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Welcome to Chronicles of the Old World and Beyond, a site about Warhammer Quest, Games Workshop's game of dungeon adventures in the Warhammer world.

The rules on this site are mostly the work of our gaming group who used to meet once a week for many years.

All articles on this site are available as three different file formats (Click on the icons to download appropriate viewers):

HTML fileHTML filesAdobe PDF fileAdobe PDFMicrosoft Word documentMicrosoft Word

I suggest viewing and printing the PDF files as everything is nicely formatted. I have uploaded Word documents for people who prefer to do their own editing, but take note that there will be some formatting to do for your printer before they are ready to print.

I strongly recommend that you download and install these fonts (366KB). Then you will be able to view the website and the Word documents with the correct fonts and formatting.

Warhammer Quest is a trademark of Games Workshop Limited. This website is completely unofficial and in no way endorsed by Games Workshop Limited. No challenge to their status is intended. Some articles on this site contain alterations to some of the existing rules from Warhammer Quest and conversions of rules from Warhammer Fantasy Battles. The original rules are copyright Games Workshop. Artwork in articles and on this site is the property of Games Workshop Limited unless stated otherwise.