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Hello fellow Warhammer Quest gamers!

Itís been a while, but we have finally decided to return to the Warhammer Quest fold and get stuck into updating all our documents we have online. In all the intervening 17 years, there still hasnít been a game that has come along that is more epic, more random and more hilarious fun than Warhammer Quest!

For the past year or so, Warhammer Quest Chronicles has gone down, thanks to my buffoon of a brother who somehow let the rights slip and some dodgy sales company picked it up. But, after many fisticuffs and much violence, we have wrestled control of our beloved Warhammer Quest Chronicles website back from the hands of evil doers and slapped Andrew on the back of the head.

To celebrate the return of the Quest Chronicles website back into our loving embrace, we are beginning the slow upgrade of the website with the first of many new documents:

The Skaven bestiary!

Over the coming months, years, decades, whatever, we intend to regularly upload new articles to make the Quest even more fun.We are doing away with the 1D100 rolls, upgrading all our event tables, making new bestiarys (thereís lots of cool new monsters in the latest army books!!), Monster tables, Settlement Event tables, hazard tables, new spell cards, new Warriors, updates to existing Warriors (made by us, of course, not other peopleís, that would be silly) and loads more cool stuff! We are going to upgrade Lustria and Norsca with improved tables and ocean event tables (including a more streamlined ship combat system) not to mention fine tune the Captains table.

Also, up until now, we have always used our own house rules to deal with magic and combat in the wilderness. In the coming weeks, weíll be finally posting our house rules on how to handle combat and magic in the wilderness, so people can make use of all our event tables that deal with losing Wounds and getting into mischief. Itís only ten years too late!

Also, we are currently putting the final touches on a brand new region for Warriors to explore. This includes settlement rules, dungeon events, settlement event tables, dungeon cards, a whole range of new board sections, a new bestiary, Warrior counters, and possibly other things I canít think of at the moment. And thatís no (ogre) bull! Ha, see what I did there?

Anyway, long story short, we have lots of plans for Warhammer Quest, and have been steadily working on new stuff since late 2010 quietly in the background, but itís probably time to get some of our new stuff out there.

Please, enjoy the Skaven document, and give us feedback in the Warhammer Quest forum! Next month weíll throw up another Monster bestiary once everyone is sick of fighting rat men.

Keep Questing, and bye for now!

-Michael Brockhouse

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