is a chance that the captain might be a pirate. Roll 1D6 when the Warriors set sail. On a roll of 1 the captain is indeed a bloodthirsty pirate - the Warriors are now considered pirates for associating themselves with such a vicious doer. If any events call for the assistance of other boats or people, the pirate captain will either kill the person in need, or plunder the boat. In the case of plunder, each Warrior receives a share of the loot, totalling 1D6 x 100 Gold each.


Down a side alley, the Warrior notices a stack of crates lying abandoned. If he investigates roll 1D6 for the number of crates and 1D6 to see what he finds in each of them:

1 Nothing

2 Silks

3 Exotic Perfumes

4 Foreign Spices

5 Wines and Liquors

6 Antique Weaponry

Then roll 1D6 to see how many of each item he finds. They may be traded at the Trading Post by following all the usual rules accompanying that Special Location found in White Dwarf 196.


The Warrior encounters what he thinks is an excellent captain, mainly due to the fact that he offers his services for 50 Gold each. The whole party sets sail immediately. Unfortunately, the captain is just a fisherman, and the Warriors spend the next two months (roll for Ocean Events as normal) travelling to the best fishing locations in the Old World, before realising they have been conned and demand to be returned to the harbour.



Without warning, a huge tidal wave emerges from the ocean and heads towards the harbour. The Warrior and all townsfolk on the harbour, including any of the other Warriors that visited the harbour this turn are engulfed by the torrent of water as it sweeps through the harbour. Roll 1D6 for each Warrior caught up. On a roll of 1-4 the Warrior is smashed into buildings as the tidal wave twists and turns through the streets. The Warrior loses 1D6 unmodified Wounds. Keep rolling and subtracting Wounds until a 5 or a 6 is rolled and the Warrior is thrown free of the tidal wave's ferocity. If the Warrior dies then the other Warriors cannot heal him as his body is swept back out to sea. In addition to any carnage the tidal wave causes, all harbour locations are destroyed by the water and cannot be visited this Settlement. Any ships in the harbour are also smashed to bits so the Warriors cannot set sail this time.


The Warrior manages to find passage to his destination. Roll on the Captain's Table to see which Captain has offered his services.

91 TAX

The Warrior is taxed on his possessions, the local officials thinking that his items are smuggled loot! Add up the total Gold value of each of his Treasure Cards and refer to the following table for the amount he is taxed. If the Warrior refuses to pay the tax, they confiscate all his Treasure Cards and throw him in the brig for a week!

Total Amount


Less than 100 Gold


101-500 Gold


501-1000 Gold


1001-1500 Gold


1501-2000 Gold


2001-5000 Gold


5001-10000 Gold


Greater than 10000 Gold



While having a drink in the local Waterfront Tavern, the doors are suddenly slammed open. Standing in the doorway is (roll 1D6):

1 A gang of bloodthirsty pirates. They immediately start a bar room brawl. Fight a battle with a group of <Battle Level> pirates.






Weapon Skill:


Ballistic Skill:
















2 The City Guard. If the Warrior is of an evil race. ie. Chaos Warrior, Ogre etc. then they arrest him for fouling their beautiful city. He must remain in the Brig for 2D6 days and is fined half his Gold. Otherwise, the guards arrest the man sitting next to the Warrior instead.

3 The Tax Collector. A small fat man approaches the Warrior collecting revenue for the Mayor of the Settlement. The Warrior must pay (1D6 x Battle Level x 10) Gold in taxes or be put in the Brig for a week.

4 Another bar patron. Come to have drink it seems. The door just slipped out of his hands he says.

5 The Warrior's Mother. "Here you go love, you forgot your lunch" she says, handing the Warrior some sandwiches and strawberry tarts. The Warrior shrinks under the table with embarrassment as the rest of the occupants in the tavern bellow heartily. However, the Warrior does gain 1 provision.

6 The other Warriors. They have managed to find passage on a ship and request the company of the Warrior. Roll on the Captain's Table - the ship leaves immediately.


A cry goes up "That's him! He's the one who plundered my ship!" The Warrior looks around to see what the commotion is about, only to find a person pointing right at him! If the Warrior is a pirate, or has ever set sail with a pirate he is arrested and thrown in the brig for 2 weeks. Otherwise roll 1D6. On a roll of 1 the authorities are not convinced of his innocence and throw him in the brig for a week anyway. On any other number the Warrior has a staunch alibi and is let off.


The Warrior is almost bowled over by a group of scrawny looking men running down the street. Hot on their pursuit is someone who appears to be a slaver, carrying a vicious-looking whip. The Warrior can either help in the capture of the slaves, or ignore the whole incident. If he assists, he grabs two of the slaves by the scruff of the neck and hands them over to the slaver. Grunting in appreciating, the slaver walks back off down the street. However, there are still two slaves on the loose! For the remainder of his stay in this Settlement there is a chance that the Warrior might meet up with the slaves. For every event encountered involving another person, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-2 the person is actually a slave in disguise. If the Warrior hands him in to the slaver he will receive 50 Gold for each one.


"There's a man who leads a life of danger. With every step he takes he stays a stranger".

Or so says the rumour circulating around the docks at the moment. Apparently a cloaked figure has been seen at night, keeping to the shadows and being involved in top secret affairs. At the beginning of each day in the Settlement, roll 1D6. On a roll of 1-5 nothing happens. On a roll of 6...

The Warrior hears footsteps in his room early one morning while he is still in bed. Preparing himself for a fight, the figure suddenly speaks! "Listen very carefully, I shall say this only once. Your mission, if you choose to accept it is to rescue the Nobleman's daughter who has been kidnapped by <roll on Monster Table, rolling again if the result is Giant Rats, Giant Spiders etc.> The next adventure the Warriors undertake, they will find the Nobleman's daughter in the Objective Room, guarded by the appropriate Monsters as well as any others rolled. The reward is 200 x Battle Level Gold.


The Warrior manages to find employment on "The Love Boat", a vast Bretonnian Galleon renowned throughout the continent for its lovely women on board! Fortunately the boat is undermanned and needs another <number of remaining Warriors> cleaners. The Captain is Captain Stubing who says that he is heading to the Warriors' destination and the journey will take 3D6 weeks/months due to the stops at various Cities along the way to 'entertain' the townspeople. The Warriors are paid 10 Gold per event to clean the ship. In addition, each Warrior may roll 1D6 per day. On a roll of 6 he manages to spend the night with one of the seductive woman on board, much to the envy of the other Warriors.


The officials of the city decide to erect a large statue in the harbour of (roll 1D6):

1 a Goat

2 Falzon CurtBlade

3 a Boat

4 the Mayor

5 a Man

6 a Lady

holding a (roll 1D6):

1 Dead Fish

2 Plant

3 Stick

4 Flag

5 Sword

6 Torch

up high. Apparently they hope that the statue will welcome ships that arrive at the harbour.


With a fanfare of trumpets and the beating of drums, the Tzarina of Kislev arrives at the Settlement. The Warrior is fortunate enough to be in front as the Tzarina parades down the harbourside. Suddenly the Warrior spots a banana skin in front of the Tzarina, and thinking quickly leaps out into the street and scoops the banana skin up. The Tzarina praises the Warrior's quick thinking and grants him and his fellow Warriors free accommodation at her palace in Kislev anytime they travel there.



For services rendered, a Wizard offers to teleport the Warriors to a destination of their choice. This can be any location at all anywhere in the known world including places like the Lost Kingdoms, Albion, Naggaroth etc. The Warriors appear in a Settlement where they may stock up on items before heading off to their next adventure.


Harbour Events by Andrew Brockhouse.